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read assist program
« on: October 31, 2008, 07:56:26 am »
hi patty.   im laura from pa.   i was knocking around the baen site and discovered the read assist program  it allows disabled readers  like me   who have a hard time  with either mobility or vision issues read for free and its really cool.    i suffer from a pinched nerve in my neck and my left hand is  numb  so ick  surgery is possible.  *sigh*  i sigh as i have a 15 mo old son who is just starting to walk lol.   i just was wondering if you had heard of it.  its a good thing and benefits the ones who love to read but have difficulty with holding a book.

thank you for your time.
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Re: read assist program
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2008, 02:01:25 pm »
Hey Laura,
  Baen books, because it is owned by the editors (used to be Jim Baen, but is now his lovely and brilliant ex-wife, Toni Weiskopf and his daughter) can experiment with things that the rest of us (writers and editors alike) only dream of.  They have pilot-programmed a number of very interesting ideas.  But I can only do things that my publishing house (Penguin/Putnam) will allow me to do.  Penguin is a terrific publishing house, but, as a media giant, it is slow to change.   Cry Wolf is available as a downloadable audio book from Borders and the usual places to look for those -- and soon the rest of my urban fantasy will be as well (no dates yet for other releases).

Yes, Baen does awesome stuff.