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River Marked Book Transcript | Feb 23, 2013
« on: February 23, 2013, 08:22:33 pm »
Has_mod cleared the room 11:38

Has_mod: Hey Varg!!! 12:01

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Has_mod: Hey JellyBeane!!  12:02

JellyBeane21: hi! 12:02

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Varg: Hi Has  I found you! 12:02

Has_mod: Give it a few minutes  I just posted the links to the chat. No Patty today 12:02

Varg: Hello JellyBeane. 12:02

JellyBeane21: hello Varg 12:03

Has_mod: Yay! Had to change rooms from last week so its a brand new shiny one. 12:03

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Varg: No Patty and no Patti either but we will still have fun. 12:03

Varg: Ah, that explains it, I tried to use the linky from last week to sneak in early.... 12:03

Valery: Hey, all! 12:03

Varg: Hi Valery 12:03

Has_mod: Ooops sorry that room is going to be redundant in a few weeks. 12:04

Has_mod: hey Valery! 12:04

Mid_mod: Hiya, welcome to the River Marked book chat. We'll wait until ten past for more to join. 12:04

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Baum Diggity: "Ollo"  12:04

Has_mod: Hey guys!!!  12:05

Varg: Morer is betterer! 12:05

Has_mod: Def is! 12:06

Baum Diggity: When we get more bodies in here and start the chat part of the chat....we should send out some props for Edythe. 12:06

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Has_mod: Buah! Hey CK! 12:07

Joretur left this message: 12:08

so just out of curiosity, anybody else here actually from the Tri-Cities?

Baum Diggity: No, alas - but cool that you are! 12:08

Has_mod: Hey Joretur you need to click below join chat 12:08

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Baum Diggity: I'm actually from Hell....Michigan 12:08

CarolKat: Howdy! 12:09

Has_mod: yay! 12:09

Joretur: AH, thats better, lol 12:09

Varg: Hi again CK, trouble joining? 12:09

Has_mod: I'm across from the pond  12:09

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Varg: I am from the other side of the a 12:09

Varg: Atlantic! actually 12:09

Joretur: Yeah, thats actually what got me into it. My sister said I had to read a series based in our home town....been hooked ever since. 12:09

CarolKat: No had to sign in with a password to be mod. I have to leave for a few but I'll be back. 12:09

Valery: I'm very excited about this book chat, because I grew up on the Mid-Columbia plateau! Oregon side. 12:09

Bill/Reidiwr:  12:10

Baum Diggity: What's the time jump for you Euros right now? Is it a 6 hour difference? I can't remember... 12:10

Joretur: Valery, Hermiston/Umatilla area? 12:10

Has_mod: No worries CK! I AM glad this is working this time! 12:10

CarolKat: Yes indeed! 12:10

Valery: Sherman County, near Biggs (where the bridge is) 12:10

Has_mod: Its around 5 or 6 hours. Its just past 8 here 12:10

Varg: Time for me is 9 pm right now. The brits are around 8pm I think 12:10

Mid_mod: It's ten past, so I'll quickly post our rules before we get stuck into the chat. 12:10

Valery: and Sherman County doesn't have any river patrol officers. it's very small and pretty poor county 12:10

Joretur: ah ok, was just through there a couple months ago 12:10

Baum Diggity: 7  12:11

Baum Diggity: RULES! 12:11

Mid_mod: No swearing, please. No sharing personal information. And lastly, please have fun  12:11

Varg: *holds on to fun* 12:11

Baum Diggity: I'll be hoarding all of the personal info. You manage fun, Varg  12:12

Mid_mod:  12:12

Varg: Ok 12:12

Has_mod: Also for any newbies using this room - you need to click Join Chat below 12:12

Joretur: first one I've been awake graves lol 12:12

Baum Diggity: Yowch! 12:13

CarolKat: I did a countdown on FB for this one 12:13

big city wolf joined the chat 12:13

Valery: Appreciate it, CarolKat! 12:13

Has_mod: We are planning other chats. There's tentative plans for a Friday night chat scheduled for much later 12:13

Baum Diggity: bcw! Greetings! 12:13

CarolKat: No problem i just had to count on my fingers the hours. LOL 12:14

Mid_mod: And we hoping to have another chat where Patty will be answering questions. We'll post the information on FB when we get confirmation at a later date. 12:15

Varg: So River Marked is the subject for now until we wander off on any interesting tangents? 12:15

CarolKat: Ah the Wedding!!!!!! 12:15

Baum Diggity: Yup 12:15

Baum Diggity: I love the way they did that 12:16

Valery: Can I say: when a book is set in your own stompling grounds, you get super-critical that the author gets stuff right. And Patty DID 12:16

Baum Diggity: That's super-cool to know  12:16

Varg: You can.  12:16

Valery: I alway knew there must be a monster in the river, for example  12:17

Baum Diggity: LOL 12:17

Mid_mod: In River Marked, the fae seem to be wanting Mercy to clean up their mess, yet they don't want to get their hands dirty. At least publicly. What do you think the fae are up to? 12:17

Baum Diggity: Nothing good 12:18

Valery: They're so tricksy! 12:18

e_booklover joined the chat 12:18

e_booklover: Hi 12:18

Mid_mod: Hi E . 12:18

CarolKat: BRB 12:18

Has_mod: Hey E!!! 12:19

Baum Diggity: I think they sort of knew there was some other aspect involved and didn't know how to handle it, so they called on the Superfri- erm..Mercy and Co. 12:19

Varg: Hi E. The fae might be up to just that: getting their own mess sorted without having to admit to it being theirs. 12:19

big city wolf: And then they were upset when she got it done. 12:20

Valery: Anybody want to take Yo-yo Girl at her word on this? That she foresaw that Mercy & Adam were needed there? 12:20

e_booklover: *grin* hi everyone, I agree I think the far have a habit of not wanting to get their hands dirty but then regret losing the opportunity to control something when Mercy kills it 12:20

Joretur: Well also with the revalation of who her Father is, I think some of the Fae have some knowledge of that and her lineage and try to use that to their advantage. At least one of the thoughts that went through my head 12:20
Mid_mod: I wonder how long Bran will allow the Fae to get his pack to do their dirty work for them. 12:20

Baum Diggity: Just like the vamps....yeesh. What ever happened to sending a gratitude-induced fruit basket? 12:20

Baum Diggity: I think he'll be just about done with that. 12:21

Baum Diggity: Good thing Bran's old enough not to be pushed around! 12:21

Valery: I suspect both camps would be happy to see Mercy killed in one of their messes. Must be infuriating when she just comes out stronger for it! 12:21

Has_mod: And sometimes that can backfire too - I know Patty said that the stick being in Coyote's possession is not something the fae is liking 12:22

Varg: Well she does keep poking her nose at them sort to speak.  12:22

Mid_mod: I bet Bran is being as tricksy at the Fae, but we just don't see it yet lol 12:22

big city wolf: I'd like to see that come out. 12:23

Varg: The stick being in the posession of a trickster gives it a huge potential for magic and mayhem though. I bet the stick likes it. 12:23

Baum Diggity: I suspect we might in the next book or so  12:23

Baum Diggity: I'm really interested in where that's going... 12:23

Roz joined the chat 12:23

Baum Diggity: ^ @ Varg 12:24

Varg: Hopefully, I would like to see Bran getting the better of the fae, not just hold his own. 12:24

Joretur: As am I Baum, 12:24

Valery: Coyote and the magic walking stick--a perfect match for trouble! 12:24

Baum Diggity: A match made in a scary part of heaven 12:24

Varg: Hi Roz. 12:24

Has_mod: Hey Roz! 12:24

Valery: @Varg--we may get our chance, now the Fae owe Bran and the wolves (Fair Game) 12:25

Baum Diggity: Ooooh, zing! 12:25

Mid_mod: Talking about the infamous Coyote, that leads to the next question  We finally meet the wonderful and totally out of this world, Coyote. He’s Mercy’s father and at the same time he’s not. How did you feel about Coyote's reveal to Mercy?? 12:25
Varg: We might at that, or there might be more diplomacy and elegant dancing around eachother happening. Not that that isn't a kind of war that can be won with style.  12:26

Baum Diggity: That was confusing, but sensible, and I think a great way to introduce such a broadly famous and interpreted character 12:26

Baum Diggity: he's as complex and chaotic as you could hope 12:26

Roz: Hi Has! reading fast to catch up with you all! 12:26

Varg: Slightly confused at first, but then I decided to just go with it and it started making more sense when I didn't think too hard about it. 12:27

big city wolf: He certainly wasn't a protective father. 12:27

Daelit joined the chat 12:27

Has_mod: Hey daelit! 12:27

Valery: Like Mercy, I wanted to slug him for pushing her into the river. 12:27

Varg: Yes and no. The actual father was dead so he couldn't be. 12:27

Baum Diggity: Definitely! 12:27

Varg: Hi Daelit. 12:27

Roz: I had a class in college, Native American Lit. I met all those big characters in things I read one time or another. It was interesting to see them show up in one story with Mercy. 12:27

Joretur: When I first read that, I had to put the book down for a minute and just absorb it. I've always loved the stories of Coyote, and that just made my day 12:28

Valery: So interesting that Charles caught him looking in on Mercy! do you think charles suspected? 12:28

Has_mod: I quite like the twist of Coyote being kind of her father 12:28

Varg: It also sort of explains a lot about Mercy's contrariness 12:28

big city wolf: But the actual father was a construct of Coyote, so how does that affect Mercy's heritage 12:28

Roz: Yes, Coyote as he is portrayed through Native American stories. Is Patty one too? or because of where she lives she has soaked up the culture? 12:29

big city wolf: I think Charles knows lots of things because of his mother. 12:29

Daelit: hi there... 12:29

Varg: In metaphysical ways bcw   12:29

Has_mod: @Valery I think so! He would have sussed it out I suspected and he was being protective and possessive of Mercy. Even though she felt like an outsider she did belong to the pack 12:29

Has_mod: To the newbies - if you want to join in the chat - click below 'Join chat'  12:29

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Has_mod: and welcome to the chat!!! 12:30

Joretur: Roz, the Native American culture isn't very big in this area, about an hour away is a Reservation though but in this imediate area not so much. 12:30

Baum Diggity: I think too that a chaotic deity probably wouldn't want anyone's life to be too orderly and easy 12:30

Valery: @Has and I love that this has been coming out over the course of these books, and so clearly in this one--she's Bran's "daughter" 12:30

Roz: For all the information Patty put in there, it felt like she had read or heard the same stories I have read. 12:30

Roz: Ahhh, thanks Joretur. 12:30

Baum Diggity: There's something to be gained from trials in life 12:30

Valery: the wedding was a big revelation of how much her pack (Marrok's and Adam's) care about her 12:31

Roz: Well, Mercy always gains new insight with every book. I like that she got to know who her real father/spirit was...a trickster. 12:31

Roz: He seemed to cause as much trouble as Mercy always does.  12:32

Baum Diggity: That was a nice warm and fuzzies, Val 12:32

Valery: Oh, Roz--more, i think! 12:32

Roz: I have to say, being that it involved all that water, I was nervous for Adam the entire story! 12:32

Joretur: I gues she is a chip off the old block of the Coyote/Not Coyote dad 12:32

big city wolf: I felt sorry for Adam because he couldn't do anything about it. 12:33

Roz: Yes 12:33

Baum Diggity: Me, too! I liked the addition of a river monster, too - since I have a fear of drowning, that was quite an adrenalizing reading experience! 12:33

Roz: Those "otters" were pretty nasty. Definitely not what you picture when the word otter comes to mind! 12:34

Joretur: I had forgotten about them, lol 12:34

Baum Diggity: I loved the Wal-Mart encounter 12:34

Valery: It's such a big, big river--kind of a monster in itself 12:34

Baum Diggity: puts a new spin to the odd things one sees in box stores 12:35

Valery: Have to admit, I look at otters differently now. 12:35

Varg: Otters are not supposed to be scary creatures no, they are supposed to be cute and friendly and sociable lol 12:35

e_booklover: I will never look at otter and think cute, cuddly, harmless again 12:35

Varg: Even after seeing the pictures of them holding hands while sleeping so as not to drift apart? 12:35

e_booklover: otters* 12:35

Baum Diggity: For weasels they aren't that bad, really 12:35

e_booklover: @Varg maybe from a distance....a really far distance *grin* 12:36

Varg: BD .D 12:36

Valery: Still cute, but I will be more cautious of them. More like wolves now 12:36

Varg: Well, they are predators, only of fish and molluscs. 12:36

Mid_mod: It shows just how wide the Fae reach in terms of well, fae creatures 12:36

Valery: Isn't there a Nat Geo vid of a group of otters swarming a crocodile and chasing it off? Scarey. 12:37

Baum Diggity: the image of hoardes of attacking otterfae in the past, though. Yikes, what way to go... :/ 12:37

Varg: They are absolutely a varied people. 12:37

Mid_mod: I'm so hoping there's a fae unicorn . There has to be! 12:37

Varg: The fae that is. Don't know about otters being diverse. 12:38

Baum Diggity: I suspect there are, Mid. Just maybe not the way we expect them to be. 12:38

Roz: One of the things I was confused about the entire time they were there was how Mercy didn't recognize right away in the museum that Faith was a ghost. 12:38

Varg: As long as it isn't like the bog unicorn by Ursula Vernon. Allthough come to think of it that would be cool! 12:38

Baum Diggity: she says she doesn't always notice someone's a ghost 12:38

Roz: Then she saw her again out at the historical sight, and she doesn't tell us that she says it's a ghost 12:38

big city wolf: Unicorns can't be fae cause unicorns are nice. 12:39

Baum Diggity: I feel like she mentions it in BB or BC.... 12:39

big city wolf: In my head anyway. 12:39

Mid_mod: lol 12:39

Baum Diggity: 12:39

Varg: Hmm, I suppose if the sensory experiense is "real" it would be hard to know she was a ghost, especially if you didn't know the person was dead. 12:39

Valery: Unicorns nice, huh? And that long, sharp horn is just for show?  12:39

Baum Diggity: The Fae version of my pretty pony would hit you right in the childhood. 12:39

big city wolf: LOL 12:39

Mid_mod: And they would probably have fangs! It makes me wonder how the fae in other countries 12:40

Daelit: I got caught up in Adam being trapped in wolf - given his feelings about being werewolf it must have been his worst nightmare... 12:40

Varg: I always thought unicorns slightly sinister. 12:40

Baum Diggity: That must've been tough. 12:41

Roz: I have to say that at the end, I was glad she gave the walking stick to Coyote. That stick, with all the power being absorbed from all the things that Mercy has killed with it, may be too powerful to be in a fae's possession any longer. 12:41

Mid_mod: Daelit, I agree. Adam is not in harmony with his wolf. 12:41

Varg: hardly any werewolves seems to be in harmony with their wolves except maybe Charles. 12:42

Valery: @Roz, Coyote imho is the best place for the stick to be! maybe he'll mute its homicidal tendencies and turn it toward mischief 12:43

Roz: In the last Alpha and Omega book, Charles was definitely not in harmony with his wolf, but that's off topic. 12:43

Baum Diggity: It's probably pretty hard to integrate two spirits when there was once one 12:43

Daelit: don't think even Charles would take well to being trapped as wolf shape... 12:43

Baum Diggity: I dunno...Coyote's not all friendly, Val.... 12:43

Valery: but I don't think Coyote's actually maevolent. 12:44

Varg: Roz, no that is true, but he is still in much more harmony than most of the others who seems to be holding on to this raving lunatic wolf spirit almost by the skin of their teeth. 12:44

Varg: No, that is my understanding too. He isn't good but he is not malevolent either. Mischief is not evil to my mind. 12:44

Valery: for Charles, it probably helps that he and Brother Wolf grew up together  12:44

Baum Diggity: Hopefully not. I wouldn't say strictly malevolent, no 12:45

Varg: Most certainly Valerie. And they have always been two, not needing to integrate at a later age. Children have much more flexible minds. 12:45

Baum Diggity: Kind of like identical twins. They've learned to get along pretty well on the whole 12:45

Baum Diggity: Hey, so River Marked....when I read it and realized they were in Edythe's park, it bumped me back to BB and the stake - I suspect Edythe made that bad boy for her. And Mercy's very reasonably creeped out about her - what are our thoughts about Edythe and her role in the books? 12:45

CarolKat: Coyote is still quite a mystery. I wonder how much more we'll learn about him. 12:45

Baum Diggity: Hopefully lots, CK! 12:46

Varg: Will be interesting to see if he pops in from time to time. 12:46

Mid_mod: I think Coyote is getting up to mischief with the walking stick. 12:46

Roz: Maybe now that Mercy has seen him, talked to him, maybe he'll be more likely to pop in more? 12:46

Valery: I desperately want Coyote to make a return appearance sometime! 12:46

Suzi joined the chat 12:46

Baum Diggity: I'm sure he will, though maybe not too much....he can't be playing fairy coyotefather 12:47

Mid_mod: Patty said in the chat a couple of weeks back that Mercy has finished with the walking stick, but the stick may not be finished with Mercy  12:47

Varg: I am not entirely sure that having an agent of chaos pop in to say hello is the best thing that can happen for Mercy  12:47

Valery: interesting that Stefan didn't seem more afraid of Coyote. I would be, if i were vampire 12:47

Baum Diggity: They did know one another, though... 12:47

Has_mod: I also think she said we will definitely see Coyote again very soon as well 12:47

Baum Diggity: dundunDUN! 12:48

Varg: Stefan isn't the kind of guy to display fear too much. 12:48

Baum Diggity: Wouldn't be a good quality for a soldier, I suppose 12:48

big city wolf: That almost sounds like the walking stick will try to take something from Mercy because of the help it gave her, since she has no sheep to take. 12:49

Baum Diggity: Oh, I don't like your thinking, bcw....  12:49

JellyBeane21 left the chat 12:50

JellyBeane21 joined the chat 12:50

Has_mod: *waves to the newbies* If you want to post in the chat - you need to click Join chat below! 12:50

Has_mod: I think there will def be a price to pay for the stick's help - And with Coyote its going to be probably be epic with the chaos it brings 12:51

Valery: Hey, I suspect Edythe's campground is where the Maryhill Winery is located IRL. 12:51

big city wolf: Ugh, but that's what makes the books so good. 12:52

Varg: Perhaps getting some sheep would not be out of place as a counter measure lol 12:52

big city wolf: Adam would think they're too messy. LOL 12:52

Baum Diggity: Neat insight, Val! 12:52

Has_mod: How about plastic tacky sheep?  12:53

Varg: And it would be hard to keep the pack from hunting them when they come visiting... 12:53

Has_mod: that would probably drive him crazy 12:53

Varg: Has!  12:53

Roz: Yo-yo girl...I like her...very sneaky. Anyone who chooses their glamour to be a little girl, pretty creepy! 12:53

Valery: would Adam's pack take to running sheep if Mercy went in for it? the locals shoot dogs that do that! 12:53

Baum Diggity: Could you imagine sheep lawn ornaments in a werewolf's garden? 12:53

Has_mod: I love it! 12:53

Baum Diggity: Little kids are the creepiest in horror movies. 12:53

Varg: Perhaps they could make a game out of herding the sheep? 12:53

Roz: No kidding! Creepy! 12:54

Valery: Maybe the stick will just make MERCY have the twins  12:54

Baum Diggity: I sort of wondered that..... 12:54

Valery: one little werewolf, and one little coyte... 12:54

Roz: LOL Valery! Good one! 12:55

Daelit joined the chat 12:55

e_booklover: Poor, poor Adam *evil laugh* 12:55

Has_mod: There was a lot of talk about Mercy having twins when the stick first emerged. I can see that happening if that ever happens! 12:55

Roz: But, alas, no stick any longer 12:55

Varg: Uhoh! Twins with Coyote for a grandfather... 12:55

Baum Diggity: Or is it....? 12:55

big city wolf: Twin coyotes, werewolves or both? 12:57

Roz: Well, what would BRAN like it to be? ;o) 12:57

Roz: Will Marsilia come after them if they are born Coyote? 12:58

Baum Diggity: But to have both as grandfathers? Yikes. Nobody would lay a finger on them. 12:58

Baum Diggity: At least, I'd hope. 12:58

Baum Diggity: Marsilia will go after anyone attached to Mercy. 12:58

Has_mod: I doubt Marsillia would - the pack would protect them also it would mean annihilation for the Seethe 12:59

Baum Diggity: It could be her garbage man. 12:59

Baum Diggity: If she could have the chance, she'd take it. 12:59

AuroraPet joined the chat 13:00

big city wolf: I think she would also. 13:00

big city wolf: Or arrange to have the chance. 13:00

Varg: You think? I think perhaps if Mercy does no draw attention from Marsilia she won't be bothered. 13:01

Roz: So, let's hope it's a werewolf baby, like Charles then.   13:01

Valery: Mercy has powerful friends now, after all. 13:01

Mid_mod: So what do you all think about the other Walkers? Would you like to seem them again? 13:01

Baum Diggity: I think Marsilia may let it go after a while if nothing new happens....but for now... 13:01

Has_mod: I think Mercy is happy not to attract her attention and they seem to be unlikely allies with Blackwood - its like the better the devil you know 13:01

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Re: River Marked Book Transcript | Feb 23, 2013
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2013, 08:23:23 pm »
Baum Diggity: Def, Mid! 13:01

Varg: I would like to see more walkers! 13:02

Valery: I'd really like to see Wolf interact with Adam as a human--that would be an interesting conversation, anyway. 13:02

Valery: he just saw him as werewolf in RM 13:03

CarolKat: I like that there are more walkers and I would like to see more of them, it seems not all have the same abilities. 13:03

Baum Diggity: I'd like to see more of Raven. Or Thunderbird and his super-rad boots 13:03

CarolKat: I wonder what else Mercy can do that she doesn't know about. 13:03

Roz: Maybe that will be one of Patty's side stories? 13:03

Valery: Oh, yes, Gordon was a great character. 13:03

AuroraPet: To jump back a bit..and sorry i was trying to catch up, i think Mercy is already under Marsilias attention and Marsilia is going to be an issue. 13:03

Has_mod: No worries AuroraPet! 13:04

Baum Diggity: I think the next book should expand on that, AP 13:04

Baum Diggity: And, CK, actually. HM 13:04

Baum Diggity: *Hm....two for one  13:04

Valery: Something would have to be done about Marsillia if she starts taking active steps against Mercy. And, like I say, Mercy has some powerful friends 13:05

AuroraPet: what was the threat of one lone walker that barely knew what is was to be or what she was? Marsilia clearly loves and covets Stefen. otherwise why would she have tossed him nearly dead in Mercy's lap, the one other being he adores more than her? 13:05

Varg: the trouble with perhaps removing Marsilia is that you would no know who would replace her. 13:06

AuroraPet: There is something more there, Ill wait till patricia fills us in  The anticipation is worth it LOL 13:06

Valery: Yeah, Varg, I don't think Stefan is interested in the job. 13:06

Baum Diggity: Yeah...that could get freaky.... 13:06
Roz: No, not Stefan 13:06

Baum Diggity: Wulfe for president? 13:06

Baum Diggity: No, no thanks. 13:06

Roz: But, Wolfe? 13:06

CarolKat: I would hate for someone like Gauntlet man or Wolfe becoming the vamp in charge. 13:06

Roz: Yes, sorry, Wulfe 13:06

Baum Diggity: Gauntlet man.....  13:07

Varg: I don't think Wulfe wants to be leader of the seethe. 13:07

Valery: Wulfe might be a lot more dangerous, but seems to be more pragmatic, than Marsillia 13:07

Roz: I have to say, whenever I read "Wulfe" I always say it like in "Amadeus," LOL 13:07

Has_mod: I think Stefan would be reluctant to take over but I think its starting to foreshadow that he may be in charge. His ideas of presenting a caring 'side' of the vamps is interesting and its a hint of things to come 13:07

Baum Diggity: Yet another fun layer of amusement when reading about him. 13:07

Valery: Vulf?  13:07

Has_mod: Hey Katy!!! 13:08

Roz: I don't see him wanting to be in charge of all those other vamps 13:08

katy joined the chat 13:08

Varg: Hi katy!  13:08

katy: Hi! 13:08

Roz: @Valery..."Vulfeeeee" LOL 13:08

Varg: Wulfe seems to be happy not being top dog. Based on what little we have seen of him so far. 13:08

Varg: Roz   13:09

Roz: I am sure it's all illusion, but Wulfe seems very disconnected in a strange way. 13:09

Baum Diggity: He is layers like an onion. An evil onion I don't want to peel. But really do. 13:09

Varg: Yes, perhaps it is the shamanistic qualities or the magic that makes it seem he is somehow somewhat removed from the world. 13:09

big city wolf: Isn't Wulf a witch also, or something like that? 13:09

Roz: Baum, you like that dirty, dark side, don't you!? LOL 13:09

Valery: That head-thumping to the rhythm of Mercy's heartbeat is super-creepy 13:09

Varg: He seems to be a magic practicioner anyway. 13:09

Baum Diggity: me.... 13:10

Baum Diggity: They call him the wizard, but he's something else... 13:10

Has_mod: He is called the Wizard - maybe he was really one as a human? 13:10

Baum Diggity: well, something. 13:10

Varg: An evil onion.... The imagery in my head now.  13:10

e_booklover: I think Wulfe is creepy and he will do whatever it takes to protect the vampires even if is is sort of Stefan's ally 13:10

Roz: Gosh, in so many other books we've read (recently), Has, that makes a bad combination...vampire and witch/warlock/?? 13:11

Baum Diggity: well, he owes that would be an interesting backstory... 13:11

katy: varg, that's exactly what I was thinking -- now every time wulfe appears, I'll be thinking, "you evil onion, you!" 13:11

Baum Diggity: LOL 13:11

Baum Diggity: glad to help 13:12

Has_mod: Yep Magic users and vamps not a good combo - look at the sorcerer vamp from Blood Bound 13:12

AuroraPet: The witches are even worse in The Alpha Omega spin off...I cant imagine how much worse one could be with a Vamp 13:12

Varg: "Thanks" BD 13:12

Valery: But I think everything Wulfe did would be for the good of the seethe--not letting any personal likes or vendettas get in his way. 13:12

Roz: The one example that Patty has written about certainly didn't go well, of course that was mixing a demon in as well. 13:13

Varg: He seems to be more about protecting the seethe than any one vamp. 13:13

Valery: So if killing Stefan was for the good of all, he'd do it without a qualm. Very scary. 13:13

Baum Diggity: And he can make those! 13:13

Valery: So in a way, good and evil don't really apply to Wulfe. 13:13

Varg: Perhaps he was a witch before he was made? 13:13

AuroraPet: Oh yes, the mind controlling demon. 13:14

Varg: How so Valery? 13:14

Valery: Well, he wouldn't kill just because he didn't like someone, right? and would save someone because he did. 13:14

Valery: His decisions would be "above" that 13:14

katy: I wonder if Mercy knows more about Wulfe's abilities now, since it sounds like she's been collaborating with him to remove all tracking devices from the seethe's cars 13:14

Valery: hard to explain. 13:14

Valery: cold-blooded, maybe is what I mean. 13:15

Roz: Hmm, the witches that we have met in Mercy's world, the old Russian, the blind/good witch, and Asil's wife and ward...I don't see them being wolves, except Asil's wife. 13:15

Baum Diggity: I think he's not strictly for the good of the seethe, or for the bad of others. Layers of something. 13:16

Varg: I think I understand, he is more pragmatic and ruthless but less passionate apparently. He is not evil he is loyal? The way he was treating his sheep does not exactly make him any kind of good or neutral though. 13:16

katy: I would say those are just different layers of good and evil -- he might put off acting for personal reasons if he thought he'd be able to use the situation for the seethe later. Hmm.. layers... see what you've done BD 13:16

Roz: Am I missing anyone besides the demon one in BB? 13:16

AuroraPet: But can you see the Ward as a Vamp as well. That would be a truly formiddiable opponant. 13:16

Varg: A true onion! LOL 13:17

Baum Diggity: @Varg - that's kind of how I see him 13:17

Roz: Ohhh, the witch/vamire that was a ghost 13:17

big city wolf: She was truly nasty. 13:17

katy: I'm not sure who Wulfe is loyal to, if anyone. Maybe only to himself. I get the feel that he is biding his time in the seethe somehow. 13:17

big city wolf: She was even nasty as a ghost. 13:17

Baum Diggity: Oh, yeah, he's waiting to make a move on something. 13:17

Baum Diggity: I sense there won't be much stopping him when he does. 13:18

AuroraPet: She learned some really nasty tricks, had a werewolf spirit Omega at her control and imagine her with Vamp powers. That would be a hell of a mess. 13:18

Varg: Perhaps he has somewhere he would rather be? 13:18

AuroraPet: even for Mercy 13:18

Has_mod: I agree Katy! I think he's a little crazy and has his own agenda that just makes sense to him LOL 13:18

Baum Diggity: Don't we all? 13:18

Valery: She was evil. Wulfe would need a better reason for killing than revenge. 13:18

katy: I don't think Marsilia is his maker -- I wonder if his maker is still around. 13:18

Baum Diggity: I'm channelling Hawaii.... 13:18

Varg: BD true! 13:18

Baum Diggity: He's older than Marsilia. Shreck level old. 13:18

Varg: Older and stranger and with an agenda of his very own. Several layers down. 13:19

Valery: Bran-level old? 13:19

Baum Diggity: Probably about that.....yikes. 13:19

Baum Diggity: Evil wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in....bacon? 13:20

Baum Diggity: no, that's not right. 13:20

Valery: LOL 13:20

AuroraPet: you had me at bacon... 13:20

Roz: @katy, I think that's right, Marsillia is not his sire 13:20

Baum Diggity: LOL 13:20

Varg: Bacon makes everything better. *nods* even evil onions. 13:20

Valery: gosh, there are a lot vamps in Marsillia's seethe that she didn't make, don't you think? 13:21

Baum Diggity: MMM, hors d'oevres from hades.... 13:21

Valery: Bacon and onions--you're making me hungry 13:21

katy: Yes, but that's why I don't want to associate him with bacon! Eek! 13:21

big city wolf: It sounds like it. I wonder how many there are in her seeth. 13:21

Roz: Were they all "banished" for some reason or another, a good place to dump naughty vamps? 13:21

Baum Diggity: Yeah, and most came to her after she went to WA? How's that? 13:21

Baum Diggity: Ah, good thinking, Roz 13:21

kyria joined the chat 13:21

katy: Yes, I've wondered if her seethe is sort of the prison colony of the vamp world 13:22

Varg: It does seem to be a dumping ground of the unwanted now that you mention it. 13:22

Roz: Vampire prison/hell? 13:22

Valery: Poor tri-cities, a dumping ground for misfit vamps! 13:22

Roz: But, now that there are so many humans there, not so much a hell any longer? 13:22

Baum Diggity: oh, geez, the island of misfit toys... 13:22

Varg: Is that because they are the oldes seethe in the US and any newer seethes came later and so was not a banishment into the wilderness? 13:23

katy: Do we have any clues as to who Marsilia's maker is/was? Is she still loyal to someone back in Europe? 13:23

Varg: *oldest 13:23

Has_mod: Well Master of Milan exiled her there  There was no people when kicked out Marsilia  13:23

Baum Diggity: It was the lord of the night..... 13:23

Baum Diggity: Well, no Europeans... 13:23

big city wolf: It does't sound like she has much, if any, contact with Europe. 13:23

Roz: who preferred were blood 13:23

Varg: Hi Kyria 13:23

Valery: only the Native people. who had walkers who could kill vamps 13:23

katy: We know he banished her there, but I'm not sure we know he's her maker 13:24

Roz: Jailers then, sort of? 13:24

Baum Diggity: I think they mention it in one of the earlier books 13:24

Baum Diggity: BC 13:24

Roz: Why was she asleep for so long? 13:24

Valery: but some vamp in Milan probably didn't know about Walkers 13:24

AuroraPet: And Marsilia and the out west Vamps made it their mission to wipe out Walkers. Thats in one of the books....i wish I could remember which one. 13:24

kyria: Hi Varg, et al. 13:24

Baum Diggity: Pouty pouterson 13:24

Roz: Why didn't she wake up, really, until Mercy came along? 13:24

Baum Diggity: Hi, Kyria! 13:24

katy: Stefan mentioned - I think near the beginning of Blood Bound -- that he considered going over her head about the Daniel situation. I wonder who he would have gone to. 13:25

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Varg: Because nothing was reallt changing until then? 13:25

Baum Diggity: No, she'd pouted for a while 13:25

Varg: *really 13:25

Baum Diggity: He mentions a ruling council in BC.... 13:25

katy: Hi Kyria! 13:25

Varg: pouted *snicker* 13:25

Baum Diggity: I wonder who.... 13:25

Valery: Very lucky that Stefan's "fugue" didn't las as long as Marsila's 13:25

Baum Diggity: She was a grumpy gills for a while 13:25

AuroraPet: Ennui i imagine Roz 13:25

Has_mod: Ohhh I forgot about that mention. 13:26

Varg: And where is that rulling council. 13:26

Valery: she didn't have a Mercy to pull her out of hers, though 13:26

AuroraPet: And marsilias Maker picked a spot on the atlas and dumped her there. 13:26

Varg: Well, she had killed off all the others. 13:26

Varg: that could have made life more chaotic for her. 13:26

Roz: So, did Patty set us up for another fae story when she had Mercy kill one of the last six remaining otterkin? 13:26

AuroraPet: Yes, but if you remember Mercy didnt really know what it meant to be a Walker then. She had noone to guide her or fill her in. 13:27

Valery: Adam killed the rest, remember. 13:27

kyria: ...or when she had the fae secede from the USA 13:27

Baum Diggity: That's what makes me suspect the fae are involved, Kyria 13:27

Roz: It says in RM that the Gray Lords might come after her.... 13:27

Baum Diggity: I think they deemed it suicide by werewolf to cover their butts 13:28

CarolKat: For the otter kin? Roz? 13:28

AuroraPet: Well someone pretending to be FBI grabbed them. The leak gave that away. Adam said that they werent the FBI 13:28

kyria: Mercy's been in and out of the Gray Lords' minds since at least Iron Kissed. 13:28

Roz: Otterkin were a flesh eating kid of fae...ick 13:28

big city wolf: But they are associated with the government somehow. 13:28

Valery: but she's been so useful to the GLs otherwise 13:28

Varg: I wonder if the fae will start diplomatic relations with the rest of the world now that they have declared themselves a sovereign nation? 13:28

kyria: At some point they're going to decide to Do Something about her, I imagine 13:28

Baum Diggity: That's not a safe place to be...the GL's minds 13:28

Has_mod: @Roz I think that was about killing the fae otters but then they would have to kill Adam because he killed most of them and even so they were the ones who killed people and helped the moster 13:28

Roz: true 13:29

big city wolf: I don't think the fae see it that way. 13:29

Valery: and Adam's very high up in the Were heirarchy 13:29

Valery: First is Bran, then Charles, then Samuel--then Adam 13:29

CarolKat: I think everyone, vamps and fae know that messing with Mercy and Adam would be very bad for them indeed 13:30

white roses joined the chat 13:30

Varg: And Mercy has connections to all of those, and of course her father/not father. Not so easy prey for the GLs anymore. 13:30

Valery: it is pretty breath-taking to consider how much power Mercy has gained over the course of the series! 13:30

Varg: Hi white roses. 13:30

Has_mod: Hey White Roses! 13:30

CarolKat: Hi WR! 13:31

Baum Diggity: it is fun to look back on the character development 13:31

Valery: the humans have no idea what they're messing with. 13:31

CarolKat: That's why it's fun to do the re read before a new book.  13:31

white roses: Mercy is very good at making enemies and at making powerful friends which is why her life is so 'interesting'. 13:31

Varg: She is much more of a power house and better connected now yes. 13:31

Roz: And, people don't suspect her of that, being powerful. 13:31

katy: I think Mercy had a lot of that power all along, but she didn't have a clue that she had it, because she felt like an outsider, while Bran, Samuel, etc., thought of her as theirs. 13:32

Baum Diggity: That's the best part, katy! 13:32

Varg: That's true katy. 13:32

Valery: She has a VAMPIRE as one her best friends, for pity's sake!  13:32

Baum Diggity: And an iron-kissed fae, and a hot werewolf or two...and... 13:33

Baum Diggity: hm, not bad. 13:33

Valery: and the best divorce lawyer on the West coast! 13:33

white roses: I wonder if being mated to Adam has kicked started her 'power' 13:33

Has_mod: I think that's why she manages to shake things up because people do underestimate her or don't see her as a threat especially since she's surrounded by supes. That scene where she shoots Henry is telling because she's like I know what you are up to and BAM 13:33

Baum Diggity: Nah, she's had it all along, I think she needed the confidence and guidance 13:34

white roses: true 13:34

Valery: not that she'll need a divorce laywer, but that's pretty powerful  13:34

Baum Diggity: Hopefully not! 13:34

Valery: this woman is freaking awesome! 13:35

Varg: If you don't believe in it yourself you cannot be as powerful, her seeing herself as connected and strong has helped her believe in her own power much more. IMO 13:35

CarolKat: No divorce for Mercy and Adam, wolves mate for life. 13:35

Roz: I thought it was interesting that the river monster was a Native American monster, and the otterkin were helping it, being ?? European fae? 13:36

katy: I think that's why they were clueless enough to wake it up. They saw it and wanted its power, but didn't know any of the stories as to why it was sleeping. 13:36

Valery: did Edythe and the other Grey Lords misjudge the otterkin? seems they needed something powerful to worship, doesn't it. 13:37

Has_mod: CK I think for a couple of wolf matings that may not be the case *cough*Leah*cough* Not a happy mating/relationship 13:37

AuroraPet: Alot going on with the Grey Lords of the fae in the backstory. Faeries' coming out was an accident as far as the general public knows, but faeries and other supernatural characters are aware that it was ordered (or at least, manipulated into happening) by extremely powerful faerie lords. Coming out resulted in Fantastic Racism and getting forced into reservations, so it seems like a very bad thing for faeries as a whole, but over the course of the series, characters have discovered that the Grey Lords wanted to have high population densities of faeries living together because that would give them access to Underhill again, a Magical Land which the power of faeries is tied to. In short, the breaking of masquerade would, one way or another, accomplish the Grey Lords’ mission. 13:37

Varg: Also they were not terribly bright. Just fierce and dangerous. 13:37

Roz: Has, you crack me up!   13:37

AuroraPet: and in the last book, they accomplished that didnt they? Disappearing back to Underhill? 13:37

big city wolf: Yes, they did. 13:38

AuroraPet: So are they watching Mercy...or manipulating her? 13:38

Has_mod: @AuroraPet I think they used that as advantage - yep in the first chapter they've all disappeared into Underhill 13:38

Baum Diggity: how much of that fairy queen afair did they design? 13:38

Varg: Yep. Seems they now have the magical power base they were after. 13:38

Baum Diggity: to accomplish their goals. 13:38

big city wolf: But Underhill was coming back over the course of time. 13:38

AuroraPet: thanks to Mercy and the pack i think... 13:39

big city wolf: Not only was there the fairy queen, but also the water fae in Iron Kissed, where Mercy got lost at the seashore. 13:39

AuroraPet: My two year old is making it hard to pay as close attention asI would like. Whoever the hell convinced me another child after 40 was a good idea was purely nuts. 13:40

Baum Diggity: Ohhhh, yeah....darn.....they fae have more stinky layers than Wulfe! 13:40

AuroraPet: Oh wait...that was me... 13:40

Valery: so why put otterkin in the river and not the reservation? were they part of the big plan, or what? 13:40

AuroraPet: *sigh* 13:40

Baum Diggity: *the 13:40

Has_mod: BCW that was from the Reservation? But it was interesting Mercy managed to slip and break the illusion into there 13:40

Has_mod: Aurora no worries! *HUGS* 13:41

Baum Diggity: Let them free range, AP, they'll be fine 13:41

AuroraPet: Watch out HAS...i got pb and J opn me LOL 13:41

Baum Diggity: If not, it's a learning experience....or something.... 13:41

AuroraPet: it's something allright. 13:41

katy: Didn't Uncle Mike tell Adam that the otterkin weren't thriving on the reservation, so they decided to move them to the river? 13:42

Baum Diggity: lol, good luck! 13:42

Varg: I don't think anybod put them there, they wandered there on their own didn't they? 13:42

Baum Diggity: well, that's the story, so it's at least part-truth. 13:42

AuroraPet: I'm fairly certain she broke the illusion because of her Walker abilities. Illusion based on sight which she refused to acknowledge and used her oteher senses. 13:42

Baum Diggity: they wandered upstream and found the monster 13:42

CarolKat: @Varg I think Yo-Yo girl brought them there cause they were dying on the reservation 13:43

Varg: Ah yes. And liked the power of it so they stayed and started worshipping it. 13:43

Valery: It just seems a little bone-headed, putting murderous otterkin in a swimming hole at a beautiful new campground for humans! 13:43

AuroraPet: its somewhat explained that when you get past one portion of the illusion you can break the rest. Visual illusion is supposedly the strongest to break in most lore. 13:43

Has_mod: That's it on the illusion and Uncle Mike said its not a good thing to capture the attention of the grey lords 13:43

Baum Diggity: Seems legit, but probably not up the ACA accredation standards.... 13:43

Varg: AP Unless you depend on your nose as much as your eyes. 13:43

Baum Diggity: the otterkin 13:43

e_booklover: Remember the fae don't really care about the opinions of humans... A few eaten won't make much of a difference. 13:44

white roses: LOL 13:44

Baum Diggity: Effluvia. 13:44

Baum Diggity: no bigs. 13:44

Valery: but if you want to avoid notice, it still seems dumb to me 13:44

katy: And the swimming area was spelled somehow so that the otterkin couldn't harm anyone swimming there -- that's why they wandered out of it and found the monster 13:44

AuroraPet: Which according to the "laws" wandering around wasnt approved of, and they certainlydidnt expect a Walker to be in the reservation. At most Humans and soldiers at that. 13:44

AuroraPet: all brawn no offense intended to anyone of course. 13:44

Baum Diggity: I'm pretty brawny, so I'm a mite offended  13:45

AuroraPet:  13:45

Baum Diggity: brawny I mean I own paper towel. 13:45

AuroraPet: LOL 13:46

Has_mod: @aurora no your making good points - isnt there a common fae myth of humans being taken if they could see the fae or see thru illusions? Because they were dangerous to them and also useful? 13:46

AuroraPet: ugh..speaking of papertowel...I have a mess to clean up. if I can come back before the portal closes i shall return  nice meeting you all. 13:46

katy: It almost sounded like Edythe created the campground so there would be a place to relocate the otterkin -- but that seems like a lot of trouble, for seven creatures whose deaths they then didn't seem too distressed about. 13:46

Baum Diggity:  good luck with the ravening hoardes, AP - hope to hear from you soon! 13:47

Varg: Yes, but the fae does not always make sense in their use of resources. 13:47

Varg: Bye for now AP.  13:47

Has_mod: Cya later AP!!! 13:47

Baum Diggity: Well, katy, that could just mean that Edythe is scary powerful...that it was nbd for her 13:47

CarolKat: Bye AP good to meet you. 13:47

Roz: bye Aurora 13:47

Valery: When you think on it, the Fae seem to misjudge werewolves and Mercy a lot. 13:48

Baum Diggity: Could be arrogance through age. 13:48

big city wolf: Or just arrogance. 13:48

Baum Diggity: Just cause you've seen a lot, doesn't mean you've seen it all... 13:48

Valery: laying a geas on Anna to kill a fae in Hunting Ground for example--they expected Anna to die, not Dana the fae 13:48

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Re: River Marked Book Transcript | Feb 23, 2013
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2013, 08:26:39 pm »
katy: Yes... I wonder if her vision happened much earlier than indicated? Maybe she knew about the monster, and it would have popped up later to be a bigger problem if the otterkin hadn't been there to wake it up then 13:49

Varg: Valery: Yes. Might simply be due to them misunderstanding and misjudging the weres. 13:49

Baum Diggity: Better air this out now, while Mercy's still spry enough to take care of it for us! 13:49

Varg:  13:50

katy: Yeah, so let's create a campground there and get rid of those pesky otterkin while we're at it. 13:50

white roses: some wedding present 13:50

Baum Diggity:  13:51

Valery: yes, Katy, and send Mercy to do it for us! Have a happy life, Mercy and Adam!  13:51

CarolKat: Seems to me that everyone except the wolves have Mercy doing their dirty work! 13:51

Baum Diggity: Welll...... 13:51

Valery: the wolves try to protect her from it 13:51

Baum Diggity: Paul/Henry/Mary Jo 13:51

Valery: Except it seems clear in RM that Adam has come round 13:51

CarolKat: Just complicate things..LOL 13:52

karl joined the chat 13:52

Has_mod: Yep it calls their protective instincts. 13:52

Has_mod: Hey Karl! 13:52

Valery: he doesn't like it, but he's learning. 13:52

CarolKat: Hi Karl 13:52

karl: point toBaum. hey 13:52

Valery: Adam, that is 13:52

Baum Diggity: Hey, Karl  13:52

Varg: hi karl 13:53

CarolKat: Anyone else wondering if Bran can talk to and hear Mercy? 13:53

Baum Diggity: Well, I think he sort of could in SB, right? 13:54

Valery: She's back now, right? He can talk to pack 13:54

Has_mod: via the pack bonds? 13:54

Valery: pack, I mean 13:54

CarolKat: But he didn't have time to think about it. 13:54

karl: i believe so 13:54

katy: Yes, at least when he had the walking stick he could talk to her, and not hear her but get impressions from her 13:55

Valery: yes, that surprised him 13:55

Has_mod: Maybe his telepathy is creeping back in? He can send but not recieve but hearing Mercy it might be coming back 13:55

CarolKat: I wonder what would happen if Mercy tried to talk to him...even his own sons can't do that. 13:56

Valery: Or it is just Mercy's magic working oddly as it tends to do 13:56

big city wolf: But it sounded like he was thankful that he lost the ability to read minds. 13:56

karl: i cant wait to watch this whole Fae (war?) thing goes ! 13:56

CarolKat: Now that she's pack and mated to Adam 13:56

Baum Diggity: I think the stick amplified the connection... 13:56

Valery: Yes, bcw, anything witchy makes him nervous 13:56

big city wolf: @BD I think so too. 13:57

big city wolf: It was being her friend at the time. 13:57

Baum Diggity: I think telepathy would get old fast. 13:57

white roses: you guys type to fast! 13:57

Varg: I think the two way connection was due to the walking stick. 13:57

Baum Diggity: "at the time" yikes 13:57

CarolKat: LOL WR 13:57

Varg: WR  13:57

Baum Diggity: sorry WR! 13:57

AuroraPet: His Berzerker made it hard for him to deal with that ability as well. he hinted at that in one of the sorry ..The two year old is currently combing my hair UGH! 13:57

white roses: Bran is her 'father 13:57

Has_mod: LOL 13:58

Varg: LOl 13:58

Baum Diggity: you'll look so pretty, AP! 13:58

AuroraPet: Youre so optimistic Baum! 13:58

Baum Diggity: lol...laugh or cry, gotta do one! 13:58

big city wolf: Bran said that he was afraid to try to read minds again. 13:58

katy: Just make sure there aren't any scissors handy! 13:59

Varg: Optimistic is better than the other. 13:59

Has_mod: Had that experience with my niece -I KNOW the feeling!  13:59

Baum Diggity: Yikes. 13:59

AuroraPet: We shaved daddy's head earlier..she already has ideas... 13:59

Baum Diggity: I'd cry at the scissors. 13:59

CarolKat: No scissors please! 13:59

Baum Diggity:  13:59

big city wolf:  13:59

katy: Uh-oh! Not only ideas, but she knows which tools to use! 13:59

CarolKat: Scary that! I wouldn't sleep for a while.... 14:00

Baum Diggity: Well, at least she'll do a good job of it... 14:00

Varg:  14:00

AuroraPet: correct. i shall tie her up than. Problem solved. Out of closet when she is 18 14:00

Varg: Sounds reasonable. 14:00

Baum Diggity:  14:00

white roses: 21 14:00

CarolKat:  14:00

Varg: Or even 30 14:00

CarolKat: Now you guys soulnd like my SIL 14:00

AuroraPet: which makes me wonder....How Mercy will do with children if and when her and adam procreate. 14:00

big city wolf: What will Adam do if they are like Mercy? 14:01

Baum Diggity: Mercy would rock. Adam will be rocked by the chaos of small children. 14:01

CarolKat: I am still routing for twins, one coyote one wolf. 14:01

AuroraPet: What will Mercy do if they are like Mercy???LOL 14:01

Roz: Well, will all the females in the pack want to help "mother" the baby? 14:01

Valery: she's doing pretty well with Jessie so teenagers hold no terrors for her 14:01

Varg: Hmm I think she will be a fierce protector but not over protecctive. 14:01

karl: weroyte 14:01

Has_mod: You know I can see triplets! That would be really chaotic! 14:02

AuroraPet: i have 5 children ages 23 to 2 years old...teenagers held no horror for me either... 14:02

Baum Diggity: She says she has her bumps, but that's a tough thing to have thrust on you suddenly 14:02

AuroraPet: the two year old though...oh brother... 14:02

big city wolf: But how would she be around little twin Mercy's? 14:02

CarolKat: Adam will be the over-protective one, look how he is with Jessie 14:02

Roz: And, she's had younger half siblings to deal with, and the little guy who was deaf, all of Gabriel's little sisters, she did fine with them all. 14:02

Varg: And of course there is the uncles and grand parents. 14:02

Baum Diggity: She wanted to be a teacher, too 14:02

Baum Diggity: She's good with kids and chaos. 14:03

Valery: doggone it, I want to be raised by a pack!  14:03

CarolKat: She creates chaos 14:03

Baum Diggity: Heh...could you imagine a coyote as a teacher? What a wild classroom. 14:03

kyria: I never understood what the problem was with being "Raised by wolves" or "raised in a barn." They sound like valid options to me 14:03

CarolKat: Isn't Aurielle a high school teacher? 14:03

Baum Diggity: I was pasture-raised and I turned out okay...mostly. 14:04

white roses: yep 14:04

Valery: OMG, how about Ben dealing with a little girl? 14:04

katy: yes, chemistry 14:04

big city wolf: Wolves kill coyotes by nature. They're competitors. 14:04

Baum Diggity: Yeah, and I imagine Aurielle's class is like a dictatorship 14:04

AuroraPet: well, just to be a butt head..typical coyote litters range from one to NINETEEN pups... 14:04

AuroraPet: triplets would be an option... 14:04

kyria: I think Ben would be alright with a little girl. It's the older ones who get his panties in a twist. 14:04

CarolKat: Oh noooo! 14:04

AuroraPet: Oh yes! 14:04

e_booklover: It used to take two generations to raise a child...I think a pack would qualify. 14:04

AuroraPet: but the average is six  14:05

Valery: But any coyote pup of Mercy's will be a member of the pack, yes? So they'd protect it to the extreme 14:05

Varg: Do you think if there is a girl there will be pink stuff coming her way from Margi? 14:05

white roses: whould the pregnancy be in human or coyote weeks? 14:05

AuroraPet: i guess patricia will let us know that varg LOL 14:05

Baum Diggity: People weeks 14:05

Baum Diggity: And pink pink pink 14:05

Baum Diggity: It would be madness 14:05

kyria: Margi had a normal pregnancy. I assume Mercy was born human 14:05

Baum Diggity: Is that Margi's first grandbaby? 14:06

kyria: I would guess the same would be true of any offspring of hers. 14:06

katy: Pink from the wolves, too -- I'm picturing lots of pink stuffed bunnies 14:06

Valery: yeah, and turned into a pup in her crib. There's a dead giveaway your baby is out of the ordinary 14:06

Varg: Yes she was, it is mentioned somewhere that she ended up with Bran after changing into a coyote pup when she was two months ole. 14:06

kyria: "Huh, I left my baby here and someone replaced it with a puppy." 14:06

Varg: *old 14:06

Baum Diggity: Better check the well-baby benchmarks for that one... 14:06

white roses: ...exceptional hair growth 14:07

AuroraPet: and will her reproductive cycle be the same a s a coyotes? which is jana\uary through march...which means Thanksgiving in this new would be soon she gets pregnant  14:07

Valery: Adam on the phone to Bran daily for tips... 14:07

kyria: "Two months: Children should begin turning into wild animals" 14:07

kyria: No, I don't see that anywhere in the book... 14:07

Roz: LOL Yikes! 14:07

Baum Diggity: Ah, there it is. Sounds about right. 14:07

kyria: (the baby book that is, I see it in Mercyverse) 14:07

big city wolf:  14:07

Tal joined the chat 14:07

AuroraPet: Darn it, the pack here requires my attention....i must be off. Feeding time at the zoo  14:07

AuroraPet: Everyone have a great night. Hope to be here next time. 14:08

kyria: have fun, Aurora! 14:08

CarolKat: Bye again AP 14:08

Baum Diggity: Good luck with the monkeychow! 14:08

Valery: bye, AP 14:08

Varg: Bye again AP 14:08

katy: Bye AP 14:08

Has_mod: Cya AP! 14:09

big city wolf: Bye AP 14:09

white roses: I was supposed to be at my sisters 50 min ago , but I needed a shot of Mercyverse. Thanks everyone. 14:09

Has_mod: I am loving the baby discussion  14:09

Has_mod: its cracking me up! 14:09

Roz: Can't wait! 14:09

Valery: Oh noes--Coyote visiting the grandchildren! chaos! 14:09

Baum Diggity: bye wr! 14:09

CarolKat: I think Patty really has to reconsider this one.. 14:09

Varg: Bye Wr. 14:09

Valery: so long, WR 14:09

Varg: What kind of present would Coyote bring for a new grand baby?   14:10

e_booklover: a walking stick... 14:10

Baum Diggity:  14:10

Varg: You are evil e  14:10

e_booklover: *grin* 14:11

CarolKat:  E! 14:11

karl: lol 14:11

CarolKat: Talk about protective overkill! 14:11

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Baum Diggity: Last baby shower you'll ever be invited to by the hurogs... 14:11

e_booklover: lol 14:12

CarolKat: Imagine trying to crawl around with a walking stick tripping you every time you turn around... 14:12

Has_mod:  14:12

CarolKat: Baby's first steps with the stick... 14:13

Varg: Would have to learn how to walk and jump pretty fast with that in your way. 14:13

Baum Diggity: baby proof that one, why don't ya? 14:13

Valery: imagine the play dates with Samuel and Ariana's fae/werewolf kids... 14:13

e_booklover: See you guys are worse than I am! 14:13

Varg:  14:13

CarolKat:  14:14

Valery: Oh, yes, I can foresee a YA series from Patty! Hee-hee. 14:14

Baum Diggity: Clever! 14:14

Valery: or maybe evil laugh, heh-heh-heh! 14:15

Has_mod: I hope we get to see more of Kara from Blood Bound - hopefully we might get a short story on her! 14:15

Baum Diggity: I hope she's doin alright 14:16

Varg: Yes. That would be neat. 14:16

Valery: That would be cool. 14:16

CarolKat: I wonder how she is doing. I think Bran told Mercy she was coming along quite nicely. 14:16

Varg: She did end up in Aspen Creek didn't she? 14:16

Baum Diggity:  14:16

CarolKat: I wonder if she is with Bran and Leah or maybe Charles and Anna. 14:16

Baum Diggity: Yeah, she did....good to know. 14:16

CarolKat: I think 14:17

CarolKat: Anna would be a good mother to her 14:17

Valery: It would be nice for Kara to have Anna's calming presence now and then, i think 14:17

CarolKat: Charles could use a child around 14:18

katy: I would guess Bran would foster her to some couple in Aspen Creek, like he did with Mercy -- he couldn't trust Leah with Mercy. 14:18

CarolKat: Kara is a were though 14:18

CarolKat: not a coyote 14:19

Baum Diggity: Still a kid, though 14:19

big city wolf: But Leah isn't trustworthy with anyone. 14:19

Baum Diggity: I bet she's with some were couple in the pack. 14:19

Varg: Yes, still don't see Leah as someone you would trust a young girl with though. 14:19

Valery: Leah seems pretty selfish 14:19

Has_mod: Do you think if Mercy gets pregnant and its a werewolf - do you think this would help Adam to face his issues and fears for being a were himself? It seems to be hinted this way for me because Mercy is pragmatic and is accepting 14:19

katy: Yes, so there wouldn't be quite the same issues. She attacks anyone who has Bran's affection, but Charles and Samuel are old enough not to be vulnerable. 14:19

Roz: Mercy seems to have no problem with all the different strangeness that is part of the/her world. 14:20

CarolKat: He would definately have to rethink his monsterous view of that side of himself 14:20

Roz: Adam, he may have an adjustment period to have to consider having a long lived child. 14:20

Varg: yes, but to her that is just the way the world is, not some new strangeness she needs to cope with. 14:21

CarolKat: How do you think Jessie would feel about a sibling were? 14:21

Valery: I think she'd be thrilled. 14:21

Roz: speaking of having cubs/pups....there is a website with a live camera on a momma dog, Great Dane, about to have pups. She is huge and breathing really hard. Guess they must be close to arriving. Wonder if a werebaby would be bigger than a human baby? 14:22

e_booklover: I think the big difference between Charles and the other wolves is that they were all brought about through violence and that has to leave an imprint. 14:22

Has_mod: Whose read the first chapter of Frost Burned on the site? LOL She's def up for it I think 14:22

karl: teething would be a DRAG !!! 14:22

Baum Diggity: Yikes! 14:22

Varg: karl! ouch! lol 14:22

Roz: I think I've read that first chapter at least ten times. I can't wait. I'll have to download it to my Nook, I'll be on vacation then. 14:23

Valery: Got it pre-ordered for the Kindle. it will show up automatically! Whee! 14:24

Varg: Me too! 14:24

CarolKat: Breast feeding??? 14:25

karl: WHOA!!!! 14:25

Valery: then I call in sick to work, and stay home to finish it  14:25

CarolKat: LOL 14:25

CarolKat: I have it on preorder as well. 14:25

karl: That would only happen once. 14:25

CarolKat: @Has are we doing 14:26

CarolKat: Fair Game next week? 14:26

Roz: Well, gang, I'm taking off. Are we going to chat next Saturday? 14:26

Has_mod: LOL 14:26

Varg: it will arrive very early in the morning. I might be able to read it before the evening shift.   14:26

Elle_mod joined the chat 14:26

CarolKat: I think we should last one before the release 14:26

Elle_mod: hey all.  14:26

CarolKat: Hi Elle! 14:27

Has_mod: Hey Elle!!!  14:27

Roz: Hi Elle 14:27

Varg: Hi Elle  14:27

karl: High Elle.  14:27

Elle_mod: what have I walked into.  14:27

Roz: Yes please, one more chat would be EXCELLENT! 14:27

e_booklover: Hi Elle!!! 14:27

CarolKat: I'm game! 14:28

Roz: See you then, Saturday, March 2nd. Same bat time, same bat channel? 14:28

CarolKat: You have walked in on us trying to get Patty to have Mercy and 14:28

Valery: I'd make the effort to come. These are fun! 14:28

Has_mod: Oh def!!! There is more - There's one for Frost Burned next weekend as a speculation chat - and we need to set up times and dates for post FB and author chats 14:28

CarolKat: Adam have kids 14:28

Varg: Speculation is what you have walked into  14:28

Roz: Super! Bye all then, good to talk with you all! 14:29

Has_mod: Valery if you are enjoying the chats we can host regular ones! 14:29

CarolKat: Bye Roz! I am enjoying these as well. 14:29

Has_mod: Bye Roz - the chat is still going on so dont worry 14:29

Varg: A chat next week would be fun. And Fair Game is sort of important for following events isn't it? 14:30

Valery: One of my faves as well. 14:31

Valery: (and a cameo appearance by Adam via phone) 14:31

katy: I'm planning to reread Fair Game this week 14:31

Elle_mod: just going back and reading the chat. you guys had a good one. sweet 14:32

Valery: Afraid I need to get going, or will accomplish nothing today. 14:32

Varg:  I am going to reread River Marked I think, with a slightly different point of view now that we have speculated. 14:33

Valery: Chat with you again next week, if I can! Bye! 14:33

Has_mod: We can def do an Alpha and Omega chat series - we have the room for the next couple of months 14:33

Varg: Bye Valery  14:33

Has_mod: cya Valery! 14:33

Varg: Perhaps even a Hurog chat eventually? 14:33

CarolKat: It's important cause Frost Burned is happening right after Fair Game 14:33

CarolKat: Right? 14:34

CarolKat: All the books are up for chatting! 14:34

Elle_mod: Varg can have a Hurog chat whenever you want one. I'm always up for chatting about Ward and Oreg.  14:34

CarolKat: The Hob, I love the Hob! 14:34

Varg:  14:34

Has_mod: Varg sure! And def! All the mods have the keys to this room so if anyone is up for chatting they can go for it 14:35

Varg: We could speculate about Hurog 3. But now I need to find some sleep. Tomorrow is wr*k.  14:36

Varg: Bye *waves* 14:36

Elle_mod: Def. nice to see if you if only for a few minutes.  14:36

katy: Bye, Varg! 14:36

CarolKat: Night Varg! See you on Wordfeud and Hurog 14:36

Elle_mod: All I want for Frost Burned and Mercy 8 is for Mercy to have some time to heal her body. She's been so beat up lately. 14:38

Has_mod: Elle I AGREE! RM was the worse  14:38

Baum Diggity joined the chat 14:38

CarolKat: That's true Elle, I am amazed Adam is so calm after all of this. 14:39

Baum Diggity: My internets is a fickle mistress....I have missed much talking  14:39

Elle_mod: there are always people here for the chatting Baum Diggity. lol 14:41

Has_mod: @BD you missed babies and breastfeeding!  14:41

Baum Diggity: Yay! 14:41

Baum Diggity: Well, not the toothy breastfeeding. 14:41

katy: That's a good point, Elle, and it can't have been more than about 3 months since RM -- barely time to heal from the injuries she had. 14:41

Baum Diggity: That posted at an inopportune time... 14:41

karl:  14:41

Elle_mod: @BD bwah 14:42

katy: Well, really, when's a good time for that sentence?  14:42

Baum Diggity: touche. 14:42

Has_mod: LOL 14:42

CarolKat:  14:42

Elle_mod: I think of all the UF women out there I worry for Mercy the most 14:42

Baum Diggity: definitely. I think it's because she's physically more frail and emotionally one I cheer for most. 14:43

CarolKat: Me too , she seems to get beat up a lot, she wouldn't have her arm if it wasn't for Nemane. 14:43

Baum Diggity: I hope the Rabbit took the brunt of the damage this book around. 14:43

katy: Yes, the fact that her "superpowers" don't include super healing is worrisome! 14:43

Elle_mod: everyone else seems to health so easily or with have some outside power helping her. everytime something happens I cringe 14:43

Elle_mod: to heal. lol 14:44

Baum Diggity: I know this will come out bad, but I'm glad when she gets hurt she stays that way for a bit. 14:44

karl:  14:44

Baum Diggity: It makes it more believable and makes the violence something you can't just ignore - the character can actually be hurt and has to heal... 14:44

Has_mod: I think it makes her more real and vulnerable esp in dangerous stakes 14:44

e_booklover: @Baum Diggity it keeps her from becoming the heroine who has all the powers etc... 14:44

Baum Diggity: Not that I'm out, like, beating coyotes for fun or something. 14:45

katy: I agree -- so many book characters seem to bounce right back from injuries 14:45

CarolKat: Well this time she was in a wheelchair enough already! 14:45

Elle_mod: no I agree @BD I like that Patty has done that so there are consequences but I worry that Mercy will cross a line somewhere and not be able to easily get back 14:45

Baum Diggity: Yes, E, thanks  14:45

Baum Diggity: That could be problematic, Elle. 14:45

Baum Diggity: I guess that's the gamble that a coyote takes, like Babba Yaga says. 14:46

CarolKat: I hope the anthology with the short stories makes it out this year as well. There are some good stories in the making 14:46

Has_mod: @BD I think that's going to happen - it felt like a prophecy didn't it 14:47

Elle_mod: CK. I can't wait for that, especially Ben's and Sam's 14:47

Baum Diggity: Definitely - looks like it'll be a fun one. Though with all of the requests we keep making for a variety of shorts, there will have to be more after it to satisfy our hunger for the more obscure character's backstories! 14:48

CarolKat: maybe 2 Sam's one his and one with Ariana 14:48

Baum Diggity: It did indeed, Has, and an ominous one at that!  14:48

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Re: River Marked Book Transcript | Feb 23, 2013
« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2013, 08:29:12 pm »
e_booklover: @CK so do I! 14:48

CarolKat: Ben is coming along so nicely it would be great to know his whole story. 14:49

Elle_mod: @CK even if just a little bit more would be good. I like a bit of mystery still.  14:50

Baum Diggity: Agreed! 14:50

CarolKat: Yeah but maybe we could see why he responds so well to Mercy 14:50

Elle_mod: @CK that's one of my fav parts of the series now.  14:51

Has_mod: And background on why he left London! I am hankering for his backstory 14:51

katy: I'm anxious to see what we learn about Ben in this book, since it appears he's the only one of Adam's wolves not captured. 14:51

CarolKat: Well we've already been accused of mind reading. LOL 14:51

Baum Diggity: Definitely that. There's been so much flying around, lately, I want to get to the bottom of Ben's story... 14:51

Elle_mod: We have all of those European wolves to play with as well and who knows...maybe we'll get a flashback of Adam in New mexico? I love to see how Darryl and Auriele met.  14:52

Has_mod: @Elle! That must have been fun because Auriele and Darryl didn't get along heh 14:53

Baum Diggity: The pack backstory would be cool! 14:53

CarolKat: @Elle, that should be a fun story, didn't Aurielle down right hate Darryl at one point for being so uppity? 14:53

Elle_mod: @Has. I love a little animosity!  14:53

Baum Diggity: Yeah, CK, that's what Adam said....what an interesting relationship... 14:54

Elle_mod: @katy I can't wait for more Ben as well. He's so loveable but not 14:54

katy: I wonder why the pack relocated from NM to WA 14:54

Has_mod: I love relationships that started off that way. Wasn't that covered in Homecoming? About the pack moving 14:54

CarolKat: @Katy I would like to know that too. I have homecoming I don't recall that... 14:55

Baum Diggity: Well, how they got to the Tri Cities, but not NM, I thought....I don't have it with me, so I'd have to check... 14:55

Elle_mod: @Has @katy yes, kind of canon-y but Bran sent Adam and the pack up to WA to deal with the rogue wolves there 14:55

CarolKat: Was Adam married in NM? Maybe that's why Christy got so bad... 14:55

katy: Oh... I need to reread that. I'm trying to do a comprehensive reread before this book comes out, but I'd forgotten about Homecoming! 14:55

Elle_mod: @CK yes...that's an interesting take...never thought about that. Christy maybe resenting the move 14:56

Baum Diggity: hmmm.... 14:56

CarolKat: and then Bran asking Ada to keep an eye on his neighbor stuck in her craw as well 14:57

CarolKat: *Adam 14:57

Elle_mod: I know he's basically a non-entity but I'd love to meet Everett the Houston Alpha who is so dominant 14:57

CarolKat: He's Fifth isn't he? 14:57

Elle_mod: yes 14:57

Baum Diggity: Would be an interesting backstory. Wonder if he ever knew Warren. 14:58

CarolKat: Maybe we could see one of the Alpha Conclaves Bran has every year. 14:58

Baum Diggity: Oh, Alphacon.... 14:58

e_booklover: lol 14:58

katy: I wonder if that's still true? The ordering we heard is what Mercy learned as a child. But there are at least a few new alphas since then, like the one in Boston 14:59

Elle_mod: @BD...that would be very interesting if they knew each other from before...hmmm...and yes. Alphacon! I smell a new shirt design. lol 14:59

Baum Diggity:  14:59

Baum Diggity: Hmm, maybe that's why Warren moved to the TC? 14:59

CarolKat: Imagine the fun...Adam and Darryl gone Mercy alone with Jessie and the pack 15:00

Baum Diggity: Mwahahahha.... 15:00

Has_mod: LMAO at Alphacon LOL I can see some of the weres nicknaming it that 15:00

katy: Based on the bits we know of Warren's backstory, if they knew each other before, it couldn't have been pleasant! 15:00

CarolKat: I wonder who ultimately took over the Chicago pack Anna was in. 15:01

Has_mod: We need to keep notes of this and ask Patty!  15:01

Baum Diggity: Ah! Speculations - so many thoughts, so little time! 15:01

Elle_mod: @CK I can't help but wonder if they were just merged into the other pack 15:01

CarolKat: I survived the testosterone at AlphaCon! LOL 15:01

Elle_mod: none of them seemed strong enough to hold it 15:01

Baum Diggity: Weren't there 2 in Chicago? 15:01

katy: I wondered that, too. There was the third, who took over right away, but I had the sense that there was no very dominant wolf left 15:02

e_booklover: I had the feeling they would probably merge or the 3rd would get some help and he would try to hold them together. 15:02

CarolKat: @BD yes the other one stayed away from Anna's pack, they were pretty adamant about staying away 15:02

Baum Diggity: Maybe that would change, now. 15:03

Elle_mod: what with the goings on for sure...but after Charles and Anna cleaned them out I could see the other Alpha bringing them all the heel...that'd be a good story! 15:03

CarolKat: I agree! Another one for Patty to work on   15:04

Elle_mod: so Jaimie is the Alpha of the other pack. another mystery!  15:04

Baum Diggity: Where does it talk about Jaimie, again? Just in early A&O? 15:05

Has_mod: I would like to see what happened to Henry as well - is he still doing ok under Bran's 'care'  15:05

Elle_mod: @BD in A&O and one mention in Cry Wolf 15:06

Baum Diggity: Bran-rehab is a tough program. 15:06

Baum Diggity: Ah, thanks, Elle. 15:06

katy: Yes, and we don't actually meet Jaimie, even in A&O, just one of his wolves who has a restaurant. 15:06

Elle_mod: @Has...yes...I'd like to see that as well 15:06

Baum Diggity: No, no, no, you can't make me go to Bran-hab... 15:06

Has_mod: You know I had an evil thought - Henry and Leah in the same town and isn't he a stock broker???? ZOMG!!!! 15:07

Elle_mod: @katy, yes, so much potential for other stories! We so need an AlphaCon 15:07

Has_mod: And Leah is in charge of the pack finances as well! 15:07

Elle_mod: @Has. uh-oh 15:07

Baum Diggity: Oh, there's a scary pair. 15:07

Has_mod: I noes!!! 15:07


CarolKat: Charles is in ultimate control of the finances though, isn't he? 15:08

CarolKat: He's a whiz at knowing what to buy and the like 15:09

Has_mod: Nope In Fair Game Bran gave it to Leah for awhile although he was in control for awhile 15:09

Baum Diggity: That may have changed since Charles' recovery, though... 15:09

karl: Bran tooksome of it away too lighten the load4 Charles 15:09

CarolKat: Right because Charles was having problems. Now I remember 15:09

katy: Well, we can hope after Fair Game that Charles is getting some of that back, but Bran had taken the finances away. 15:10

Elle_mod: that is a hard call...I could see him letting Leah keep it to give her more responsibility though. not sure though 15:10

CarolKat: I can't see him leaving things in Leah's hands for long she is a greedy b**ch 15:10

Elle_mod: @CK. lol 15:10

Janilee: She also knows which side her bread is butter on. 15:10

Baum Diggity: Well, it depends on how bad Leah really is 15:10

Has_mod: LMAO 15:10

Baum Diggity: Beyond our hatred. 15:11

Has_mod: When you have the mate of the marrok flirting with Asil - it says A LOT 15:11

Elle_mod: @Janilee I agree. there would have to be a something pretty massive for her to take that step 15:11

katy: Giving her a taste of that power and then taking it away again will surely make her sweeter, right? (Not!) 15:11

CarolKat: Yes it does, Has. Hate Leah! 15:11

Baum Diggity: Maybe Leah's so mean because nobody likes her. 15:12

Baum Diggity: Just kidding, I'm not a fan of hers, either. 15:12

Baum Diggity: But a backstory on her might explain more. 15:12

karl: oxy moron 15:12

CarolKat: Well she doesn't inspire kinship 15:12

Elle_mod: I'm always the Leah apologist.  15:12

katy: I do think that's part of it, and the fact that she knows she's a replacement for Bran's previous wife 15:13

Janilee: I don't like Leah personally. She has a role and keeps the story from being too sweet. 15:13

Elle_mod: I don't really like her but I can see why she is why she eyes but still I feel bad for her in a lot of ways. Can't be easy like you said katy 15:13

CarolKat: I need to see her do something nice for someone. She just doesn't seem to do that at all. She's jealous of Charles and Samuel and Mercy and probably all the other Alphas as well 15:14

Baum Diggity: To be a "replacement wife" has got to hurt more than trophy wife. 15:14

Elle_mod: I don't really think she's that powerful on her own so all her power is only through Bran and his position 15:14

Baum Diggity: You know, CK, she probably feeds orphans when she's not in the books. 15:14

Elle_mod: that has to burn. 15:14

Has_mod: I understand why she's like that but I also think she's too blinded by her own hate and bitterness to try to actually win Bran 15:14

karl: you mean EATS orphans 15:15

CarolKat: I sincerely doubt it, she probably kills cats or something 15:15

Baum Diggity: I was waiting for it, Karl  15:15

Elle_mod: i want to know how long they've been mated. maybe a hundred years? 75? 15:15

CarolKat: @Karl   15:15

Elle_mod: ​ 15:15

Baum Diggity: That's why I want backstory, Elle. 15:16

Elle_mod: @BD definitely. I wonder how they met. so curious 15:16

Baum Diggity: I think even just having the basic facts will make it clearer for interpretation 15:16

Mid_mod: Dieee Leah dieeeee (don't tell Patty I said that  ) 15:16

Elle_mod: lol 15:16

Elle_mod: I'm telling 15:16

Baum Diggity: Who she was, how she was turned, how they met....what's her favorite color... 15:17

Baum Diggity: (not the red of orphan blood) 15:17

Has_mod: LMAO : 15:17

katy: I wondered that, too. In Cry Wolf, it says Bran's wolf decided he needed a mate to "spread out the cost" of controlling the Berserker, but that it took Bran a while to find somebody so stupid he was sure he'd never love her 15:17

Mid_mod: I dislike Leah for the simple fact she's just not nice. Sure, it must suck having a mate that doesn't love you. But to take it out on everyone else, making their lives miserable and abusing her power? That sets my alarm bells ringing 15:18

Baum Diggity: Well, she probably can't knit, so she has no better hobby to rely upon... 15:18

katy: We've also only seen her at moments that were particularly difficult for her. 15:19

Elle_mod: everyone needs a hobby!  15:19

CarolKat: She's made being the "Queen B***ch" an art form 15:19

Has_mod: @Katy this is why I dont really think its a full mating - its with their wolves. But their human halves its not fully accepted esp on Bran's part. 15:19

Baum Diggity: Probably not on Leah's, either. 15:20

Mid_mod: I always have to remind myself that the series isn't romance, so I don't expect a happy ending for Leah and Bran. 15:20

Elle_mod: we do def need more info on her...which is why I hope we get more Ari info in the short stories as well. 15:20

Baum Diggity: Granted, she can pull on his power.... 15:20

e_booklover: But Bran can be charming and he has paid enough attention to Leah to keep her happy in certain ways. 15:20

karl: teach her toplay fetch 15:20

Baum Diggity: oh. burn. 15:20

Janilee: It is enough of a mating to keep Bran from going Berserk. 15:20

katy: Well, here's a wild thought, inspired by the last few comments. Janilee, are you still here? Do you know if wolf hair can be spun? 15:20

karl: lol 15:21

CarolKat: Spun into what? 15:21

katy: Ah, you are stil here! 15:21

Baum Diggity: Wool? 15:21

CarolKat: Bran does have witch blood 15:21

Baum Diggity: That would be itchy. 15:21

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katy: Into yarn, to be knit 15:21

katy: or woven. 15:21

Baum Diggity: Yarn. That's the word I meant. Silly me. 15:22

Janilee: I can. Better if mixed with something. They are however an endangered species and messing with their fur is ill eagle. 15:22

Baum Diggity: Definitely not alpaca-grade softness. 15:22

katy: I once knew someone who had a favorite sweater made from the hair of one of her dogs. 15:22

CarolKat: We're talking Weres here Janilee 15:22

Janilee: I have a small bit I purchesed at a wolf sanctuary. 15:22

karl: eeew 15:22

CarolKat: They aren't the same 15:22

Baum Diggity: weird.... 15:22

katy: I'd think Aspen Creek would have access to plenty of shed fur. 15:22

Baum Diggity: You'd be wearing people you knew. 15:23

Baum Diggity: I dunno if I'd be okay with that. 15:23

Baum Diggity: Hm....nope. 15:23

Elle_mod:  15:23

CarolKat: I wonder if they like being brushed in their were forms like regular dogs do. 15:23

Janilee: Most probably they could spin it. Think of all of the hair watch chains of the victorian era. 15:23

Baum Diggity: Sam liked being scratched behind his ears.... 15:23

Baum Diggity: Janilee - weird, weird, weird. 15:24

Mid_mod: Not sure if you've read this, but Patty create a reply from Bran, saying Leah doen't love him but love the power - 15:24

CarolKat:  15:24

karl: do u still have fleas and ticks when u shift back ?  15:24

Mid_mod: created* *doesn't 15:24

Janilee: I tried to get a fiber mill to get permission to mix the wolf fur with bison to make a specialty yarn. 15:24

katy: I'm imagining a cottage industry -- wolf grooming salons gather the fur, spinners take it from there... 15:24

Has_mod: I think patty did a Mercy interview mentioning fleas LOL 15:25

Baum Diggity: Ugh, terrible day when you have to wear a flea collar to work. 15:25

karl: wolf grooming ? BIG $$ 15:25

CarolKat: LMAO 15:25

Elle_mod: a whole new cottage industry.  15:26

Baum Diggity: Dare you to give Bran a lion-cut. 15:26

CarolKat: Not in this lifetime! 15:26

karl: Charles probably bought stock in "Front Line" ! 15:26

Baum Diggity: LOL 15:27

Has_mod: LMAO its a smart decision! 15:27

CarolKat: *Spews wine over computer screen!* ARRRGGHH 15:27

Baum Diggity: I love the last line of the Mid - the Clorox commercials lie....LMAO 15:28

Mid_mod: I noes. That keeled me  15:28

katy: He needs to talk to Adam about that -- didn't he say he'd found a cleaning company that could get the blood out of his white carpet, thanks to Mercy? 15:30

Janilee: Elizavetta 15:30

Has_mod: And it confirms shes not into him other than power and status - also flirting with Asil because he's almost as old as Bran 15:30

Has_mod: @Laty LOL 15:30

Baum Diggity: Oh, yeah! Hey- how do you deal with that? Keeping that on the DL. Other than Elizaveta... 15:30

Has_mod: Katy sorry 15:30

Mid_mod: I think Bran needs a mate that's more sneaky than him 15:31

Has_mod: It has to be more of an equal relationship - he's not with Leah and there is no respect either 15:31

Elle_mod: I need more Warren/Kyle stories. I like it when Warren slaps the witches down.  He's sneaky. 15:31

Baum Diggity: They are something fun to read  An interesting pair of personalities! 15:32

Has_mod: YES! That was a different side of him - we hadn't seen before 15:32

e_booklover: @Elle I love seeing Kyle and Warren togther. 15:32

CarolKat: I want to know if they are truly mated now, or will be now that Washington allows same sex marriage. 15:33

e_booklover: Elizaveta keeps losing family members though...that might come back as an issue 15:33

Elle_mod: @CK they are from their short story a mated pair. 15:33

Baum Diggity: I'm hoping the rest of the pack has accepted it. 15:33

Elle_mod: @e...good point. I wonder if she'll bring in someone else 15:34

katy: Yes, warren claimed Kyle to Elizaveta 15:34

Has_mod: @E I know! I wonder if that wil happen because Mercy or the pack is behind those deaths 15:34

Mid_mod: I would love to see more of Moira and Tom 15:34

Janilee: They may just choose to ignore it. 15:34

e_booklover: Did I miss it or was there any fallout when Mercy could calm Warren down but he didn't listen to the official "Second"? 15:34

Elle_mod: I think Bran with a witch would be interesting because he hates them...but they're like the vamps to me, the black ones are evil 15:35

Baum Diggity: Not really, just a grumpy Darryl 15:35

Janilee: Any fallout was taken care of by Adam I believe. 15:35

Has_mod: There is a hint that Warren may be as dominant or is more dominant than Darryl but it seemed to be settled 15:35

katy: Darryl was grumpy afterward, so far, that was pretty much all. 15:36

CarolKat: I think we get more of Tom and Moira in the new Anthology 15:36

Elle_mod: I love Tom and Moira. they're fun 15:36

Has_mod: @Elle you know that would be FUUUUUUUUUUUN if there was a witch who captured his attention but it would have be someone like Moira or another magical user 15:36

e_booklover: Warren was just as or more I think during Blood Bound? 15:36

CarolKat: One who could handle Leah! 15:36

karl: @MM i believe Patty said there would b a MOIRA/TOM story in the upcoming short story book. 15:36

Mid_mod: But until Leah is gone, Bran will never stray. Hmmm, spec on how we can get rid of Leah  15:37

Baum Diggity:  15:37

karl: Along w/a Ben ! 15:37

CarolKat: @e We found that out when Darryl could control the injured Warren but Mercy could. 15:37

Baum Diggity: I'm glad this is fiction - I hate playing accessory to crimes. 15:37

Elle_mod: would be but white witches no power except Moira and her sacrifice of herself and the black witches are crazy evil. hmmm....I love the possibility though 15:37

Janilee: Hunting accident? 15:38

e_booklover: @CK right so I was wondering if that didn't cause any further ripples because there were so few witnesses or something else? 15:38

e_booklover: @Mid but that would hurt Bran and put the packs in danger... 15:38

Has_mod: I cant see Bran going for a black witch but someone who is a Wizard? They are suppose to work with elemental like magic right? 15:38

Mid_mod: She's gets eaten by a moose? There's moose in the US, right? 15:38

katy: That scene after Warren was injured was also evidence that his wolf had taken Kyle as mate, since he didn't hurt Kyle. 15:38

Janilee: More in Canada, but yes there are Moose in the U.S. 15:38

Baum Diggity: Vicious creatures, them moose. 15:38

Has_mod: Moose don't eat meat? But they keeeel things tho 15:38

Has_mod: LOL 15:38

Baum Diggity: A moose on the Atkin's diet? 15:39

Elle_mod:  15:39

e_booklover: @katy right . @Mid I am dying over here laughing at Leah being moose bait 15:39

karl: weremoose 15:39

CarolKat: Wasn't Bran's first wife mauled by a moose and he turned her to save her. 15:39

Baum Diggity: Ohh, poetic justice moose to the rescue! 15:39

Mid_mod: Heh 15:39

Has_mod: LMAO 15:39

katy: That would be ironic -- wasn't it why Bran changed BlueJay woman? she had been attacked by a moose (or elk?) and was dying 15:40

Has_mod: And Leah dies by Moose - I like that! 15:40

Elle_mod: oh boy.  15:40

CarolKat: @katy Yep poetic justice at it's best 15:40

Baum Diggity: "Deer - the great equalizer" Now that would be a good short  15:40

Elle_mod: the circle of life? lol 15:40

Mid_mod: Elle! LOL 15:41

Janilee: And Bran starts the extinction of the moose? 15:41

Has_mod: @elle Bad werewolf liuck style?  15:41

Baum Diggity: Werewolves declare war on moose: request Fae assistance. 15:41

CarolKat: I love the way we think 15:41

Has_mod: You know the fae would just turn the rest into weremoose - Now that would be scary 15:42

Janilee: I was thinking a high powered rifle from a distance myself, but a moose works. 15:42

Baum Diggity: Moosekin? 15:42

karl: great big sons o guns 15:43

Elle_mod: you're all loopy.  15:43

Baum Diggity: I blame antibiotics. 15:43

CarolKat: No fae assistance, but let's see Leah killed by moose, on the way home Bran meets a white witch like Moira and it's love at first sight? 15:43

Baum Diggity: Okay, I was like this before them.... 15:43

katy: Hmm... weremoose. I don't see them lasting long, or at least propagating much, since they're herbivores. 15:44

CarolKat: @Elle and your point? I did find the Troll! 15:44

Elle_mod: lol 15:44

katy: I dunno, I think any sort of witch would trigger some serious mommy issues for Bran. 15:44

Baum Diggity: I saw the troll comment....and thought, I don't think Brand and Troll would be a happy couple.. 15:44

Has_mod: LMAO But if they are weremoose would that make them carnivores? 15:44

Baum Diggity: *Bran 15:44

Baum Diggity: Carnivorous 1000 lbs. deer. 15:45

Baum Diggity: I'm moving. 15:45

karl: BRAN+YOYO GIRL=❤ 15:45

Elle_mod: I'm not sure who I'd like to see Bran with...someone who throws him off his game for sure. 15:45

e_booklover: LOL 15:45

Elle_mod: and we have a winner. 15:45

Baum Diggity: OMG....Karl....somewhere​ in you is a scary psychopath 15:46

Has_mod: O_O 15:46

Baum Diggity: I like it. 15:46

karl: ​ 15:46

CarolKat: Oh my not sure if that's fun or scary! 15:46

Has_mod: Yoyo girl has to change her appearance - 15:46

katy: Eww... I hope she has a glamour that makes her appear more than 8 yrs old. 15:46

Baum Diggity: Yeah, that would be creepy. 15:46

Mid_mod: And her killing ways lol 15:46

Baum Diggity: Stranger danger. 15:46

CarolKat: Like to see a pedophile aproach her! 15:47

Baum Diggity: They could have Witch BQs, though. 15:47

Baum Diggity: Cute date night. 15:47

karl: YUM 15:47

Janilee: Eww! 15:47

katy: I guess the two of them agree about witches, though. 15:47

Baum Diggity: High-five, Karl! 15:47

Has_mod: BUAH! 15:47

Janilee: I'm thinking Bran needs to fall for a chaos theory scientist. 15:48

CarolKat: Someone call a vet! we are very sick puppies! LMAO 15:48

Baum Diggity: Nah, that would be fun for Coyote. 15:48

Mid_mod: I kinda like the image of Mercy's mom and Bran 15:49

karl: Whom ever , needs to b Mega powerfull. So theres mutual respect. 15:49

Mid_mod: But alas, Margie is happy. Darn her happy marriage  15:49

Janilee: I don't think Margi likes Bran. 15:49

CarolKat: Yeah but she's already married and if she wasn't wouldn't Coyote have first dibs? 15:49

Baum Diggity: Margi is happy, and I think she'd lead Bran about by the nose or be quite unhappy herself. 15:50

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Re: River Marked Book Transcript | Feb 23, 2013
« Reply #4 on: February 23, 2013, 08:29:47 pm »
Mid_mod: Oh yeah. Margi and Bran have some mega tension between them. 15:50

Elle_mod: I don't like Margi all that much, tbh 15:50

Has_mod: @Mid I see it too! But I dont think they get along 15:50

CarolKat: Wonder what Margi would do if she knew about Coyote. 15:50

Baum Diggity: I feel like I know a mom who's a lot like Margi, so I find her endearing. 15:50

Baum Diggity: Oh, Coyote would be in buckets of trouble. 15:51

CarolKat: She's bound to find out ya know 15:51

Has_mod: @CK I hope not - I think that would do a number on Margi but I got a feeling she will find out. The pack knows and secrets are hard to keep 15:51

Baum Diggity: Secrets, secrets are no fun! 15:51

Elle_mod: she will find out eventually I think but not anytime soon 15:51

Mid_mod: And I can see Margi asking Mercy why she never told her 15:51

Mid_mod: I can see that being a major problem 15:51

CarolKat: Not again! 15:52

Has_mod: I totally agree!!!! 15:52

e_booklover: @Has @CK but Margi isn't really part of the pack...although she does have a knack for finding things out. 15:52

Baum Diggity: I hope she doesn't. 15:52

Has_mod: And it seems that Coyote still has feelings for her in RM 15:52

Elle_mod: I'd be happy to not see Mercy's family for a while. I like more pack family stories.  15:52

CarolKat: But if Coyote keeps popping up Margi is certain to accidentally run into him and oh how sparks will fly 15:53

Baum Diggity: Oh. Awkward............. 15:53

CarolKat: Yep 15:53

CarolKat: Maybe Ben will get better enough that he will go after Mercy's little sister. 15:54

katy: uh-oh... either my computer's gone flaky or I'm having an existential crisis. Am I still here? 15:54

Elle_mod: you are katy  15:54

Baum Diggity: We see you Katy - don't go toward the light! 15:55

e_booklover: @katy I hope so...or i am replying to a figment of my imagination 15:55

Baum Diggity: Stay with us! 15:55

CarolKat: You're still here katy!   15:55

Baum Diggity: And I don't want Ben dead, so no. 15:55

Janilee: Might be time to clear the room. 15:55

Mid_mod: Do we need to clear the room for lagging? 15:55

Has_mod:  its the weremoose talk isn't it  15:55

CarolKat: LOL 15:55

Bill/Reidiwr left the chat 15:55

Has_mod: Sure give me a sec to clear the room! 15:55

Baum Diggity: Go for the eyes, Katy! 15:55

Baum Diggity: defend yourself from the weremoose! 15:55

Has_mod cleared the room 15:55

Baum Diggity: Ooooooooooooooooooooo1 15:56

Baum Diggity: ! 15:56

Has_mod: If anyone is having issues with lagging let me know! 15:56

karl: i was thinking Ben and oooh whats her name ?Sabrina ? from the Aspen pack. 15:56

CarolKat: Too bright!!!! Tak please!!! 15:56

Has_mod: Sage? 15:56

Baum Diggity: Sage? 15:56

katy: Oh! Now I'm back. Wow, a whole page of chat just appeared. And disappeared. But I bet it was lag. 15:56

karl: yeah ! 15:56

e_booklover: Sage and Asil! 15:56

CarolKat: Love Sage and Asil want more of them 15:56

Baum Diggity: Yeah, that'll be a hard ship to sink.... 15:56

CarolKat: Sage is the one who dubbed Leah "Queen B**ch" 15:57

Has_mod: Yep if the room is lagging then its time to clear the chat. It doesn't always affect everyone - but let me know and dont worry the chat is saved 15:57

Baum Diggity: I want Ben to find love, but I almost sense that he'd be just as happy as a content single if he comes to an inner peace. 15:57

karl: No. The female that can land Ben will b an awesome character.TOUGH. 15:57

katy: Thanks, Has! 15:57

Elle_mod: I see many many years before Ben is in any kind of relationship. I love the dynamic with him and Mercy though. cute 15:58

Baum Diggity: I feel like I want him to find peace more than find a specific person. 15:58

Elle_mod: @karl I agree someone tough for sure 15:58

karl: Plus all the ribbing he would get would b fun reading !!! 15:58

Mid_mod: Ben needs time to heal 15:58

karl: love heals. 15:59

CarolKat: Could you see Ben with Mercy and Adam's children if they have them 15:59

Janilee: Therapy works better. 15:59

CarolKat: Talk about big brother 15:59

katy: love heals -- sometimes. and sometimes it just repeats old mistakes. 15:59

Baum Diggity: He'd be so protective, I'm sure  16:00

karl: gett'n 'em into TROUBLE ! 16:00

Baum Diggity: Or that. 16:00

Baum Diggity: Hee hee 16:00

CarolKat: Or out of it 16:00

Mid_mod: Time for me to leave folks. Thanks so much for joining us again for the chat! Have a great weekend, and see ya next week for the spec chat. Night! 16:00

Elle_mod: I could see Ben joining Warren in being a detective. he'd be the computer guy. fun 16:01

e_booklover: Night Mid! 16:01

CarolKat: Night Mid 16:01

karl: LATER MM 16:01

Has_mod: k hon!!!  night Mid! 16:01

Baum Diggity: Bye Mid! 16:01

Elle_mod: bye Mid 16:01

katy: bye, mid! 16:01

Mid_mod: Bye! 16:02

Baum Diggity: He's sort of like the ultimate tech support. Like guy from National Treasure meets Chuck.....with just enough snark to be sharp. 16:02

CarolKat: He did all the doctoring of the vid of Mercy's rape. He's good at the tech stuff 16:03

Elle_mod: @BD totally the ultimate A team there 16:03

Baum Diggity: That would be a good back-up for anyone's system! 16:03

e_booklover: Hmm could you see Ben and Kyle getting along? 16:06

CarolKat: I think they already do. He likes Warren 16:07

Has_mod: I think they liked each other? He seemed to get on with him in BB 16:07

e_booklover: I was just thinking about how Ben likes to needle people 16:07

karl: Good Night my fellow MercyVerser's. Catch ya at the full moon. 16:07

Baum Diggity: I could see them growing into a tolerant relationship of playful snarky comments at one other. 16:07

Elle_mod: @e he def does 16:07

Baum Diggity: *another. 16:07

CarolKat: Kyle would needle him right back 16:07

Baum Diggity: Nighty night Karl! 16:07

Baum Diggity: Sleep tight and don't let the weremoose bite! 16:08

CarolKat: Night Karl 16:08

e_booklover: @Karl night 16:08

katy: I can see Ben and Asil becoming buddies -- or else being like gasoline and a match! 16:08

e_booklover: @elle @CK that could be entertaining for us...I pity any bystanders @Has 16:08

Elle_mod: night karl! 16:08

Has_mod: Night Karl! 16:08

Baum Diggity: I don't see them hitting it off too well, or as enemies. 16:08

katy: g'night Karl! 16:09

katy: They both seem to like to go for the reaction, stir up trouble to watch it play out. 16:10

Baum Diggity: Ben? 16:10

CarolKat: Not Kyle 16:10

CarolKat: Well maybe 16:10

Baum Diggity: Hmmm, not really my perception of either. 16:11

katy: Oh, yes, I meant Ben. (Kyle too, to a lesser extent, but mostly only in his law practice -- think about the purple cowboy suit) 16:11

Baum Diggity: Kyle will watch and learn from trouble, but he doesn't cause it for entertainment, as much. 16:11

CarolKat: Mine either, Kyle is a peacemaker unless he's protecting a client 16:11

Baum Diggity: And Ben....he needles, but starting chaos? 16:11

CarolKat: Mercy is the Chaos 16:12

Has_mod: Kyle liked to stir things - remember in Blood Bound he flirted with Sam because he thought he was a homophobe 16:12

Baum Diggity: Kyle's playing the game in business, not for entertainment. 16:12

Baum Diggity: Though I bet it entertains him to win in court 16:12

CarolKat: Ben likes to needle Mercy and Adam but he knows what he can and cannot get away with there 16:12

katy: I see Asil as needling, too. He sometimes causes chaos as a byproduct, but his goal is to needle. 16:13

CarolKat: Oh yeah Kyle likes to win in court and Warren helping him by taking care of clients is even better 16:13

Baum Diggity: Hmm, so, they'd be fun for a verbal exchange. 16:13

Baum Diggity: That would be fun to listen in on. 16:13

Baum Diggity: Being stuck in a car with the two would be maddening. 16:13

CarolKat: Interesting... 16:13

Elle_mod: I miss the pack. I need moar stories! 16:14

katy: I can imagine Ben showing Asil how to dig up dirt on people using the internet. 16:14

Has_mod: LMAO 16:14

CarolKat: Or Asil teaching Ben to garden? 16:15

katy: the two of them cackling madly. 16:15

Has_mod: @Elle me too I always love the dynamics with the pack 16:15

Has_mod: add Coyote to the mix those 3 in a long trip would be interesting ;D 16:15

CarolKat: Evil Has! 16:16

Baum Diggity: Heh.. Ben....gardening... 16:16

katy: Danger! All the testosterone, none of the common sense! 16:16

CarolKat: LMAO 16:16

CarolKat: Ok guys the timer just went off for my dinner! Catch y'all next week!   16:17

katy: Bye CK -- enjoy your dinner! 16:17

e_booklover: bye CK 16:18

Has_mod: Bye CK!!!! 16:18

Baum Diggity: Alas, my dinner is also ready.....Weird. Farewell to all of you wonderful people! 16:18

Elle_mod: Later, CK 16:18

Elle_mod: You too, BD. It was fun.  16:18

Has_mod: cya BD! Its been a really fun chat today! 16:18

e_booklover: bye BD 16:18

katy: That happens at dinnertime! See 'ya BD 16:19

Has_mod: Hey guys anyone still up for a chat? or do u think we should close? Elle and I are still here 16:25

Elle_mod:  16:25

Elle_mod: we are indeed. 16:25

Janilee: It is after midnight for me. 16:25

e_booklover: sounds like folks are trickling off. 16:26

e_booklover: This was fun but I do have some work I have to do tonight  16:26

Elle_mod: how about we close down.  live to chat another day! 16:26

e_booklover: sounds good. Night *waves* 16:26

Has_mod: LOL Im up for that - and its after midnight here to 16:26

Janilee: Sounds like a plan.  16:26

e_booklover left the chat 16:26

Has_mod: night guys!!!  16:26

Has_mod: night guys!!!  16:26

Elle_mod: night! 16:26

Has_mod: K want me to close the room? 16:27

katy: good night! 16:28

Elle_mod: yes. sorry jessica! it's just the tail end of the chat.  16:28

Has_mod: Night Katy!!! 16:28

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Elle_mod: night katy 16:28

Has_mod: Oh Im sorry Jessica! But we will post the transcript soon! 16:28

Has_mod: gonna close the room now! 16:29

Elle_mod: k. ciao 16:29

Has_mod: Room is now locked! 16:30
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