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Witch | ID Card of Hally Smith
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Hally Smith


Appearances and Mentions:

Alpha&Omega 3: Fair Game


Witch See Witchcraft

Classification Description:
[Type] Black
[Family Line] N/A
[Coven] N/A

Witch Powers:
  • Hally took a small rug out of her pack and laid it out flat. While she was snapping it into place, Charles caught a glimpse of circles and symbols and realized that she’d woven into the rug the protections that a witch would normally have used chalk for. It was a clever thing, something that would save her time and troubleFG-
  • Kneeling on the rug, she took out four or five small pottery jars and set them up as if their placement was important. She did the same with eight silver candlesticks holding dark-colored candles—probably black candles, but some witches worked with redFG-
  • Her voice hadn’t been the trigger, just a distraction or embellishment. The smoke told his nose what Charles already surmised—there was human blood worked into the candles she burnedFG-
  • The way witches cast spells differed from one witch to the next depending upon a lot of things: their family background, who their teachers had been—and a little of their own personalities. This one was a wiggler and moaner, but she did it with all the grace of a talented belly dancer, and her moans were both musical and mesmerizingFG-
  • she meant the method the witch had chosen. Directional spells were easy. He didn’t do them himself, but he had watched them cast. Calling a ghost as a compass was a major spell, a show-off spell, and entirely unnecessaryFG-
  • her magic needs darknessFG-
  • The witch ignored him and put her hands on the shoulders of the ghost of the boy, caressing him in a not-motherly fashionFG-
  • the boy's red eyes were caused by some aspect of the witch’s magicFG-
  • knows a few ways to stymie fae magicFG-

Name Unknown (X)

Name Unknown (X)

[Sister] Name Unknown [16]
died when she was sixteen because she refused to take the black route to power. A big, bad wicked witch ate her down

Physical Description:
  • She wasn’t beautiful, but she was striking with dark coloring, a long, elegant nose, and a wide, generous mouthFG-
  • she stank of black magicFG-
  • Hally reeked of death, old blood, and ghostsFG-
  • low, husky voiceFG-
  • English-pale skinFG-

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages:

  • Her last name really is Smith; Convenient; People will think you’re lying even when you aren’tFG-
  • expensive to hirel ten thousand dollarsFG-
  • a world-class witchFG-
  • Theatrics designed to hide which were the important bits, in case another witch was watchingFG-
  • has apprenticesFG-
  • her fingers tracing spells that left little red glowing lines behind them.
    “Hally says that there were ten or twelve people killed here over a period of years; She says that she’ll gather some of her apprentices and they’ll put the island to rights after the police have gathered their evidence. She’s doing what she can nowFG-
  • The Irish and German witches are well-known for their ability to disrupt your kind of power, one way or another, and Caitlin told me that this guy got his rune spell from an Irish witch. There’s a dozen ways to make charms that I know, some more effective than othersFG-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • took the parts of Jacob's body for her magic; with the enthusiasm of a child being given a lollipopFG-
  • when compliments come her way about being a dangerous thing;  witch preened, her ire sliding awayFG-
  • more of a snake than a tiger—they were beautiful, too, beautiful and cold survivors, killing with poison rather than fang or clawFG-
  • a black witch doesn’t love anything but powerFG-
  • You can admire the survivor—but Hally did survive. She’ll make sure she always survivesFG-
  • the witch knew and enjoyed the fact that the height put her onstage and made the rest of them her audienceFG-
  • it was a terrible smile because it made her look so sweet and young—and the cause of the smile was the death of Jacob Mott and others before himFG-
  • doesn't share information with others; he knows that I do not talkFG-
  • unafraid—and so fragile in her humanityFG-
  • could not help being a witch; born to her othernesFG-
  • most white witches died while still very young, unable to defend themselves from their blood-magic-using kin. She had, within the limits of what she was, been very helpfulFG-
  • secretive and a lot more dangerousFG-
  • would keep information to herself for later use or just for her own amusementFG-

Talents & Skills:

  • looked at Charles as if she could read his mind, which he knew damned well she couldn’tFG-
    • didn’t seem to have any of the trouble the rest of them did moving about the bouncing boatFG-
    • she was good at sneaking aroundFG-

    Health & Fitness:


      • enjoys theatricsFG-
      • afraid of waterFG-


      With Isaac:

      • unspoken arrogance about her treatment to Isaac, who was neither her mate nor her servant whose service was to be taken for grantedFG-
      • they're sleeping together; she makes him breakfast in bedFG-
      • he could never fall for a woman who tortures kittens to make love potions, even if she doesn’t do it around himFG-
      • She’s just scratching an itch and he's enjoying it while it lastsFG-
      • He's beautiful, strong, and powerful—she’s not going to let that go easilyFG-
      • Isaac hadn’t taught her any better; not to give werewolves ordersFG-

      With Charles:

      • heard so much about you, CharlesFG-
      • if she thought he ought to be worried about her; Brother Wolf met her eyes and let her see that they had killed more powerful witches than she was—and that it wouldn’t bother them to do it againFG-
      • You scratch whatever itches you choose,” Charles told her, his voice cold and quiet. “Enjoy yourself. But at the end of the day, you remember that Isaac belongs to my father—and to me. He is necessary to us as you are not. You will leave him unharmed or I will hunt you down and destroy youFG-
      • She hissed at him like a catFG-
      • Charles You made yourself an enemyFG-
      • She obeyed before she thought, his sudden appearance and the force of his order dictating her actions. She dismissed the ghost with a flick of her power. Then her jaw dropped in outrage, and magic gathered around herFG-
      • She hissed and flung something that slid off him like water. Charles shook his head.
        “Do you think I would have survived this long if some hastily constructed spell could harm meFG-
      • I can give you some of that power and it will recognize the fae—sympathetic magic, wolf, like to like. There is enough to give it to only one of youFG-

      With The Witches:

      • They must be amateurs to leave such a feast behind unconsumedFG-
      • It is too bad that so many of us, so many witches, are afraid of waterFG-

      With The Fae:

      • Your magic is darkness; The rest is cheap theatricsFG-

      With The Wolves:

      • You and your kind can tell if I’m lyingFG-
      • Anna says this of her; Just warning Isaac about sleeping with dangerous things. Tigers are rare treasures—and they will eat you and not give it a second thoughtFG-
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