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Title: Cry Wolf question re Omega
Post by: ceallaig1 on August 29, 2008, 10:52:02 am
Maybe I missed it while reading, or maybe it was explained in the initial novella (which I did not get hold of before I read Cry Wolf), but ... what exactly was Leo's objective in the systematic abuse of Anna?  I understand sending one of his 'pets' to Change her if he wanted an Omega, but then ... why do everything possible to damage said Omega?  It must go beyond just keeping her under his control, and I am sure I missed something somewhere.  Charles asked The Moor what would happen if you tortured an Omega, and we never actually got an answer that I saw.

A comment, and somewhat off topic -- if this book is ever made into a film, I desperately hope they get Sam Elliot to play Walter!!

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Title: Re: Cry Wolf question re Omega (poss. spoilers)
Post by: ladyn on August 29, 2008, 11:20:14 am
Leo did it because his wifey was psychotic and if Anna ever figured out what an omega was she'd just walk away. He couldn't allow that to happen since Anna's presence kept his wife at least APPEARING to be balanced. It's all about control. He couldn't control her the way he could the other wolves in his pack, who would naturally submit to him since he was the Alpha, because she was an omega. So, he beat her into submission.
Title: Re: Cry Wolf question re Omega (poss. spoilers)
Post by: ElefiNecol on August 29, 2008, 11:34:57 am
My understanding is that he also thought he was protecting Anna, as he says in the book he needed to force Isabelle to protect her.  Before Anna came along Isabelle had killed all of the other females, but because of the abuse didn't view Anna as a threat until Charles showed an interest in her which is when she tried to kill her.