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Title: Ted Dekker
Post by: Kmarie on September 19, 2007, 10:17:40 am
I wasn't really sure of where to put Ted, so I decided to go with Misc.  His writing spans nonfiction, fiction, science fiction (well at least to me it is!), horror, suspense,  I would say that perhaps his writing is on a plan of it's own. 
Thus far I've read about half of the books he's written, love almost every word he writes.  The slowest read I had of his was book 3 of the Circle Trilogy, White.  Maybe I was just ready to find out how it all ended, but sadly I did have to skim/skip a few pages. 
My last read of his was Skin.  Had me guessing the whole way through and his writing just carries you along on his magical odd trip.  I will certainly continue to read him, I think my next dive into his mind will be Saint.
Title: Re: Ted Dekker
Post by: WinterWolf915 on February 11, 2010, 04:26:20 pm
WOOT for Ted Dekker! I  :-LOVE his Circle Trilogy, absolutely amazing! *really should buy them, feel like reading them*
 :-whistle  :P *have you noticed i like smileys?*   :o  LOL  bOuNcY