Author Topic: Storm Cursed (Mercy 11)  (Read 4373 times)


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Re: Storm Cursed (Mercy 11)
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And we know what happens when the law arrives after the end of this chapter.

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Re: Storm Cursed (Mercy 11)
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Very nice plug!


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Re: Storm Cursed (Mercy 11)
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Storm Cursed, end of Chapter 1:
He glanced again at the disembodied head, a shadow of regret on his face. I wondered if he had known the other goblin, or if he was just regretting the necessity of killing one of his own.
He looked up and saw that I was watching, then muttered, “The eyes are the best part.”

Patty is a genius how she shows Larry’s non-humanity!  bOuNcY

I Remember from SF that Larry is an old ally of Marcilia and now I have a suspicion how Marcilia disposed of the corpses of her sheep’s.  :o
Eyes shouldn’t be affected by blood loss.

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:X  Now I have a sudden urge to become a vegetarian. :X