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Re: Sex in the Mercy Thompson Series
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Just read through this discussion and have some comments. Imagine that! Sorry in advance for the treatise.

I write fiction (not published) and started writing what would now be categorized as erotica. I don't anymore and my reason for moving away from highly explicit sex is because I wanted to delve deeper into the emotional connections of my characters. I'm fond of Nora Roberts and her love scenes, which are hot but get more into the heads and emotions of characters than the mechanics of love making. I won't turn down a steamy hot love scene if it fits the book, but I'm less concerned on the physical aspect and more intrigued by the emotional. I think Patty does an excellent job of showing us the emotional connections between Adam and Mercy. She has a steamy scene here or there (when Mercy deigns to share the details of Adams prowess with us :D) and those are fun. But it fits the tone of the books and the series for Patty to write more fade to black scenes. If she were to start writing incredibly detailed scenes in the Mercy books, it would be completely out of place, in my opinion.

Now, Mercy and Adam's first time was tentative and gentle and about healing and connecting, again in my opinion. I've survived rape. I know the panic that can occur when someone you love touches you or crowds you in a way that reminds you of the rape. I know how hard that first time can be after, even when you want to be ready. Sorry if this is TMI and it's leading up to a point. I think the scene was spot on for Mercy and for Adam. It was when Mercy leaned on love and when she started to really banish Tim - not to mention all the other scars she has carried in her soul. She's a strong one, our Mercy. I think it took her making love to Adam and finding that oneness that comes from pure, true love that helped her move forward and heal.

Now, I would need to reread the books with an eye to all that lead up to and occurred after Tim to know if my opinions hold true, but I know this is how I felt when reading BC and SB. I may be transferring my own experience onto the books, but at the end of the day, isn't that what we all do? :)

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Re: Sex in the Mercy Thompson Series
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You have very good points. Thanks for your POV
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