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What's this?
« on: December 09, 2008, 10:34:05 am »
Hello Everyone
As you all know, I'm Patty's husband, and generally try to handle most of the "public relations" so she can concentrate on writing.  When Winterwolf first requested a "Mercy's Garage" shirt, it became my job to produce a little bit of kitsch for Patty's readers.  The problem is that I have no fashion sense, and very little idea what I'm doing.  We also have a fairly limited budget.  So, basically I'm a madman with a checkbook, and every so often I try something new.

Let me reiterate the mantra I've posted previously.  I'm a little uncomfortable with the whole concept of selling little baubles.  I've had bad experiences with feeling used by artists who over-indulge in marketing.  On the other hand, we've have a number of readers who seem very happy to be able to express their enthusiasm for Patty's stories.  Our compromise is very simple: sell the kitsch at cost.  We make our living from book sales, and the rest of this is just for fun.   OK, I'm off of that old soapbox.

The real reason for this board is so that I can fire off some ideas, and get some new ones.  If I'm going to make kitsch, I'd rather make stuff that the readers would actually enjoy.  Making these little baubles can be pretty expensive expensive.  Also, because I don't want Patty's readers to be disappointed, I'm pretty finicky about the quality of what we sell.  If I don't like it, we don't sell it.  If I get better feedback and ideas up front, I end up throwing away less money. 

So, you can read the other threads for information on what I'm thinking of building, offer up suggestions for future products, or chime in to tell me what you think of the chotskies you've purchased.   

Thanks again,

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