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Hi Everyone, This is the Frost Burned Speculation chat but be aware that there are three quotes from the book posted as treats so if you want to avoid spoilers don't read this chat until after the book's release date. Enjoy. Elle

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Has_mod: Hey janilee! just going to post the links to the room at Twitter and FB! 11:55

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Valery: Ah, early!  11:57

Has_mod: Hey guys! 11:57

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Has_mod: Give it a few minutes before everyone is settled. Just posted the links and tweeted it  11:58

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Baum Diggity: Yay, chat's open! 11:58

Janilee: Hello. Just got things organized on my desk top to try to join you.  11:58

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Has_mod:  11:59

Mid_mod: Hey guys. Welcome to the FB speculation chat. We're super excited this week. As per usual, we'll wait 10 minutes or so for more people to join. 11:59

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Baum Diggity: Okie-dokie! 11:59

Has_mod: *waves* at newbies joining the chat - if you'd like to join in the discussion and its your first time, click Join chat below!  11:59

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shellmpac1: howdy y'all 12:00

Varg: Hello 12:00

Baum Diggity: Hello! 12:01

Has_mod: Hey! Its really cool to see new faces  12:01

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Stephanie: Hello! Sorry I'm doing this from my cell. It's tricky 12:01

Valery: how many can fit into this room, anyway? 12:01

Kendra: YAY!! 12:01

Varg: Shh! No jinxing us please! 12:01

Has_mod: @Valery its a premium room - so apparently it can be unlimited  But if anyone is having issues let me know and I clear the log 12:02

DragonGem: And how many can fit in this room if we sit on laps? 12:02

Aylitha: sqweee! i can't wait for the book to come out. only a few more days. 12:02

Baum Diggity: I think we can fit plenty, we just may not have enough lifeboats... 12:02

Kendra: lol 12:02

Has_mod: because it can lag for some people - just let me know, and don't worry about the transcript its all saved 12:02

Varg: We are the Titanic of FB chats? 12:02

Valery: Yay! the more people the better, imho 12:02

Baum Diggity: Indeed. 12:02

Baum Diggity: We must steer clear of icebergs (spoilers) 12:03

Kendra: famous last words... 12:03

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Has_mod: We do have a treat for you all in the 2nd half of the chat. The first hour we will have guiding questions and in the second half its a more general chat, But we got some little treats  12:03

afroqueen: Hello all! 12:03

Baum Diggity: ooooh, treats! 12:03

Varg: Hi! 12:03

Baum Diggity:  12:03

Aylitha: are they sweet and delicious treats? 12:03

Varg: Impatient and curious is setting in now. 12:04

Janilee: Candycorn? 12:04

Valery: nom, nom! 12:04

Baum Diggity: Chocolate. I could use chocolate today. 12:04

Varg: Popcorn with sugar? 12:04

Has_mod: They sure are! Its exclusive for the chat! ;D 12:04

Baum Diggity: Oh, I have kettlecorn  12:04

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Varg: I have candied ginger. That is sweet with a bite! 12:04

Baum Diggity: Oh, me, too - good taste, Varg  12:05

Aylitha: Anyone going to be at the book signing tour stop in the Chicago area? I am planning on making the 3.5 hour drive 12:05

Varg: Great minds think alike  12:05

Has_mod: Cadbury's creme eggs for me 12:05

shellmpac1: i like brownies. 12:05

Baum Diggity: Indeed, Varg! 12:05

Aylitha: Reese's peanut butter eggs. yum! 12:05

Baum Diggity: Aylitha, I'm going to the Oakbrook one  12:05

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Varg: No booksignings for me unless there happens to be one in Europe somewhere were I can get to easily. 12:06

Su: Mmmm treats 12:06

Has_mod: @Varg I know the feeling!  Hopefully one year! 12:06

Baum Diggity: Chicago's close to Europe. 12:06

Baum Diggity: In, like, the universal sense. 12:06

Varg: Heh, very Hurog, starting the book chat with a list of snacks and sugary goodness. 12:06

Aylitha: it has an airport anyway... 12:06

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I don't think she's signing in europe... for now. Maybe later?

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Varg: BM  12:06

Has_mod: *waves* at newbies joining the chat - if you'd like to join in the discussion and its your first time, click Join chat below!  12:06

Varg: In the universal sense everywhere on earth is close.... LOL 12:07

Baum Diggity: Trust me, if we could fit Europe in the Great Lakes, we would. 12:07

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Has_mod: We will give it a few more minutes and then we will start!  12:08

Varg: Why thank you BD 12:08

Baum Diggity:  12:08

Mominator: But then Europe would be all wet. That would be bad. 12:08

Mominator:  12:08

Skye: Not a lot of people come to sign in South Texas either. 12:08

Varg: And out of place and time.... 12:08

Baum Diggity: Yeah, then it'd get that wet Europe smell. 12:08

Mominator: lol 12:08

Baum Diggity: It never gets out of your carpets. 12:08

Mid_mod: For the newcomers, we have three rules we all abide by each week in the chat. No one likes rules, but it helps to keep some semblence of order  12:08

Varg: Which is worse than wet wool actually- 12:08

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Has_mod: If any of you do attend the signings we will love pics and reports at Hurog forums if that's ok! That will help  12:09

Mominator not an expert in that... 12:09

Baum Diggity: I'll try, Has! 12:09

Mid_mod: So the rules are: No swearing; no sharing personal information; and HAVE FUN. Please . 12:09

Baum Diggity: And what if Europe shrank like wet wool? 12:09

Varg: pics are always good! 12:09

Baum Diggity: Denmark's already kinda tiny.... :S 12:09

Varg: Oh noes! we are too small already! 12:10

Valery: What constitutes personal info, anyway?  12:10

Baum Diggity: Well, maybe no PIN numbers 12:10

Baum Diggity: Or home addresses 12:10

Valery: phone numbers, surgery scars... 12:10

Baum Diggity: But favorite colors are acceptable 12:10

Aylitha: I'll take some pictures.. but i don't usually post on the forum. I prefer to lurk.  12:10

Varg: and favourite snacks. 12:10

Baum Diggity: Mmmm, snacks. 12:11

Has_mod: No worries @Ayltiha! I understand being an ex lurker myself  12:11

Mid_mod: Right, lets get this chat started. 12:11

Varg: *drumroll* 12:11

Baum Diggity: Okay! 12:11

Mid_mod: So what did all you think about the first chapter of FB? What kind of group has taken Adam and the pack? 12:11

Baum Diggity: I suspect it's fae, pretending to be gov't 12:12

Skye: Fae maybe 12:12

Varg: Some shady government wannabee agency 12:12

Mominator: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say bad people... 12:12

Su: Sekrit anti government group 12:12

Baum Diggity: Or vamps pretending to be fae....but that's a little meta for me. 12:12

Baum Diggity: @mom LOL 12:12

Varg: More specifically somebody bigoted who want to discredit the wolves, is my suspicion.  12:12

Valery: one of those deep-ops type of gov organization, that the CIA won't acknowledge and the FBI doesn't even know about? 12:12

Janilee: I was thinking a rogue group within the government. It would explain the correct paperwork Adam noted. 12:13

Baum Diggity: MIB? 12:13

Varg: Mominator: LOL Very bad people! 12:13

Varg: Semi official? Or a branch of some obscure acronym agency? 12:13

Valery: What do they call em? Shadow ops? still government, but not really official. 12:14

Baum Diggity: I thought at some point there was a quote by Adam that they weren't legit gov't. 12:14

Baum Diggity: So maybe rogue-former gov't or someone mimicking the gov't 12:14

Janilee: With Adam smelling the lie, they could be hired guns the government will not acknowledge. 12:14

Varg: Yes, the kind of group that grants the official powers that be deniability perhaps. Or they might be affiliated with only some powerful people and not the whole government. 12:14

Valery: @Varg, that feels right to me too 12:15

Baum Diggity: Splintered off extremists based on the Senator et al? 12:15

Valery: from the little bit we've got so far anyway 12:15

Mid_mod: How do you think Mercy will handle Adam being captured? We saw that their bond is changing with each book. Is this a new quirk, or something unique to Adam and Mercy's bond? 12:15

MooredMermaid joined the chat 12:15

Varg: Yes that sounds plausible BD, at least knowing as much as we do so far. 12:15

Kendra: I think it some ploy by a hate group backed by some obscure government official 12:15

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Baum Diggity: Efficiently and probably with a gun of some kind 12:15

Valery: I think any magic connected to Mercy is going to be somewhat unique, Mid 12:16

Skye: So can she see through his eyes? 12:16

Baum Diggity: I think their bond evolves like everyone else's. We're just experiencing this one a little more first-hand than others, so we see the changes 12:16

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Hi everyone. I'm assuming this is a no-spoilers chat, yes?

Varg: I think she will handle it quite well and get spectacularly even with the people who are presumptious enough to go around stealing her man. 12:16

Kendra: or the government mad off the endangered species bill didnt work 12:17

Mominator: That is the Mercy Style (tm), isn't it? 12:17

MooredMermaid: Hi ,I'm new ,but I think there are a couple hush-hush programs out there ,and even more if the gov. found out that there were things out there that go bump in the night. 12:17

Bean left this message: 12:17
I mean, no "Frost Burned" spoilers, of course.

Baum Diggity: Yes, Bean 12:17

Baum Diggity: I hope. 12:17

Has_mod: Hey Bean you need to click join chat below - and its a speculative chat so no spoilers 12:17

Bean joined the chat 12:17

Bean: Sorry, I thought I had joined. Haven't used this site before. Thanks! 12:17

Aylitha: I think Mercy and Adams bond is continuing to develop and is unique just like everyone's relationship with their SO. 12:17

Baum Diggity: LOL, Mercy Style. 12:18

Katrin: I do wonder though, if Adam's pack was the only one that was hit... 12:18

Baum Diggity: A new martial art. 12:18

Baum Diggity: Hmmmm.... 12:18

Mominator: It's like Gangnam Style, only MUCH cooler, and probably violent. 12:18

Varg: Ooh. Good point Katrin. That will be interesting to know! 12:18

Su: @katrin, that's in intriguing thought 12:18

Bean: Katrin, that's what I've been wondering, too. Even though Bran's phone seems to be compromised, maybe Aspen Creek wasn't hit. 12:18

Baum Diggity: I'm wondering how they haven't found the Marrok, yet 12:18

Baum Diggity:'re killing me! XD 12:19

Bean: I wonder if David Christianson has been grabbed. He was the "face" of the coming out. 12:19

MooredMermaid: So, I really have to know will we see more of Kyle/Warren. I wonder if Kyle will kick butt just as much as Mercy if not he needs to learn 12:19

y0rksh1rel4ss joined the chat 12:19

Kendra: i wonder if bran and charles are on thier way to get mercy if they know what has happened to cb pack 12:19

Varg: If the phones are compromised coordinating things will be a bit difficult. Allthough I am assuming there are contingencies in place for something like that. 12:19

Baum Diggity: Go, Kyle, go! 12:19

Aylitha: If someone decided they wanted an excuse to get werewolves exterminated, maybe they came up with a plan to kidnap a pack, make them kill someone who is visible to the public and then public outrage would be against the werewolves. 12:19

Mominator: I love Kyle. 12:19

Katrin: Well, Bran doesn't really need a phone, does he? 12:20

Valery: Charles could probably do something about phones 12:20

Skye: I love Ben too 12:20

Kendra: maybe 12:20

MooredMermaid: Bran now that's an interesting subject!! 12:20

Baum Diggity: I mean, Charles caught the tripline and Bran sent out the word, wouldn't they then trace Bran? 12:20

Has_mod: I HEART Kyle too! 12:20

Bean: MooredMermaid: I'm worried about Kyle. Wasn't Warren with him when he was grabbed? 12:20

Baum Diggity: Hmm, good point. 12:20

Valery: Good on Ben for getting away! 12:20

y0rksh1rel4ss: Charles was at the incident when the Fae revealed their true nature, Maybe thats how they found Bran? 12:21

Aylitha: it was implied that they were at thanksgiving dinner together 12:21

MooredMermaid: I know I want him to find someone that won't make him insane all the time 12:21

Baum Diggity: Definitely, MM, but I think that'll fall in it's own short or and A&O 12:21

Katrin: and Charles did call Bran in FG. Maybe they traced the call? 12:21

Kendra: i hope they are ok but i wonder who gave them the recipe for the dart or if they figured it out on thier oown 12:21

Kendra: possible 12:22

Valery: hmm, I wonder if getting their hands on Bran is the end-game for these shadow-gov baddies? 12:22

Bean: I've been talking about this with a friend and I have a sneaking suspicion that Leah was involved. She's got access to Bran's phone -- has answered it -- he gives her a lot of leeway out of guilt. Just a thought. 12:22

MooredMermaid: You're right about Kyle afteral wasn't he and Warren hosting Thanksgiving in their house with other gay humans at the time of Mercy's car crash? 12:22

Kendra: that sounds right val 12:22

Aylitha: I think blackwood made some comment in bone crossed about the drug so it may have been more common knowledge the Mercy was aware of 12:22

Kendra: i think that mercy's "panick attack was when adam was being confronted at the house 12:23

Baum Diggity: Blackwood was linked to the wolf in question 12:23

Katrin: I don't think what's-his-name had enough funds to develop the drug on his own... 12:23

Laura joined the chat 12:23

Varg: Blackwoods company had manufactured something like the silver nitrate stuff that Gerry used so it is not impossible that some government agency could get ahold of it 12:23

Varg: At least that is my understanding of it. 12:23

MooredMermaid: Ya ,but the comment was also made that Blackwood wouldn't touch that drug or the plan to attack Bran with a 39 and1/2 foot pole 12:23

Kendra: true it didnt think of that 12:23

Baum Diggity: He did weapons, and didn't want to take on the Marrok to help Gerry, so he sent him off with the base idea and Gerry built on it. 12:24

Kendra: i have to go to work. have fun people 12:24

Katrin: maybe Blackwood wasn't the only one who they approached about that... 12:24

Varg: True, but he is dead and if there were something in writing about it at his company, it might be in production by now. 12:24

Bean: I forgot Blackwood had some small connection. Hmmm. 12:24

Baum Diggity: I just imagined Blackwood singing the Grinch song. 12:24

Mominator: I'm AT work. Shhhh... 12:24

Varg: BD LOL 12:24

Baum Diggity: I'll never tell.... 12:24

Mominator: thx 12:24

MooredMermaid: I'll never tell 12:24

Mid_mod: Whoever these bad guys are, it shows that they're more than happy to take on the wolves, but they're staying away from the fae–as far as we're aware. The fae’s cold war has ratcheted up tensions with the humans. This has put pressure on the werewolves. Do you think the werewolves will side with the humans, or ally themselves with the fae? 12:25

Varg: Nope, what Mominator? we never saw her at all. 12:25

Mominator: You guys all have wonderful ideas, just sayin'. 12:25

Has_mod: Bye Kendra! 12:25

y0rksh1rel4ss: Neither I think they will try to keep to themselves. 12:25

Valery: I think Bran wants to stay on the sidelines, Mid 12:25

MooredMermaid: But in the excerpt it doesn't sound like anyone's injured ,but where is Sam? 12:25

Baum Diggity: Hmmm, I think unless pushed, they'll stick with humans 12:25

Varg: Hopefully they will be able to wrangle a soloution where the werewolves does not have to take sides. 12:25

Katrin: I don't think it's so much "staying away" from the fae, as it is "they can't get to them" 12:25

Valery: maybe this attack is someone's way of forcing them to take sides. 12:26

Su: I think the wolves will try to be go betweens, at least at first 12:26

Baum Diggity: my thoughts, Val 12:26

Varg: Yes Katrin. That is their trouble. Unreachable adversaries. 12:26

MooredMermaid: Bran isn't really the messanger type 12:26

Aylitha: Fae are dangerous.. I would think very long about the side effects before about siding with them. 12:26

Baum Diggity: Well, he was a bard, MM 12:26

Valery: I think the humans are going to SERIOUSLY underestimate Bran! Hope so, anyway. 12:27

Varg: Aylitha: Yes, but on the same note siding against them would not be good at all. 12:27

Skye: Does this have something to do with the Alpha and Omega books? Did something happen there that will bleed into Frost Burned? 12:27

Su: True but he's a fairly good politician 12:27

MooredMermaid: Bran's always got those twisty plans going through his mind so maybe he already knows about this probram? 12:27

Baum Diggity: Definitely tied to FG 12:27

Bean: So I'm hoping Stefan and the vampires will team up with Mercy to save the day. 12:27

MooredMermaid: *Program 12:27

Varg: Yes, something happened in Fair Game that will bleed into FB. 12:27

Baum Diggity: That would be an awesome A-team to back you 12:28

Baum Diggity: Stefan, Mercy, and Kyle to the rescue! 12:28

MooredMermaid: The Prince of the Gray Lords....... 12:28

Janilee: Bran already had a plan to take care of the cell phones. 12:28

Varg: If you could be sure that having them at their back they had your interests at heart.... 12:28

Valery: There are savvy humans, like the 2 FBI agents in FG, but then there's a whole boatload of Cantrips!  12:28

Aylitha: i could see Stefan helping Mercy but not sure the other vampires would... unless they had a good reason to 12:28

MooredMermaid: But no one bothered to tell Mercy in advance 12:28

Su: I'd trust Stefan, but not the rest of the vamps 12:29

Baum Diggity: That reason could be pretty scary, A 12:29

Skye: maybe Wulfe could help 12:29

Baum Diggity: There's probably a pamphlet or something Mercy missed 12:29

MooredMermaid: I wouldn't trust Stefan he's kind of a wild card 12:29

Baum Diggity: Oh, geez, Wulfe... 12:29

Varg: Having coinciding interests with the vampires... not so good. 12:29

Katrin: but getting involved might out the Vamps at risks of being "discovered" as well... 12:29

Katrin: *put 12:29

Aylitha: I think Wulfe is usually out for himself/good of the sethe 12:29

MooredMermaid: along with everything else in the night that bumps really hard 12:30

Baum Diggity: The vamps wouldn't want to risk that. 12:30

Skye: true...but i can hope. lol 12:30

Aylitha: maybe if the vampires were already going to be exposed and they had prior knowledge and help Mercy would somehow make the vamps not look as scary? 12:30

Varg: Wulfe never struck me as someone who would do anything unless there is three or four perhaps diverging reasons for doing them 12:30

Baum Diggity: Maybe..... 12:30

MooredMermaid: Vamps are ALWAYS scary 12:31

Has_mod: It would put a lot of pressure on the supernatural community if the vamps are outed. It will be hard to spin that they are nice and not scary 12:31

Mominator: I would say impossible... 12:31

Varg: Yes, the vamps would be very difficult to give a positive spin.... 12:31

MooredMermaid: except for the ones made out of glitter and just emo everywhere 12:31

Baum Diggity: At least in the Mercyverse, I sense that's the case... 12:31

Aylitha: they are the cure for cancer! campaign go! 12:31

Varg: Also a pretty good cure for free will, which is not so good. 12:32

Baum Diggity: Spokespeople for the Red Cross? 12:32

Katrin: I don't think right now is the ideal time for the Vamps to go public... 12:32

Baum Diggity: Varg, yeesh 12:32

Has_mod: It does give a new definition of sheeple right?  12:32

MooredMermaid: So.... Sam and Ari?? 12:33

Valery: Vamps going public might be the final nail in the coffin (ahem!) for many of the humans. Total War! 12:33

Has_mod: *waves* at newbies joining the chat - if you'd like to join in the discussion and its your first time, click Join chat below!  12:33

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Re: Frost Burned Speculation Chat | March 2, 2013
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2013, 08:03:15 pm »
Aylitha: but some could argue if you went to the vamps willingly, you gave up your free will and it was your choice to do so. 12:33

Varg: You might be right Valery. 12:33

Baum Diggity: So, vamps coming out would be bad for everyone who doesn't want a war. 12:33

Bean: If the vampires interests do coincide, they will help. And, I've been thinking that Stefan will have increased influence in the seethe on his return because Marsillia doesn't really have anyone else she can trust at this point. And she almost lost him. 12:33

MooredMermaid: Hi newbies like Me!!  12:34

Katrin: There were always hints about other supernatural beings in the books. No that most of the fae are in hiding so to say, maybe we finally will meet 'something new'?! 12:34

Bean: At any rate, I do see Stefan as part of the A-Team in some capacity. 12:34

Mid_mod: And amongst all this crazy kidnapping (pfft, so rude to kidnap people) what do you think about Mercy's reaction to having a baby when Jessie teased her? 12:34

Aylitha: yay! for being a newbie like me as well. 12:34

Varg: @Aylitha, yes, but giving up free will all together and the willingness to do it might make anyone question your competency to make your own decisions. 12:34

Baum Diggity: She didn't object to one upon reflection, so that's a good sign! 12:34

Janilee: She explained away the panick attack. 12:35

Valery: such a cute panic attack! 12:35

Aylitha: i can just imagine how protective the pack/Adam would be if she did get pregnant. 12:35

Bean: It said all the fae went underground, but did ALL of them go? Like Samuel's Arianna? I assume she's still undercover and with Samuel. 12:35

MooredMermaid: Mercy really doesn't think she's ready along with she doesn't know if she'll make the best family 12:35

Baum Diggity: I don't think she's in the res 12:35

MooredMermaid: I agree^ 12:36

Varg: I had the impression that all the outed fae went into the res anyway. 12:36

Skye: Oh! Tad? Maybe he will make an apperance 12:36

Mominator: BD: re, the Red Cross thing, LOL! 12:36

Baum Diggity: Or rehid. 12:36

Varg: Don't think Ari was out even to other fae. 12:36

Bean: I think Mercy's panic attack was solely caused by the attack on the wolves, not by Jesse's question. Not that Mercy's ready to have a baby, but even she thought she shouldn't have panicked. 12:36

Katrin: yeah, but what happened with those who were not out? And what about the half-fae like Tad?! 12:36

MooredMermaid: ya only the one's living there already....I really don't think Tad went to the res 12:36

Baum Diggity: They did a campaign here, Mominator called "starve a vampire, give blood" around halloween 12:36

Valery: Tad's known to be part-fae (Harvard scholarship, remember?) so it could be actually dangerous if he didn't go to the res 12:36

Bean: Ah, thanks Varg. I wasn't sure. I thought it would be horrible if she just found Samuel again after all this time and then had to go underground. 12:36

Bean: But then that means there might be some other fae out there that could/might help if necessary. 12:37

Baum Diggity: But I think Tad's not in the res, either? 12:37

MooredMermaid: Y abut Mercy has no connection to them 12:37

Janilee: Fae thought is self centered. 12:38

Katrin: maybe that's what Tad's short story is about? (meaning what happened to him with the change in political climate) 12:38

Varg: If they are allowed, I imagine under these conditions the Grey Lords will have put up very strict restrictions on what can be done. 12:38

Bean: True, but Mercy has a way of finding friends.  12:38

Baum Diggity: disapointment about leaving Harvard, perhaps? 12:38

Baum Diggity: hmmm 12:38

Varg: Yes Janilee, they are not so much about community as they are about self and power. 12:38

Skye: Hope the walking stick shows up. 12:39

MooredMermaid: what about if the witches are exposed 12:39

Baum Diggity: they sort of are... 12:39

Valery: I think the witches are already "out" 12:39

Janilee: Elizavetta would not be happy. 12:39

Katrin: I thought the walking stick had gone with Coyote? 12:39

MooredMermaid: can Mercy "call" upon Coyote? 12:39

Baum Diggity: is she ever happy? 12:39

MooredMermaid: True 12:40

Mominator: True 12:40

Valery: I wouldn't think Coyote is very dependable, really--he's chaos 12:40

Varg: Elizavety would be very unhappy if she was happy I think. 12:40

Katrin: Weren't witches still hiding among all those false pretend-to-be-witches? 12:40

Varg: *Elizaveta 12:40

MooredMermaid: ya but he protects his own....right? 12:40

Baum Diggity: MM, i never thought of it that way, as a way to call Coyote.... 12:40

Bean: I worry about Coyote having the walking stick. I wonder if it would be changed if it came back to Mercy. I don't think Mercy would call him for help. Last time all his friends got killed. 12:40

Aylitha: but Mercy usually leads to more chaos so I could see coyote popping in every now and then.. 12:41

Skye: Yes, it's with Coyote...does that mean it can't come back to her? Sad. 12:41

Mominator: That stick seems to have a mind of its own. 12:41

Varg: But is this the kind of situation you want to call an agent of chaos into? 12:41

Baum Diggity: it's not gone, I hear 12:41

Aylitha: maybe if they need a distraction? 12:41

Valery: @Bean, I don't think you need to worry about Coyote, he strikes be as being VERY strong-willed 12:41

MooredMermaid: I'm probally combing stories that have nothing to do with each other but I read alot of the old myths along with new takes on it 12:41

Varg: Perhpas they could ask his sisters LOL 12:41

MooredMermaid: *combining 12:41

Has_mod: Patty did say that although Mercy has given the stick to Coyote - the stick isn't finished with her 12:42

Baum Diggity: Oh, his sisters... 12:42

MooredMermaid: The berries...hehe 12:42

Baum Diggity: We all have an odd aunt or two... 12:42

MooredMermaid: My family are all the odd nuts 12:43

Baum Diggity: lol 12:43

MooredMermaid: Myself inculded 12:43

MooredMermaid: *included 12:43

afroqueen: I want to see more White Witches like Moira. 12:43

shellmpac1: You said the Stick isn't finished with Mercy, .. What about the Oak man? 12:43

Mominator: I'm the sane one! tee hee 12:43

MooredMermaid: I want to see Moira 12:43

MooredMermaid: I though the oakman died for good? 12:44

Valery: The Oak Man just disappeared 12:44

Baum Diggity: I sort of think the oakman's thread has left the Mercy tapestry. 12:44

Skye: he just went away, no? 12:44

Katrin: nope, he gave Mercy a tree and disappeared 12:44

afroqueen: I bet Moira wants to see Moira.  12:44

Has_mod: Yep I think he's ok and he gave Mercy that tree 12:44

shellmpac1: no, remember when Mercy came back from Spokane, there was a young oak tree by her trailer. 12:44

MooredMermaid: True dat' 12:44

Skye: It would be kind of cool if the tree followed her around. 12:45

Mominator: Hope it's okay. 12:45

Bean: I wouldn't mind seeing the Boston alpha again -- forgot his name. I liked him. I wonder if he's still hooked up with that witch. 12:45

afroqueen: Maybe that young oak is the Oakman...reborn! 12:45

Janilee: Ents? 12:45

Katrin: maybe she wakes up one morning and it suddenly grows in front of Adam's house... 12:45

Baum Diggity: Oh, man, ents. 12:45

Bean: Yes, Ents would be the perfect thing for Mercy to encounter. 12:46

Baum Diggity: sweet mother of walking trees. 12:46

MooredMermaid: go into an elevator... ya i'm cool i have a walking tree you have a talking dog please! 12:46

Has_mod: Ents? 12:46

Mid_mod: LOTR Has . 12:46

Baum Diggity: You know, those things you get in your kitchen if you don't sweep your floors. 12:46

Baum Diggity: ents everywhere... 12:46

MooredMermaid: Ant? 12:47

Varg: No ents! 12:47

Mominator: Ent, LOL 12:47

Valery: LOL 12:47

Baum Diggity: oh, darn, I knew it was something like that  12:47

Monica left this message: 12:47
a walking tree could make crazy de clan's members jaja

Valery: I think Ents were a Tolkein invention, not myth, right? 12:47

Varg: Sorry Ents. 12:47

Baum Diggity: yeah, ents were Tolkein, but the idea has roots 12:47

Skye: The Boston alpha? When did he show up? 12:47

Has_mod: *waves* at newbies joining the chat - if you'd like to join in the discussion and its your first time, click Join chat below!  12:47

Valery: i mean, not based on a myth 12:47

Baum Diggity: no pun intended. 12:47

Varg: Yep, as far as I know he made them up. 12:48

Has_mod: Sorry I had a blonde moment  12:48

afroqueen:  Baum. 12:48

Bean: @Skye: he was in Fair Game. 12:48

Varg: BD bad pun!  12:48

Baum Diggity: Tee hee 12:48

Skye: ahh....i really should read those. 12:48

Mominator: BD is branching out into other genres, I see... 12:48

Varg: Yes. But only if you like them- 12:48

Monica joined the chat 12:48

Katrin: the Boston alpha is called Isaac btw 12:49

Baum Diggity: Oh, geez..... ​ 12:49

Monica: thanks for the advice XD 12:49

MooredMermaid: Hi Monica 12:49

Bean: @Skye: yes! You really should. Especially Fair Game. 12:49

mergie joined the chat 12:49

Valery: everyone should read LOTR, or at least see the movies. Classics 12:49

Mominator: You started it... 12:49

Mominator:  12:49

MooredMermaid: Hi Mergie 12:49

Bean: Thanks, Katrin. Isaac. I'm terrible with names. 12:49

Baum Diggity: read it..... 12:49

Monica: hi 12:49

Monica: hi 12:49

mergie: hi 12:49

Valery: Yeah, Fair Game is really important 12:49

MooredMermaid: Soooooo....... Asil? 12:49

Baum Diggity: yes!!1 12:49

Baum Diggity: Asil! 12:49

Varg: Yes please! More Asil. 12:50

Aylitha: Asil! 12:50

Katrin:  so looking forward to him 12:50

MooredMermaid: Why was he down in the Tri-Cities? 12:50

Monica: fair game it's a big point in the mercy books 12:50

Mominator: Was he? 12:50

Aylitha: loved the peanut butter snippet hehehe 12:50

Varg: Asil and Kyle together.... 12:50

Baum Diggity: I want to see all of those conversations....looks like he's @ Kyle's. 12:50

afroqueen: Am I remembering incorrectly or does Asil have a son or brother or some relative that was in the Alpha & Omega books? 12:50

Janilee: Son 12:50

Katrin: let's hear more embarrasing stories about Bran  12:51

Valery: Don't think we know yet how Asil got to Mercy. Might have been sent by Bran 12:51

Has_mod: If anyone is having lagging issues let me know! 12:51

Baum Diggity: son in Spain 12:51

Mominator: Son? 12:51

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Varg: No you remember right, his son was one of the European alphas. 12:51

Mominator: Wow, I have to go back and re-read 12:51

Mid_mod: MooredMermaid, you have perfect timing mentioning Asil. Did we mention we have a few treats tonight?  12:51

afroqueen: Thanks guys! I thought I remembered a son. 12:51

Has_mod: Asil's son? Hussan? 12:51

MooredMermaid: Asil and Kyle get along like house on fire or like a match and a caan of gasoline 12:51

Baum Diggity: that was in HG 12:51

Valery: The son showed up in one of the Alpha and Omega books, right? the one in Seattle 12:51

Katrin: Asil took over as embassador for Charles 12:51

Bean: Wait, I don't recall Asil being with Mercy. Is that in a snippet? 12:51

Varg: Yes, that was his name. 12:51

Katrin: or whatever they called that position 12:51

MooredMermaid: TREATS????? TELL ME!!! 12:51

Valery: yes, a snippet 12:51

Baum Diggity: snippet 12:51

Bean: Okay, what do I need to reread. I'm getting confused. 12:51

Bean: Ah, a snippet I missed. Thanks! 12:52

Has_mod: Hussan - he showed up in Hunting Ground ;D 12:52

afroqueen: I just want to say how much I love these chats!  12:52

MooredMermaid: PLEASE!! I've been counting down for months!! 12:52

Baum Diggity: marathon reread! 12:52

Varg: Hussan ben Asil? 12:52

Aylitha: asil and mercy are together in a frost burned snippet on the forums 12:52


Mid_mod: “Who are you?” I asked the werewolf, again. He smiled again, though his eyes were cool.
“Asil, Ms. Hauptman. You might also know me as the Moor, though I find the title overly dramatic and
wouldn’t have mentioned it, but that you would find it, perhaps, a little more recognizable.” I gripped
Kyle’s arm a little more tightly. I knew who the Moor was. The Moor was a scary, scary wolf who I’d
thought was merely a story, like the Beast of Gevaudan. 12:52

MooredMermaid: AAAAAA!!!!! 12:52

Baum Diggity: WHjfdajwoivn?!?!? 12:52

Aylitha: sqweeee! 12:53

Bean: Thanks! So Kyle's with Mercy too. Whew! 12:53

Baum Diggity: WAH?!? 12:53

Has_mod:  12:53

afroqueen: Oh Snap! 12:53

Bean: That also gives hope that the Aspen Creek pack is safe. 12:53

MooredMermaid: Asil/Beast/Kyle?Mercy!! Swoon..... 12:53

Valery:  12:53

Varg: Now I want a linky. 12:53

Skye: I thought she already knew him? 12:53

Bean: Are there more snippets I've missed? Must go see after chat. 12:53

Baum Diggity: I guess he arrived after she left 12:53

Varg: Me too Bean. Me too. 12:53

Baum Diggity: he's been with the pack 10 yrs and she left over 10 yrs ago 12:53

Has_mod: @Bean we have a couple more  12:53

MooredMermaid: I thought she knew him from her time in Aspen Creek? 12:53

Aylitha: there is the sample chapter on the books page and 2 snippets in the forums. 12:53

Baum Diggity: ah! 12:53

Mid_mod: That was the first snippet, Bean  12:53

Baum Diggity: I love you guys! 12:54

Aylitha: i have read them several times. 12:54

afroqueen: She left the pack when she was she's been gone longer than he's been there...but she has heard of him. 12:54

Monica: i lost that snippet too 12:54

Skye: oh...they only heard of each other 12:54

Bean: Thanks! Oh boy. 12:54

Varg: I avoid reading too many snippets if I can. It only feeds the impatience. 12:54

Aylitha: but it is so fun go re-read them 12:54

Bean: I devour snippets when they're provided by the author. I can't believe I missed these. Grr. 12:54

Has_mod: We thought we'd like to give an exclusive treat since this is the last pre-frost burned release chat and Mike gave us the greenlight! 12:54

Katrin: so Mercy doesn't know about Jean Castel? If she believes him to be just a story?! 12:55

Baum Diggity: AH! 12:55

Aylitha: thanks! 12:55

Bean: Yay! 12:55

Varg:  12:55

Baum Diggity: Thanks Mods and Mike! 12:55

Mid_mod: You're very welcome! 12:55

Skye: Thank you 12:55

Baum Diggity: guess not. hm. 12:55

Valery: thank you!!! 12:55

Varg: BD ??? 12:55

mergie: Thanks 12:55

afroqueen:  Mod and Mike. 12:55

Baum Diggity: Guess Mercy didn't know of the Beast 12:55

MooredMermaid: This is extremely sad.. every time I look ata clock I calculate how much time until I can read FB 12:55

Baum Diggity: I mean, it's not like she's read A&O 12:56

Varg: Knew off but hadn't met? 12:56

Varg: *of 12:56

Has_mod: @MooredMermaid at least its only a few more days to go - it could be much longer! 12:56

Baum Diggity: She's heard the stories...just like many of the wolves. 12:56

Aylitha: i am going to buying two copies of the book.. nook and hardcover. are we there yet? 12:56

MooredMermaid: True 12:56
Bean: I've been going crazy for this book. Fair Game blew my mind. I've reread the Mercy series at least twice twice this year alone. I'm so messed up. 12:56

MooredMermaid: Almost 12:56

MooredMermaid: Aren't we all? 12:57

Katrin: I wonder where Asil was when Mercy took Adam to Aspen Creek.... 12:57

Baum Diggity: I listen to them at the gym  12:57

Valery: Mercy avoided most of the wolves on that visit, katrin, as I recall 12:57

Janilee: In his glass house. 12:57

MooredMermaid: Probably in his green house 12:57

Varg: Probably trimming roses  12:58

Bean: Mercy was barely there for 24 hours. I'm sure if he'd known someone from Samuel's past was there, he'd have jumped on the opportunity to torment.  12:58

Has_mod: Also she's been away from Aspen creek for few years and there must be a few new arrivals she's not heard of 12:58

Valery: Since she didn't come back for Doc's funeral, she'd not have had any real opportunity 12:59

Aylitha: so with most sweets it's so hard to stop with just one... :: looks hopefully for another ::   Will probably just go read the sample chapter and snippets again to contain the craving 12:59

Baum Diggity: she didn't exactly go out of her way to keep in touch with anyone there 12:59

MooredMermaid: I know this probably won't happen for a while but I really want Kyle to become a wolf!! 12:59

Mid_mod: Plus, Leah keeps wanting to kill Mercy, so that's a good enough reason not to visit more often  12:59

Baum Diggity: give into temptation, A! 12:59

Baum Diggity: Do you think Warren would be okay with it? 13:00

Valery: Wonder how Mercy's marriage to Adam will change the situation between mercy & leah? 13:00

Baum Diggity: Not that Kyle would let that stop him 13:00

Katrin: Have Kyle and Warren finally officially become mates? Does anyone recall?! 13:00

Baum Diggity: Well, I don't think we've heard anything official. 13:00

Janilee: In a short story. 13:00

MooredMermaid: I feel like he won't but it'll be best for their relationship because one can't always be protecting the other 13:00

Bean: MooredMermaid: I do too. That story would be fraught with drama and angst and romance, I think. 13:00

Baum Diggity: But Warren's claimed him 13:00

Aylitha: I think Warren would be worried about Kyle not surviving the change 13:00

CarolKat: I think they have Katrin in one of the short stories. 13:01

Valery: Aylitha, I agree 13:01

Katrin: I mean more like in front of the pack... 13:01

Valery: So few people survive the change, Warren would be bound to be really worried 13:01

Bean: What about Gabriel? He exhibits alpha traits, Mercy says. I really doubt he'd do it by choice, but something could happen ... 13:01

Janilee: It was in front of Elizavetta. Tha pack know. 13:01

Baum Diggity: Kyle's a tough little bugger, though. He'll make it. 13:01

Skye: I forgot what it takes for someone to become a vampire... 13:01

Baum Diggity: Unpleasantries. 13:02

Janilee: Has it is a bit laggy here. 13:02

Katrin: But Jesse probably won't become a wolf... So there's no need for Gabriel to become one either... 13:02

MooredMermaid: Blood from both people then complete draining 13:02

Aylitha: I could see Kyle accidently getting change and Warren killing whatever wolf attacked Kyle 13:02

Varg: Being food for a long time and then to be almost killed. 13:02

Baum Diggity: that's legit, A. 13:02

MooredMermaid: ^ I agree with BD 13:03

CarolKat: I don't think they don't have to cause Warren isn't pack. Anyone know if they would need the pack ceremony? I wonder if Mercy and Adam will have one. 13:03

Baum Diggity: I think it already happened. Didn't it, in BC? 13:03

Katrin: "Warren isn't pack"?! 13:03

Valery: No, CarolKat, Warren sure IS pack 13:03

MooredMermaid: Warren could be an Alpha except for the little part about him being gay 13:03

Bean: @Katrin: that's why I say he wouldn't do it by choice. More dramatic possibilities. 13:03

Valery: Just there are some who aren't happy about it 13:03

afroqueen: @CarolKat - Warren is you mean Kyle? 13:04

Has_mod: I thought they had one already? Or it was not said. I think it was mentioned that it was private ceromony during the full moon 13:04

pinktiff1989 joined the chat 13:04

Baum Diggity: now I'm confuzzled.  13:04

CarolKat: I am not thinking I meant Kyle, I just got back from running around and I thought I was going to miss the whole thing 13:04

Valery: I've got to re-read those short stories! I think I'm missing some intel about Kyle 13:05

Bean: So is there a short story with Warren and Kyle? I think I've read all but one of the shorts. 13:05

CarolKat: Brain will come on line in a few. ​ 13:05

afroqueen: @Valery: What short stories? I need titles! 13:05

CarolKat: In Red with Pearls was Warren and Kyle 13:05

Monica: where can i found that shot stories? 13:05

Janilee: "In Red with Pearls" 13:05

Valery: Aren't they being collected into one book sometime soon, Has? 13:06

Bean: thanks - that's the one I haven't read. Duh. 13:06

Baum Diggity: Red w/ Pearls is in Down these strange streets 13:06

Baum Diggity: Yes, Val 13:06

Katrin: hopefully soon in the Mercy short stories anthology  13:06

Has_mod: @Bean yep! Its in Down these streets anthology but I think its going to be included in the Mercyverse antholology 13:06

Baum Diggity: I think Patty's goal is end of the year 13:06

Bean: I would love an anthology with just the PB stories. 13:06

Has_mod: ugh please ignore my typos - cant spell today 13:06

Baum Diggity: no big....I'm on all sorts of cough meds today 13:06

Baum Diggity: So I read your typos as unicorns. 13:07

Mid_mod: Is the room lagging for anyone? 13:07

Baum Diggity:  13:07

MooredMermaid: Sorry feel better 13:07

Aylitha: how much longer is chat going to last? i have some things I should do but don't want to leave... 13:07

Katrin: Has - why? I think antholology sounds much cooler  13:07

Janilee: Me 13:07

pinktiff1989: It is lagging for me too 13:07

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Re: Frost Burned Speculation Chat | March 2, 2013
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2013, 08:12:36 pm »
MooredMermaid: Not for me.. 13:07

CarolKat: I understand that all the shorts out currently and a few new ones will be in the new Anthology. 13:07

afroqueen: @Bean: What does "PB" stand for...peanut Butter????? 13:07

Has_mod: LMAO 13:07

Baum Diggity: Thanks, hopefully I'll be all better by the weekend  13:07

Has_mod: K clearing the room now! 13:07

Has_mod cleared the room 13:07

Bean: @afroqueen: Patricia Briggs.  13:07

Baum Diggity: Afroqueen....PB....Patty​ Briggs 13:07

CarolKat:  O_o Bright 13:08

Baum Diggity: Though Peanut Butter is a pretty excellent author, too 13:08

afroqueen: Geez...I'm a doofus.  13:08

Baum Diggity: I'm a big fan of her anthologies with Jelly. 13:08

Has_mod: That's better - please let us know if the room freezes or lags - we will save the transcript so don't worry  13:08

Aylitha: mmm peanut butter is so tasty 13:08

Bean: I would read anything written by Peanut Butter. 13:08

pinktiff1989: When will the anthology be out? 13:08

Varg: Really I always assumed that was peanut butter LOL 13:08

Skye: I hope we see more of Ben 13:08

MooredMermaid: Peanut butter jellytime!!!! 13:08

Baum Diggity: End of this year, is the goal, I hear 13:08

Baum Diggity: MM Lol 13:08

Varg: Anthology is planned for this autmn I think? 13:08

CarolKat: @pink we hope later this year but no official word yer. 13:08

afroqueen: Now I want to make a grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. 13:09

Baum Diggity: ooooooooooooooooooh, love 13:09

Bean: @Skye: I do too. I love that Ben starts out the book as a hero. 13:09

Has_mod: @Varg i think at the end of the year or maybe later. I know after the anthology its going to be Mercy 8 13:09

CarolKat: Peanut butter cups please............ 13:09

afroqueen: BEN!! 13:09

Varg:  13:09

Baum Diggity: ! 13:09

kyria joined the chat 13:09

pinktiff1989: Ben <3 13:09

Valery: Ben's one of my favorites too 13:09

Varg: hi kyria  13:09

MooredMermaid: Hi kyria 13:10

Mid_mod: Ben is evolving with each book. He's most definitely coming into his own  13:10

kyria: Hey all 13:10

Valery: had a cat once named Ben...  13:10

Baum Diggity: Hi, Kyria! 13:10

Has_mod: Hey! 13:10

CarolKat: Hi Kyria 13:10

Mid_mod: Hey Kyria 13:10

Varg: Yup. Def. would like a Ben story. 13:10

Bean: Speaking of Ben, do you think the rapes stopped in England when he left because he killed the rapist? And ate him? 13:10

Katrin: he even has his own song  13:10

afroqueen: @Mod: I think that's what I love about the character...his growth throughout the books. 13:10

Varg: that is not impossible Bean. 13:10

afroqueen: Well that and his nifty accent. 13:10

Katrin: I think Ben would have admitted to that if that was the case... 13:11

kyria: I like that you start out not liking him... and then start to suspect that he's not so bad... and then eventually you're totally on Ben's side. 13:11

Varg: Katrin: he has? 13:11

kyria: It's brilliant character development. 13:11

Valery: @Bean, I suspect that's why Ben was shipped off to Adam--to protect him from the consequenses of killing that rapist 13:11

pinktiff1989: Ben and Asil have my 2 favorite accents  13:11

kyria: I agree, I think Ben killed the rapist. 13:11

Baum Diggity: Me too, Kyria. 13:11

Katrin: Varg: no, I just mean, if he really had done that, he would not have kept quite about it 13:11

Baum Diggity: for both statements. 13:11

Bean: I don't think he would admit. If they knew he did it, his alpha would tell him to keep mum about it. 13:11

Skye: Where is Asil from? 13:11

Janilee: Spain 13:12

Varg: Katrin, no no, I was wondering about the song LOl 13:12

CarolKat: I think so too, we may find out in his story. 13:12

Mid_mod: LOL Varg 13:12

Baum Diggity: Song? 13:12

kyria: The Moors were/are? southern Spanish Muslims 13:12

Valery: Yikes, to suppose that rapist was the one who abused Ben??? 13:12

MooredMermaid: He's the the Moor like the Spanish Moors 13:12

Skye: You mean the Michael Jackson song? 13:12

Valery: *DO you supppose... 13:12

Bean: @Valery: I think the person who abused him might have been a woman and that's why he's so harsh about women. 13:12

CarolKat: Wasn't that for a rat?? 13:12

Katrin: Varg: ups. I meant the one "if they had a friend like Ben....." wasn't that from Michael Jackson?! 13:13

Valery: ah, well, was just a thought 13:13

MooredMermaid: Do you think we'll see ..what's his name David again? 13:13

Bean: @CarolKat: yes, it was for a rat movie. Guck. 13:13

Skye: lol! 13:13

kyria: What song is this? I think I'm too young. And not a MJ fan 13:13

Baum Diggity: Christiansen? 13:13

Baum Diggity: I hope so. 13:13

Varg: He got the nickname the Moor when he was living in the southern spain under Moorish rule but I don't think it is ever said if he was from there originally. 13:13

Bean: @MooredMermaid: I wonder if David has been grabbed too since he was the face of the werewolves coming out. 13:13

Baum Diggity: He was, I believe. 13:13

CarolKat: @Kyria it was for the movie Ben. Theme song I think 13:14

Bean: If David's been grabbed we might get to see John Julian and Sean again.  13:14

Elle joined the chat 13:14

Mominator: Gotta go, it was fun watching you all. 13:14

CarolKat: Hi Elle 13:14

Mominator: HI, Elle! 13:14

Valery: It sounded like a gay love song unless you realized Ben was a rat 13:14

Baum Diggity: bye, mominator! 13:14

Mid_mod: Elle! So happy you could make it! 13:14

MooredMermaid: I think his desendants would have already broken him and everyone else out their all for prptecting the innocent.. 13:14

pinktiff1989: I think he needs a short story to explain his background and where the nickname came from. Maybe talk about his son that appears in the alpha and omega series 13:14

Mid_mod: Bye Mominator! 13:14

MooredMermaid: *protectiong 13:14

kyria: Yes but David doesn't have the position that Adam does. What is there to be gained from kidnapping a lone wolf? 13:14

Skye: "Ben, most people would turn you away I don't listen to a word they say They don't see you as I do I wish they would try to I'm sure they'd think again If they had a friend like Ben ." 13:14

Varg: Bye Mominator. Hi Elle 13:14

Skye: song snippit 13:15

afroqueen: Sample of "Ben" lyrics by MJ: Ben the two of us need look no more; We both found what we were looking for; And you my friend will see you've got a friend in me; (you've got a friend in me) 13:15

Elle: Hey mominator, ships in the night. Lol 13:15

kyria: Huh. I'm not familiar with the movie either 13:15

Has_mod: Hey Elle! And bye Mominator! 13:15

Bean: It depends on the reason they're grabbing wolves. We know about Adam's pack, but we don't really know the reason. 13:15

Varg: Thanks Skye  13:15

Valery: lucky kyria!  13:15

Katrin: I always have to hum that when I read his name 13:15

Valery: terrible movie 13:15

MooredMermaid: @kyriaHe has alot more skills at killing someone and the people he protects are alot more vunerable 13:15

Varg: Completely unknown movie to me LOL 13:16

kyria: Yes, so if their end game is to get something out of DAVID then taking him or his people would make sense. 13:16

afroqueen: The "Ben" movie was creepy...RATS! Ugh. 13:16

Elle: Just popping in to say hi. Can't stay I'm at work but I'll throw the transcript up later tonight, sounds like a great chat. 13:16

CarolKat: You could probably just hear the song somewhere Kyria the movie was a B horror/comedy 13:16

kyria: But taking Adam's pack is more likely to get the attention of a lot more wolves. 13:16

Katrin: but maybe David is too well known for whatever they have planned 13:16

Varg: Or perhaps does not have enough other wolves the way Adam does? 13:17

afroqueen: That should be "Willard" movie...about the rats! 13:17

Chelce joined the chat 13:17

Katrin: he IS the most well known werewolf... 13:17

Valery: I really think these bad guys are pretty clueless to take a whole pack! and Adam's pack at that. 13:17

Janilee: David is a hero, and taking down the werewolf hero would create an image problem. 13:17

Skye: Wonder if the bad DC wolves will ever show up 13:17

Baum Diggity: either really clueless, or really dangerous. 13:17

Varg: Bad DC wolves? 13:18

Baum Diggity: ? 13:18

Katrin: there are a lot of wolves in Adam's pack that are involved with the government already... 13:18

Valery: or think they're really dangerous !  13:18

afroqueen: I'm warming to the idea that it's the government and they took the wolves as some sort of way to force them to help them against the Fae. 13:18

Skye: Wasn't there a pack there that they didn't want to send the girl to? Forgot her name. 13:18

MooredMermaid: @kyria ya but if i was a top secrect organization after attention why would i grab the people most likely to have many more people behind him to notice disappearance right away 13:18

Baum Diggity: oh, yes. 13:18

pinktiff1989: I like the government idea too. 13:18

Baum Diggity: I think it was just the alpha wasn't to be trusted with a kid 13:19

kyria: Ah. I do know this song. I just didn't know the title/lyrics 13:19

Skye: oh, I see... 13:19

Bean: None of the packs around DC were okay for the girl. And, actually, Mercy mentioned that the majority of packs in the country weren't on Bran's list. So most packs don't have alphas Bran would trust with a young girl. 13:19

Chelce: Will Patricia be present for any of this chat? 13:19

MooredMermaid: I could instead watch them and edit film to make it appear that wolves are inheritly evil 13:20

Valery: As I recall, the discussion in the book, MOST of the alphas can't be trusted with a young girl 13:20

pinktiff1989: @Bean I agree. I think he wasn't just picking on one alpha 13:20

Baum Diggity: I dunno, I suspect the gov't couldn't pull of any major coersion on the packs w/o other help 13:21

Chelce left the chat 13:21

Mid_mod: Hiya Chelce, Patty won't be joining us this week. We're hoping to have a chat with Patty sometime in the future. 13:21

Bean: I think there's a whole conspiracy going on. How they learned about Gerry Wallace's drug, how they knew about the wolves who weren't out ... it's not just the government, IMO. 13:21

kyria: @MooredMermaid - if that's not your endgame (getting attention) why take Adam and his pack? There's gotta be a lot of out wolves who aren't in the spotlight 13:21

Valery: The more I think about it, the more I think that kidnapping must have something to do with the humans wanting to use the wolves against the fae 13:21

Katrin: that all depends on how much the government actually knows about how packs really work 13:21

afroqueen: @BD: Perhaps they have the "support" of the witches? 13:22

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MooredMermaid: but you would think that people would realize hey the wolves in the US can't be the only ones out there right so other govs get involved suddenly everyone wants the wolves gone 13:22

Baum Diggity: all of that does lend itself to them having some backer. Maybe witches, maybe Fae, maybe something else powerful and unpleasant 13:22

Bean: @afroqueen: Yes, I thought about the Elizavetta's grandson. He wasn't killed at the end of Moon Called, and he might have known about the drug. 13:23

Katrin: I wonder what happened with the fae outside the US... 13:23

Varg: I dislike the idea of a deeper more complete conspiracy. 13:23

Baum Diggity: they said he wasn't killed, but Elizaveta slowly finishes him off, probably. 13:23

Baum Diggity: though that's just Warren's speculation 13:23

Varg: Yes. He is an unknown. 13:23

Bean: Well, perhaps not a huge conspiracy, but some inside info from people who should be trusted ... like Leah ... my crazy spec.  13:23

Baum Diggity: what would witches gain from such a move, though? 13:24

Valery: I'm still leaning toward a complete human plan behind the kidnapping. The level of paranoia at the end of FG I think supports that 13:24

pinktiff1989: Is this story based after the fae declaring themselves a seperate nation? 13:24

Varg: Withces are another group that would have trouble getting positive pr, I don't see what they could possibly gain from something like this. 13:24

Baum Diggity: yes 13:24

Katrin: and weren't there supposed to be Senators who are actually fae? 13:24

Baum Diggity: Sabrina? Good witch? 13:24

Varg: Yes. 13:24

Baum Diggity: I loved that show. 13:25

Skye: Doesn't Adam's second work for a hush hush group? I might be confusing things... 13:25

Valery: Not sure there are enough witches to constitute a real threat 13:25

afroqueen: I can see the government as seeing the Wolves as more agreeable to assimilating into the general public, even though they see them as a threat...but I would think that they would look at the Fae, as more dangerous and harder to control. They probably look at the Werewolves as still human. 13:25

Mid_mod: I'm craving a treat. Who else is craving a treat?  13:25

Baum Diggity: treeeeeeeeeeeeat 13:25

Skye: me! 13:25

Bean: @Valery: I agree. Humans have good reason to be afraid so crossing to paranoia is probable. 13:25

Katrin: Maybe Adam & Co are supposed to kill one of them? They would need something like werewolves to accomplish that... 13:25

Bean: Treat please! 13:25

Varg: me  13:25

CarolKat: I think it's time for a treat. 13:25

Has_mod: @Katrin there were a couple in Government 13:25

Baum Diggity: you've got me all pavlovian conditions, Mid 13:25

MooredMermaid: ME!! Me CHOSE Me!! 13:25


Mid_mod: Jesse, with the littlest Sandoval on her hip and her hair mussed and damped, waded through the crowd and kissed her dad on the
cheek. She rested against him for a moment. “Welcome home, Dad.” He hugged her hard, then relaxed his hold to ruffle Maia’s hair. Maia
said, “I rode in a car with a dead body.” Adam gave me a laughing glance. “I guess we might as well tell everyone the whole truth and nothing
but the truth.” “It’s a secret,” Maia explained. “He ruffled her hair again. “Yes. But not a secret from your mom. You shouldn’t keep those.” “I tell
Mama everything.” “Good for you.” 13:25

afroqueen: @BD: I don't know...maybe money? 13:26

Bean: Speechless. 13:26

Baum Diggity: Money could be it. 13:26

Varg: Aw! 13:26

Baum Diggity: AH! TREATTTTTT! 13:26

Valery: Wow. Maia! 13:26

Baum Diggity: AHHH! 13:26

Varg: Sweet! 13:26

MooredMermaid: Gabriel's mom isn't mad anymore?? 13:26

Baum Diggity: I have suspicions about Maia's statement, there. 13:26

Varg: is it the fifth yet? 13:26

Baum Diggity: Road trip w/ Stefan? 13:27

CarolKat: Soon Varg, Soon! 13:27

Janilee: Good to know that family feud will end.  13:27

Baum Diggity: No, and my time-turner is fresh out. 13:27

MooredMermaid: Two days and nine hours 13:27

pinktiff1989: Yay!  13:27

Baum Diggity: hhehehehe! Almost here! 13:27

Valery: Gasp! the dead body is STEFAN? That would be so cool! 13:27

Skye: she doesn't seem too sad about this dead body. good sign....i ess 13:27

Bean: Stefan. Yes. 13:27

CarolKat: Not that you're counting moorMermaid 13:27

pinktiff1989: STEFAN <3 13:27

Varg: BD, what did you use it up for! *pouts* 13:27

MooredMermaid: HP reference!! 13:27

Baum Diggity: You know if you took a road trip with a corpse you'd totally dress him up in silly hats. 13:27

Baum Diggity: I'm sorry, Varg! 13:28

Has_mod: @BD no that's Kyle's statues  13:28

Baum Diggity: I wasted it on getting homework done....and looking at internet cats. 13:28

MooredMermaid: Of course Not  13:28

Varg: LOL and paint his face! 13:28

Baum Diggity: LOL, Has 13:28

Baum Diggity: Sharpies.... 13:28

MooredMermaid: Super glue....good times 13:29

Varg: and pictures... 13:29

Baum Diggity: Lol....perfect. 13:29

Mid_mod: You guys crack me up  13:29

Valery: Stefan has revealed a very un-vamp-like affinity for little kids, hasn't he? 13:29

CarolKat: We are sooo bad ! 13:29

Katrin: Huh, I wonder how Maia got involved in all of this... Were her sisters not available? Was Gabriel baby-sitting her? 13:29

Baum Diggity: he does, definitely. That's what makes him awesome 13:29

wolvesrule87 left this message: 13:29
Welcome home? Sounds like the end of the book...

Baum Diggity: did Maia get involved? 13:29

Varg: Creative and inventive, not bad CK. O) 13:30

Baum Diggity: Who brings a kid on an A-team mission?!? 13:30

Has_mod: *waves* at newbies joining the chat - if you'd like to join in the discussion and its your first time, click Join chat below!  13:30

CarolKat:  No not the end of the book. 13:30

wolvesrule87 joined the chat 13:30

MooredMermaid: ME!! I was the kid on that particular ission 13:30

pinktiff1989: Scooby costume! 13:30

MooredMermaid: *Mission 13:30

Baum Diggity: he wears those anyway.... 13:31

Valery: Hope not the end of the book--really, I don't want Mercy and Adam separated throughout an entire book! 13:31

Bean: I'm glad it's not the end of the book. I'd hate for Adam to be separated from Mercy for the entire thing. 13:31

CarolKat: Scooby face paint 13:31

Bean: @Valery: great minds.  13:31

Katrin: well, if we find out that Adam returns home in a snippet, I guess that he and his pack will be freed rather early... 13:31

Baum Diggity: hmmm, interesting... 13:31

Valery: at least Adam will be freed. 13:31

Bean: I'm going to miss Zee if he's nowhere to be found in the book. I at least want Mercy to hear some word of him. :/ 13:32

Katrin: I guess, top priority is freeing everyone. Then they get to look for the one responsible 13:32

Baum Diggity: maybe like a penpal system at least 13:32

wolvesrule87: and then what? take on an even bigger foe altogether? 13:32

Valery: wonder if we'll get to see a glimps of Underhill in this one? 13:32

Skye: hope no one is down for the count. 13:32

Skye: that i like anyway 13:33

Bean: @Skye: that's been a concern of mine too. Will everyone survive? 13:33

Baum Diggity: Who knows? 13:33

Baum Diggity:  13:33

Katrin: I guess if someone dies, it won't be one of the 'main' characters.... 13:33

Skye: i read some reviews where people said they cried. 13:34

Baum Diggity: well, i hope not 13:34

Katrin: Maybe someone who has been part of the pack all along, but who we just haven't heard much about yet 13:34

Skye: hope so. 13:34

Varg: This is getting morbid. 13:34

pinktiff1989: I always worry that Ben will die because we have grown to like him but he isn't crucial to the story 13:34

Baum Diggity: argh. no 13:35

Valery: Maybe we 13:35

Skye: Me too. 13:35

Valery: sorry...maybe we'll see some fae fighting 13:35

Janilee: Just who do you plan to dress in the red shirt? 13:35

wolvesrule87: hope Italië won't be ben or Warren anyway. but we saw in an earlier post chat asil wad there. sage and bran too? (maybe finally get some action between asil and sage? 13:35

Has_mod: LOL @Janilee I want Leah.... 13:35

pinktiff1989: I would love that Asil and Sage that is 13:36

Baum Diggity: maybe the reviewers cried with joy if leah died... 13:36

pinktiff1989: Not die but something happen there 13:36

Mid_mod: Remember, Leah meets moose and DIE. 13:36

CarolKat: No more morbid!!!! It seems to me that Patty likes torturing her characters not killing them. Leah needs to go but ... 13:36

pinktiff1989: @Baum I love it! 13:36

Has_mod: LOL 13:36

Varg: LOL leah can have all the red shirts! 13:36

Katrin: or maybe the book was that funny... tears of laughters 13:36

Has_mod: Oh we are so bad 13:36

CarolKat: No we are creative. 13:37

Bean: @pink: that's my worry. But I've seen others say they're thrilled and happy at the end of the book, so I don't know if it would be Ben -- he'd be sorely missed. Leah, though, and how Bran would deal with it. I clearly want her to die, don't I? 13:37

Baum Diggity: ah, yes, the weremoose. 13:37

mergie joined the chat 13:37

Baum Diggity: silly me. 13:37

Bean:  13:37

wolvesrule87: hear hear 13:37

Varg: Weremoose!  it would be fun if herbivore shifters revealed themselves. 13:37

pinktiff1989: We don't want Bran to go crazy so we need Leah 13:37

Varg: Pfft! who needs to be practical. 13:38

Mid_mod: Never mind the big bad fae, vamps and secret kidnappers. weremoose will take over world and eat you all *nods* 13:38

Baum Diggity: *Waaaaaaa* <---the howl of the vicious weremoose 13:38

Skye: Hey a Kate Daniels crossover. lol 13:38

CarolKat: LOL 13:38

Katrin: but if Leah were to suddenly just die, wouldn't Bran loose it? I mean just cutting of an active mate bond like that..... 13:38

Bean: He won't go crazy. Anna will help. He needs to allow himself to love again. 13:38

Varg: No, not us Mid, but all the flowerbeds. 13:38

Has_mod: I joked with Mid about getting Leah must die t-shirt - but I do think bran is at fault as well but she's a great character that you love to hate although I do feel a bit sorry for her 13:38

wolvesrule87: bran won't go crazy as long as Anna's there 13:38

Baum Diggity: what a weird piece of merchandise in the store... 13:39

afroqueen: @Skye: I would kinda love that! My two favorite series! 13:39

Mid_mod: I've always wondered what Bran wolf would do if something would happen to Leah. We saw a glimpse of the berseker in the 1st book of Alpha and Omega 13:39

Varg: She is a great maker of tension and inside strife. 13:39

Janilee: So Anna has to be at the fight that kills Leah and remain calm herself so she can calm Bran? 13:39

pinktiff1989: And stay calm till he finds a new mate? 13:40

Varg: Hmm, and then she will have to stay close to Bran for the foreseeable future? 13:40

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Re: Frost Burned Speculation Chat | March 2, 2013
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2013, 08:22:42 pm »
Katrin: what fight? maybe she just becomes road kill.... 13:40

CarolKat: We need Bran to meet someone, then kill off Leah so he can act on it 13:40

Varg: CK! that is even more mercenary than Leah! LOL 13:40

Valery: Are we getting active series crossover here? A&O with Mercy? I'm just so TIRED OF WAITING  13:40

CarolKat: What? 13:40

Has_mod: I also wonder what if Leah finds out the truth about Bran and him being a berserker. I don't think she knows about that or the reason why he mated with her 13:40

Baum Diggity: I know, Val, but I think she's said she wouldn't want one 13:40

wolvesrule87: 3 more days... 13:40

MooredMermaid: At least we're on the same timeline now.. 13:41

Varg: FG brought the two timelines into sync, but I am not sure there will be much cross over. 13:41

Mid_mod: Valery, I think Patty said before that she won't cross over Anna and Mercy. At least for now. 13:41

Bean: I feel like we can't help but cross A&O and Mercy with everything that happened in Fair Game. It definitely affects Mercy and the wolves 13:41

MooredMermaid: 2 days 8 hours 13:41

Has_mod: Yep the timelines are the same now - after Mercy 8 Patty will be working on a Mercyverse book 13:41

Katrin: how much time has passed betwenn FG and FB? 13:41

Bean: I mean, the happenings in the world are big enough that they must affect Mercyworld. 13:42

Varg: If it would only arrive when we turn midninght here it would be a little over two days til it would arrive. 13:42

CarolKat: MM that was the intent. Patty has said other than the occasional mention the two series aren't going to merge 13:42

MooredMermaid: a month maybe two 13:42

Skye: So why did he mate with her? So he wouldn't go beserke? 13:42

Varg: Yes. 13:42

Mid_mod: His wolf decided also 13:42

Valery: I do love me those cameo appearances, however--Charles and Anna at Mercy's wedding... 13:43

Has_mod: Katrin - its about a few months - Fair Game was a few weeks after River Marked and Frost burned is set around Thanksfgiving 13:43

Baum Diggity: me too 13:43

Baum Diggity: it was all like - hey, I know them! I know them... 13:43

MooredMermaid: I really want to see the two interact i feel like they'd get along 13:43

Skye: I want more Charles and Mercy interaction. 13:43

wolvesrule87: But if they won't merge, what is Asil doing in Adam's house? 13:44

MooredMermaid: ?? 13:44

Katrin: yeah, now that Mercy knows about Coyote those two have lots more to talk about 13:44

Baum Diggity: Visiting. 13:44

Baum Diggity: He's sort of the ambassador when things go wrong now. 13:44

Baum Diggity: And he's old enough and reclusive enough the gov't probably doesn't know him 13:44

Skye: So would it be bad to start with Fair game first since I only have a couple of days before FB? 13:45

Baum Diggity: You can do it.... 13:45

Baum Diggity: who needs food or sleep or work? 13:45

Katrin: depends on how much time you have to read... 13:45

Valery: I really think you'd enjoy FB the more for having read FG 13:46

Baum Diggity: The audiobook's only 8 hours or so. 13:46

Baum Diggity:  13:46

Katrin: I still have about half of FG left to read before FB comes out in a few days 13:46

Janilee: And Mercy can probably handle Asil better than others could. She has that degree in werewolf psychology. 13:46

Varg: Skye , you can do it! _= 13:46

Bean: @Skye: I think you should read FG if you can. It's a quick read and it's very good. I'm going to skim reread it myself before FB. 13:46

Varg: * 13:46

Skye:  13:46

pinktiff1989: Asil should be calmer now with no witch 13:48

Skye: I wonder if FB is longer than River Marked? 13:48

Valery: I'm getting the latest Eve Dallas book finished to clear the way for FB. why do all my fave authors release books at the same time? 13:48

Has_mod: I think its around the same length 13:48

Baum Diggity: It's probably about the same.... 13:48

CarolKat: Checking 13:49

Varg: Valery, it is a conspiracy to make the fans cry over which book to read first. 13:49

Mid_mod: Yup, it's rougly the same 13:49

Baum Diggity: It's probably engineered by the fae 13:49

Baum Diggity: See? I blame them for all sorts of things 13:49

Bean: Engineered by Coyote. 13:50

Baum Diggity: That fits pretty good 13:50

Varg: LOL 13:50

Baum Diggity: It's more chaotic than nefarious. 13:50

pinktiff1989: I agree with Bean  13:50

CarolKat: In hard cover RM is 326 pages FG is 293. 13:50

Varg: A cornucopia of reading pleasure to be had. 13:50

Skye: Thanks CarolKat. 13:51

Baum Diggity: FG or FB? 13:51

Varg: Both 13:51

Baum Diggity: Oh. 13:51

CarolKat: What Varg said! LOL 13:51

Katrin: I wonder when they will release the book... I have it pre-ordered as ebook. Will I get it at midnight GMT? 13:51

Valery: RM is that long? It seemed shorter to me. Huh. 13:52

pinktiff1989: Has anyone been able to preorder through audible yet? 13:52

CarolKat: Don't have FB yet 13:52

Valery: must be the fight scene--it READ quick! 13:52

Varg: No, you get it at midninght US time. They don't follow GMT  13:52

Baum Diggity: I dunno, I don't pre order ebooks. 13:52

Bean: @Katrin: I usually get my preorded e-books just after 9pm on Monday before release day because I'm on the west coast. Sometimes they take up to a half hour to deliver them though. 13:52

Baum Diggity: I hadn't seen it on Audible last I checked, but it's been a couple days 13:52

Skye: I hope it gets an audiobook. I was looking at preorders the other day and it wasn't listed as one 13:52

Bean: Everybody wants to move to the west coast now.  13:52

Baum Diggity: King did record it, I hear 13:52

Katrin: but I ordered it at my amazon, not 13:53

Baum Diggity: Like, the river? 13:53

Baum Diggity:  13:53

Has_mod: @Pink - for some reason the preorders for audible is not available. But I do know Lorelie King is narrating it again and it should come out the same date as hte ebooks and the print 13:53

Varg: Oh, then you might get it as of midnight GMT. I am stuck with and have to follow their later times. 13:53

Katrin: maybe I'll get it earlier than the rest since I live in Europe  13:54

Varg:  Perhaps! 13:54

Has_mod: In the UK its going to be slightly earlier! i know last time I got my copy of FG around midnight 13:54

Baum Diggity: lucky duck! 13:54

Bean: Maybe! 13:54

pinktiff1989: LUCKY! 13:54

Varg: I am in Europe too, but for some reason the only amazon that will sell me ebooks is .com 13:54

Katrin: have to keep my kindle online then... 13:54

Valery: Look at us, envying people with a FEW HOURS head start  13:54

pinktiff1989: I live in the south. Everything is late here 13:55

Varg: Yes you do! Katrin. 13:55

Baum Diggity: lol 13:55

Varg: Impatient? We? Not at all! 13:55

Katrin: we Europeans get to start on it earlier, you Americans get to meet PB. 13:55

Bean: It does make a difference that I can get it by 9 on Monday night. I can get a couple of hours reading in before I go to bed. It's a good head start. And then I dream about it.  13:55

Baum Diggity: fair enough. 13:55

Has_mod: @Varg that's due to geo restrictions  Orbit only sells to Commonwealth countries 13:55

Baum Diggity: See, I wouldn't go to bed, though... 13:55

Valery: I can't start important books just before bedtime--I never get to be. 13:56

pinktiff1989: If I start it at night then I won't sleep  13:56

Bean: Yeah, that's the problem. 13:56

Valery: bed 13:56

Varg: I kow Has. Don't get me started on the geo restrictions. 13:56

Aylitha: I am so going to be late for work on Tuesday either staying up to late reading the book or sleeping and then reading the book instead of going to work   13:56

Valery: (gotta clean this keyboard out) 13:56

Bean: I have to volunteer in my son's class on Tuesday, so I may just stay up and finish it. 13:56

Skye: We are allowed to listen to audiobooks at work so I'm excited. 13:56

Baum Diggity: I got lucky - my uni's on spring break  13:56

Skye: Perfect. 13:57

Varg: I have a late shift, so when it arrives around 6am I can perhaps finish it before wr*k. 13:57

Baum Diggity: Maybe- otherwise you might be late to work! 13:57

Mid_mod: Have you overloaded on treats yet? How about one last treat? 13:57

Has_mod: march 5th has so many good releases coming out - Its going to be a rich week of reading 13:57

Bean: I was just trying to figure out how to politely ask.  13:58

Varg: Treat!  13:58

Janilee: Treat!?!? 13:58

Aylitha: treat!!!!!! 13:58

Baum Diggity: treat! 13:58

Katrin: I have late shift too. Dunno if that will be enough time to finish the book though... I would be torture to sit at work, wanting to continue reading and not being able to do so 13:58

Has_mod: LMAO  13:58

Baum Diggity: *drools* 13:58

Mid_mod: Hehe. Okay, since you're pulling my hair and all . 13:58

Varg: *hands hanky to BD* 13:58

Baum Diggity: thanks 13:58

pinktiff1989: I listen on my phone it looks like I am just talking on it at work 13:58

Baum Diggity: that was embarassing 13:58

CarolKat: I have rebooting and compiling to do so I can cheat. 13:58


Mid_mod: “I promise I won’t spank you,” he told me, his voice rough and low as he added, “not unless you ask me to.” 13:59

Baum Diggity: whoa. 13:59

Has_mod: @Mid Spank you very much! 13:59

Valery: teaching--no cheating possible 13:59

Varg: Are you cheating on us CK?  13:59

Skye: ahhhhh! lol 13:59

Valery: ooooo who's being KINKY then?  13:59

Bean: *fans* 13:59

Varg: Thanks Mid.   13:59

pinktiff1989: Who is that?!?! 13:59

Katrin: Ben? 13:59

CarolKat joined the chat 13:59

Baum Diggity: you have to buy me dinner first, guys. 13:59

Has_mod: We had to end the treats with a smexy quote! 13:59

Mid_mod: Hehe. 14:00

Varg: Smuthounds. 14:00

Skye: @Katrin lol! 14:00

Valery: I sure HOPE it's Adam! 14:00

Katrin: could be Kyle too.... 14:00

pinktiff1989: or Asil to Sage. I just like the accent 14:00

Baum Diggity: lol 14:00

Valery: first person---that's Mercy 14:00

MooredMermaid: he can spank me if he wants to 14:00

Valery: so it better be the husband  14:01

CarolKat: I'm not cheating on you guys, just a bit at work. LOL 14:01

Mid_mod: LOL 14:01

Katrin: in what kind of situation has Mercy to be in, for sth like THAT to come up?! 14:01

CarolKat: I think any of the wolves could spank me if they wanted.   14:01

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MooredMermaid: its not cheating if he's involved in the act 14:02

Bean: I assume Mercy has done something dangerous and thinks she's in trouble. Adam's got other things on his mind.  14:02

Valery: could be Asil or Ben, flirtin. 14:02

Mid_mod: We thought you guys deserved some treats. You've been coming to the chats for weeks now and you've all been fantabulous. 14:02

Valery: flirting. sheesh, really gotta clean this keyboard 14:02

Baum Diggity: well, I try to tone it down 14:02

Baum Diggity: I mean, I am awesome, but humble, too 14:03

Has_mod: Nooo don't tone it down!  14:03

Baum Diggity:  14:03

Skye: Do you guys chat in the Hurog forum? This was fun. 14:03

Baum Diggity: they have all sorts of fun stuff in the forum, Skye! 14:03

MooredMermaid: Have we made you pee youself from laughing at our comments? then we haven't been doing our job.. 14:03

Baum Diggity: join us! 14:03

Baum Diggity: I didn't mean that in a creepy way 14:03

Bean: @Mid: Well, this is my first chat becasue I just learned of it this week. I'll definitely come back for more. You're a very fun, smart group.  14:03

Baum Diggity: okay, i sorta did. 14:03

CarolKat: Not like this but in the forum members area there is Pattii's place where we get to know each other 14:03

MK left this message: 14:03
I had no idea there was a Hurog forum

Skye: lol 14:03

Has_mod: *waves* at newbies joining the chat - if you'd like to join in the discussion and its your first time, click Join chat below!  14:03

MK joined the chat 14:04

Varg: There is. and a fun place it is too. 14:04

Varg: 14:04

Janilee: 14:04

Baum Diggity: thanks for the treats, mods! 14:04

Janilee: 14:04

MK: I'm going to have to check it out 14:04

Baum Diggity: do, definitely 14:04

Has_mod:  yay! 14:04

Bean: I haven't joined Hurog because I only read Mercy and A&O so far. I'm afraid I'll be spoiled for everything else. But I'll check it out. 14:04

Mid_mod: Bean, we're thinking of keeping the chats as a more permenent feature . We'll talk to Mike and see what he thinks 14:04

Mid_mod: permanent* 14:05

MooredMermaid: Thanks for the treats..... 2 days and 7 hours and 55 min... 14:05

CarolKat: We have lots of fun, Bean we talk about everything there even other authors, it's a cool site 14:05

Has_mod: If there's a spoilery thread Bean we will post warnings so you don't get spoiled 14:05

big city wolf joined the chat 14:05

Baum Diggity: you don't have to read anything that relates to stuff you haven't read yet  14:05

Varg: We don't do spoilers without warnings though. The other books are worth read or two too. 14:05

MK: Yeah, can't come soon enough!! 14:05

afroqueen: What was your first Patricia Briggs book...mine was "Dragon Bones". 14:05

Bean: Oh, good. I hate unofficial spoilers. 14:06

Varg: Mine too  14:06

Baum Diggity: mine was moon called 14:06

Skye: Is that the one with a male lead? 14:06

MK: I think mine was Alpha and Omega story 14:06

Bean: My first Patrica Briggs was Moon Called and I was completely addicted. 14:06

Varg: Yes that has a male lead. 14:06

Baum Diggity: I'm still trying to catch up on all the good books from all the good authors! 14:06

Valery: Mine was the A&O story, too. Trying out a new author withough committiing to a novel  14:06

Skye: Moon Callled for me too. 14:06

MooredMermaid: mine was reading the short on Anna then I read Iron Kissed while in Sunday School.. 14:06

Janilee: I started with her second book.. can't remember which that is just now. 14:06

MK: In Sunday Schol?? 14:07

Varg: Hobs bargain? 14:07

Baum Diggity: MM - what interesting material in a sunday school 14:07

Has_mod: Mine was moon Called when it first came out too - was hooked from the get go 14:07

Baum Diggity: ? 14:07

MK: I think Hobs Bargain was the only one I haven't liked 14:07

Mid_mod: Do you read the Kate Daniel series by Ilona Andrews? I know a lot of Mercy fans also read and enjoy the Daniel series (including Has and I) 14:07

Valery: then I downloaded the first A&O book, and went back for the backlist... 14:07

MK: Oh yes, LOVE Ilona Andrews 14:07

Bean: I read Ilona Andrews. Haven't read the latest Edge book, but I've read all the Kates. 14:08

Baum Diggity: I started reading that one and had to wait for my library to return the next one 14:08

MooredMermaid: ya... i randomly picked it up out of my mother's book shelf was extrely bored and read while i was supposed to be reading the Bible.. 14:08

Skye: Yes, I love them. 14:08

Baum Diggity: now I got sucked into Dresden 14:08

Bean: Also love Jim Butcher. 14:08

Baum Diggity: And Kevin Hearne 14:08

lolajane joined the chat 14:08

Valery: Don't do the Dresdens too many at a time, though! spread them out or you get overwhelmed. 14:08

Baum Diggity: but my library doesn't have hard copies of all his, so I have to snaggle the digitals 14:08

Varg: have not gotten stuck on Dresden yet. Kevin Hearne though... 14:08

Bean: I couldn't get into Kevin Hearne, but I know I should give him another chance. 14:08

Skye: Do you like the Dresden show that is on netflix? 14:08

Has_mod: Jennifer Estep has a good UF featuring an assassin heroine 14:09

Skye: Same here, Bean. 14:09

Mid_mod: Thea Harrison also does some fantastic world building in her Elder series. She's more paranomal though. 14:09

Baum Diggity: I just watched that! 14:09

Bean: I've never watched the Dresden TV show. 14:09

CarolKat: Faith Hunter & CE Murphy are we book pushing now? LOL 14:09

pinktiff1989: Iron druid series is awesome 14:09

Baum Diggity: Pretty good! 14:09

Valery: The Dresden TV show got me to the books. 14:09

Baum Diggity: book push away! 14:09

lolajane: cant wait for my book to arrive 14:09

Baum Diggity: Me, too, convinced me to start the books 14:09

MooredMermaid: Do any of you read Sherrilyn Kenyon or Dana Marie Bell? 14:09

Varg: Is that the one with the british actor as Dresden? 14:09

Valery: I might not have picked them up otherwise 14:09

Bean: I bought a CE Murphy at the UBS, but I haven't started it yet. 14:09

Baum Diggity: Kenyon....sounds familiar.... 14:09

CarolKat: Sherrilyn & JD Robb 14:09

MK: Also like awareness Chance and Keri Arthur 14:10

Mid_mod: I read Sherrilyn Kenyon up to Acheron, then I quit the series. 14:10

Valery: I OD-d on Kenyon. Finannly couldn't take people living so many centuries AND NEVER WISING UP. 14:10

MooredMermaid: Dark-Hunters and Chronicles of Nick.. 14:10

CarolKat: Mercedes Lackey 14:10

Baum Diggity: lol.....val 14:10

Skye: Juliet Marillier has a book of short stories coming out too 14:10

Janilee: Seanan McGuire 14:10

Varg: Faith hunter 14:10

MK: Kenyon books are a little too silly for me 14:10

Bean: Brandon Sanderson. 14:10

Baum Diggity: AH! So many suggestions! 14:10

Has_mod: I gave up on Kenyon too but i am eyeing her Styx book coming out 14:10

Bean: I mean, Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn". 14:10

Baum Diggity: I'll never finish my college work, now....  14:10

MK: Oh, I love Juliet Marillier! 14:10

Valery: Keri Arthur is great. Just finished latest urban shaman book by Murphy 14:11

CarolKat: I like the Bad series by Kenyon & love 14:11

Has_mod: Ann Aguirre is another goodie - I adore her Grimspace series which is like an UF set in space 14:11

Mid_mod: I'm waiting for Savitar's book–if he ever gets one. 14:11

MK: Yeah, Ann Aguirre is good 14:11

CarolKat: I just got Mountain Echoes haven't read it yet. 14:11

Bean: I love Larry Correia's "Hard Magic" and "Spellbound". The first two books in his Grimnoir series. 14:11

Valery: Really, Kenyon--how can someone live so long and never learn a blessed thing, anyway?? 14:11

Mid_mod: Oh yes. For sci-fi fans, the Grimspace series is so good. I'm on the second book now. 14:11

Varg: I would read that. Mid. I stopped reading the series otherwise though it started getting a bit repetitive. 14:11

Bean: Furiously writing down names. 14:11

Baum Diggity: The transcript will be up in the forum later, Bean 14:12

Baum Diggity:  14:12

Bean: Oh, good. I won't be able to read my writing.  14:12

Varg: Elizabeth Bear does good thing too. 14:12

Valery: Mountain Echoes was terrific, because Murphy finally let her protagonists get it on! Really, that was a looooooong wait for Morrison. 14:13

Baum Diggity: Should be a link on FB for it, too 14:13

Has_mod: We will also cross post the quotes on the Frost Burned spoiler thread as well for those who missed it. 14:13

Varg: Elizabeth Moon, both for fantasy and science fiction. 14:13

Valery: 6 books of sexual tension? thought i'd die 14:13

MooredMermaid joined the chat 14:13

Bean: The CE Murphy book I have is called "Urban Shaman". 14:13

Janilee: Just finished No Dominion 14:13

MooredMermaid: I was kicked out of chat?? 14:13

Valery: URBAN SHAMAN is the first one--good start. 14:13

Varg: Bad chat! 14:13

Baum Diggity: you mods are so nice, and pretty, and smell good.....and....erm....s​orry. 14:14

MK: Very bad chat! 14:14

MooredMermaid: Has anyone read Trick of the Light? 14:14

CarolKat: I got kicked for a second earlier but I think it was firefox not caht 14:14

CarolKat: chat 14:14

Baum Diggity: naughty chat forum, no cookies. 14:14

Mid_mod: MooredMermaid, the room automatically kicks you out if you're inactive for a certain amount of time. 14:14

Varg: trick of the light? 14:14

Has_mod: @MooredMermaid it does happen occasionally  If the room is lagging also please let us know 14:14

Baum Diggity: Who's TotL by? 14:14

MK: By whom? 14:14

MooredMermaid: Ya I can't remember the author but was a very interesting take on angels,demons and anything inbetweeen 14:15

CarolKat: @ baum Awww so sweet! 14:16

Skye: Is the lead an inspector? 14:16

Mid_mod: MM, was it Rob Thurman? 14:16

MooredMermaid: That's it! 14:16

Bean: Oh, I really like Rob Thurman's "Leandros" series. 14:17

Baum Diggity: hmmm, sounds interesting! 14:17

Has_mod: I have a good rec for an angel book although its YA but its very gritty and dark with elements of horror - Susan Ee's Angelfall is fantastic I preferred it over Hunger Games 14:17

Janilee: Devon Monk 14:17

MK: Oh yeah- Angelfall was good! 14:17

Varg: Oh, I have been looking at that. 14:18

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Re: Frost Burned Speculation Chat | March 2, 2013
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2013, 08:27:45 pm »
Janilee: Meljean Brook 14:18

Varg: Jeanine Frost perhaps. 14:18

Has_mod: YAS! Meljean Brook is amazing I adore her Steampunk series and her Guardian one is good 14:18

MK: LOVE Meljean Brook 14:18

Has_mod: and Jeanine frost is great too - Loving her spinnoff series with Vlad  14:19

MooredMermaid: Bye guys!! My cake timer is going off. Have a great weekend and try to stand the suspense! 14:19

Skye: Have a beautiful cake. 14:19

Baum Diggity: enjoy your cake! 14:19

Valery: Wen Spencer's Elfhome books! 14:19

Varg: Bye MM. Enjoy your cake. 14:19

Bean: If you're looking for something out of the romance realm and kind of YA, I highly recommend Megan Whalen Turner's "Queen's Thief" series. It's one of my favorite things ever. 14:19

Mid_mod: I was going to mention Nalini Singh for fans of shapeshifters. I love the series. Features the changelings V the Psy. 14:19

Baum Diggity: it may be a lie, though 14:19

Baum Diggity: be careful 14:19

Varg: Laurie J Marks. 14:19

Valery: Spencer's a slow writer but the books are worth the wait 14:20

Mid_mod: Bye MM! 14:20

CarolKat: Naomi Novik for more dragons 14:20

Baum Diggity: Carrie Vaughn's a fun UF series 14:20

Has_mod: Bye MM! 14:20

Skye: I was just about to start Slave to Sensation...I really wish the covers weren't so cheesy. 14:20

Janilee: Have you seen the snippets for Wood Sprites? 14:20

Baum Diggity: she has some YA separate stuff too that's pretty good 14:20

Valery: TINKER is the first Elfhome book. 14:20

Varg: I could never get into her, but it might have been a bad translation. Novik that is. 14:20

Has_mod: Another vote for Nalini Singh! Def looking forward to her new Psy/Changeling book 14:20

Mid_mod: Skye, the covers are AWFUL. Poor Nalini. 14:21

MK: J Frost and laurell K. Hamilton 14:21

Varg: Getting the anthology on the fifth Mid? 14:21

Baum Diggity: cheesey covers are the worst  14:21

MK: Nail I Singh 14:21

Bean: I read the first Tremeraire (sp?) by Naomi Novik and really liked it. But it had some sad parts, so I keep putting off the second one even though I already bought it. 14:21

Mid_mod: I've got a review copy, but I'll be buying it on the 5th! 14:21

Varg: *agrees with BD* 14:21

Janilee: Laggy screen here. 14:22

Skye: Plus family questions you when they see them on the shelf. 14:22

afroqueen: Okay, I have to go eat...thanks for the wonderful chat and book recommendations! 14:22

Baum Diggity: I have one of the Jim Hines books, but I haven't started it yet. 14:22

MK: Nailing Singh and Jennifer Ashley for shapeshifters 14:22

Baum Diggity: true story, Skye 14:22

Has_mod: Thanks for dropping by afroqueen!  14:22

Skye: By Afroqueen 14:22

Bean: I must go as well, but I will sign up for hurog today. Thanks for all the great recs, chat and wonderful treats.  14:22

Baum Diggity: happy eating! 14:22

Mid_mod: Baum, Nalini's Guildhunter series has awesome covers. The series is a lot more darker and grittier. It's definitely UF. 14:23

Baum Diggity: by Bean! Glad you dropped by! See you in the forums! 14:23

Baum Diggity: ooooh, sounds cool! 14:23

Mid_mod: Bye, Bean. Thanks so much for making it to the chat. 14:23

MK: guildhunters books are the bomb 14:23

Varg: Bye people. Nice chatting with you. 14:23

Baum Diggity: *googles* 14:23

Has_mod: Cya Bean I'm glad you had a great time! 14:23

Valery: I've got to go too. Chat with you all again, after we read FB! 14:23

Baum Diggity: bye val! 14:23

Mid_mod: Bye Valery!  Thanks for making it! 14:23

Has_mod: Cya Valery! 14:23

MK: Yeah, I have to sign off As well. Thx for all the great rec.s!, 14:24

Skye: I have to go too, but I'll also sign up in Hurog. Thanks for the treats. 14:24

Varg: I am off too. I somehow managed to be working two sundays in a row.  14:24

Varg: Have fun  14:24

Has_mod: You're welcome! 14:24

Baum Diggity: Bye all! 14:24

Mid_mod: Bye Varg! Thanks so much for coming to the chat. 14:24

Has_mod: Just to let everyone know - we may have a Frost Burned discussion this Friday night - but it will probably be scheduled much later 14:25

Mid_mod: Bye Skye! Thanks for chatting! 14:25

Has_mod: And we will def schedule more in the future - this room is really stable so the curse of the chatroom implosion is gone! 14:25

Baum Diggity: looks like a nifty series, Mid! 14:25

Has_mod: Bye Skye! 14:25

Baum Diggity: Have fun at work, Varg....Or come up with mischief to make it fun.... 14:26

Mid_mod: I've read two of the books in the series. Has, you've read all of the Guild Hunter books right? 14:26

Has_mod: Yep! 14:26

Has_mod: ITs a much darker and grittier tone than the Psy Changeling series. 14:27

Baum Diggity: Goodreads likes it. I'll have to see if I can find a copy nearby for a sampling. 14:27

CarolKat: Bye to those leaving see you on the forum, maybe? 14:27

Mid_mod: I know Amazon does Chapter 1 sampling for all of their ebooks 14:27

Baum Diggity: hmmmmm..... 14:27

Baum Diggity: it'll have to wait until after FB, for sure. 14:28

Baum Diggity: Yeah, I'm not getting anything productive done this break. 14:28

Has_mod: I've posted the quotes on the spoiler thread for those who missed the previous snippets 14:28

Has_mod: 14:28

Baum Diggity: Awesome. 14:28

CarolKat: Thanks Has! 14:28

Has_mod: So does Friday sound good for a post FB discussion? 14:31

Baum Diggity:'s life for everybody? 14:31

aundra joined the chat 14:31

Baum Diggity: Ah, there  14:31

aundra: yes 14:32

aundra: hi 14:32

Has_mod: Hi Aundra!  14:32

Mid_mod: Has, could you clear the room please. It's lagging a little. 14:32

Baum Diggity: Um....I'll be in Chicago a day early for the signing and museums, so I may miss it. 14:32

CarolKat: Maybe one on Friday and again on Saturday afternoon. 14:32

Has_mod: Sure! 14:33

Has_mod cleared the room 14:33

Baum Diggity: ooooooooo 14:33

CarolKat: shiny! 14:33

Baum Diggity: shiny 14:33

Has_mod: So Saturday same time? And one for Friday night? 14:33

Has_mod:  14:33

Mid_mod: yay. Thank you 14:33

CarolKat: Sounds perfect! 14:33

aundra: sureee 14:34

Baum Diggity: I'll try - I'll just have to sneak into forums if I miss them  14:34

Has_mod: All the transcripts will be posted for those who missed them. Also we will work on author chats - but right now Patty is in the midst of deadlines and has a tour coming up 14:34

Baum Diggity: Understandable, but yay for when it happens! 14:35

CarolKat: I really like these weekly chats, maybe we could do some on the other books again as well. 14:35

Mid_mod: Carol, that's a great idea 14:35

aundra: she should come to chicago 14:35

Has_mod: We should! This was definitely fun! 14:35

Baum Diggity: Oh, random question of the day - anyone have any of the shirts from the store, particularly the Uncle Mike's ladie's tee 14:35

aundra:  14:35

Baum Diggity: She is, Aundra! 14:36

CarolKat: I do I love them 14:36

Baum Diggity: This coming Sat! 14:36

aundra: when 14:36

Has_mod: Aundra do you have the signing link? 14:36

Baum Diggity: Erm.....2 in Oakbrook. 14:36

Baum Diggity: The link's on the hurog site 14:36

Mid_mod: 14:36

Baum Diggity: or right here ^ 14:37

aundra: no 14:37

Baum Diggity: Does the mike's tee tend to run long or short? I have a heck of a time finding a shirt that 's long enough 14:37

aundra: ohh ok i see this my first time on here i luv her books 14:38

Baum Diggity:  welcome to the party 14:38

CarolKat: I love the shirts from the store, fit true to size and didn't shrink at all. Love it 14:38

Has_mod: Aundra no worries  And welcome to club! 14:39

aundra: thanks 14:39

CarolKat: Welcome Aundra, welcome! 14:39

aundra: thank you all for the welcumz 14:39

Baum Diggity: thanks, CK! 14:39

CarolKat: Have you joined Hurog yet aundra? 14:40

CarolKat: Welcome BD 14:40

aundra: no i have not 14:40

Baum Diggity: the answer should be "yes, I am right now, CK"  14:40

Katrin: I'm heading to bed. Almost midnight here. Bye everyone, see u next time  14:41

Baum Diggity: nightynight! 14:41

Mid_mod: Bye Katrin! Night. 14:41

CarolKat: Join we have lots of fun there. After I think 20 posts you can see our Members area and that's where we chat and play games and share things about ourselves. 14:41

Baum Diggity: when you wake, you'll be a solid 6 hours closer to FB! 14:41

Has_mod: Night Katrin! 14:41

CarolKat: Night Katrin! 14:41

aundra: byeee katrin 14:41

aundra: ok i will 14:42

Baum Diggity:  14:42

aundra: the book comes out on the 5 right?? 14:43

Mid_mod: Yup, it's out on the 5th. 14:43

Baum Diggity:  14:43

Has_mod: Yep the 5th of March! So only a few more days 14:43

aundra: yay 14:44

Has_mod: I am going to envy you guys going to the signings - but bring back report and pics please!!! 14:45

Baum Diggity: I'll do my best! 14:45

Has_mod: yay! and do you know the signing rules? 14:46

Baum Diggity: Don't talk about the fight club? 14:46

Baum Diggity: I heard it's 3 books per round 14:46

Mid_mod: Hah! 14:46

Baum Diggity: And not to look authors in the eye, as they're easily frightened. 14:47

Baum Diggity: That may be deer, though. 14:47

Has_mod: Yep!  that's it some signings are restrictive to that amount but it helps with the queuing 14:47

Has_mod: LMAO Nahh I don't think you will get that prob  14:48

Baum Diggity: lol 14:48

Baum Diggity: Now to figure out where I'm going to squirrel stuff during the day Friday in Chi-town... 14:51

Has_mod: So it looks like we may have two chats this week - one of Friday night and one on Satruday with the usual time - I'll confirm it with the others and post the schedules up on the forum. Also will try to arrange the A&O chats too 14:51

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Has_mod: yep it def looks it - shall we give it a few more minutes? Will lock the room after that? 14:55

Baum Diggity: Sure 14:55

Mid_mod: I think the chat was much busier this week, and more chattier  14:55

Has_mod: Oh def! And fun!  Glad the treats went well  14:56

Baum Diggity: It was pretty busy - the excitement of the coming book's got them all up and ravenous! 14:56

Has_mod: I think the post release book chats is going to be even more busier ! 14:57

CarolKat: A real test for this site but it seems to be great! 14:57

CarolKat: A real test will be a Patty chat with the new book 14:58

Baum Diggity: Definitely. Maybe you should even do another post-release one the week after for the late readers. 14:58

Mid_mod: Baum, if get the go ahead, we might keep the chat as a feature. 14:58

Mid_mod: if we get the go ahead* 14:58

Baum Diggity: Yay! 14:59

Has_mod: Oh def! we need to look into it but it seems the discussions seem to be really popular and the book pushing at the end we can maybe potentially do a book club or something 14:59

CarolKat: I think Mr. Mike likes the chat so it's a good possiblity 14:59

Has_mod: for other books 14:59

Baum Diggity: that would be super fun  14:59

Has_mod: the room is stable as welll - and we had a few people today 15:00

CarolKat: Turn it into a real Book Club not just Patty's books like the forum is 15:00

CarolKat: I think I saw 26 peeps 15:00

Mid_mod: So a BIG BIG thank you for coming to the chats. You've all been so awesome. 15:00

CarolKat: Enjoy it all the time. Sorry I missed so much of the one today. \ 15:01

Mid_mod: We post over at Patty's official page, and there's Patty's fanpage on Facebook. There's also Mercys_Garage twitter account 15:02

Baum Diggity: Aw, shucks, you guys are the awesome ones! 15:02

Has_mod: We have the transcript - Elle dmed me shes going to post it later 15:02

Baum Diggity: thanks for putting these together - I'm off to get some OJ  15:03

CarolKat: Cool - I will leave so you can lockup now.  15:03

Has_mod: Ok it looks like we will close the room then! 15:03

Mid_mod: Thanks Baum and to everyone else! 15:03

Has_mod: K locking up and clearing out in a few secs! Night everyone! Hope to see you all on Friday and Saturday!  *HUGS* 15:03

Mid_mod: Bye all. Have a great weekend
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