Author Topic: Disliking Adam in Night Broken?  (Read 3662 times)


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Disliking Adam in Night Broken?
« on: October 27, 2014, 08:18:21 am »
I'm a huge Patty Briggs fan. I love all her series but Mercy Thompson is my absolute favorite series ever.

I have a couple questions  about Night Broken though.

I've read it a couple time now and I still can't come up with an acceptable answer to why a couple scenarios happened so I was hoping Patty could shed some light?

Adam is very protective of Mercy. They both love each other very much. So after the first time Christy answers Adam's phone, Mercy is hurt and Adam knows that. Why in the world would he allow Christy to do it a second (or was it 3rd) time (when Mercy is being cornered at the garage)? Not to mention, in my head I visualize the conversation as happening over a decent chunk of a minute or more, why would she still be on the phone with Mercy giving her crap? All the werewolves have incredible hearing, so wouldn't they hear that it was Mercy, hear what she was saying, and hear her panic? That or at least one Team Mercy person would take the phone away. I just don't understand why Adam let Christy stay on the phone that long with Mercy when a) she never should have answered the phone in the first place, and b) they could all hear that it was Mercy and that she was panicked. I know it's a small thing to get bothered about but Mercy and Adam's relationship is so special and it bothered me that Christy's hold over Adam could have cost Mercy her life. I didn't know of Patty had a reason for writing it that way?

Also, maybe I'm missing the humor here, but why was it ok for Christy to say hateful things to Mercy when she was on her deathbed? (i.e. - I wish you would just die!, etc) How did that come off as humorous to Jesse or Adam? I know she was banned from the hospital by Adam, but how was that viewed as not a more serious matter? They know she manipulates them, they know (despite what Mercy says) that she is spiteful and mean, how can Adam continually choose Christy over Mercy? Mercy lost weight, she avoided being home, she was reprimanded and tag-teamed by the wolves when she was home. How did Adam never choose to defend her!? He could have stopped Aurielle from being a witch, or made it clear that Christy was not welcome in their bathroom. He didn't have to work from home to be with her either. >:(

I really wasn't impressed with Adam's character in this book. He was constantly choosing Christy's well-being over Mercy's and it was highly disappointing. I really hope that this comes to a head and Christy is put in her place in the future books because seeing Mercy being unappreciated is just not fun.

Other than that it was great though and I can't wait until the next book comes out (from this or from Alpha & Omega series) :D