Author Topic: Next Mercy world book?  (Read 3347 times)


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Next Mercy world book?
« on: March 11, 2013, 01:37:10 pm »
I noticed in Mike's post of Feb 10, that Patty's contract is for another Mercy World book.  Does that mean she is only contracted for one more book, as of now, or just that the next one in line has to be a Mercy world.  I ask because I feel as if I have a million questions.  After reading Frost Burned, I was left with more questions than answers.  PLEASE do NOT take that to mean I was disappointed with the book.  On the contrary, it was AMAZING!  If it leaves me with questions, then it means it got me involved!  A few of my question include: Will Sam and Ariana have that baby Sam always wanted? In the beginning of Frost Burned a Mercy baby was mentioned and I guess I expected it to be addressed if not answered at some point.  I figured there would at least be a conversation between Adam and Mercy towards the end, with no final plans, just talk.  Now, I am freaking out to know if they ever will have a baby, what it will be, and the million other questions everyone has about a possible baby between the two?  I have questions about Warren and Kyle, Jesse and Gabriel, oh and what was up with Tad?  I guess I am just wondering if we will have those questions answered in the future?  This is not the end of Mercy is it?