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Vampire | ID Card of Bruce (X)
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Basil something.  Basil Hennington.  Basil Billingsley.  Basil FeatheringtonUg

Appearances and Mentions:

Short Story: Underappreciated Gifts



[Seethe Affiliation]
See Missoula, Montana

Classification Description:
[Bound By] N/A
[Turned By] N/A

Vampire Powers:
  • Vampires weren’t as adept as werewolves apparently were at telling when someone lied to them--but this one was very old and with age came some skills

See Shawna

Missoula, Montana

[Former] PriestUg[/li][/list]

Physical Description:
  • looked like a freshman who hadn’t quite grown into his own skin
  • his eyes were red and shiny; catching and reflecting the moon like a cat's

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages:

  • told people he’s a freshman at the University of MontanaUg
  • had coming to the LARPs since school started this fall; but just watchingUg
  • Bruce was involved in the prank that led to the date of Kelly with Asil
  • lived in the shadows, away from his own kind

Spirituality & Personality:

  • was afraid to draw attention to himself
  • just thought he had a nice meal ticket going
  • thought of Meg with avarice; bit her as well as Kelly
  • not a good guy

Talents & Skills:

  • this vampire was a creature of subtlety
  • Bruce was pretending to be human, but, like a second-rate actor, he got it just a little wrong

Health & Fitness:

  • very good hearing
  • The vampire was a lot stronger than Bruce had looked
  • Asil killed him in a fight and decapitated him


  • likes it when his Christmas presents run


With Kelly:

  • I don’t think I’ve exchanged two words with Bruce and we haven’t gotten closer than ten feet apart; bitten by a vampire and not known
  • doubted that Kelly could beat up Trace
  • wanted Kelly to replace Shawna as his servant
  • Bruce’s words threaded through him like a hook laced with happy-thoughts.  He just knew that belonging to the vampire would be the best thing that every happened to him, like winning the lottery
  • Kelly ran from him the first time as well
  • maybe Kelly hadn’t broken out of his hold earlier.  Maybe Bruce had let him go because he wanted the hunt

With the Wolves:

  • Missoula was too small and too close to Bran’s pack to be good hunting groundsUg-
  • Asil knew him by another name; that made Asil think of chicken soup
  • The vampire looked like a toy in his jaws--not that the vampire wasn’t fighting back
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