Author Topic: Can Mercy safely have a child of a werewolf?  (Read 22401 times)


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Can Mercy safely have a child of a werewolf?
« on: February 10, 2008, 10:31:25 am »
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Does it say anywhere that Samuel was right about Mercy being able to have kids?  From what I remember of the books (currently rereading them for the nth time and loving it!) the women of Aspen Creek really had a serious resentment for Mercy.  I believe in one of the books (‘Moon Called’ ?) Mercy says it’s because the women were jealous of her ability to give ‘them’ children.  But how do they know she could give them children?  My understanding is that this was a supposition made by Samuel because of her different nature but it has never been proven.

Thanks!  Lena
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Re: Mercy having babies ***Possible spoilers***
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I'm going to bounce up (after reading through the posts for fun ideas) to the original question.  Samuel thinks Mercy could be more successful bearing children with a werewolf than a human.  A female werewolf can't have children -- although one of the possibilities opening for the werewolves (as soon as Bran decides he's not exposing them to more problems) is surrogate parents.  (and can't you see a whole host of new paranoid fears coming up for that <grin>.

Anyway, back on topic.  No.  It has not been established that Samuel is right.   He's just hopeful because 1 real wolves and coyotes interbreed and have viable offspring (the Mexican Red Wolf, for instance, has a high percentage of coyote.  Some biologists doubt there are any "pure" red wolves left.) 2. Mercy is a shapeshifter -- but she doesn't HAVE to shift shape and when she does, her change is far gentler than a werewolf's.  He didn't perform any midnight laboratory tests on Mercy because he's not that kind of a man. 



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Born Werewolf
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Hi Patty!

I love your work, not only because it's well written, but because it gets me thinking. I read a lot (between 5-7 books a week), and one question keeps coming up that you've never addressed. Charles is the only born werewolf because his mother's and grandfather's magic kept her from changing during her pregnancy. However, if she can manage it, why aren't there more from a witch werewolf mating perhaps? After all, Bran is witch born, and therefor so are Charles and Samuel. Also, will there be any future information regarding Bran's witch born mother, or even more about Charles' tribe/mother/family?

The ever curious are dying to know!!

Thanks so much.  :D
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Re: Born Werewolf
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Greetings, Kristi!  Not-Patty-Briggs here.
You can find a lot of speculation on the subject of werewolf children here:
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