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Werewolf Fertility
« on: March 25, 2015, 12:47:44 am »
Hi! I was thinking of Anna and Charles and older female werewolves. And I remembered that there was a film in grade school health class about how women were born with all the eggs they're ever going to have. So I googled that because it's been a while, and found this story:

So, how would that affect older female werewolves? Once eggs are gone, women go through menopause. Does that mean someone like Honey does not get her period? How would they feel about it? Having a period is a pain, but not having one could be heartbreaking. Would Anna, still in her 20s, want to freeze some eggs for future just in case? How long do frozen eggs last? Or what would happen if in 50 years they used a doner's egg and replaced it with Anna's DNA? Kind of like what they did in England recently to remove genetic diseases?

Anyway, it's been bugging me, thinking about it. Thanks for your AWESOME stories!!!

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Re: Werewolf Fertility
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good question