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Something in common?
« on: March 03, 2013, 06:24:04 am »
Totally off a tangent but I just read on the web-site that Patty just got back from Scottsdale where I'm pretty certain you saw my friends and former employers Jimmy and Peter Stachowski of Stachowski Farms showing and winning there!   The farm is just up the road from me and I graduated from high school with Jimmy, worked there before I had a driver's license and after I did get it, the first time I ever pulled a horse trailer it was because they desperately needed one more driver to get to a show.  It had my absolutely most favorite horse and my very least favorite horse in it!   I had of course pulled plenty of hay wagons and manure spreaders with a tractor though!  Lol

I’m totally spoiled by those early experiences, one of my favorite, (and scariest) stories is about one of those horses I pulled back when I was still 16.  There was a family visiting who were considering who they were going to breed their mare to and I was tacking up the horse and I turned around with the bridle in my hand to see him lift up his head in the cross ties and his eyes widen… that family’s toddler very close to him, very close.  I wasn’t close enough to reach either one of them in time and I just said a quiet whoa and froze because whatever I did was more likely to scare everyone and cause disaster.  That tot walked under his belly and out behind his back legs (I’m not making this up) laughing at how his long tail trailed along his head and across his shoulders.  I was speechless, all this stallion did was sort of square his feet, planting them solidly and while he wasn’t happy about it, I don’t think he ever even considered kicking that tot.  My heart stopped though.

They’ve gotten super huge since those days of course, we used to all pile in a tack room to sleep on cots and eat very thinly spread peanut butter sandwiches at shows back then.  Now while I’m sure they work incredibly hard at shows as always, because that’s the way they were raised, but I bet they eat and sleep a lot better when the time allows! 

Anyways, just thought I’d share!

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Re: Something in common?
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Cool! :)


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Re: Something in common?
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Re: Something in common?
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When I'm good I am real good  >D , When I'm bad I'm even better :-whistle