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Never A Dull Moment
« on: March 18, 2013, 06:45:13 am »
I still squeeeeeee like a little girl when your books come out! I holed up and hissed anyone that got too close until I finished.  It was WONDERFUL to have Adam's POV. The dynamic between he and Asil was tense and comical and it made the posturing for dominance more of a necessary adjustment of understanding. From only Mercy's point of view, probably because she was continually a the mercy (snarf-giggle) of dominance games, it came across as schmuckiness .....yep, made that up.

Tad's "Jackie Chan" run up the building was great imagery. I'm glad we got to spend time with him and see just how much he is like his Dad.

There seemed to be so much more of a comedic element to Mercy's struggles this time. The confidence of having the pack and Adam behind her has changed the flavor of her determination and it's evident in the levity she finds in some of the more harrying moments. Specifically, the fight at the end.

Poor things go through so much, I'm exhausted at the end of the book! Another great one and you can see by it's success how many people love this world and it's characters.

I'm still a huge fan girl after all these years! I would still glomp you and kiss your face if/when you get close enough to my neck of the woods for a signing. Brace yourself!  ;)
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