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Vampire | ID Card of Thomas Hao [Master]
« on: April 22, 2013, 07:05:04 pm »
Thomas Hao

Tom Fg-138 | Tommy Fg-141 | Hao's Monster Fg-148 | Pretty boyFg-


Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned
Mercy Thompson 9: Fire Touched

Short Story: Fairy Gifts


[Seethe Affiliation] Master of San FranciscoFB-311

Classification Description:
[Bound By] See Master

[Turned By] See Master | over a whole long year

Vampiric Talents:
  • not affected by the sunFg-151
  • didn't need to feed from a vampire to surviveFg-151
  • the earth speaks to himFg-160

[Human] looks close to 20yoFB-263
[Vampire] @120yo

Hao Xun(X)


[Brother] Tao(X)
[Siblings] Various Unnamed(X)

Other Relatives:
[Uncles] Unnamed(X)
[Grandmother] Unnamed(X)

[Former] Constance (X)

[Former] Butte, Montana [1900-Chinatown]
[Condo] San Francisco
[Condo] Boston

White Subaru Forester | California License Plate DAYTIME FB-275

Physical Description:
  • Chinese
  • black eyesFB-266
  • not tallFg-

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages:

  • educated by nunsFg-135
  • fluent in English and CantoneseFg-136
  • the only vampire in San FranciscoFB-293
  • was forced to kill Constance (who he made) because Frost drove her insaneFB-295
  • in his father’s opium den in the mining tunnels where Thomas had been both guide and enforcer after he was turnedFg-
  • Thomas never had to work in the den anymore: he scared the customersFg-
  • not a ChristianFg-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • mother said that his family was founded by a dilong, an earth dragonFg-161
  • not nostalgic for ButteFg-
  • has nonexpressions similar to CharlesFB-292
  • when he was human he would have run to the rescue; but that boy died a long time agoFg-
  • He found he couldn’t ignore the boy’s necessities any more than he’d ever been able to ignore the Master’sFg-
  • not afraid of deathFg-

Talents & Skills:

  • good night vision;He didn’t need light, didn’t need to see at allFg-
  • He had always been good at finding his way around the mines. Since he’d been turned, he’d gotten a lot betterFg-
  • He couldn’t feel the water the way he felt the earth, which spoke to his bonesFg-

Health & Fitness:

  • shot in the arm and had his skull cracked with a beer bottle by miners who robbed his father's opium denFg-
  • well-known for his ability to fightFB-334
  • enjoyed pushing his strength and abilitiesFg-


  • cold didn't bother him anymoreFg-
  • didn't talk after he returned from the Master as his father's new slave. What was there to say? Who would talk to him?Fg-
  • darkness soothed him, as did the growing heat; took pleasure in itFg-
  • would die for the day in a cupboard in his father's laundryFg-


With Margaret:

  • fed off her when she was trapped in the tunnelsFg-
  • her blood reminded him of the taffy he’d eaten when he was human. Not in the flavor, but in the feeling of richness, of self-indulgence and satisfactionFg-
  • as he imagined feeding from a dragon might be—sharp and not altogether comfortable, but rich with the bottomless power of fire and earth. The fire cleansed him, the earth restored him, leaving him raw and off balance—but not filthyFg-
  • she was the first person he'd fed from other than the MasterFg-
  • she gave his freedom for her ownFg-
  • called him by magic to ButteFg-
  • doesn't know if she could have given him his wish if he hadn't been earth-touchedFg-
  • She had rescued him, a vampire who had hurt her, and still she rescued him. She did not need the blood of these fae on her handsFg-

With the Fae:

  • avoided the fae when he could, and when he could not . . . well, the fae, unlike humans, knew exactly what he was, and they despised the monster almost as much as he despised himselfFg-
  • not fae. Oaths have no power over himFg-
  • fae didn’t like vampires; with one exception, he didn’t like the fae, eitherFg-

With Mercy:

    With the Wolves:

      With his Master:

      • his father brought him to the old manFg-
      • dreaded the feeding time. Afterward, his Master renewed his orders and made certain his fledgling understood his placeFg-
      • nearly a decade he had been slave to his father and the demon-thing that had, over a whole long year, turned him into what he was nowFg-
      • He didn’t hunt: the Master forbade it; Taking the blood of humans did him no good at all. Every week the Master had him try it; As a fledgling he could only take nourishment from another vampireFg-
      • his master insisted upon the feedings being pleasantFg-
      • it sent his senses into a stupor and left him feeling desperate for the bath that never really cleaned the stain from his soul no matter how hard he scrubbedFg-

      With his Family:

      • an education for her children was the only thing his quiet, obedient mother had ever stood up to his father forFg-
      • his father felt that his honor and that of his family had been impinged. He made it clear that he blamed Thomas for the shameFg-
      • his father spoke to him in English when he was displeased with ThomasFg-
      • Thomas was born a few weeks after his family had come to the New World, his father had given him an American name in a fit of optimismFg-
      • Even before his mother’s brother, a famous scholar from a family of scholars, rescued his mother from his father’s care, she had not looked upon his face if she could help it—not since he had become a monster. She had taken her other children with her when she returned to China with her brother. Thomas had been left behindFg-
      • He gave orders—and took him to the Master once a week to feed and be fed uponFg-
      • It made his father nervous when he didn’t breathe, so he made a habit of letting his lungs sit emptyFg-
      • did not want to kill his father so left Butte the night he killed his MasterFg-

      With the Vampires:

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