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Vampire | ID Card of Elyna O'Malley-Gray
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Elyna O'Malley-Gray

Appearances and Mentions:

Short Story: Gray


[Seethe Affiliation] | Former See Madison Seethe

Classification Description:
[Bound By] Corona
[Turned By] Corona

Vampire Powers:
  • made use of the more common vampire ability to cloud minds and calm potential meals
  • has a rare talent; She could hide in plain sight. As long as she didn’t move, she was invisible in a room full of vampiresGr-
  • An hour was the longest she’d ever held this magic to her, and it had left her weak and violently hungry

[Human] twenties
[Vampire] @80yo was made in the 1920's

Significant Other:
See Jack O'Malley (X)

Other Relatives:
[Parents] Names Unknown | Polish
[In-Laws] Names Unknown | Irish

[Former| Present] Chicago, Illinois
Condo | wasn’t a particularly large building, three floors, six apartments, surrounded by a small front parklike area; cut granite edges of the steps

But she was trying to recreate her old home, not build a new one.
Maybe she could do both

[Former] Madison, Wisconsin


had a Ford car

Physical Description:
  • Delicately built and pretty
  • she looked harmless
  • flat stomach. When she’d been human she’d always carried an extra few pounds, but keeping the weight off was not a problem anymore
  • wasn’t beautiful but she was attractive enough
  • not very tall

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages:

  • Vampires are territorial and this was her home, the home of her heart
  • No one expected someone who looked as young and frivolous as she did to have half a brain
  • not really as dumb as I look
  • Elyna had money. She’d started by stealing a little bit from her victims and continued with investments. Investments she’d successfully hidden from Corona
  • Reading wasn’t the only pleasure she regained

Spirituality & Personality:

  • was innocent
  • she tended to arouse protective instincts in some men
  • been very bitter that the heavy curtains in her and Jack's home had saved her from the sun
  • In contrast to the thirst for vengeance that had driven her since her death, hope seemed such a fragile thing
  • Elyna, who could usually find someone willing to follow her to a dark corner without use of coercion or power
  • hated making connections with the people she fed from
  • Elyna hadn’t been a sheep for long enough to learn to love the monsters
  • she couldn’t be made to keep humans as sheep just to save herself from a little risk and distaste

Talents & Skills:

  • Elyna wasn’t strong enough to hold the seethe
  • Finding the will to use her power had taken a long, long time. A lifetime and more—because a vampire must obey her maker
  • she’d learned to control the vampire, learned to be the best vampire she could, learned to be Elyna Gray instead of Jack O’Malley’s wife
  • had been painfully honest when she had been human. Lying was one of those skills she’d had to learn to be a successful vampire
  • Vampires don’t have to kill people,” she told him. “Especially once we are older, more in control of ourselves. I try not to. But . . . it doesn’t bother me very much, not when they are”—she looked him in the eye and gave him an ironic smile—“evil

Health & Fitness:

  • emotional distress makes the hunger worse


  • if her parking space was taken she'd check before bedtime so she could repark her car where it would be happyGr
  • She didn’t approve of swearing
  • Or prolonging conversations with stupid people
  • Ghosts and cats don’t like vampires. Dogs, on the other hand, didn’t mind Elyna


With Jack:

  • was patient with her little ways
  • He’d loved her and she’d loved him in that wholehearted eager fashion that only the young and innocent have—secure in the knowledge that there was nothing so terrible it could tear them apart
  • Jack had hated that desk, its industrial ugliness an affront to his artistic eye. Still, he’d helped her carry it all the way up the stairs to their third-floor apartment
  • Stubborn Pole, Jack had called her when at his most exasperated. Fair enough; she’d called him a hotheaded Mick in return, and there had been more than a cup of truth in both epithets
  • Confused and dazed by the transformation from human to dead to vampire, she had run home, where Jack had been waiting; she fed from him and she killed him by draining him dry
  • the living room, where Jack had died at her hands
  • I was mad because you were late again. Jealous, maybe. You were the newest rising star among the architects of Chicago, and I was a housewife. There was a new singer at that speakeasy we used to go to, and you’d promised to take me there. When you couldn’t, I decided to go by myself
  • She and her fellow vampires fed on me for a couple of weeks. I don’t remember a lot about that time. Someone got careless and I died. It’s unusual for someone to turn after such a short time; mostly they just die
  • When vampires rise the first time, we are nearly mindless, and hungry. Scared.” She remembered that most of all. She’d been so scared. “I ran home and you were waiting for me.
  • I wish you’d had a chance to marry again, to grow old and watch over your grandchildren, never knowing what had become of me

With Corona:

  • Corona wouldn’t let her kill herself on purpose
  • she decided instead to kill Corona, who’d made her and not made sure that Jack was safe from her
  • The ties that kept her loyal to her Mistress broke at last. Elyna’s stubbornness had been rewarded and she was free
  • She hadn’t read in the seethe. She hadn’t wanted to give Corona even so much as a glimpse into her real thoughts—and Jack always had said you knew a person by the books they read . . . or didn’t read
  • Corona had been bitterly envious of Elyna’s ability to attract men

With Colbert:

  • Elyna had met him only once, and that was enough. He wouldn’t bother driving her out. He’d just destroy her—if he noticed she was in his territory
  • Once Colbert knew where she lived, he had only to wait until she left to feed. She was under no illusions. If he knew she was here, it was only a matter of time until he caught her: her death warrant was signed. Her only escape was to leave
  • It was traditional for vampires to dress up when they treated with each other, a convention that traced back to older times. Elyna didn’t bother changing out of her work clothes.
  • she and Jack together killed Colbert

With the Vampires:

  • wouldn’t be punished for not answering the phone right away anymore
  • Sean had been her lover sometimes—two frightened people finding what solace they could. Usually they’d been friends, too, and more often allies.
  • Corona’s credit, most vampires take years of mutual feeding to change from human to vampire. She’d had Elyna only a couple of weeks when someone slipped up and drained her dry
  • Inside Corona’s seethe, Elyna hadn’t been able to trust anyone
  • She could only show them the broken, fragile thing they all thought her to be. Someone to be discounted
  • Vampires could not cross the threshold of a home—unless it was their home, which was why she had been able to get in to kill Jack all those years ago. Thresholds were made of life and love—all those things that turn a dwelling place into a home. She hoped that her threshold would hold them out

With Mundanes:

  • Peter was initially dubious of Elyna’s need to help, but when she proved useful, he started ordering her around like he did the rest of his crew
  • Peter, Frankie, and the rest of the guys had gotten quite protective of her
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