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A necessary decision due to both security reasons and age of the software. Right now it’s not able to be updated or secured without losing all content so we’re moving forward with a different social media platform.

We’ve opened up an Official Patricia Briggs Discord Server.  Invite to Join:  The link expires every seven days so we’ll continually refresh it and repost it here.

If you’re not aware of what Discord is we’re linking a few resources for you to explore that will explain both how to download Discord and tutorials on its use. It’s very similar to a messageboard but much more accessible. You can download it on computer and on a mobile device.

How to Use Discord: (Videos)

Beginners Guides and Getting Started on Discord:

If you decide that Discord doesn’t work for you there are other Patricia Briggs social media platforms available to you:

Patricia Briggs Official Facebook Page:
Patricia Briggs Official Facebook Fan Page:
Patricia Briggs Official Facebook Spoiler Page:
Patricia Briggs Official Instagram Page:
Patricia Briggs Official Twitter Account:

The Discord channel is at present very bare bones but it’s a start. It’s made up of two types of channels: text and voice. The majority of the channels are text like messageboard and we’ve created one voice channel: Hurog Chat.

   Text Channels
Text channels are separate spaces for talking over text. They keep conversations organized and give everyone plenty of room to talk.

   Voice Channels
Voice channels are where you can hang out over voice. There’s no calling or ringing required - just click on a voice channel to enter it. Friends in your server can see you’re in there, and pop in to talk

Hurog moderators have moved over to the server:
Patti L

We also welcome new moderators:
CarolKat & Azaria from Facebook

All the canon information is being moved off the messageboard and the link for that will go live on January 1, 2022 but we’ll post more on that later.

Download Discord. Go explore the server. Ask questions either there or here. Once you join Discord there are many other servers for you to join, not limited to the Patricia Briggs one, in a variety of subjects. Right now the PB server is private with access only through the invite but we’ll open it up to be a public server soon. We'll also be posting on the Facebook pages soon but want to give Hurog members the opportunity for a sort of soft opening until that time.

It’s most definitely the end of an era but it’s been a wild and wonderful ride. There will be two months to explore and learn this new platform before we shut things down here so you’re able to connect with friends prior to the changeover. We hope to see you all there.

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