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Chat with Patricia Briggs | Friday April 12, 2013
« on: April 12, 2013, 04:57:57 pm »
Patty Briggs
Mike Briggs

sandra: Someone else should be at the top of the list for questions. I just happened to check Patty's website and twitter and logged in early while I was doing other things 15:42

Elle_mod: You can always pass this round, sandra. If you don't have a question or want to ask it next round.  15:43

sandra: I would guess many more will sign on closer to the time. 15:43

sandra: thanks 15:43

Has_mod: Tweeted and posted y'all let's get the party started  15:43

CarolKat: Cool! 15:45

Mid_mod: Hi, Arantza. Welcome to the chat. Patty will be joining us roughly in 15 minutes time 15:46

white roses: Need food, will be back with snack 15:48

Mk joined the chat 15:48

Has_mod: Welcome newbies! 15:48

CarolKat: Hi MK 15:49

Mid_mod: Hey MK and big city wolf 15:49

CarolKat: Hi BCW! 15:49

big city wolf joined the chat 15:49

big city wolf: Hi all. 15:49

Mk: Hi 15:49

proudfit: howdy new people 15:49

CarolKat: About 10 minutes till Patty arrives. Everyone have questions ready? 15:50

Kkat07: I'll probably pass on the first round and make up questions as I read other people's. 15:50

Nyx joined the chat 15:51

proudfit: hi Patty 15:51

JellyBeane21 joined the chat 15:52

Zealith joined the chat 15:52

Elle_mod: Hi everyone. 15:52

Patty Briggs left this message: 15:52
Hi everyone

MashellyTheMagnificent left this message: 15:52
Don't really have any questions myself, just like seeing the ones that others come up with.

Zealith: Hi everyone. 15:52

Kkat07: Hi Patty! 15:52

Patty Briggs joined the chat 15:52

CarolKat: Hi Patty! 15:52

Zealith: Hi Patty 15:52

Mid_mod: Hey Mashelly, that's no problem . 15:52

Mid_mod: Hey Patty! 15:53

Elle_mod: Hi Mashelly, just click join chat on the bottom.  15:53

Patty Briggs: Hah. Now I shouldn't have the stupid "left this message" on everything I say. 15:53

MashellyTheMagnificent joined the chat 15:53

Elle_mod: lol 15:53

CarolKat: LOL 15:53

MashellyTheMagnificent: Thanks. 15:53

Meishka joined the chat 15:54

Elle_mod: Thanks for joining us Patty we really appreciate it.  15:54

Kkat07: Yes, we do! 15:54

sandra: Ditto 15:54

Has_mod: Hey Patty LOL 15:54

big city wolf: I have a question about Adam. Does he have any siblings and does he have any contact with his family? 15:54

Mid_mod: Welcome everyone to the chat . As you can see from the flashy message at the top of the screen, questions will be asked in order of the visitor list to the right. One of of the mods will let you know when it's your turn. And if you don't have a question, you can pass on to the next person  15:55

Patty Briggs: I'm just glad there are no cameras. We wormed horses today and they shared. I have yellow wormer in my hair, on my jeans . .. and every time I think I have it off my hands I find some more. 15:55

Baum Diggity joined the chat 15:55

Zealith: Poor Patty!   15:56

Jessica joined the chat 15:56

MashellyTheMagnificent: lol The less than glorious part of owning a horse. 15:56

Baum Diggity: Too bad we can't wrap it in cheese like with dogs. Not even my cat falls for that one! 15:56

Patty Briggs: The horses look worse. Yellow is not a good color on anyone. 15:56

Nyx:  15:57

Baum Diggity: LOL 15:57

Has_mod: I'll give it one more minute before we R asking questions but sandra, CK, proudfit are first in line so better get them ready if not you can ask next time round  15:58

Elle_mod: hi Piper  15:59

Piper joined the chat 15:59

Piper: *waves* hi Elle and everyone 15:59

CarolKat: Hi Piper and everyone new who has joined 15:59

Piper: Hi CK! 16:00

Patty Briggs: While we wait . . . -- Adam does have siblings -- and he is in contact with at least one of them. 16:00

Kkat07: I'd wondered about that. 16:01

Mina left this message: 16:01
Hi everyone! So glad I caught the chat total fan girl moment *wow, it's Patty!*

ManekiNeko left this message: 16:01

Has_mod: Hi Mina you need to click below to join the chat 16:01

Mid_mod: lol hey Mina, welcome to the chat. Click Join chat to join us 16:01

Mina joined the chat 16:01

pinktiff1989 joined the chat 16:01

ManekiNeko joined the chat 16:01

Mina: OK, now officially here!  16:01

ManekiNeko: Haha I had to do the same ^_^ 16:02

Has_mod: Sandra are you ready to ask your question? 16:02

Piper: Elle, will this go up on Hurog later? I have to leave to in a minute to get oldest from dtasc practice 16:02

sandra: As a werewolf Adam could live much longer than Mercy have you thought about using something in Mercy's "almost" daughter of coyote status making her longer lived than a normal human? 16:02

sandra: Had it already typed out 16:02

sandra: sorry 16:02

Elle_mod: Piper, I'll put it up as soon as we're finished here.  for sure. 16:03

Has_mod: Proudfit and CK are next up but Kkat, Mashelly, Nix need to prep theirs next 16:03

Has_mod: @Sandra No worries  16:03

Piper: Thanks!! You are the best!!! Miss your face! 16:03

Patty Briggs: This is a question that I've struggled with. I personally think the worse curse in the world would be to live forever. It is possible that Mercy might live longer -- but neither I nor she nor anyone but Coyote knows at this point. 16:04

Mid_mod: And don't worry if you don't have a question ready yet. We won't tie you down and chain you  16:04

Mk joined the chat 16:04

big city wolf: Thanks 16:04

white roses joined the chat 16:04

ManekiNeko: This is so cool *huge girly squeel* I've missed other chats befor 16:04

ManekiNeko: before* 16:05

Has_mod: @CK your turn hon! 16:05

Baum Diggity: Are we going to make a habit of these chats, by any chance  16:05

sandra: That point of view does come out loud and clear in your writing (living forever is a curse) 16:05

CarolKat: Jessie seems to be an advocate of Adam and Mercy having a baby, have you rethought that possibility at all? 16:05

Angela Beegle joined the chat 16:05

Patty Briggs: CK I've thought about it a lot. I don't see how I can write a UF with Mercy -- and a baby. I am sure they will have kids, I'm just not sure I hate myself enough to try to put that in a book. LOL I am thinking about ways to do it. 16:06

Elle_mod: Hi Mike  16:07

Has_mod: LOL  16:07

CarolKat:  Don't hurt yourself over it. LOL 16:08

Mike left this message: 16:08

CarolKat: Hi Mike! 16:08

Mike joined the chat 16:08

Zealith: Hi Mike! 16:08

Mid_mod: Hey Mike 16:08

MashellyTheMagnificent: Everyone seems to have a loved one at this point. What about Ben, me thinks you could use a little loving. lol 16:08

MashellyTheMagnificent: He*** 16:08

MashellyTheMagnificent: He could use a little loving. lol 16:08

Has_mod: Hey Mike! @Proudfit your turn!  16:08

proudfit: My question Is about the Anthogoly ie who is in it, what order will stories appear? 16:08

Piper: Have have one or three mercy can have.......  LOL 16:08

Mid_mod: Baum, we're not sure yet if we'll have regular chats but if we do, we'll def let people know  16:09

Mike: Patty carefully hid in the dining room so I can't comment on what she's doing. She's a clever, clever woman. 16:09

Baum Diggity: Awesome, thanks Mid  16:09

Has_mod: And Kkat, Mashelly, Nix are next up after him but I need to start prepping their questions now because they are after them 16:09

Kkat07: Gotta go for a bit, roommate needs help cooking. 16:09

Patty Briggs: @Proudfit -- I have this idea about putting them in story-time order. So they will start with the oldest occurring story (Samuel's first meeting with Ariana) and gradually work from there. But I'm not certain yet. 16:10

Baum Diggity: Ooooh! 16:10

Mina: Nice! 16:10

Elle_mod: I love the idea of story-time order.  sweet 16:11

big city wolf: can't wait. 16:11

DanishWolf joined the chat 16:11

Mike: Slow keyboard day, Patty? Do I need to order a faster one for you?   16:11

Mid_mod: That would be cool, and YAY for Samuel. 16:11

Mina: Yeah, Samuel is one of my favorites  16:11

Patty Briggs: Careful Mike -- I know what you just did! 16:11

twhavens joined the chat 16:12

DanishWolf: haha 16:12

Has_mod: Kkat your turn and Mashelly, Nix are next up 16:13

Mid_mod: Is the room lagging for anyone? 16:13

Patty Briggs: I think I'm okay. 16:13

white roses: Not as much as my brain lags 16:13

Mike: *Definately needs a faster keyboard. No wonder it takes so long to write a book. * 16:13

ManekiNeko: I'm not sure 16:13

DanishWolf: kkat had to leave for a wlittlw while 16:13

proudfit: sorta Mid 16:13

ManekiNeko: Ok now I am, a little bit ^_^ 16:13

Baum Diggity: Not unless there have been tons of posts in the last minute or two 16:13

Jessica: YEAH 16:13

Baum Diggity: Oh, Mike...she knows where you live... 16:14

Serendipity joined the chat 16:14

CarolKat:  Mike! 16:14

big city wolf: i'm fine. 16:14

MashellyTheMagnificent joined the chat 16:14

Patty Briggs: I know where he SLEEPS . . .. or SLEPT Hehehe 16:14

ManekiNeko: Ha! Nice 16:14

CarolKat: I think Kkat had to leave Has 16:14

Baum Diggity: Oh, burn. 16:14

e_booklover joined the chat 16:14

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Has_mod: Mashelly is next up then 16:14

Yibbit joined the chat 16:14

Jessica: Oh you guys are adorable 16:15

patricia emerson left this message: 16:15
thank you for your books i love reading them

Mid_mod: Proudfit, if the lagging gets any worse, let us know and Has can wave her magic wand to clear the screen. 16:15

Piper: LOL!! Mr. Mike, sir you are doomed.   16:15

Has_mod: and then Nix- if there is no questions please let me know so we can pass on to the next person - its ok to think up next time round 16:15

MashellyTheMagnificent: Everyone seems to have a loved one at this point. What about Ben, me thinks he could use some love. 16:15

Mike: I've been doomed for years. The WORST part is that I'm ticklish! 16:15

Patty Briggs: He gives as good as he gets @Piper 16:15

Elle_mod: Hi patricia, just click join the chat on the bottom to enter the chat : 16:15

Patty Briggs: @ mashelly 16:15
Patty Briggs: whoops, hit return. 16:16

Traci joined the chat 16:16

patricia emerson joined the chat 16:16

Serendipity: Hi everyone! 16:16

Patty Briggs: Ben needs to . . . heal a bit before he finds true love. He is getting better -- you'll see that in his short story. But I think he has a way to go before he can be a good partner for anyone. Sadly that doesn't mean he won't try . . . 16:17

Piper:  16:17

Has_mod: Hey Traci, Serendipity and Patricia!  16:17

MashellyTheMagnificent: lol 16:17

Angela Beegle: I cry every time I read that part where Ben's past comes out. Cry like sobbing. 16:17

Traci: Hey! 16:17

Patty Briggs: @Angela -- me, too. I hate that. 16:18

Has_mod: Amanda you're up next for a q 16:18

ManekiNeko: Yeah Ben is a loveable character even with his flaws. 16:18

Jessica: Me too! Cry everytime  16:18

MashellyTheMagnificent: That scene explained so much about our crude little British wolf 16:18

Has_mod: and then its Jellybean and WAGirl 16:18

Piper: Off to get kiddlet. 16:18

Has_mod: cya later Piper! 16:19

ManekiNeko: Makes just just want to curl Ben up in wolf form with lotsa of cuddles and pets lol. 16:19

Mid_mod: Ben gets more loveable with each book  16:19

Patty Briggs: Just FYI - we are having a horrendous windstorm. Sometimes that affects our Internet. So if Mike and I drop off, that's why. 16:19

Patty Briggs: The joys of being in the boonies . . . 16:20

Has_mod: Guys when i prompt you to prep your questions please just post them when they are done  16:20

Mike: The antenna is waving back and forth, but so far it's still picking up a signal. THe dust storm outside probably won't help internet speeds though. 16:20

ManekiNeko: Okies 16:20

Nyx: Patty, are you thinking of Charles and Anna having a baby/child at all? Either through adoption, guardianship, fostercare etc.? 16:21

Mina: <3 Charles & Anna 16:21

Has_mod: After WAgirl - Zealith, Saseka and Meiskha are next up so please prep your questions before your are prompted!  16:21

Patty Briggs: Anna is pretty good at getting what she wants . . . and she wants babies. I don't know how she'll manage, but I would put money on her. Poor Charles . . 16:21

Mid_mod: Hehe. Go Anna! 16:22

Nyx: Yay! 16:22

Patty Briggs: Not that Charles doesn't want kids. But Anna would risk anything . . . 16:22

CarolKat: Love Anna! and poor Bran! 16:22

Zealith: Skip me, I don't have any off the top of my head. 16:22

Meishka: No question at the moment. Patty, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. 16:22

Patty Briggs: @Meishka -- thank you all for joining us! 16:23

Zealith: Second Meishka 16:23

Nyx: Yes, thank you. 16:23

JellyBeane21: no questions right yet, but also want to thank you for taking the time to do this chat 16:23

Has_mod: Ok danishwolf, pinktiff, sarahbb we need to prep your questions then 16:23

DanishWolf: Hi Patty, will you write the Mercy + Alpha & Omega series as long as you have the interest and ideas for new books, or do you have an end already that you work towards? (kind of number of books planned) 16:24

Patty Briggs: While we're getting questions -- Night Broken -- the fae want their walking stick . . . just saying. 16:24

Has_mod: And Jessica, camille, mina are up next 16:24

pinktiff1989: No love for Ben but what about for Asil? 16:24

Has_mod: Patty you tease!!! 16:24

ManekiNeko: Oooo!!! 16:24

CarolKat: O_o 16:24

Mid_mod: !!!!!!!!!! COYOTE 16:25

Patty Briggs: @DanishWolf Yes -- A&O will keep going. No ending planned at this point for any of them. 16:25

Mina: Love your stories, esp. A & O series! Can we get rid of Leah? 16:25

ManekiNeko: Lol! 16:25

Baum Diggity: Walking stick!!! 16:25

Patty Briggs: Asil . . . will find someone to love. Not sure romantically at this point. But someone to love. 16:25

Baum Diggity: Leah..poor Leah....all her haters... 16:25

Mina: I want Bran to have a real love  16:26

proudfit: leah hates herself 16:26

Nyx: LOL. I'm behind Mina on that. 16:26

Mike: Patty. It says something about an author when one of their best characters is . . . a stick. Just sayin'   16:26

Mina: Glad to hear about Asil...he's a great character! 16:26

DanishWolf: lool 16:26

Traci: lol Mike 16:26

Meishka: lol @ Mike 16:26

ManekiNeko: Lol!! Mike thats funny 16:26

Zealith: Thanks for the teaser Patty. 16:27

Patty Briggs: @Mina Poor Leah is right. Why doesn't anyone see how much she has sacrificed -- SACRIFICED (Leah told me to make that all capitals) and how little appreciation she gets. 16:27

big city wolf:  16:27

Mid_mod: I loved mercy's reaction to Asil in FB. 16:27

ManekiNeko: Yeah the teaser makes my first chat here worth it aside from seeing you talk with your fans!! 16:27

Baum Diggity: I like your Leah voice  16:28

DanishWolf: ssssssssshhh.. sadly I haven't read Frost Burned yet. I have to wait till the paperback. That's the one I can afford buying in my country (poor student here) 16:28

Has_mod: Is Jessica here? If not Camille 16:28

Mid_mod: See Has, I'm restraining myself about Leah. See, I CAN BE GOOD   16:28

Mina: Sorry *:} 16:28

Baum Diggity: Libraries are the best dw 16:28

Mina: Lol @ Patty love the caps! 16:29

Traci: note he said my country? Harder to get some books overseas... 16:29

Has_mod: if you dont have a question ready when prompted please let me know so the next person can ask 16:29

Mid_mod: danishwolf, pinktiff, sarahbb do you have any questions? If not, you can pass  16:29

DanishWolf: Baum.. but that would require the library to have the book. It doesn't yet. 16:29

Angela Beegle: Don't you just hate it when characters talk inside your head?  (no, that's not my question) 16:29

Baum Diggity: true.... 16:29

DanishWolf: I just asked my question? 16:29

Baum Diggity:  sorry dw! 16:29

Mid_mod: Oops, you did DanishWolf. My bad! 16:29

Has_mod: Mina You are up next and then its Maneiniko, whiteroses, proudfit 16:30

Jessica: Whoops sorrylagging a little here! Will Jesse become a werewolf?! Anytime soon? It would be sad if Adam and Mercy stay young but Jesse grew old... 16:30

DanishWolf: I live in little Denmark  I buy the book in english. They've just started translating them here last year 16:30

pinktiff1989: I asked mine.....but I can do another  16:30

Patty Briggs: @Angela I'm used to it. Writing . .. .the only career where multiple personality disorder is a bonus! 16:30

ManekiNeko: Ah! Jessica I was totally going to ask something like that lol!! <3 16:30

Mid_mod: Has, shall we do a clear? 16:30

Mina: Oh no, have to go dancing...sigh, I'd rather stay glued to the computer right now. It was lovely chatting...thank you for your stories, Patty! Happy writing! 16:30

Mid_mod: Thanks for joining us Mina! 16:31

Has_mod: yes if there's a lagging please let us know! 16:31

CarolKat: I think we need a clear. Has do I go before or after Proudfit 16:31

Has_mod: bye Mina! 16:31

Patty Briggs: @Jessica If any wolf turns Jesse -- Adam will kill him. 16:31

Has_mod: CK you are before 16:32

Has_mod: guys Im clearing the room 16:32

Mina: Um, how do I get out? *eep* 16:32

Has_mod cleared the room 16:32

Mike: I want that feature for my house, Has. Poof. Spotless! 16:32

Angela Beegle: Aaaiiiiieee! That's what you meant by 'clear'! 16:32

Elle_mod: lol 16:32

Traci: me too! 16:32

Serendipity: be vewy vewy quiet. We're hunting werewolves! 16:32

MashellyTheMagnificent: @Mike Don't we all! 16:32

Has_mod: Just to repeat - if I prompt you please post your question when its ready if not please say pass.  and if the room is lagging shout it out so we can have a clear room LOL 16:32

CarolKat: On Facebook, there is a promise of a Charles and Anna story, when will that be happening and where will it be posted? 16:33

Serendipity: How can we tell if the room is lagging? It just freezes and then BAM 20 tells? 16:33

Jessica: Thanks! 16:33

Serendipity: ooo good question. 16:33

Mid_mod: Ohh yes! The sneaky bribe for the DABWAHA contest  16:34

Traci: did the wind get them? 16:34

Patty Briggs: @CK -- I forgot!! My bad. Yes. I'll get that done this weekend and we'll post it on the blog -- and cross post in Facebook. 16:34

Has_mod: Guys we will be changing the questions into a free for all - if that's better it will help with the flow of the chat if it gets too busy we will tone it down a bit. 16:35

Mid_mod: The only time when bribing is actively encourgaed  16:35

Serendipity: *cheers* 16:35

Has_mod: but after angela beagle, MK, yibbit asks and then see how it goes 16:35

proudfit: Are we going to see more of Tom and Mora? 16:35

CarolKat: Whoo Hoo! 16:35

Patty Briggs: @proudfit -- yes. More Tom and Mora 16:35

Patty Briggs: Moira 16:35

Baum Diggity: Alrighty, Has - mine's a little wordy, bear with me: Alright, so I was listening to Billy Joel the other day - We Didn't Start the Fire (trust me...this is going somewhere), and it made me wonder - how would history have changed with the fae being outed? How would our society and media have been changed by such revelations? 16:36

Angela Beegle: Does thatmean it's my turn? 16:36

CarolKat: @Angela yes 16:36

Has_mod: Angela yes! 16:36

Angela Beegle: Actually, I don't have a question. I just want to give Patty a big virtual ((((hug)))) and tell her I discovered her graphic novels the other day. WOO HOO! 16:37

Patty Briggs: Depends upon when they were outed. In Mercy's world that happened in the 1980s -- and the fae (even in our world) were out in the middle ages . . . 16:37

Nyx: random question, I can't seem to find the previous chats on the forum, can someone point me in the right direction? 16:37

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Re: Chat with Patricia Briggs | Friday April 12, 2013
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2013, 05:21:31 pm »
Baum Diggity: hmmm...well played 16:37

Patty Briggs: @Angela -- thank you  16:37

Has_mod: @Nyx do the book club chats or the old chat transcripts before the infamous chat implosion? 16:37

Elle_mod: @Nyx 16:38

pinktiff1989: Will Asil's son return and save Asil like Samual saved Bran? 16:38

Nyx: Anything will do. Thank you Elle. 16:38

Meishka: So who knows more about cars at this point, Patty or Mike? 16:38

Serendipity: I love how Anna and Charles visit different cities in the US. What other cities would you consider having them visit? 16:38

Patty Briggs: @pinktiff -- probably not. Asil . . . Asil has the tools to save himself now . . . 16:38

patricia emerson joined the chat 16:39

Patty Briggs: @Meishka Mike 16:39

ManekiNeko: @Has whats the order for the questions again? 16:39

Serendipity: Got changed to free for all? 16:40

Baum Diggity: whispers to Patty....Grand Rapids. 16:40

Has_mod: yep its changed - just ask your q and we will keep a note of it 16:40

ManekiNeko: Oh I knew that! Lol 16:40

JellyBeane21: When is Night Broken expected to be released? And/or the next A&O? 16:40

white roses: Would the grey lords 'allow' someone to leave the reservation if one of their half blood children were running a muck with fae magic? 16:40

Meishka: Who do you go to for help with car repair scenes? 16:40

ManekiNeko: I feel bad, mines kinda long >​_< 16:41

Patty Briggs: @Serendipity -- I don't know. Maybe somewhere in southern CA or AZ -- where I've been running around looking at horses. 16:41

proudfit: Sage and Asil will they pair off and have they own short story? 16:41

Nyx: When will the Art Prints of Frost Burned be available on the store? And will Silver Borne ever be for sale on the store? 16:42

Serendipity: Horses are like Pringles. You can't stop at just one. 16:42

Has_mod: @manekiNeko dont worry about length of the question  16:42

Nyx: as an art print I mean... 16:42

ManekiNeko: Lol Thanks ^_^ 16:42

Meishka: lol Serendipity 16:42

ManekiNeko: I know that you said you have no ending in site for the series (either series I think?) But do you, at some point, plan on pairing everyone off? Letting everyone have their own little happy ending? Bran, Asil, Ben, etc? 16:42

Patty Briggs: @JBeane March 2014 The next book might not be an A&O -- I might do a Tom and Moira -- or someone different. 16:42

CarolKat: Any thoughts of something in the beautiful Catskill mountains of NY or the Poconos in PA ( that's a good place for lovers) 16:42

Mid_mod joined the chat 16:42

Serendipity: You should TOTALLY come to Philly and check out the Devon Horse Show. 16:42

Jennifer left this message: 16:42
I would love to have a window decal for Mercy's Garage for my van. I don't really like the bumper sticker thing. Is there somewhere I can get a vinyl window sticker?

Has_mod: @jennifer you need to click join chat below 16:43

Elle_mod: Hi Jennifer. Just click the join chat button below to join the chat 16:43

Mike: Serendepity: Shhh! Patty thinks they're like Doritos -- crunch all you want, we'll make more! 16:43

patricia emerson: Tom and Moira .... yeas 16:43

Serendipity: XD 16:43

Elle_mod: Patty, any chance of more Warren/Kyle stories or a book? I love them. 16:43

Jennifer joined the chat 16:43

Mid_mod: Hey guys, shall we slow down with the questions for bit so they can be answered  16:43

Patty Briggs: @white roses The Gray Lords do exactly whatever they wish <grin>​ But they don't care much about their halfbloods -- or, now, how much havok they cause among the humans. 16:43

Jennifer: I would love to have a window decal for Mercy's Garage for my van. I don't really like the bumper sticker thing. Is there somewhere I can get a vinyl window sticker? 16:44

DanishWolf: is it just me or is the questtions coming a little too fast now? 16:44

Patty Briggs: @Meishka Mike is good for car repair -- he kept our VW' s running for twenty years. 16:44

MashellyTheMagnificent: a little bit 16:44

Mid_mod: @Danish Wolf They're a little fast. Let's hold up for 5 mins for Patty to answer, then let the questions roll out again  16:45

Meishka: That is an accomplishment!! 16:45

Patty Briggs: @proudfit -- I don't know if Sage and Asil will end up together, yet. Will have to see . . . 16:45

Has_mod: @Patty that has made my heart go all aflutter if they do end up together! 16:46

Patty Briggs: @Nyx Mike gets to answer questions about prints. But we've had Silver Borne at the story before, so I imagine we will again. 16:46

Patty Briggs: @ Serendipity I suffer from MAS (Multiple Arab Syndrome) 16:47

Serendipity: hehehe 16:47

CarolKat: LOL 16:47

Meishka: lol 16:47

Nyx: Alright, thank you. 16:48

katy joined the chat 16:48

Serendipity: Patty needs that shirt that has a picture of a guy handing his head to a doctor as he says "I need this examined. I bought another horse." 16:48

Serendipity:  16:48

Serendipity: Course >​_>​ I'm not one to talk 16:49

MashellyTheMagnificent: I'm studying for a final right now, halfway through the test I'm gonna be like, "Wait. Why am I thinking of Mercy Thompson... No. NOOOOOOOO!" 16:49

CarolKat: @Serendipity Patty also seems to be breeding them as well as buying them. 16:49

Patty Briggs: @manekiNeko I like happy endings . . . but I also value the feeling of "reality" for my books. That means that everyone isn't happy all at the same time . . . 16:49

Has_mod: Ok for the free for all questions - the first 5 qs posted will get answered and then another - that will help from overwhelming Patty   16:49

DanishWolf: Patty, as someone who's behind on the loop apparently. Could you give a littl einfo of the anthology you're planning or is that all told on your blog? (I'll go google that later then) 16:50

Serendipity: awesome. 16:50

Angela Beegle: There was an absolutely gorgeous art print at NorWesCon this year, fan art of Mercy Thompson. What I loved the most about it is that she really, genuinely looked half-Indian - skin tone and facial features both. As it should be. 16:50

Patty Briggs: @manekiNek -- That means I don't know if everyone will end happy . . . 16:50

ManekiNeko: Point taken. ^_^ But grr! 16:50

Traci: New only read first 3 signed Mercy, ... but if you haven't done it, have you considered backing up in history and write in the past given the Vamps have been there for a while? The historical angle might be pretty cool. Nasty wind back then too. 16:50

white roses: Mashelly, htat happens to me in meetings all the time LOL 16:50

Patty Briggs: @CarolKat . . .. I like the Catskills . . . 16:50

CarolKat: I live there...just saying. 16:51

Patty Briggs: @Elle Of course there will be more Warren/Kyle stories. I don't know if they will be books. 16:51

Traci: rip van winkle connection in the cats? 16:51

Elle_mod: Thanks, Patty. I adore them.  16:51

ManekiNeko: Thanks so much for answering my question as well as others. ^_^ I have to now, lol! Thanks again and thank you for bringing Mercy's world into our lives 16:52

MashellyTheMagnificent: I think there should be a special story about Dick and Jane (Kyle's statue) 16:52

Elle_mod: Thanks for coming ManekiNeko 16:52

Has_mod: Bye ManekiNeko 16:52

big city wolf:  Dick and Jane 16:53

CarolKat: It definitely wouldn't be like the Dick and Jane I read in school!   16:53

Has_mod: Patty I was told to pass on a fangirl squee and a Kermit flail from Shiloh Walker she's unable to attend the chat but she wanted to pass on the love! 16:53

MashellyTheMagnificent: lol 16:53

MashellyTheMagnificent: lol 16:53

white roses: LOL 16:53

Patty Briggs: @Jennifer I think there is a place to suggest store items in the Forums . . . The next thing we are going to do is Hauptman Security T-shirts. We need to get some things out of inventory before we can afford to put more stuff in. Money-wise as well as space-wise  16:54

Traci: ​ 16:54

Baum Diggity: Awesome! 16:55

CarolKat: Oooo, time for shopping sprees guys!   16:55

Nyx: Oh wow, I can't wait for that shirt! 16:55

katy: Ooh! Hauptman Security! What a great idea   16:55

Meishka: Translate: Go buy goodies!!!! 16:55

Serendipity: ooo 16:55

Serendipity: Do Want 16:55

pinktiff1989: Where can we buy stuff? 16:56

CarolKat: I need a Hauptman Security shirt! 16:56

Has_mod: Next set of five questions ready? 16:56

Jennifer: Yea! A very good reason to shop! Can't wait...thank you. 16:56

patricia emerson: patty if you had to pick an actres to play mercy who would it be? 16:56

Nyx: I just bought two shirts a week ago. I'll have to wait a while to get more. 16:56

Mid_mod: Remember, when we hit five questions, we'll wait for Patty to answer and then repeat the process  16:56

Meishka: Good question! 16:56

DanishWolf: *sob* I usually can't afford goodies. 1) shipment to Denmark is bad 2) unless it's shipped as a gift, I can't purchase about 13 dollars without paying a LOAD of tax and custom 16:57

Kkat07: I'm back, but I may be in and out. Talking to people and playing on here at the same time. 16:57

DanishWolf: *about = above 16:57

Patty Briggs: @Danishwolf We're going to publish a collection of all the MercyVerse short stories (except for Alpha and Omega - because it was included in the hard cover of Cry Wolf) and four-six new short stories. I don't have a publication date yet -- sometime after Mercy 8 -- Night Broken. 16:57

katy: In Frost Burned, I wondered if the California plates were a clue, tying the mercenaries who had Kyle to Hou later on -- or is it the case that in the tri-cities out of town cars tend to have Cali plates? 16:57

Baum Diggity: after NB? 16:58

Traci: @ Danish Wolfpray for the open trade they are talking about. It would be so good. 16:58

Baum Diggity: Katy - I had wondered if it was some link to Hao, too... 16:58

Has_mod: Kkat do you have a question if you want to ask? 16:58

Patty Briggs: @Traci -- I am keeping my options opened. However probably any "historical" stories will be done as short stories rather than novels. 16:58

DanishWolf: YAY! I have the Mercy novels, except Frost Burned, and the three A&O but none of the short stories so I'll look forward to this anthology  16:58

Traci: Thank you Patty. 16:59

Kkat07: Yeah. What has David Christiansen and his team been doing? 16:59

Baum Diggity: BRB - dinners  16:59

DanishWolf: Traci.. they talk about that? Oh that would be the BEST if that happens. 16:59

Patty Briggs: @Traci Rip Van Winkle certainly adds to the appeal of the Catskills . . 16:59

Traci: been in the news. pretty sure the dips are talking about it. 17:00

Meishka: Sadly, I must depart. Thank you sooo much for being here Patty and Mike! This was truly delightful! 17:00

Traci: Love Rip.  17:00

Has_mod: Bye Meishka! 17:00

Patty Briggs: @Mashelly -- Dick and Jane are based on real statues that were in a house bought by someone Mike worked with . . . 17:00

CarolKat: Oh my! I love that! 17:01

Mid_mod: Okay, I'm gonna borrow Has' magic wand and say HALT EVERYONE. We're gonna go back to the way of asking questions in list order so it'll be easy to follow. 17:01

Patty Briggs: @Has -- Shiloh rocks. Tell her "hi" 17:01

Serendipity: DId we get 5 questions yet? 17:01

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Patty Briggs: @pintiff I'm pretty far behind so excuse me if someone has already answered --- Look at the "STORE" on website. 17:02

Mid_mod: @Serendipity it's hard to keep count with the constant scrolling screen so we'll slow things down a bit so it's easier for Patty  17:02

Patty Briggs: @patricia emerson 17:02

CarolKat: Can we get 5 questions with no comments in between then let Patty answer, Mid? 17:02

Has_mod: I will do! By the way we are getting some newbies so we will go back to the list and see how this goes again - but if you get prompted in the chat when your name is posted please say pass if you dont have a question or write it out and we will then repost it to patty if it scrolls up again 17:02

Patty Briggs: I have no idea who could play Mercy. Hopefully someone who can ACT LOL 17:02

Rhy joined the chat 17:03

white roses: I must go, Patty your books are a real joy, thankyou. 17:03

patricia emerson: yes...thank you 17:04

Rhy: I had to switch to my iPad so I could join chat as the button fell off the page in chrome 17:04

Patty Briggs: @katy California plates belonged to Thomas Hao who lives in San Franciso (appears also in the short story "Fairy Gifts" in Naked City anthology).  17:05

CarolKat: I think we need to clear the room again. getting laggy 17:05

Has_mod: serendipity, mashelly, cricket you are up next - please post your questions or state pass  17:05

Serendipity: In Fair Game, Beauclaire states that he was bound by an Oath for 200 years. What exactly was that Oath and with whom? 17:05

Serendipity: woo copy past 17:05

Serendipity: paste* 17:05

Has_mod: Clearing room dont worry i've saved your questions Serendipity! 17:05

Serendipity: coolbeans 17:06

Has_mod cleared the room 17:06

Has_mod: Serendipity: In Fair Game, Beauclaire states that he was bound by an Oath for 200 years. What exactly was that Oath and with whom? 17:06

Has_mod: mashelly, cricket have you got any questions either? 17:07

Rhy: Ok I have lost chat am I that lagged 17:08

MashellyTheMagnificent: Will there ever be a confrontation between Mercy's "not" father and her mother? Can't imagine that will end well... 17:08

Patty Briggs: Thanks! Has @ Serendipity I don't remember, exactly. I will have to look at my notes. Do you remember the circumstances so I can field this better? 17:08

Serendipity: Has cleared the Chat Rhy 17:08

DanishWolf: No Rhy, mod clears room sometimes 17:08

Serendipity: It was at the end of the book, right before he uh....dolled out justice to the Senator 17:08

Serendipity: Page 190 17:09

Cricket joined the chat 17:09

Serendipity: 290* 17:09

Rhy: It took almost 2 min to come back from being cleared 17:09

Has_mod: And ebooklover, baum, patricia emerson you are all up after so please post your questions or pass  17:09

Patty Briggs: @Mashelly Coyote and Mercy's mom . . . make me happy. So I expect we'll see them together at some point. But Mercy's Mom loves her current man and Coyote isn't really the man she fell for all those years ago. 17:09

Traci: night, thank you! I need to read more or this gives away too much! LOL~! 17:09

Has_mod: Oh Rhy I'm sorry it might be due to buggyness on the ipad  17:09

Cricket: No questions. My hubby is puttingmy cojputer together under my legs. kinda distrating 17:09

Mid_mod: Criket, you're up next for a question. You can pass if you don't have one  17:10

Elle_mod: cricket. lol 17:10

Patty Briggs: I believe that he had sworn an oath not to harm humans -- and the oath was to the rest of the Gray Lords. 17:10

Patty Briggs: But I will have to check 17:10

Mid_mod: Okay, no problem . E_booklover, you're up next for a question  17:10

MashellyTheMagnificent: Can't wait for that.  17:10

Serendipity: Ahh. Very cool. 17:10

e_booklover: No questions. Thanks for joining us Patty! 17:10

Has_mod: After Patricia - its Tracy, zealith, forevermore 17:10

Serendipity: Thanks Patty! 17:11

Mid_mod: Patricia, you're up next  17:11

Zealith: pass again 17:11

Has_mod: Forevermore and then Jessica  17:11

Jessica: No questions yet 17:12

Mid_mod: Nothing from Patricia? Okay, Zealith has passed so Forever more is up next  17:13

Has_mod: I do have a quick question - since Henry is in the doghouse and is staying at Aspen Creek is he settling down ok or will he be up for mischief? 17:14

Has_mod: And the next peeps up are mandy, latelife, rhy 17:14

slt joined the chat 17:14

Patty Briggs: Henry is in trouble with Bran. Henry is not due for happy times for a while -- and, if he's smart, he'll lay really, really low for a while. 17:15

Patty Briggs: For a while, for a while . . . .I guess I just like that phrase. 17:15

Mid_mod: Ohhhh 17:15

Mid_mod: Mandy, you're up next. 17:16

Serendipity: Look what you got yourself into Henry. tsk tsk 17:16

Mk joined the chat 17:16

Patty Briggs: troubled wolves are sent to Aspen Creek because they Can't cause trouble there . . . 17:16

Zealith: XD 17:16

Has_mod: Ohhh thanks - I wonder if he will join dark forces with Leah  17:16

Patty Briggs: Leah wouldn't be caught dead with Henry. Henry FAILED. 17:17

Patty Briggs: Leah doesn't like Failures 17:17

Patty Briggs: Just saying 17:17

Mid_mod: Ok, looks like another pass. I'll ask a question before moving on to the next person on the list . Patty, in FB you mention the three most powerful witchborn werewolves. I have a good guess who they are  but I was wondering if we'll learm more about what it means being witchborn? 17:17

Elle_mod: oh...good to know.  17:17

Has_mod: LOL  17:17

Rhy: Are you planning any trips to Canada 17:18

Patty Briggs: Yes  17:18

Has_mod: Its rhy, slt, big city wolf, katy and then CK post your questions away! 17:18

Patty Briggs: And that's all I'm going to say about witchborn wolves. . . 17:18

Mid_mod: Tee hee. Thanks, Patty! 17:18

Patty Briggs: today 17:18

Elle_mod:  17:18

Patty Briggs: ​ 17:19

Mid_mod:  17:19

Rhy: ok I hit that to fast I am wondering if you have any trips to Canada planned 17:19

Zealith: Good one Mid 17:19

Patty Briggs: This August I'm going to a book event in Canada called WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE. And we've also accepted an invite (2014 I think) to a the Toronto convention. 17:21

Has_mod: And after CK its sandra, Kkat, nyx so please state pass or post your questions ! 17:21

CarolKat: Who did Bran foster Kara with or is she with him and Leah, will we see more of her? 17:21

katy: At the end of Fair Game, when Beauclaire rode in on the white horse, Charles noticed that the horse studied him and then Lizzie with its bright blue eyes. I also wondered if that's a clue -- perhaps a fae we have met or will meet who took the horse form? 17:21

Kkat07: What have David Christiansen and his team been doing? 17:22

Patty Briggs: Sorry it took me so long to answer about Canada, I had to go tear Ann's calendar off the wall because I had a brain blip. 17:22

Rhy: oh now I am going to have to save money for Toronto Con I don't go every year 17:22

Has_mod: LOL 17:22

big city wolf: Samuel is noted as being witchborn. Does that give him any special gifts that we don't know about? 17:22

Patty Briggs: @CarolKat -- Kara was first staying with her father in a rented house. But she ran into some trouble (or trouble ran into her). You'll find out more in her short story  17:23

Serendipity: OOO 17:23

Kkat07: Back soon, pizza's here. 17:23

Patty Briggs: @Katy No. But you might meet that horse again some day  Not sure. Fae horses are . . . well, fae horses. <grin>​ 17:24

Mid_mod: lol 17:24

katy: Hmm...   17:25

Patty Briggs: @Kkat David and his team specialize in hostage rescue. Since it came out that he is a werewolf business has been booming . . . 17:25

Nyx: Will you be going to Los Angeles for your next book signing tour instead of San Diego like this year? 17:25

slt: Ooh, ditto Nyx's Q! 17:25

Has_mod: after nyx is jellybeane, danishwolf, and WAgirl you are all up next pleast post a question or pass  17:25

Patty Briggs: @ big city wolf . . . yes. 17:25

Kkat07: Thanks! 17:26

JellyBeane21: pass 17:26

Serendipity joined the chat 17:26

DanishWolf: Patty, the pairings Mercy/Adam and Anna/Charles have a lot in common but are still so different in dynamics. It must be great writing them in the same univers, but do you ever feel like you'd rather have written about the one pairing while doing the other ? Maybe because you have te one pairings coming story 'floading' in your mind set. What do you do then? 17:26

Serendipity: Boo Internet crasshed on me 17:26

Mid_mod: All these teasers are gonna make for some great specualtion  17:26

big city wolf:  17:26

Serendipity: Speculation is part of the fun 17:26

Has_mod: and after WAgirl its pinktiff, proudfit, angela beegle 17:27

Patty Briggs: @Nyx I don't know. My publicist at Ace (Rosanne Romanello) makes those determinations. Feel free to send us an email about that ( and my awesome assistant Ann will forward it to Ro. 17:27

CarolKat: Patty, you have a mean streak! Love you!   17:27

DanishWolf: damn, I've had that qestion written for a while but the chat line wouldn't let me copy paste it away so I had to just sit and wait withot chatting XD 17:27

Nyx: Ok, thank you. 17:27

Angela Beegle: Pass. I'm just enjoying reading.  17:28

Has_mod: serendipity, mashelly, cricket. are next up 17:29

pinktiff1989: Will Z get to come home in the next book? 17:29

proudfit: The Walking Stick has a mind of it's own, Won't it tell the Grey Lords to take hike? Is Kara story in the Anthology? 17:29

Patty Briggs: @Danishwolf The characters in my head never get munged together. Anna is quieter than any of the others, and so sometimes I lose her and have to do more rewrites until I get her story right. And because I'm a seat of my pants writer, I don't find myself in a story with one set of characters that would have been better suited to the other. I hope that answers your question. 17:29

Cricket: So if Bran mated a human it would be witch born. If Samuelhas a child will it be half fae half witch? Or can a fae carry a wolf to term? 17:30

Has_mod: And then e_booklover , baum, patricia emerson! 17:30

DanishWolf: yes, thank you 17:30

Serendipity: So, Kara was turned very young yes? And Charles was born a werewolf. Did they mature at a normal human rate or more quickly? 17:30

pinktiff1989: Sorry didn't mean to push enter 17:30

Serendipity: oops I think I pressed to early too XD 17:31

MashellyTheMagnificent: pass 17:31

Serendipity: sorry 17:31

Has_mod: @pinktiff its ok!  Posting it early helps  17:31

e_booklover: When is Mercy 8 coming out? 17:31

MashellyTheMagnificent: Premature posts... lol 17:31

Patty Briggs: @pinktiff I don't know. In the scene I was writing today -- there is a fae sitting in Mercy's kitchen, but it isn't Zee. I do have the feeling that he's getting pretty fed up. The Dark Smith of Dronheim doesn't like other fae all that much and he's had it up to his eyebrows. 17:31

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Re: Chat with Patricia Briggs | Friday April 12, 2013
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2013, 05:51:24 pm »
Mid_mod: Ohhh is Zee is gonna go on a smackdown! 17:32

slt:  17:32

Patty Briggs: @proudfit The Walking Stick . . . is unpredictable >​grin< Kara's story will be in the collection. 17:32

Angela Beegle: ZEE SMASH! 17:32

Has_mod: Awesome!  17:32

Zealith: Ooo. } 17:32

Mid_mod: @Angela LOL 17:33

Serendipity: LOL Angela 17:33

Deb. H left this message: 17:33
Will Charles & anne have a baby together?

Has_mod: Zealith, forevermore, jessica are after Patricia Emerson 17:33

CarolKat: Wow! Kara in one and Zee fed up in the other. LOVE IT! 17:33

Mid_mod: Baum, you're next up 17:33

patricia emerson: pass 17:33

Zealith: Pass 17:34

Mid_mod: Deb, welcome to the chat . You need to click join to enter. We're asking questions in order of a list, so we'll prompt you when it's your turn  17:34

Has_mod: latelife, rhy, slt are after Jessica! Please post a question or pass  17:34

Deb. H joined the chat 17:35

Rhy: Pass 17:35

Patty Briggs: @Cricket . . . Yes to first question -- their child would be witchborn. If Samuel & Ariana have a child it will be 1/4 witchborn, 1/2 fae, 14 mundane human. No telling what that child would inherit from parents. Might come out entirely human  I don't know if a fae can carry a wolf to term. The fae do not reproduce often . . . 17:35

slt: So I'm guessing we all think that there will be more of Samuel and Ariana, so I'll skip to the odd off topic question. Is there any chance of a Ward & Tisala revisit now that you're into relationships that are past the "just starting" phase? 17:35

Jessica: Patty, are you planning a new series anytime soon? Or maybe revisiting Raven or Hurog? 17:36

Serendipity: That would be a very interesting child for sure. 17:36

Patty Briggs: @ serendipity Bran was worried about Charles, but Charles's human side matured normally until he was in his twenties. Kara seems to be following the same pattern. 17:36

Patty Briggs: @ebooklover Mercy 8 Night Broken will be out next March. Unless I get hit by a bus. 17:36

e_booklover: No buses please! 17:37

slt: Oh how I love a fast author! 17:37

sandra: must have all busses removed from wash state 17:37

Patty Briggs: @Deb H. I don't know. Anna is determined . . . 17:37

Has_mod: and after Jessica its CK, MK, sandra 17:37

CarolKat: Stay away from Buses! 17:37

Cricket: bus . . not funny. Knock some wood 17:38

Angela Beegle: Stay indoors! Never go outside again! 17:38

Serendipity: Alright guys, I am out. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Patty! 17:38

Elle_mod: later, serendipity 17:38

Has_mod: Bye Seredipity glad you could make it! 17:38

Mid_mod: Thanks so much for joining us Serendipity  17:39

Patty Briggs: @slt There will be a third Dragon book . . . I don't know if it will have Ward as the protagonist or maybe Oreg or one of Ward's brothers . . . Fun stuff. 17:39

Has_mod: Next up its katy, big city wolf, wiccanmoon please post your questions or state pass if you dont have one  17:39

slt: Woohoo! I'll be looking forward to it with a salivating mouth! Thanks! 17:39

sandra: pass, working on the bus issues  17:39

katy: pass 17:39

Has_mod: LOL 17:39

CarolKat: Have you considered a Hob sequel? I know I am dying to know what happens next for them. 17:40

Mike joined the chat 17:40

Patty Briggs: @Jessica I've got Mercy books under contract -- and a book in the Mercy verse. But sometime soon I'm going to start working back in traditional fantasy (maybe even as a side). When I do, the first book I'll do will probably be a Hurog/dragon book and then a Raven world book, but we'll have to wait and see. 17:40

Wiccanmoonchild left this message: 17:40
Hi Patty, thank you for taking time to be here - My question is: Do you have any plans to come to New England for a book tour/signing?

Patty Briggs: @CarolKat Yes.   17:41

Jessica: Yay! I will wait forever! 17:41

Has_mod: @Wiccanmoonchild you need to click join chat below 17:41

Wiccanmoonchild joined the chat 17:41

Wiccanmoonchild: Am I In? 17:41

Jessica: yeah ur in 17:42

Has_mod: you are!  17:42

Elle_mod: you are  17:42

Wiccanmoonchild: Hi Patty, thank you for taking time to be here - My question is: Do you have any plans to come to New England for a book tour/signing? 17:42

Patty Briggs: @Wiccanmoonchild My publicist at Ace determines where I go  But you can send me an email with a request and we'll pass it on. 17:42

CarolKat joined the chat 17:42

MashellyTheMagnificent:  A Hob sequel! WANT! 17:42

big city wolf: Will we get any back story about Tag? 17:42

DanishWolf: I hope you make it to Europe, probably best with UK, one day. I can probably find a plane to UK then  17:43

Wiccanmoonchild: Cool, I will do that! - Thanks 17:43

Mk: As a walker is there more things Mercy is able to do but doesn't know? 17:43

Has_mod: Next up is MK tracy debh please post your quetions or state pass 17:43

Patty Briggs: @big city wolf Tag is fun -- which usually means yes, but no promises. 17:43

big city wolf:  17:44

Mid_mod: MK, you're up next  17:44

Has_mod: And then its katy sandra, b 17:44

Mike: Gee Patty, if only we could clone you you'd find time to write all these sequels you're talking about! 17:44

Mid_mod: Ooops, sorry. Laggy for me. 17:44

Zealith: I'm out of here, thanks for the chat! 17:44

CarolKat: Maybe you could help, Mike... LOL 17:45

Elle_mod: later Z 17:45

Mid_mod: Bye Z! 17:45

CarolKat: Bye Z 17:45

Nyx: Can Mike answer a question about the store? 17:45

Has_mod: cya Z!  Im gonna clear the room 17:45

Has_mod: watch out for white space of emptiness 17:45

Has_mod cleared the room 17:45

Mid_mod: MK: As a walker is there more things Mercy is able to do but doesn't know? 17:45

Elle_mod: of course he can. lol go for it nyx 17:45

Patty Briggs: @Danishwolf We are going to be in Germany in May of next year. I'm doing some classes for the Lueneburg college Modern Language deparment. 17:46

Mike: Hah -- nope, I know my place. I heckle far better than I write!   17:47

Nyx: Ok, Mike, when will Frost Burned Art Print be available? 17:47

Has_mod: Yp next katy, sandra and b 17:47

Patty Briggs: @Mid Yes  17:47

Mid_mod: Yeah Mike. Write for us a supernatural sherrif that has a silver bullet gun  17:47

katy: pass 17:47

pinktiff1989 joined the chat 17:47

sandra: pass 17:47

Deb. H: that would be interesting. Are you planning a next book for them? 17:47

DanishWolf: oooh.. maybe a chance to get a book signed then  17:47

Mike: When we get a bit more money. Remember, they're not cheap and we have to order them 500 at a time. There's actually a LOT of money tied up in store inventory right now. 17:48

Deb. H: sorry didnt mean that to be up 17:48

CarolKat: OK guys, time for shopping sprees. 17:48

Nyx: Ah, I see. Thank you for answering. 17:48

Mid_mod: No worries Deb  17:48

Patty Briggs: Also, Mike's sister is moving to the UK for the next four years . . . 17:49

Rhy: i just wish I could afford to buy some of the items 17:49

Has_mod: Next up is the mods turn for asking a q  Prep em ladies after b 17:50

Patty Briggs: Rhy . . . we sell at our cost . . . 17:50

katy: Ooh, that gives you a good excuse to travel... and perhaps a place to stay   17:50

DanishWolf: oh god, May next year. The one time I'll make my first trip to US because a friend is getting married. Wouldn't it be damn ironic if Patty makes it to Germany the same time I'm actually going to US and I miss the opportunity of going to Germany   17:50

Patty Briggs: @danishwolf . . . LOL 17:51

Mk was timed out 17:51

Rhy: yahitems yah I live on a limited income I have seen some of the items and drooled 17:51

Has_mod: k its the last ten minutes we will be opening it up the chat so if you have a question post it now! 17:51

patricia emerson: patty- i do your books in audible books. reading is hard for me... i just want to thank you for that....its helped a lot...and opened so many doors 17:51

DanishWolf: Patty, Just as a theory. If you wanted to write a new spin off of the mercy series (not a short story): who would you pick as the main character then? Whose story would you really like to tell? 17:51

Elle_mod: Stefan seems pretty deeply mired in a fugue similar to Marsilia's will we see this depression addressed in Night Broken? He's in a really dark place 17:52

CarolKat: OK, it seems the Anthology has changed, how many new stories and about who? 17:52

Patty Briggs: @patricia I'm thrilled with the audio books, too. We do audiobooks when we drive places . . . 17:52

Has_mod: The Master of the Night has been mentioned a lot and in Frost Burned - will we get to meet him soon? 17:52

Wiccanmoonchild: I was wondering if you have ever thought of pairing up with another author and collaborating - have the two worlds collide? 17:52

Patty Briggs: @DanishWolf I love Thomas Hao. Or Moira and Tom. Maybe it is the name Tom . . 17:53

Jessica: Will you come to the east coast this year? Like NYC? I'd really love to meet you in person   17:53

slt: Ooh, yeah. More Moira and Tom!!! Please!!!! 17:53

Mike: Aha, I knew it. You've got a secret thing for Tom. Arrrgggghh! 17:53

Elle_mod:  17:53

Patty Briggs: @Elle Stefan is in for better times . . . it might take a while and I'm not promising it for Night Broken but . . .yes. 17:53

Mid_mod: Patty, I was so sad for Honey in FB. What does that mean for her pack status since she's so dominant? Also, another quick question, will the UK be getting Mercy audiobooks? 17:54

Patty Briggs joined the chat 17:54

Has_mod: I read a cute book with a lovely hero called Tom - I definitely agree there is something to the name heh 17:54

Patty Briggs: @CarolKat Yes the collection of stories has been morphing a bit. It comes from being a seat of the pants writer. I tend to write what I want to. 17:55

Angela Beegle: Hee hee. My oldest kid (15) has never read your books, but somehow she still knows the phrase, "Mercy, I am not going to be sleeping in your closet, I am going to be dead in your closet." "No! No! No dead people in my closet!" 17:55

Patty Briggs joined the chat 17:55

patricia emerson: lool 17:56

proudfit: who up next? 17:56

Mike: Patty, How nice of you to join us. Is your computer running out of battery? 17:56

Has_mod: LOL @Mike 17:56

Patty Briggs: @ Has I don't know. He'd be a lot of fun. I'll bring him in if I can . . . 17:56

DanishWolf: proudfit, just ask your question. It's free right now 17:56

Kkat07:  17:56

Mike: You can come in my office and take over mine if you need to . 17:56

CarolKat: LOL 17:56

slt: You guys want me to send you a PC?   17:56

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katy: Mike, is your computer named Tom? 17:57

proudfit: The English pack does it a new Aphla? 17:57

Mk: As a walker are there other things Mercy is capable of that she doesn't know about? 17:57

Patty Briggs: @wiccanmoonchild I am a control freak. I don't think collaboration is in my future  17:57

Mike:  17:57

CarolKat: LOL 17:57

Patty Briggs: @Jessica You'll know when I know  17:57

CarolKat: Mike you are bad... 17:57

Wiccanmoonchild: Thought that might be the answer, but I have always wondered that from my favorite authors - thanks Patty 17:58

Patty Briggs: I'll post travel plans on the website as we get them. 17:58

Has_mod: Five minutes left guys! 17:58

slt: What are the chances of another spinoff staring Tom & Moira or Samuel & Ariana? 17:58

Elle_mod cleared the room 17:59

CarolKat: When you come back to NYC or close I'll be there 17:59

Elle_mod: uhm...oops 17:59

CarolKat: LOL 17:59

Wiccanmoonchild: Have you ever fashioned a character after yourself? 17:59

Mid_mod: ELLE lmao 17:59

Patty Briggs: LOL 17:59

Has_mod: LOL 17:59

proudfit: Are the fae going use Kristi as pawn to mess with Mercy? Will Jessie ever slip and call Mercy Mom? 17:59

Mike: Patty, the question about Mercy having additional powers she's unaware of has been asked several times tonight. Did you see it? 17:59

Elle_mod: Hold off the questions everyone. I'll repost them so Patty can answer them. lol 17:59

Elle_mod:  18:00

Patty Briggs: @Wiccanmoonchild In that way lies madness. No. 18:00

Has_mod: That clearing button is PURE EBIL  18:00

Elle_mod 18:00

proudfit: The English pack does it a new Aphla? 17:57

Mk: As a walker are there other things Mercy is capable of that she doesn't know about? 17:57

Patty Briggs: @wiccanmoonchild I am a control freak. I don't think collaboration is in my future 17:57

Mike: 17:57

CarolKat: LOL 17:57

Patty Briggs: @Jessica You'll know when I know 17:57

CarolKat: Mike you are bad... 17:57

Wiccanmoonchild: Thought that might be the answer, but I have always wondered that from my favorite authors - thanks Patty 17:58

Patty Briggs: I'll post travel plans on the website as we get them. 17:58

Has_mod: Five minutes left guys! 17:58

slt: What are the chances of another spinoff staring Tom & Moira or Samuel & Ariana?

Elle_mod: hee 18:00

Patty Briggs joined the chat 18:00

Mike: Elle, "With Great power comes . . . " Anyone? . . . Anyone? 18:00

Elle_mod: Ha! 18:01

Has_mod: White space lots and lots of white space 18:01

proudfit: snicker 18:01

Elle_mod: I'm obviously no superhero 18:01

CarolKat: great responsiblities..  18:01

Elle_mod:  18:01

Patty Briggs: @proudfit No one needs to use Christy to mess with Mercy -- she'll do it all on her own! 18:01

Kkat07: That would be an interesting short story to read... 18:02

Mid_mod: I'll repost my super quick and short. Honey's status in the pack after Peter's death? *sobs...peter* and will there be UK audiobooks. 18:02

Wiccanmoonchild: Do you see any other "creature type" being introduced in the Mercy World? 18:02

katy: Heh, or even long story... 18:02

Has_mod: I cant wait for that meetup with Christy and Mercy - will it be epic? 18:02

Patty Briggs: @Mike Yes. I answered. Yes is the answer. Mercy has additional powers . . . or what she can do has further implications than she knows now. 18:02

DanishWolf: NOOOO.. spoiler.. spoiler.. can't unsee 18:03

MashellyTheMagnificent: You kinda inferences that a little when her eyes starting glowing.  18:03

Patty Briggs: @ proudfit. Yes. The UK pack has a new Alpha. I don't know if he'll fit into new stories or not . . . 18:04

DanishWolf: he dies! *sob* 18:04

Has_mod: *waves* hyponitic watch at DanishWolf its all forgotten   18:04

CarolKat: There is much fodder in this chat for speculation. RAMPANT Speculation. 18:05

Patty Briggs: @slt Spinoffs are always possible . . . Tom and Moira more possible than Samuel and Ariana. I'm not sure why . . . just that I see more varied stories that way . . . 18:05

DanishWolf: no it's not... say the tears in my eyes. Damn, I'm gonna sit and wait for that while reading the book now 18:05

Elle_mod: Tom and Moira rock. just saying.  18:05

proudfit: how many half siblings from the paternal side? 18:05

slt: Good deal, thanks. Now bring us back more Aspen Creek. I need a reason to visit my inlaws in Eureka!  18:06

Mid_mod: Waves Has' magic wand infront of Danishwolf. You did not see that spoiler. Forget it ever exists. *waves wand* 18:06

patricia emerson: ​  ​  ​  ​  ​  ​ thank you patty...Tom and Moira 18:06

slt: Yeah, I'm a fan of the poor little white witch too! 18:06

proudfit: rephase: how many siblings does Mercy have on her paternal side? 18:07

Kkat07: Moira's awesome. 18:07

Has_mod: Ditto!!!  I really hope we get more from them! 18:07

Patty Briggs: @MidAngel Honey is just below Warren -- but she doesn't want it and most of the pack doesn't want to give it to her either . . . and Peter's death has destablized the pack. And then Christy comes back . . .. Heheheh 18:08

CarolKat: OH man! these teasers are gonna kill me! 18:09

Mid_mod: I'm on a roll tonight. Two questions that answer in teasers. I'm good *grins* Thanks, Patty!  18:09

DanishWolf: tell me about it. I'm crying for peter already. 18:10

Patty Briggs:  18:10

slt: Hey, why the long planned wait for another Charles & Anna? I remember reading that in an interview... 18:10

Elle_mod: Thank you Patty for joining us tonight. 18:10

CarolKat: We'll have to bribe Mr. Mike for snippets real early on this one! 18:10

Rhy: Thanks Patty 18:10

Elle_mod: The official chat is over everyone.  18:10

Patty Briggs: Thanks folks. Have to go feed horses . . . oh -- and Mike and my daughter . . 18:10

slt: Yeah, Thanks SO Much Patty! 18:10

Patty Briggs: Thank you all for coming. I had a lot of fun! 18:10

Kkat07: Bye! Thanks Patty! 18:10

katy: Thanks, Patty! 18:10

Cricket:  18:10

proudfit: bye Patty 18:10

Mike: Bye Everyone! 18:10

JellyBeane21: thanks! 18:10

Mid_mod: Thanks so much Patty! 18:10

patricia emerson: thank you 18:10

Wiccanmoonchild: Thank You Patty and Moderators!! 18:10

Has_mod: Thank you Patty!!!!  So glad the room survived as well  18:10

Elle_mod: We'll have to save questions for another time! Thank you everyone for coming in and chatting! 18:10

Mk: Thanks, bye 18:11

Nyx: Thank you. 18:11

Patty Briggs: Mods -- you all rock. Thank you so much!!!! 18:11

Jessica: Thank you Patty! This was fun!!! 18:11

katy: Bye, Mike -- thanks! 18:11

Kkat07: Bye everyone. 18:11

CarolKat: Thank you so much Patty! Give the new horse a snuggle for me! 18:11

Jessica: And Mike as well! Always a pleasure 18:11

Patty Briggs: Bye. (Waves wildly, then falls off chair) 18:11

Elle_mod: Mike, Patty...always so much fun! thank you! 18:11

DanishWolf: Thank you for the Q&A Patty. I'll mkae sure to fet FB read fast. As soon as i can get my hands on the book. 18:11

Has_mod: and I hope he doesn't bite much!  Bye! 18:11

Has_mod: LOL 18:11

patricia emerson: lol 18:11

e_booklover: Thanks Patty and Mike for the great answers/teases. Thanks Mods for wrangling us  18:11

proudfit: Let speculation begin 18:11

MashellyTheMagnificent: Thanks for takin the time Patty, you're awesome.  18:11

Angela Beegle: Thank you, Mike and Patty! So good to see you! 18:12

Elle_mod: you guys are welcome to stay in and speculate if you like.  The transcript will be up on the board later tonight. 18:12

This is the end of the official transcript. The rest is further speculation. :)

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Re: Chat with Patricia Briggs | Friday April 12, 2013
« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2013, 05:53:09 pm »
MashellyTheMagnificent: And thank you Mike for your special appearance and witty comments.  18:12
proudfit: thank you elle 18:12
patricia emerson: ​  ​  ​ 18:12
Mid_mod: We had a blast . Big thanks to Patty, Mr Mike and everyone for joining us 18:12
slt: That too! Thanks Mods and Mike! 18:12
Latelifeloser left this message: 18:12
DanishWolf: I think I better go. If yoy start speculatingt ehn I'm gonna end up with more spoilers lol 18:13
Angela Beegle: Alas, I haven't read the most recent one, so I got spoilerized tonight.  18:13
DanishWolf: *then 18:13
CarolKat: Wow lots of good stuff to speculate on. 18:13
Nyx: Yeah, me too. 18:13
Has_mod: def lots of teases! 18:13
CarolKat: Christie, Has, Christie! Darn her! 18:13
DanishWolf: Same Angela boat as me Angela and Nyx 18:14
DanishWolf: Bye now before the spoilers tart flying 18:14
Angela Beegle: Bye, y'all. I have to let my kid use the computer. I've been putting her off. 18:14
Nyx: Bye everyone, I had an awesome time. 18:14
patricia emerson: good bye 18:14
Elle_mod:  18:14
Has_mod: bye guys!  glad you could make it 18:14
Nyx left the chat 18:14
Mid_mod: We'll put the transcript up on the site sometime this weekend 18:14
Has_mod: I think Elle will do it later tonight at her end 18:15
CarolKat: and lnks on FB 18:15
CarolKat: Great chat and love this room, I only got kicked once. 18:15
CarolKat: We have broken the curse of the 18:16
proudfit: now the curse will come back? 18:16
CarolKat: author chats!  ​ 18:16
katy: LOL, CK, don't tell me it kicked you out in the middle of THAT sentence! 18:17
CarolKat: No way Proudfit! 18:17
Has_mod: dont push it LOL but yep it was stable and we had close to 40 people or more 18:17
CarolKat: No I hit enter by mistake. 18:17
katy: Whew! 18:17
CarolKat:  18:17
CarolKat joined the chat 18:18
proudfit: Are we going speculate on Night Born/burn? 18:18
CarolKat: OK it kicked me that time but I think it is Firefox not the room 18:18
Has_mod: its free for all chat now so spec away  18:20
Mid_mod: I'm going to head off as it's late on this side of the pond. Enjoy the speculation chat everyone. Bye! 18:20
proudfit: hopefully Chirsti does not show in the first chapter? 18:20
CarolKat: Has what do you think Christie is gonna do. I can't bear to think of her trying to take Jessie away! Night Mid! 18:21
e_booklover left the chat 18:21
Has_mod: I think she's going to use the whole fallout over Frost Burned to cause trouble 18:22
katy: I think Jessie is old enough that Christie probably couldn't get a judge to award her custody if Jessie didn't agree -- especially with the tales Jessie told about her in Moon Called! 18:23
katy: Based on what Patty said about Honey and the pack, I wonder if Christie might try to use Honey to stir up trouble? 18:24
proudfit: there wasn't much fallout? But she say the Kidnapping as Child Endangerment, but I don't think she alegal chance with Kyle as Jessie's Lawyer. 18:25
CarolKat: Honey isn't too happy with Mercy either and she is rooming with Mary Jo now, who also doesn't like Mercy very much even though she saved her life via fae. 18:26
CarolKat: Oh my head hurts too much new stuff to process! 18:27
Has_mod: Also Jesse was in danger because she was a target - she's got a lot of bitterness and the fact that Adam and Mercy are together proves her suspicions she did accuse Adam of having feelings for Mercy when they were married 18:27
CarolKat: Kyle better be ready for this! 18:28
CarolKat: But Christie did go off to Europe with a boyfriend and leave Jessie alone. Far away from Adam. 18:29
proudfit: Wonder if Chirsti would try to hire Kyle, and wonder if kyle has black balled her? 18:29
Has_mod: I doubt Christy would do that and Kyle wouldnt take the case LOL 18:30
CarolKat: Kyle would hide Jessie in his house before he'd let Christie near her. 18:31
proudfit: oh Lord, Yo-Yo Girl in the Kitchen? 18:31
CarolKat: That would be interesting.... 18:32
CarolKat: Zee has every right to be pissed at the gray lords, they are keeping him from Tod 18:32
CarolKat: Todd 18:32
proudfit: Tad 18:33
CarolKat joined the chat 18:33
katy: Maybe Uncle Mike? 18:33
katy: I wonder what happened that made Tad so grumpy -- will we hear about that in the anthology? 18:34
Has_mod: Maybe a Grey Lord we havent met this the book where they want the stick back 18:34
proudfit: Patty implied it might be a whole character 18:34
CarolKat: I knew that...darn it. Maybe, Christie is a problem anyway we look at it 18:34
katy: Maybe they're using Mercy's kitchen to negotiate with Coyote for the stick? 18:34
Has_mod: Ha! I can see that working out great! 18:35
katy: Yeah... negotiate with Coyote... like that would turn out well! 18:36
CarolKat: With Coyote in the picture anything can happen but the stick went with him willingly, it has a mind of it's own and Mercy tried to give it back many times and it kept coming back to her. 18:36
CarolKat: The Gray lords don't have a prayer of getting it from him LOL 18:36
Has_mod: I know and I think the stick will like that 18:37
CarolKat: Yep! 18:37
CarolKat: So will Coyote, he'll give it to them and it will come right back, can you imagine their frustration. LOL 18:38
Has_mod: or it disappears lol 18:40
CarolKat: and comes back to Mercy LOL 18:40
proudfit: Wonder if Coyote has more supernatural juice than combine power of the grey lords? 18:40
proudfit: Tad was Hazed/Bullied at college? 18:41
katy: Well, we've seen that at least some of the grey lords can be killed. Coyote can, too, of course, but he comes back the next day. 18:41
CarolKat: Coyote is an Indian God the grey lords are not Gods. 18:42
Has_mod: I think if the fae challenges Coyote it wont be fun for them 18:42
CarolKat: I'd like to see Zee go off on the grey lords for keeping him from his son. 18:43
CarolKat: with Coyote at his side.  18:43
katy: I don't think he's a god exactly... an archetype, but he and some of the others referred to the great spirit sending them here or there. 18:43
proudfit: Coyote=Archangel 18:44
Has_mod: dont think NA legends gel well with that comparison but the fae had the Morrigan and shes a celtic goddess 18:47
CarolKat: Well I am off, I had a long week and have much to do tomorrow. Catch you all on FB or the forum!   18:51
Has_mod: Cya CK!  18:51
katy: Yep, I'd better go, too. I'm on the basement computer and it's cold down here! 18:52
Has_mod: Im staying up for a bit more- but feel free to chat the room will remain open  18:53
pa joined the chat 19:40
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