Author Topic: Adam declaring Mercy as his mate  (Read 13487 times)


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Adam declaring Mercy as his mate
« on: May 28, 2008, 10:18:43 am »
On one of the discussion threads the point came up that Adam didn't declare that Mercy was his mate when his pack first arrived. Can you tell us why and when he made the declaration?

Was it just that he wanted to do so all along but couldn't until his wife had left, or was there a particular incident or problem that triggered it?

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Re: Adam declaring Mercy as his mate
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2008, 01:40:28 pm »
(I hope you don't mind that I'm adding my quite related questions in your thread, Temari.  Nice name, btw.  :-) )

I've also been wondering about that, since Adam was married when he first met Mercy, then says (in Iron Kissed, I think), that after his wife was through with him, he wasn't sure if he'd want another woman, ever.  But there have only been a few years between his ex-wife leaving and Mercy becoming his mate.  Also, by the time Mercy learns that she's been declared Adam's mate in Moon Called, I received the impression that that's been the situation for awhile.  So that's a pretty short recovery time in there; what triggered his "getting over" his ex?

*thinks*  I was planning on asking something else on this topic and got distracted and forgot it.  Drat.

Oh, yeah!  I noticed something in Blood Bound—Stefano issue aside, Adam's wolf seems as unable to hurt Mercy as Sam's.  Has Adam's wolf accepted Mercy as his mate?

And if that's true, is that what happened to make Adam get over his ex-wife so quickly?

Thank you bunches!  I'm a writer who's trying to finish some novels to become an author, and I LOVE the way you handle dialogue, scene changes, and indirect description and dialogue!  *whistles*  Oh, so impressive!  Especially how Ben's built as such a foul-mouthed guy who tries so hard to make everyone hate him before you even hear him really curse.

(Since I am a proofreader and copyeditor, I must confess that what doesn't impress me are all the typographical errors.  For a very blatant example, take the scene in Moon Called when Bran's playing delivery boy and is tilted in his chair.  He very quickly drops the chair's all four feet back on the flour instead of floor.  I'd refer more precisely, but I'm not in a position to own the books at the moment; I live with my parents, who would flip if they saw those covers.  *tsks*  I never would've touched the books if I hadn't accidentally read the sample chapters without realizing they went with the covers that I'd already decided to avoid.)

*sighs*  Sorry; I'm such a chatterbox.  *climbs up to the rafters*
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Re: Adam declaring Mercy as his mate
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2009, 01:14:41 pm »
Okay.  There's a lot to cover in this one!  Let me start with Temari's question. 

I'm not sure exactly when Adam claimed Mercy.  It was at least a year after his wife left him -- and it was an impulsive thing.  Someday I might write a short story about it, then we'll all know more <grin>.  I can tell you that there were . . . certain pack members . . . who thought that the only good coyote was a dead coyote.  Adam was certain he could catch and punish them after the fact -- but he worried that they might kill Mercy anyway.  He'd been fighting with them (figuratively . . . mostly) for a while and just got tired of it all.  And maybe his wolf pushed him a bit. 

Carradee -- Yes, Adam's wolf accepts Mercy.  Before he declared Mercy his mate -- otherwise it would not have had any  . . . uhm pack/magical consequences.  And no one would have believed him.  But Adam's ex-wife was problematical for years before she left him -- and she was not his mate (I don't think -- this I'll have to check on again -- it would make a difference, but not a huge difference).  He was bitter about the way his marriage fell apart -- control freaks don't do well when they cannot control a situation they feel they ought to be able to control.  And there was, as I said, at least a year between when she left, and when he declared Mercy his mate.

And thank you for your compliments :)  -- good luck on your novel writing.  Much, much cheaper than therapy <grin>.  I have to tell you that I am a great challenge for my copy/line editors.  I have a tendency toward malapropisms (similar looking words substituted for others)  floor and flour is a not unusual example.  I am not, myself, terrific at picking them all out as I read by word shapes instead of letter by letter.  And I feel quite strongly, that if those mistakes (and any mistakes) make it to print -- the blame falls completely on my shoulders.