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Re: [Mercy #7] Frost Burned Discussion **Spoilers**
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I seriously doubt that Asil knew about Marsilla taking Samuel over; it's not, I suspect, something Samuel would want others to know about, and Asil seemed amused by it all (at the time when Mercy was telling Marsilla to back off) and not threatened or worried (until later on when they'd all gone down to the fighting area etc and he thought they should leave.) If Asil had known, I doubt he'd have been amused by it. If Marsilla could take over Samuel, another very old wolf more dominant than Asil, then it makes sense that she might have been able to take control of Asil too. And then there's the problem with the wolf taking over after they wake up from the vampire 'kiss', (which seems like something Marsilla could do, but not other vamps?) Which would be very bad considering Asil's worries over lack of control and his wolf being pretty violent etc.

I wonder what he'd think if he found out about what had happened to Samuel later on though, maybe after discussing with Samuel and Bran how amusing (or whatever he felt) it was to be defended from Marsilla by the little coyote girl? Then discovering that Marsilla actually was a danger and Mercy had once saved Samuel from her.

And with Mercy's powers, I think it was speed and training (and some luck) that helped in actual fights, and friends,  but one of her powers is also that 'coyote magic breaks rules', which is pretty useful in a lot of different situations.