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What is Ask Patty?
« on: February 16, 2009, 01:13:24 pm »
Hello!  Each Patricia Briggs book section has an Ask Patty forum. So, . . . what is it?

It's a place for you to pose a question to Patricia Briggs. If time permits she'll answer it, or you may also get Mike Briggs stepping in with the answer, or, one of the board moderators.


ANY QUESTIONS THAT REPEAT PREVIOUS ONES WILL BE DELETED. This makes the board much more streamlined, and easier for the new or less active members to find their way around in.

No spoilers will be given out about future storylines for characters, and questions requesting that type of information will be removed. No more questions about methods of writing will be accepted, instead, we direct you to this section of the website: WRITING.

You'll notice that once your question is posed, it will be locked. This doesn't prevent either Patty or Mike from answering; it does however, stop other members from starting a discussion on the question here. We do encourage discussion, just not in the Ask Patty sections. We try to keep this area as streamlined as possible.

If you read a question that someone has posed and want to talk about it, and come in with your own theories and answers, please do! But, please start a new topic in the appropriate book section, quote the question and then speculate away there!

Once your question has been answered, it will be moved to the Ask Patty(AP): Answered forums. These are Read Only forums, and the same rules apply to anything that grabs your interest in those archives; if you want to discuss it further, quote it and start a new topic within its appropriate book section.

A reminder is also in order at this point regarding the format of your question.  ONE QUESTION per post, please.  Do not post a dozen questions in a single entry.  It's hard enough to get one question answered, often enough, trying to keep track of more than that in a single post is taxing Patty's time and concentration unfairly.  She doesn't get much time to spend with us, use it wisely!

This will help make the questions cleaner and easier for Patty, Mike, or a moderator to answer quickly for our perusal. 

Thank you for reading this through and biding by our structures, it will help make your Hurog experience better for you, Patty, and the rest of us.
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