Author Topic: Just how tough are werewolves and what determines a werewolfs size  (Read 1990 times)


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In the first mercy thompson book we hear her tell that guy that in order to kill a werewolf with a regular bullet you need to sever the spinal cord and even then it is iffy. But in cry wolf we see issabell get killed when she kits her head hard. I was curious as to how tough wolves are. Also does the size of a person change the size of the wolf and does gender factor in. We hear that charles and samuels wolves are three hundred pounds but they are both big guys. Bran thoguh has a smallish sized wolf form but he is smaller as a human as well. and honey and anna are both small wolves but they are both small in size as well when they are humans. Sorry to be so deatiled but I love these books and I am one of those people who loves the facts and lore of a world. Whether it's in books,movies,or video games.