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Title: Hurog 3 - More about Oreg!
Post by: chloe on September 18, 2015, 12:47:40 pm
At this years Hurog Howl many people recommended Patty's Hurog books to me.  Having recently discovered Patty's books I have only read her more recent werewolf series.  I am happy to say I agree with all of you that love the Hurog books.  They are really good!  I want more.  I am sad that the urban fantasy books make so much more money and that Patty will be focusing on writing them instead of continuing the fantasy series.  We really need more Hurog books.  And the next one needs to be about Oreg!  It has been mentioned that he acts differently when not around Ward, I want to see more of it.  I like the old, weird, powerful characters.  Sadly though I guess their attraction is the mystery in part, hence there is less said about them.  Yes, Ward will be in there too and Tisala (it wouldn't be Patty's book without a female warrior).  Maybe some intrigue about Kellen's court.  But mostly the dragons (because there will be lots of them!).  Thanks for recommending these books to me!  :)