Author Topic: story lines I would like to see explored  (Read 2084 times)


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story lines I would like to see explored
« on: June 03, 2013, 05:50:25 am »
Love all the books. I buy them when they come out.  But there is always more I would like to read about in this world.  Now this is coming from a exmilitary and cable new addict point of view.
1)Haven't really heard in depth of what the military response to the fairies where.  If I was a general and was truly concerned about the I don't know how many strongholds inside the American borders I would start loading up high altitude bombers, artillery, and cruise missles with cluster bombs filled with iron ball bearings and salt the earth on them.  At the very least I would put up a 20ft iron fence and mine fields around there lands.  Cut them off from supplies and lay siege.
2)Witchs and Vampires have a real opportunity right now.  If you have a declared enemy with a weapon type you don't possess you need to get you hands on something comparable.  The vamps could bring he heads of a couple of the most wanted terrorists and say, "Hi were vampires, If you keep us a state secret we can help you with these elves."  Witchs could get in on the same action.
3)On the elves side, if the threat started to get real for them they might leave a note on the bed stand next to the president so that when he wakes up the next morning he can learn that cracking a adam isn't that hard with magic, and if you think about what we have seen character do with magic I don't see why it would be.
4)I would love to see a diplomatic summit with the press, the senate committees, Bran his sons and mercy's gang.  Bran because he's bran, hiding behind Charles as figure head.  Sam with elf wife, in wolf form to dodge press.  Anna and mercy are elf friends, help with diplomacy.  Adam, to help with administration and press.  Plus he's not going to let mercy there alone.
5)Why have no press tried harder to find out about Mercy.  Maybe they have but it's never been seen.  If she was exposed how would that effect the native American community?  Would they rush to defend her?  A child of coyote?

As you can see I would like the next book to be 1000 pages.  Forgive misspellings.