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Night Broken but what's going to happen next?
« on: March 12, 2014, 08:51:15 pm »
So I just finished Night Broken, and I already say how fantastic I find the book, and yes I love this serie and this world so much I'm going to reread the book! LOL
Mercy was the first character if I remember well I started reading in this category fantasy "bit-lit" we called in french. Before I was reading mostly fantasy, pure and hard fantasy.
So this serie and those characters have a special place in my heart.
And I remember the weekend I bought the first book "called moon", I remember have read it all the afternoon on my couch and I fell in love with Adam, follow Mercy in her quest of truth and justice with excitation and anxiety. And here we are, the 8th book, I am proud to say  I have them in french and english now, and follow Alpha and Omega because it's so good. (I prefer the english version than the translate one).
But as usual after each new book new questions are delivered and I just can't stop hypothetize and ask me "And now what is going to happen??"

(I don't really know if I can start a topic so general and ask so many things, but my subject is mostly to speculate about the serie, and because after this reading I need to release some stressed, and talk about this book with people who know what I am talking about. So please forgive me for putting it in the wrong place and be filled with so many interogations.)

So we follow Mercy in her days to days life being turned upside down by the arrival of Christy, Adam's ex-wife. Christy is being stalked, and who did she call to the rescue.... Adam of course. But Christy's intentions are not really genuine.
In the meantime Mercy try to retrieve the walking stick from Coyote to give it back to its son's creator.
And we learn that the stalker Christy 's been followed by is a really strange guy, and not human at all! 

So what I find amazing was the intricated plot and interogations which are given and the realization and doubt that maybe Coyote has ingeniering all this retrieving walking stick party, just because Mercy will need it to understand something about her futur opponent. Which makes me wonder if Coyote hasn't a foresight gift, and like Gary, Coyote must have the possibility to see a futur.

I really loved how Patricia Briggs brings the pack to see Mercy a bit differently, make the pack respect her more. Action speak more clearly than word, and that this being, that most of the pack think a liability, starts to see her as a strong unquitable woman. Now I wonder what will it bring? More cohesion?

The Mercy and Adam couple is magnificent, so sweet, I was all along the book feeling on the edge, but when Mercy is with Adam and they shared those intimate moments, I was feeling really peaceful. I love their relationship, like Mercy said Adam and her enjoyed even fighting, and arguing together. Because there is unconditionable love between them, but also respect, confidence. And this is this kind of relationship I would like for myself. A Adam for myself I'd love it too!  :P
Mercy is a character really smart, with a lot of humour. She is responsible. And most of all she is a good person, which give her the means to deal with complicated and stressful situations.
She has a beautiful relationship with Jesse. And had a mother instinct incredible.
She will be a fabulous mother, and I keep hope we will be able to see her pregnant and being a mother herself. I know that's stupid, but I can't stop wondering what will happen, how Adam and Mercy will react, and the pack, and all people around? This discussion is already been talk about on the forum, so I'm not going to speculate. But I'd like to see her pregnant soon.

And here we have at least the possibility to see Christy. Adam's ex-wife was in the background since the begining of the serie. Adam sometimes was talking about his relation with her when they were married and Mercy was sometimes refering it. But here we have a tast of what Adam have been through and seriously I cannot believe he been married to this kind of woman.
But this is sometimes the big question of the life, great people were a lot in relation with horrible people. And I already understood why Adam courted Mercy, but now Adam have found a wonderfull woman. And understand why he cannot image losing her.
Christy is an irresponsible harpie (to be polite) and I wish to be able to punch her.

However, and this is a negative point for me in this book; I don't understand why Adam do not correct her when she act rudely toward Mercy. Why can he not tell her no? I mean it distress Mercy, she even cannot eat, he should see it, or feel it through their bond. And I didn't really like some of Adam behavior.
Mercy is his mate, not just his wife. They do not have children yet together, but it doesn't make less their bond stronger. So I really do not understand Adam's behavior.
The "I love you" from Christy toward Adam at the end, and the fact that he said thank you was a bad taste,and it shows how selfish and selfcenter Christy his, but I didn't feel like it play in the favor of Adam, because his comportement wasn't right!
I really felt like Adam was weak and just because Christy knows how to manipulate people, he shoud have said something.
And I felt that since a long time already, Adam should have already said something to the pack and their compartement toward Mercy. The pack continue to be direspectful toward Mercy, even if she is a coyote among werewolves I find that petty from their part and everything they will accuse Mercy to be if she said something to Christy in this book is applicable to them to not appreciate the sacrifices she made for the pack. She save them from their abduction in Frost Burn, Adam knew it, so why didn't he have said something about them to be disrespectful. Adam is the authority. I know Mercy must fight her own battle, but don't that upset him that some of his own wolves are so harsh with her?
And in this book the fact that Adam let Christy do her things, and play childish games, let her take the master bathroom for her own doesn't stick to the alpha and man he is, in my opinion.
Like Auriele when she came and knock at their bathroom door, thought they are in the shower, Adam let that be permitted, made me confused. I was waiting for him to snarl or growl and said to Auriele to leave... But nothing came. I fell an antagonism here. In those situation. This is what upset me in the book. And I didn't understand.

The day by day life with Christy is stressful. Patricia Briggs make her play very very well her character. Drama irresponsible immature queen. And the 'I've been thinking of moving back home' killed me! Instantly I was dead. I was laughing, imagining Mercy's face. But still wonder why Adam haven't said something.
I hope for Mercy's, Adam's and also Jesse's sake that she is not going to moving back in the tricities.
Christy is a really great character as a vilain, but I think she will destroy the alpha man Adam usually is. And I didn't enjoy this part of his personality.
The fact that she asked help to Adam, but didn't say everything and did not warn the pack is so selfish and selfcentered I cannot understand the people who keep complaining for her. And why Adam hadn't say again something. Are they blind? Are they drug?
Christy is a toxic character and person. 

Jesse is a sweet teenager and I totally understand her, when she is so constantly desappointed by someone she loved. But hopefully she has Adam and Mercy. And hopefully her mother will not be around anymore.

The new opponent is gruesome, he killed and killed but he eat his victimes too. Interesting man! Christy is apparently attract by dangerous men. And I like when she accuse Adam!! But I cannot not feel sad for him too. It might be strange, but I feel really sad for a being to be bring to the point to kill because he cannot find his love. I find that sad.
Something I have maybe missed is why in the first part, Guayota didn't lost a part of himself in the first combat in the garage when Mercy killed the dog, and in the last fight when she turned Joel in the pack bond, Guayota there is half "killed".

Meanwhile we met new people.
Zack, the new wolf. The guy seemed to be a good guy, lost, broken too, apprently he has some personal issues. And I was really glad to see the pack welcome a new wolf, I hope it will not be temporarely. But also I can't keep thinking he is going to bring some troubles. Even if he is a submissive wolve. Will see.
Gary the half brother of Mercy. I like him. He is funny and pragmatic. I like that Mercy met someone from her walker side. and to know more about Coyote.
I wonder what Coyote had done to the walking stick, what power he has? And also how did he healed Mercy, and saved her?
Make me think that is not a bad guy like Gary keep saying. He is full of surprise. And he looks like he really love his 'children' even if his actions don't speak for it.

So my question are,
The walking stick is back  :D What does it mean? What happened to it? What does it like so much Mercy? What ties have they? Why can't it stay with the fae?

Joel: What will happened to him? Will he be able to be a humain again? What will happened for the pack? what brings this new addition? Will the pack be unhappy with this new situation?

Mercy: She win more respect from the pack. It looks like she assert her position as a second and alpha's mate in this book, she show the pack, that she can protect them, and will die trying.
But the fact that she add Joel -even by last-chance move- in the pack, will it not shake again the cohesion of the pack and increase the pack distastes of her? Will she live longer than a normal human span life?
Will she be pregnant at last? 

Stephan: I was happy to 'see' him back in Frost Burn, and to know that him and Mercy have still a tie is a great and mysterious surprise. What will bring between them (Adam-Mercy-Stephan) in the futur? What consequences on the pack? and with the seethe? The kiss was a touching surprise.

The book revealed also a big plot behind the CNTRP agency and big troubles are to be expected.

The status of Mercy is slidding. People are asking questions about her humanity. What will happened?

I absolutly hate the cliffhanger at the end! I am so mad. >:(

So many things, so many questions, and I really cannot believe they were going to be answered just in the next. It's too big.
Ok if you don't have seen it yet I am trying to push for more books than 9. This serie must continue. It's so awesome.

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