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Moderator List
« on: February 04, 2009, 10:25:21 pm »
Elle & I decided that, what with all the re-organization, it might be a good idea to have a list of moderators & their basic areas of responsibility. 

Board Administrators: Mike Briggs, Elle, & Patti L.
Global Moderators:  Zealith, Mominator, Has, Midangel

Alphabetical Listing of Mods:

Mike Briggs
Patti L.

Briggs Central
For Patty:  (Moderator: ElefiNecol)
Mike’s Mutterings: (Moderator: ElefiNecol)
Hurog Hang Outs: (Moderators: Elle & Patti L.)

Patricia Briggs' Books

Odds and Ends (Moderators:  Has & Zealith)
Sianim Series (Moderators:  Has & Elle)
Hob's Bargain (Moderators:  Has & Patti L.)
Hurog Series (Moderators:  Has & Elle)
Raven Series (Moderators:  Has & Patti L.)
The Weres "Mercy Thompson" and the "Alpha and Omega" series. (Moderators: Has, Midangel, Patti L.,Zealith & Elle)
Anthologies/Short Stories (Moderators: Has & Elle)

World Building:
Mercy’s World Worksheet  (Moderators: Elle & ElefiNecol)
Mercy’s World:  Canon  (Moderators: Elle & ElefiNecol)
Hurog World Worksheet (moderators: Elle & ElefiNecol)
Hurog Canon (Moderators: Elle & ElefiNecol)

Other Authors area:
Favorite Odds & Ends  (Moderators: Has & Elefinecol)
Mystery and Romance  (Moderators: Elefinecol & Elle)
Speculative Fiction
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormals and YA (Moderators: Has & Midangel)

Arts and Media
Art and Music: Paintings, play dough, pixels, potpourri and punk rock. (Moderator: Patti L.)
TV and Movies: Comments and discussion on motion pictures. (Moderators: Patti L. & Elle)

Forum Members Area
Patti's Place
Hospitality, Hurog Style. (Moderators: Zealith, Patti L.)
Introduce Yourself
Tell everyone a bit about yourself -- we're friendly here, honest! (Moderator: Zealith)
Chat (Moderators: Zealith, Patti L.)
Games & Trivia All about gaming. (Moderator: Patti L.)

Contests and Giveaways
Member-Sponsored Contests
For member-run contests and giveaways.
(Moderators: ( Elle, Has, Zealith, Patti L., Midangel, & ElefiNecol)

Writer’s Block
Rules and Joining
Writer's Group Rules and Information on Joining
(Moderator: Patti L.)
Talk about writing. (Moderator: Patti L.)
Members Only
Reserved for members of the writer's group.(Moderator: Patti L)
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