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Vampire | ID Card of Constance (X)
« on: March 23, 2016, 03:05:24 am »

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned


[Seethe Affiliation]
See San Francisco Seethe
See Reno Seethe

Classification Description:
[Bound By] See Thomas Hao
[Turned By] See Thomas Hao

Vampire Powers:


Reno, Nevada


Physical Description:

    Character Traits & Facts:

    Spirituality & Personality:

    • was strong; Frost broke her
    • Constance couldn’t be trusted to feed without killing, and she was always hungry
    • Constance was stronger than any vampire Marsilia has to call except for Stefan and Wulfe

    Health & Fitness:

    • She said it over and over. It was the only thing she could say. She was afraid of the dark, afraid of small spaces and large. Afraid of rats and quite mad


    With Thomas Hao:

    • one of my making came to me. She had been in Shamus’s care
    • She came to me and told me I was a fool to keep ignoring Frost
    • I was fond of her, and I had to kill her. But even if she had said nothing, her death would have caused me to look at what was going on outside my city

    With William Frost:

    • Frost broke her. She escaped him, or he let her go
    • Constance was strong, and he forced her to do his will. She was not quite his puppet, not quite, not even at the end
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