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For Patty Section
« on: June 03, 2009, 12:37:28 pm »
Hi Hurog!

Just a reminder that the "For Patty" is an area for readers to touch base with Patty and leave comments regarding the books. It's a bit different from the "Ask Patty" sections where you can post direct questions about certain situations or characters that you'd like her to answer.

We're seeing a lot of discussion sprouting here in the "For Patty" area. While the discussion is a great side effect, let's try to keep this area clean for Patty and Mike to view and move those discussions to their designated areas. :)

All the best everyone!

Edited to Add: Don't be shy to start your own thread everyone! I see a lot of members have tagged onto other threads and there's nothing wrong with that but also feel free to start your own thread as well for your comments. :)

Edit: fixed typo :) - charmed
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