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Title: Anna and Walter
Post by: lunasea on November 12, 2008, 03:34:30 pm
After I read Iron Kissed, I told all my friends they had to read it. I must have read the ending half a dozen times. I think I have it memorized. I was beyond impressed with how Patty handled what happened to Mercy. (after reading the excerpt at the end of Cry Wolf, I am way in love with Adam)

I am beyond thrilled that she carried that over with what happened to Anna. The line that will stay with me was "Pain makes a dominant more violent while it does just the opposite to a submissive wolf. What happens to an Omega who is tortured?" That one line will keep me faithfully reading the entire series. I need to see what happens with Anna. Her wolf protects her from the memories of her rape, similar to a rape survivor who represses memories. When Charles grabbed her wrist she had a flashback, much like rape survivors who repress memories do.

I liked Walter, a victim of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, complete with a violent reaction to flashbacks. His character is built around his need to protect. His is a veteran, thus militarily protecting our country. He kills his CO to protect some native girl. He leaves civilization to protect others from his flashbacks. He is Changed because he is protecting a hiker. He attacks Charles to protect Anna. He even dies protecting Anna.

Both these characters are reluctant to turn to violence, Anna because she is Omega and Walter because he has seen the worst of humanity. They overcome this to protect others. They are damaged people/weres, but their heart is too great for them to sit on the side lines. Anna's heart makes her an Omega. Charles says it is their personality that determines whether they are Dominant, Submissive or Omega.

Both Dominants and Omegas (which are dominants without the violence) have an instinct to protect. This is shown wonderfully with Anna and Walter.

I look forward to seeing what is done with this.
Title: Re: Anna and Walter
Post by: Patti L. on November 12, 2008, 05:41:50 pm
What a wonderful analysis, Lunasea!
I'm going to look forward to having you read my story about Guan & his story when we get you into the writers group.

I also look forward to hearing more about the more unusual members of the werewolf sub-species, or whatever we want to call them.  I wonder what Mac would have been like if he'd lived longer.

I get the idea, from the way you laid this out, that Walter was almost fumbling his way toward being an Omega.  Not the projection of peace, but the 'I don't want to hurt you, but I will if you look like hurting my family', with 'my family' encompassing anyone (or any animal, remember the grizzly bear) he considers vulnerable or lovable.
Title: Re: Anna and Walter
Post by: Ellyll on November 12, 2008, 05:50:00 pm
I had the sense he was fumbling toward being one of the 'good' alphas.  The ones who protect, but don't abuse their dominance.
Title: Re: Anna and Walter
Post by: Patti L. on November 12, 2008, 05:51:30 pm
I bet he would have preferred being 2nd or 3rd, with someone over him to help him keep control & tell him when he got confused who the bad guys were.
Title: Re: Anna and Walter
Post by: OTenshi on November 12, 2008, 06:00:03 pm
He'd definately need someone directly over him, Patti, he's too traumatized for anything else.
Title: Re: Anna and Walter
Post by: Patti L. on November 12, 2008, 06:19:50 pm
It's all moot, but you can wonder, 'what if'; what if he'd lived & had a couple of hundred years to heal?  Could he have made alpha?
Title: Re: Anna and Walter
Post by: lunasea on November 13, 2008, 05:30:07 am
One of the many things the book got me thinking about was what made someone an omega. Anna seems to think it is chance, but Charles says your personality determines what you become. If Dr. Carter Wallace had become an omega, he could have accepted that. Why didn't he? Patty left us clues.

When people are at his funeral, a story is told about his father killing a snake, "enraging his son." Samuel had never seen him that mad or since, but Carter did have a violent reaction in him, thus he couldn't become an Omega.

Walter isolates himself when he is human because he reacts violently to flashbacks, so he doesn't have it in him to be Omega either. Omega is dominant without the violence. He did have it in him to be a very good dominant.

It is repeatedly said by more than one character that dominants have an instinct not to hurt those below them. It took a lot for the Chicago pack to torture Anna. This so perverted the wolf's basic nature that there are those who think the entire pack needs to be exterminated for letting that happen.

There is one more character that is a healer/doctor, Samuel.  Why wasn't he an omega? Charles doesn't want him to go after the rogue because Samuel is a healer and it will do something to his soul. Samuel is a doctor because he is an alpha without a pack. He has a very strong instinct to protect others. That needs to come out somehow. It is so great, that it keeps his flesh lust in check when he is around all that blood.

I love Patty's wolves. They are not just a collection of simple animal instincts, but are just as complicated as humans.
Title: Re: Anna and Walter
Post by: Goddess of the Night on November 13, 2008, 07:12:56 am
I think you are born an Omega... like you are born a girl, or you are born with green eye's. It is just who you are.

In the short story of Anna and Charles Alpha and Omega in On The Prowl. Charles says to Anna that she was an Omega before her change... and that no wolf in it's right mind would attack an Omaga (even if that omega was still a human) ... it went against the wolfs instincts. That is why Omega wolfs are so rare, because there are very few wolfs who would attack an omega and change them.

Samuel isn't an omega and never will be one because he wasn't born one.
Title: Re: Anna and Walter
Post by: lunasea on November 13, 2008, 01:23:10 pm
pg 98 CW  "You were born an Omega, just as my father was born dominant and dangerous from his first step, human or not. Being a werewolf just brings it out."

If you look at the human, you should be able to see whether the wolf would be omega, dom or sub. If you look at Carter, you can see why he was what he was. I'm not saying what you do as a human determines what you are, but what you are determines what you do as a human.
Title: Re: Anna and Walter
Post by: Omega 303 on April 23, 2009, 04:01:39 pm
I was really surprised in CW that Walter didn't see Asil as being more dominant than him. Do you think that maybe Walter could have been  more dominant because of his military back ground and his strength he gained to fight what he had become after the war? I mean..... self discipline is what made it more easy for him to control his wolf right  ??? Well..we'll never get to know, but thats ok his finally was able to get a peace of mind before he died thx to Anna. Now as for Dr. Carter his problem was he didn't want to become one with his wolf he kept fighting the wolf part of him so he could be more human and carry on his love for working with animals, and that caused a big problem for him. Because he won't let his wolf hunt on a full moon when the others did, when he got around to his patients that made him hungry by seeing blood and a easy prey. So him and is wolf didn't co-exist that drove him mad and he had to be killed. By the way I think he would have been a submissive wolf because he had a gentle nature. Never understood why his son thought he could become the Marrok.
Title: Re: Anna and Walter
Post by: caerali on April 24, 2009, 03:31:22 am
I wonder if he was still shaken up from being thrown into a 'pack' while in the Cabinets.  Given Anna's constant presence and his over all 'newness', instinct may not have really kicked in on where in the hierarchy he was.  It seemed to me he was just completely focused on protecting Anna.