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Bone Crossed Book Club Chat Transcript | Feb 9, 2013
« on: February 09, 2013, 05:29:52 pm »
Has joined the chat 7:41

Has cleared the room 7:41

Has: Hey!!!! 11:55

Baum Diggity joined the chat 11:55

Baum Diggity: Hello! We're using the same link? I figured I'd pull it up early so I wouldn't lose track while I was grading papers. 11:55

Rinwyn joined the chat 11:56

mindi joined the chat 11:56

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Has: Yep! This is our dedicated room [big grin]  11:56

Heather Long: Good afternoon [smile]  11:56

Baum Diggity: Woot! 11:56

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Has: I don't think Patty or Mike may attend this week but they may show up as a surprise but they might have forgotten [big grin]  11:57

mindi: Hi. Sorry to miss last week with Patty & Mike. Thanks for putting up the transcripts! 11:57

Mid_mod joined the chat 11:57

Has: We will always post any chats scheduled on the site for those who missed the previous ones. 11:57

Baum Diggity: Yes, thanks for those! 11:58

CarolKat joined the chat 11:58

CarolKat: I made it! Nap atacked me! 11:58

Has: Hey CK! 11:58

Bill/Reidiwr: Dem nap is vicious! 11:59

kyria joined the chat 11:59

Rinwyn: I really appreciate the transcripts. I've yet to make it to one of these! 11:59

kyria: hello all! 11:59

CarolKat: Hi all! Good thing I set my phone alarm for every Saturday at 2:45! [lol]  11:59

Baum Diggity: Hello, everyone! 11:59

Has: LOL 11:59

Has: I've just posted reminder links on the other sites and give it a few minutes for others to join in. But for this week - the first hour we will focus
on Bone Crossed with a couple of guiding questions and in the 2nd hour a free for all on the series? 12:00

Baum Diggity: Sounds like an excellent game plan [big grin]  12:01

CarolKat: Sounds like a plan 12:01

Bill/Reidiwr: [smile]  12:01

Has: *rubs hands* Cool! To any newbies who want to post - just below click on join chat! 12:02

knightwolfe joined the chat 12:02

knightwolfe: hi 12:02

Rinwyn: So excited! Will we get to talk about what we learned of how packs work? Are there specific topics, or can anyone chime in with a topic? 12:02

Baum Diggity: Yes to all, I believe 12:03

Has: yep! probably in the 2nd hour or see how it goes. 12:03

Mid_mod: As per usual, just a reminder of the rules we have in the chats. No swearing, please. No personal information shared. And lastly, have FUN [big grin]  12:04

kyria: "And lastly, have FUN" 12:05

kyria: Do we HAVE To? 12:05

kyria: [wink]  12:05

Rinwyn: Without swearing? 12:05

Bill/Reidiwr: <giggle>​ 12:05

Mid_mod: Well, we HOPE ya'll are having fun in these chats [wink]  12:06

Has: Nope no frelling or fracking or smegging swearing in the house [wink] LOL 12:06

Rinwyn: I could try to have fun, but I'm not sure how successful I'll be without my power words. [tongue]  12:06

CarolKat: Fun can be had without those power words. LOL 12:07

Mid_mod: Shall we get started with the first question? 12:07

Has: Hello to the newbies! If you'd like to post - you need to click below on join chat! 12:07

Carla joined the chat 12:07

kyria: Yes, first question please. I promise no swearing. 12:08

Mid_mod: In the start of BC we finally meet Mercy's mother–even though it was briefly. What was your first impression of Margie and her reaction to Adam and poor crispy Stefan? 12:09

CarolKat: Let the chat begin! [big grin]  12:09

CarolKat: Margi was quite the piece of work! Loved her pink gun! 12:09

Rinwyn: I'm guessing Adam was glad she's human and not wolf. 12:10

kyria: LOL or coyote 12:11

Baum Diggity: Margi takes things in stride so crazy well it's envious 12:11

suzi joined the chat 12:11

Baum Diggity: No kidding Rinwyn! 12:11

Baum Diggity: I liked reading that mother/daughter relationship. They're so poorly portrayed or pitifully absent in so many books. 12:12

Has: I liked how she was a force of nature and she made Mercy open up. That is pretty hard to do! 12:13

Baum Diggity: *glares* is the room lagging for anyone? It could be my internets are clogged with cats. 12:13

kyria: I thought it was hedgehogs that clogged teh interwebs. But for me it's no laggier than usual 12:13

Mid_mod: I really like Margi, but I've always wondered why she didn't visit Mercy more often, and why she kept her a secret from her husband and other daughters 12:13

Has: To the newbies joining in click on join chat below to post! 12:14

Baum Diggity: That's an interesting point, mid. She may not have come in conversation often, but I feel like I would at least mention it at some point while courting someone
that I had a kid floating around. 12:14

Suzy joined the chat 12:14

suzi: oh yes, I've got another daughter but she's not living with me because she turns into a coyote on weekends - who do you think would call the men in white coats first? 12:15

kyria: She wouldn't have had to mention the coyote part 12:15

Cassie joined the chat 12:15

Rinwyn: I would be talking more, but I'm typing around a 4 yr old and a cat. I do have some thoughts on this, though! 12:15

Baum Diggity: Just saying that she lives somewhere else. Okay, that would bring up questions. Oh, well. 12:15

Has: I think Margi finds it hard to relate to that - she must have totally freaked out when she saw her infant daughter turning into a coyote cub 12:15

Rinwyn: I'm certain it isn't due to embarassment 12:16

Baum Diggity: Could you imagine!?! 12:16

suzi: I don't think much freaks out Margi 12:16

CarolKat: Actually that would be shifts to coyote at will...and yeah I could see where that might mess up a relationship. 12:16

CarolKat: I think the young Margi was pretty freaked and didn't know what to do so that's why she went looking for someone to help her. 12:17

kyria: And because she's Margi, she found someone 12:18

Baum Diggity: Lucky she had someone - it would be a very different series otherwise. 12:18

Laura joined the chat 12:18

CarolKat: Exactly, I'm pretty sure it took quite a bit of research to find the right folks. 12:18

Mid_mod: I wonder if Bran told Margi not to let on about Mercy. Margi is a force of nature 12:19

Baum Diggity: Hmmmm....that could be something, too. 12:19

Rinwyn: I think not telling her husband and other daughters was her way of protecting Mercy. I think she knew Mercy wouldn't feel at home in her world and wanted her to grow
up somewhere she could be herself. 12:19

Has: I also think Margi was pushed aside - there seems to be a hint of antagonism between her and Bran I think 12:20

CarolKat: I would think with Mercy living with Bran's pack would need to be a secret. The wolves would be very happy with a bunch of relative strangers popping in. 12:20

Baum Diggity: That would be a conversation I'd want to listen in on! 12:20

Rinwyn: Ooo, good point 12:20

CarolKat: meant wouldn't 12:21

Mid_mod: And with Bran keeping the most difficult of wolves in his pack, they probably don't get many visitors 12:22

Mid_mod: Imagine meeting Asil and Leah [tongue]  12:22

Baum Diggity: Margi would handle Asil just fine. She and Leah would be matches and dynamite, methinks. 12:23

CarolKat: and we know Leah doesn't like Mercy at all! 12:23

kyria: Yeah but Asil wasn't in Aspen Creek when Mercy lived there. 12:23

kyria: Does Leah like anyone? 12:24

Has: I bet there were fireworks between them if they did encounter each other! I also loved Ben's reaction to Margi! First time I think he was speechless 12:24

Baum Diggity: Right,...he's only been there for the past decade, yes? 12:24

Baum Diggity: Leah likes herself. Sometimes. 12:24

CarolKat: and Mercy's warning him that she was her mother! Loved that. Poor Ben! 12:25

Baum Diggity: That was one of my favorite lines in BC, and there were some good ones! 12:25

Rinwyn: lol, I'd forgotten about that part! 12:25

kyria: YES, LOL 12:26

CarolKat: Another thing that I have wondered about was, why didn't Darryl feed Stefan? what's with him and the Vampires? 12:26

Aya joined the chat 12:26

big city wolf joined the chat 12:26

Baum Diggity: Something unpleasant, probably from before he joined Adam's pack? 12:26

Has: CK I think there must be history with that! I don't think Darryl had a great experience with vamps in the past 12:26

Aya: It might just be a werewolf thing seeing how the speices don't like each other 12:27

Aya: and he just can't get over it 12:27

Baum Diggity: Maybe, but it seems very specific, and not something all of the wolves share. At least not as strongly. 12:27

Baum Diggity: Something must've amplified it for him. 12:27

Has: And he's pretty dominant too 12:28

Aya: like ben and women 12:28

Baum Diggity: I smell a short story [smile]  12:28

Has: @Baum maybe! [big grin]  12:28

Has: So were any of you taken by surprise by Mercy joining the pack? And what do you think of the mating bond? Do you think it will bring further surprises in the future? 12:29

Baum Diggity: I'll admit I don't appreciate Darryl as much as I should. We should learn more about him so I can get more attached. 12:29

Baum Diggity: Yeah, that happened quick and unexpectedly. I figured she'd be his mate, but not pack! 12:30

kyria: I was surprised but pretty pleased by Mercy joining the pack. 12:30

big city wolf: I think Mercy's mating bond will grow and develop as time goes on. 12:30

Has: Me too! And I agree I really liked that twist! 12:30

Aya: I wans't surprised by her joining the pack that much but i think that it will bring some interstning side effects. They published the first chapter and bit on the website and
and a new effect pops up that is very strange given that she is a walker 12:31

Baum Diggity: Yeah, that suggest some growth and depth in the bond 12:31

Has: @Aya do you think that's due to the mating bond or the pack or both? I definitely agree there is something interesting going on especially since both the mating and pack bonds
were created in a rush. 12:32

CarolKat: I was soo worried when Mercy and Adam mated. The whold burning out of the link was scary/ 12:32

Aya: @Has i think that Mercy is a very powrful walker and she just dosen't know it yet because she never had anyone to teach her the ways of the walker. The mating bond added magic
to her through the wolves and they know how ot use it so i think that the walker magic and wolf magic are intertwining. I'm not sure how the rushed fact plays in and no one has a
reference of what would happen bringing in a walker to a wolf pack. 12:34

Has: I think Mercy has that chaos affect as well. It was an interesting point that Patty said in the previous chat that Adam's perceptions change the pack bonds and Mercy is part
of that 12:35

Baum Diggity: I think we have a lot to learn about walkers....rm suggested that...but I guess we're not to that week, yet. Alas... 12:35

Has: Heh only a few more weeks but we can chat about that aspect now! These are just guiding questions 12:36

Aya: Really? how so? i'm rereading the books and caughting stuff i missed the first time so i don't quiet fallow. 12:36

Baum Diggity: Just what all of the other walkers do and don't know about themselves or Mercy suggests we've got a some cool stuff waiting in the wings for us. 12:37

Has: @Aya The perception thing? 12:38

Aya: Yes that 12:38

Has: It was during last week's chat transcript - Patty was in the room and answered a few questions. Do you want the link? 12:38

Aya: yes please 12:39

Baum Diggity: That was in the chat last week, I think. Interesting concept of the pack and the group relationship/mind being a fluid thing. 12:39

Has: Here you go! I don't think they will be attending today - but they may pop in future chats. 12:40

Baum Diggity: They should pop up in River Marked's chat. I have to work next weekend *hint, hint* [wink]  12:41

Has: K or we can save it for later! There is a free for all later on 12:41

Aya: thank you, i'll have to look at it later 12:42

Has: You're welcome! So we also learn more about the vampire blood bonds, how the seethes are run, and the intricacies of vampire politics. Do you think Marsilia could have handled
the fallout over Stefan better? 12:42

kyria: hmmm I gotta go out to my car and plug my phone in to take a call. perhaps see you laters, hurogs. 12:42

Baum Diggity: Bye, Kyria! 12:42

CarolKat: Bye Kyria! 12:43

Has: Cya later kyria! 12:43

Varg joined the chat 12:43

Has: Hey Varg! 12:43

Baum Diggity: And yeah, I think the Stefan thing could have been better handled, but I suppose it did achieve her, still not ok 12:43

big city wolf: I think she could have handled it better and I think it will hurt her in the long run. 12:44

Varg: I definitely think Marsilia could have handled the fallout over Stephan better. Hi all. [smile]  12:44

CarolKat: I think Marsilla could have done a lot of things better. What she did really hurt a lot of people. Especially Stefan and Mary Jo. 12:44

big city wolf: She has lost all of her stronger vamps with the exception of Wulf. 12:44

Amber joined the chat 12:44

Aya: I think she could have. The isolation made her a bit crazy but her logic was clear-ish-sort of , he did come back to her in the end which she knew he would. But i think that
will cause trouble for her later 12:44

Baum Diggity: Yeah, and relying on Wulfe is probably not a smart choice. 12:45

Aya: did she change him? 12:45

Baum Diggity: Man, you gotta wonder about that guy..... 12:45

Aya: or was he a gift? 12:45

Baum Diggity: No, he's older 12:45

big city wolf: Stephan hasn't gone back yet, has he? 12:45

Aya: bonded to her? 12:45

Baum Diggity: So why he's there, no clue. He's not her maker 12:45

Has: And Wulf is tricky - Blood Bound he definitely had his own agenda 12:45

Amber: I'm looking forward to future trouble with Marsilla... 12:45

katy joined the chat 12:45

Baum Diggity: I think he did to at least get his people back.... 12:45

CarolKat: Wulfe is a very scary character. He could definately cause trouble. 12:45

Aya: i think stephan went back, just a feeling though 12:46

Rinwyn: The kid just threw up again. Hopefully I will get to join you guys next week! (SB is my favorite so far.) Have fun! 12:46

Aya: or mabye they said it but i don't remeber 12:46

big city wolf: And doesn't Wulf have magic? 12:46

Baum Diggity: Sorry to hear, take care! 12:46

Varg: Perhaps Wulfe is a bit like Asil and don't want the hassle and aggravation of being the head honcho? 12:46

katy: Hi y'all! (and bye, Rinwyn...) 12:46

Baum Diggity: That or he's planning total world domination... 12:46

Varg: Best well wishes for your kid Rinwyn. 12:46

Aya: but he did help stephan kill one her higher ups and that made her mad 12:46

katy: I agree, Wulfe is a scary character. I've wondered, given that he seems to be older than Marsilia, why he is there in that seethe. 12:47

Has: eep bye Rinwyn! 12:47

Aya: banished and just desiced to live with her mabybe 12:47

Baum Diggity: Just along for the ride, perhaps? 12:47

Aya: Mercy did have the whole plan that blackwood wanted to take over her settanle and land so mabye he might be also just waiting for the right time. Or he is just flat out loyal
to her and none of the other vampires relizes that. 12:48

Has: I love vampire politics and games they play its so complicated and byzantine [big grin]  12:49

big city wolf: Vamps don't seem to have any loyalties at all. 12:50

Aya: like wolves 12:50

Baum Diggity: yeah, me too - the games are on such a massive scale it's hard to track! 12:50

katy: Wulfe seems to have a variety of blood magic devices on hand -- I wonder who the other vampire at the trial was -- apparently the maker of Estelle and um... whatsisname... 12:50

Baum Diggity: nah, they do....mostly to themselves, but there's probably others out there... 12:50

Baum Diggity: Bernard 12:50

CarolKat: But wolves have loyalties and yes lots of complicated politics. 12:50

Has: I think they do with some of them - Stefan is loyal but Marsilia broke his trust and its hard to regain that. 12:50

Aya: they do but they are more forced so true loyality is difficcult to gain for the higher ups. 12:51

Aya: (vampires) 12:51

katy: Yes, Bernard. I wonder what his connection to Marsilia is, and whether we'll encounter him again. 12:51

Aya: i think vampires are more solitary despite the groups they live in 12:51

Baum Diggity: He was gift...looks like to undermine Marsilia.... 12:51

Baum Diggity: @Aya, I think you're right 12:52

Baum Diggity: I see them as a superorganism that is reluctant to be a single unit and work together. At best you're juts a cog, at worst you are plotting maniacally behind the
backs of your allies 12:52

Mid_mod: And what did you think about the wider repercussions on the fallout due to vampire politics. Do you think the story threads will show up in future books? 12:53

Aya: Yes i think we'll see that in the newest one when mercy asks for their help 12:53

big city wolf: I think it will, at least on a minor scale. 12:53

Baum Diggity: i think there will definitely be fallout - how much of it Mercy would be part of, it's hard to see. 12:53

katy: Sorry, that was unclear. I meant Bernard's maker -- why did he gift Bernard and Estelle to Marsila? Was it a long-term plot to take over her territory? Is he now disappointed
that it didn't work? 12:54

Has: to newbies joining in - to post you need to click below Join chat! 12:54

Baum Diggity: Katy, depends on how he knows Marsilia, I suppose... 12:54

Has: Bernard's maker gave me the creeps - he seemed to scare the other vamps as well 12:54

Baum Diggity: Yeah, they were all scared, even Marsilia and Stefan! 12:55

katy: Yes. I wonder if he'll make another attempt, or if we'll see him again in some other context. I wonder what his connection might be to Wulfe, as well. He seemed to take Wulfe's
magic and Wulfe's statements as authoritative. 12:55

Aya: Well Mercy tends to be at the center of things whether she likes it or not so we might see a lot of the vampire isssues. Was Bernad's maker excilded like she Marsilia was? i
don't think she was in amerca yet 12:55

Aya: maybe he made wolf 12:56

Aya: wulf 12:56

Baum Diggity: Bringing Wulfe to a meta level of creepy 12:56

Baum Diggity: Hey, what about Spokane? 12:56

Aya: what about it? 12:56

Baum Diggity: Random subject change. 12:56

Baum Diggity: It's open real estate now. 12:56

Has: Marsilia's seethe was exiled for centuries - it was the reason why the Walkers attacked them and they were almost went extinct 12:56

Has: @BM! Probably open for business for other Seethes or packs! 12:57

Baum Diggity: Ah, new neighbors.....wonder where that'll go. 12:57

Aya: i thought vampires attacked walkers because they were scared of the walkers magic and abilites and how their (vampire) magic dosen't work on them, they see walkers as threat 12:57

katy: I don't think he's Wulfe's maker. Didn't Stefan say (later... at the beginning of River Marked) that Wulfe was the oldest vampire he knew of other than the really scary one in
the movie they were watching? That would mean he's also older than the Master of Milan, right? 12:58

Aya: nasverotus 12:58

Has: @Aya yep I think it was linked with ghosts as well. And Walkers can hunt them down. 12:58

Aya: master of milan? 12:58

Baum Diggity: Yeah! You're right. Dun dun dun....dramatic music! 12:58

Baum Diggity: Marsilia's maker who exiled her 12:58

Aya: ah 12:59

Aya: hey how often as these chats? 12:59

Baum Diggity: Also a ruler of high fashion and maker of delicious sandwich cookies. 12:59

CarolKat: Do you think Catherine, The ghost from Blackwood's place is well and truly gone? 12:59

Baum Diggity: every weekend until the release 12:59

Has: We will be having weekly ones till release date week 12:59

Baum Diggity: oooooooo, I dunno. I hope so. 12:59

katy: Snerk! gotta love those cookies! 12:59

Aya: oh, 13:00

Baum Diggity: I feel like she was sticking around to antagonize jim, so maybe she's gone with him. I hope 13:00

Baum Diggity: I always suspected they were evil. Nothing good is that delicious. 13:00

Has: and we are looking into several midweek ones as well. But we need to schedule those. Also we are looking into an author chat post release but we need to look into that and see if
Patty is up for it deadlines/tour not withstanding 13:00

Aya: thank you 13:00

katy: I wonder if we might see the oakman again, or the young boy ghost from Blackwood's? 13:01

Baum Diggity: woo-who! 13:01

mindi: Jim? Who's that again? 13:02

Baum Diggity: Maybe oakman, maybe not boy. he was still around, though. with the car! AH! 13:02

Has: @Aya this is the current schedule But there will def be more added. And this room is stable so the curse of the chatroom implosion
is gone! 13:02

Baum Diggity: Jim Blackwood 13:02

Baum Diggity: *knocks on wood* 13:02

Baum Diggity: hey, where'd this walking stick come from? 13:02

mindi: Ah! Thanks. Obviously didn't remember his first name. [smile]  13:02

Baum Diggity: no big, I'm even more senile. 13:03

Aya: i think the oakman turned into the tree outside her house 13:03

Has: I really hope we see the Oakman again - I wonder if that tree has any special properties in future books 13:03

Baum Diggity: you think so? i wasn't sure if he planted it or turned into it. that confused me a bit. 13:04

Aya: ether that or he just gave it to her as a thank you gift but i think he just turned into it 13:04

Baum Diggity: hmmm... 13:04

katy: I think I recall Patty saying (in a chat a while back, maybe... or I could be remembering wrong?) that the tree was a gift from the oakman, but wasn't the actual oakman. 13:04

Aya: though it didn't do anything when her house got set on fire 13:04

Aya: so it was likley just made by magic 13:05

katy: I wondered if it was put there to watch over her -- which could be good and bad. 13:05

Has: I think so Katy - it was a thank you gift. But yep remember that saying - beware on those bearing gifts esp by the fae! 13:06

CarolKat: I wonder if it will move over by Adam's house at some point Now that Mercy is living there. 13:06

Baum Diggity: sneak over little by little? LOL 13:06

Aya: it hasen't yet, but its still her property that it is on 13:06

katy: Tee-hee! That's quite an image! 13:06

Varg: The walk of the oak... .D 13:07

Baum Diggity: XD 13:07

Aya: 'Adam a tree just appeared in your yard" says Warren "Wasen't it the one that was in Mercy's yesterday?" 13:07

Baum Diggity: Is it just me, or does that tree seem closer? 13:07

CarolKat: True but she isn't there anymore. Can you imagine, a few feet at a time across the field, maybe with a stop by the Adam torture car? 13:07

Baum Diggity: Perfect. I changed my mind. I want this as a short story. 13:08

Aya: I wonder if she'll move that now that their married 13:08

Has: LOL ok since we are in our 2nd hour - opening up the chat for a free for all on the series! 13:08

Aya: proabably not but im sure it was a topic of conversation 13:08

CarolKat: OK I think she already lives there. Her trailer burned down. 13:09

katy: I think she did move in after her trailer was destroyed. She talks about the new little house they built to replace it being occupied by Gabriel when he's home from college 13:09

Aya: It was a replacemtn trailer 13:09

Baum Diggity: yeah 13:09

Has: Trailer was replaced! But she's living with Adam now esp she's married 13:09

Aya: plus they're married now 13:10

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Re: Bone Crossed Book Club Chat Transcript | Feb 9, 2013
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2013, 05:30:06 pm »
katy: In River Marked, she mentions the difficulty of getting privacy in Adam's house -- if she was still living at her place, they'd have more privacy there. 13:11

Has: They need to build a guest house Katy [big grin] it probably gives them private space 13:11

CarolKat: And they can't very well ignore Jesse or the pack. 13:12

katy: Oh, what have I done.. suddenly the song "Love shack" is stuck in my head! 13:12

Has: buahahahaha 13:12

Baum Diggity: you're what?!!??! 13:12

CarolKat: LOL 13:12

Aya: I wonder what it was like for Jessie living in a pack house 13:12

Varg: katy LOL ! 13:13

Has: I think for Jesse it was fun growing up but with the recent stuff going on - its probably more intense and scary 13:13

Aya: to her it must be normal but then she goes and lives with her mom, must be so much quieter 13:13

CarolKat: Frustrating I believe but not as bad as living with her disappearing Mother. 13:13

Baum Diggity: true story, CK 13:13

Aya: I hate her mother 13:13

katy: Teenagers have such an intense need for privacy -- that has to have been difficult for Jesse. 13:14

Has: Everyone raise their hands for a showdown between Mercy and Christy? I so can't wait for that! 13:14

CarolKat: Christy is gonna show up one of these days and then we'll see some fireworks 13:14

Aya: She emotional adused (and still does) Adam 13:14

Baum Diggity: *raised both arms* 13:14

Aya: That would be amazing 13:14

CarolKat: Has we have wanted that for a very long time! 13:14

katy: Ah, but Mercy loves Jesse. As much as she might dislike Christy, and even though Jesse seems to see her mom pretty clearly, I don't think Mercy would want to increase
problems between them 13:15

CarolKat: Thought it might happen around the wedding, glad it didn't though. But Margi against Christy could be interesting too. 13:15

Has: I noes! 13:15

Aya: She'll instult Mercy as a mother, a wife and person in genearl, Mercy will try to play nice at first then crack and who knows what will hapen after that 13:15

Has: @CK I can see that! I think Mercy is frustrated with Christy because its more about her lack of relationship with Jesse. She's so flighty and irresponsible 13:16

Aya: I wonder what skills she picked up from being around werewolves 13:16

Has: There is also a lot of bitterness as well. I think not belonging or getting/understanding the pack is a factor so she became bitter 13:16

Aya: Well i am going to leave now before i get to absorbed cause i have to read and read and read for class. Have fun everyone [smile]  13:17

Baum Diggity: that mercy does is probably salt in the wound 13:17

Baum Diggity: happy reading aya! 13:18

katy: Happy reading, Aya! 13:18

Aya left the chat 13:18

CarolKat: She wasn't Adam's mate either. Mercy is all of it pack and mate and step mother to Jesse who loves Mercy. 13:18

Baum Diggity: Ouch. 13:18

Has: cya Aya! 13:19

Has: The miscarriages also put a lot of tension and blame as well - it didn't help that Adam sees himself as a monster. I think Christy sensed and played on that 13:20

katy: In some ways Christy reminds me of Leah -- in the flashback early in Silver Borne, Adam is thinking that he misses having her to take care of, even though he hadn't
loved her for a long time, he loved taking care of her. So, even though she wasn't his mate, she filled some of the roles Leah seems to fill for Bran. 13:20

Has: She never fully accepted him I think - she was in love with the status and power but not IN LOVE with Adam flaws and werewolf and all 13:20

Mid_mod: Christy did a huge mind mess on Adam. 13:20

Baum Diggity: The parallels are definitely there. 13:20

Has: I so agree Katy! I've said in the past that there are parallels with Adam/Christy and Bran and Leah 13:21

katy: I also wonder, after she left but before the werewolves came out, how did they make sure she wouldn't out them in some fit of spite? 13:21

Has: Jesse? She was protecting her. Because fallout still happened 13:22

Has: also Bran!!! 13:22

Baum Diggity: Bran. I vote Bran 13:22

katy: Perhaps... for that matter, how do you keep a little kid from ending up in the school psychologist's office all the time, for talking about how her daddy turns into a wolf? 13:23

Baum Diggity: Hm, that's a good point. Kids say the darndest things? 13:23

katy: Maybe that's why when we first met her, she had been a student at some "private school for brilliant and eccentric kids" 13:24

Baum Diggity: oh, I never thought of it that way, I just figured Adam would pay to send her to wherever she wanted and what was best. I never read it that way. 13:25

Has: lol me either! 13:25

katy: After she came to live with Adam, and the wolves were out, she was in public school. 13:26

Baum Diggity: good eye, never thought of it that way. granted, she insisted on staying with him, and there's probably fewer private schools for the eccentric in the tri-cities.
Could be wrong, though. 13:27

Has: Yep probably - but with the wolves open especially since her father is an alpha its going to be hard to play that down even if she was with her mother 13:28

big city wolf: Private school for children of werewolves, fae, etc. 13:29

CarolKat: Might even be harder for her if she was still with Christy 13:29

Baum Diggity: For a variety of reasons! and, and I thought public high school was tough. 13:30

Has: DEF! 13:30

marci8300 joined the chat 13:30

marci8300: hello everyone 13:31

Baum Diggity: hello! 13:31

big city wolf: Hi. 13:31

marci8300: I just noticed that there is a chat going on so thought i would join in. I'm rereading all of the Mercy books right can't wait for Frost Burned! 13:32

Has: Hey Marci! 13:32

Has: we have another half hour so - so your def not too late! 13:32

Baum Diggity: We're with you on that, Marci - welcome to the party! 13:33

CarolKat: Not too much longer and these chats do help! 13:33

marci8300: Yes they do. I love the books. Keep trying to get my daughter to read them but she just wont do it and she's an avid reader. Silly girl doesn't know what she's missing 13:34

Has: And we are reminded of tidbits we missed as well! Helps with the speculation 13:34

Baum Diggity: daughter's often make silly mistakes. eventually she'll see you're right...even if she won't admit it [wink]  13:34

marci8300: I love speculation. I'm usually wrong but it's always fun 13:34

Varg: [smile] I am off. Have fun. 13:35

Has: Cya Varg! Glad you made it! 13:35

marci8300: yea, she's 12 going on 40....thinks she knows everything 13:35

katy: Bye Varg! 13:35

Baum Diggity: Ciao! 13:35

marci8300: bye varg 13:35

Mid_mod: Bye Varg 13:35

Baum Diggity: She may not be able to appreciate it all, yet, anyway. She'll get to it, eventually. 13:36

CarolKat: Bye Varg! 13:36

Has: Marci she may pick them up later! 13:36

Baum Diggity: That's why books make such good friends - they never really go away, and they're always there when you need them [smile]  13:36

marci8300: I sure hope so. Not sure I want her reading about Tim in Silver Borne though so maybe it's good she's holding off 13:36

Baum Diggity: That may be a good call 13:36

Has: Yep - When I reread IK I find it very hard to read at that part of the book [frown]  13:37

marci8300: I ddn't mean Siver Borne...that's what I'm reading right now. I meant IK 13:37

CarolKat: Careful, that was Iron Kissed, let her ready around that one. 13:37

marci8300: Thanks..sorry about that. 13:38

Baum Diggity: I would maybe even wait in general, I feel like you can't skip it, but she should be old enough to really comprehend and discuss the issues. 13:38

CarolKat: That can be confusing when we are talking about one but you are on another, I almost forgot this one. LOL 13:38

marci8300: LOL 13:38

marci8300: So what are we discussing. I'm sorry to just pop in and change the subject 13:39

Baum Diggity: no big deal. it's open chat about the books now 13:39

Has: Bone Crossed this week but we have opened the discussion now! 13:39

Baum Diggity: anything that strikes your fancy? 13:39

marci8300: I really want to know where Sam is! 13:39

Baum Diggity: Agreed. 13:39

Baum Diggity: He seems to be working the hospital or working some medical practice 13:40

marci8300: He's always been able to help Mercy though. I sure do hope that he wasn't outed 13:40

Has: Me too! 13:41

Baum Diggity: I suppose if he's still practicing, he isn't, yet. though Tony knows about him. 13:41

Baum Diggity: Tony's cool, though. 13:41

katy: I think not, since in the chapter of FB that was posted, he does appear to still be practicing, since he has an answering service, etc. 13:42

marci8300: Yea. I really wish that Mercy would tell Tony what she is. I like Tony a lot. Seems trustworthy to me 13:42

CarolKat: Don't forget he was in wolf form when Adam got burned and he was at the hospital. 13:42

Baum Diggity: I sort of like the play between them. He knows something's up, but not what. I feel like it's more a friendly antagonism than anything 13:43

katy: Yes, I think the nurse was plenty suspicious that he might be a werewolf, but seemed more or less OK with it. 13:43

Baum Diggity: nobody knew it was Sam, though 13:43

Baum Diggity: right? 13:43

CarolKat: Mercy's coyote is a need to know basis. She is a whole nother layer of stuff the world isn't ready for. 13:43

mindi: How do you all read the timing in the posted chapter of FB with Charles figuring out that the phones had been compromised - before, after, or simultaneous to the group
showing up and kidnapping the pack? 13:44

marci8300: If you stop and look at Mercy you could probably determine who is wolf and not though by who she hangs around with 13:44

Baum Diggity: yeah, that could be rough for her company.... 13:45

Has: probably when he got the warnings from the alerts he set up. 13:45

marci8300: It seems it was all to late. Maybe they already had all of Adams wolves figured out but it was to distract Bran? 13:45

Baum Diggity: like they had a plan but they didn't move on it until the last possible moment to trip any lines 13:45

Baum Diggity: oooh, that's byzantine. I like the way you a scary way. 13:46

Baum Diggity: I hope you aren't planning anything! 13:46

marci8300: lol 13:46

marci8300: I wonder if one of the wolves outside the US is working with the government? 13:47

Has: I wonder how the antifae groups are involved as well 13:47

marci8300: Yes Has. They would be totally against werewolves when they found out 13:47

Baum Diggity: whoa. who would have the guts to take on the Marrok....even that indirectly? 13:48

Baum Diggity: I suspect the fae. And the anti-fae. And the quasi-fae. 13:48

marci8300: Someone that doesn't know him. That's why I suggested outside the US 13:48

Baum Diggity: Well, there's the Euros, but the two best candidates are down for the long count. 13:48

marci8300: It was just a thought. It really is scary that they could take a whole pack of werewolves 13:49

Baum Diggity: Yeah, whoever they are, they mean business. 13:50

katy: Yes... but that might have freed up space for some ambitious wolf who'd been lying low. I wonder what sort of power struggles are going on in Europe, and how many
wolves/packs have taken Bran up on his offer to relocate? 13:50

marci8300: I hope it's not the Fae though. I really don't want to see a fight between the Fae and Werewolves. 13:50

Has: Yep! And if that legislation is past on labeling the weres as endangered animals Eeep 13:50

Baum Diggity: maybe fewer now that the beast is gone... 13:50

Has: Maybe there might be another Marrok for real now in Europe? I can see that happening - I wonder how the supernaturals fare in Europe now 13:50

Baum Diggity: hmmmm....what happened to the fae out there? 13:51

marci8300: That is a good question. I was just under the impression that all of the fae were in the US but that doesn't make sense 13:51

Has: Not much but they settled in the US - need to ask Patty about their reception in Europe 13:52

Baum Diggity: indeed. 13:52

katy: Since Charles was the one who killed Arthur, he's technically in charge of the British Isles wolves now (but of course doesn't want that, I think...) I wonder how
that's playing out? 13:52

kyria joined the chat 13:52

Baum Diggity: Hah.....I forgot that little bit. 13:52

Baum Diggity: That's why Bran didn't want to kill him. 13:53

Baum Diggity: You're back, Kyria! 13:53

katy: Welcome back, Kyria! 13:53

marci8300: I don't think Charles wants to have anything to do with them. I bet that was straightened out already. Charles doesn't seem to make to many mistakes 13:53

Has: WB Kyria! 13:53

marci8300: hi kyria 13:54

kyria: hey all! I see we've moved on to open chat. I agree - I don't see it taking long between Charles killing Arthur and abdicating the position to someone, you know, British. 13:54

Baum Diggity: Wonder who his second was. 13:54

kyria: but the idea of Charles briefly taking charge of the British wolves does kind of make me laugh. 13:54

Baum Diggity: I also wonder how Ben fell into that system. 13:55

marci8300: You know...that would make sense. Wasn't it said we would learn more about Ben? Wonder if he will know 13:56

katy: Yes - I wonder if he might have had to go over and sort things out. Arthur didn't bring his second along, and there was mention that he'd been killing off wolves who might
have been strong enough to challenge him - so was there anyone left strong enough to hold his position? 13:56

Baum Diggity: they say earlier though that Ben doesn't rank too high dominance-wise, either. 13:57

Baum Diggity: in IK, I believe. 13:57

katy: right - Ben said if it weren't for the two submissives in the pack, he'd be at the bottom. 13:57

proudfit joined the chat 13:57

marci8300: Yea, but that wouldn't stop him from knowing other wolves over there. Wonder if he had a son? 13:57

proudfit: hello 13:57

kyria: *what katy said* 13:57

katy: (I wonder who the other submissive besides Peter is? We've never met him.) 13:58

marci8300: Hello proud 13:58

Baum Diggity: Ben? As a father? 13:58

Baum Diggity: I was just thinking that, katy! 13:58

marci8300: Sorry the old Alpha that Charles killed. Forgot his name 13:58

kyria: Katy, there's also been some discussion of a possible error - later (or maybe earlier) someone says there's only one submissive in the pack. 13:58

katy: Maybe Ben was counting Honey, as Peter's mate, even though she's more dominant on her own. 13:58

Baum Diggity: Arthur. Hmmm, I didn't get that vibe from the bits narrated by Sunny, but maybe 13:59

marci8300: I bet he would have a good reason to want to piss Bran off 13:59

proudfit: bad wolves need to be culled 13:59

marci8300: lol 13:59

Nille joined the chat 13:59

kyria: I didn't get the impression that Arthur had a son, either. 13:59

marci8300: just a stray thought. 14:00

Baum Diggity: It's where all speculation comes from! 14:00

proudfit: We don't how many Human Kids they had cause the wolves out lived them 14:01

Baum Diggity: I feel like if he and Sunny had kids, they'd be, say, in their 30s? 14:01

katy: Hmm... if Ben was counting Honey as below him - in rank, not dominance - in IK, it might not be an error later (after the fight and rank re-ordering in SB) to say
there's only one submissive. 14:01

Baum Diggity: At the youngest. 14:02

marci8300: are we running out of things to chat about? 14:38

Nille: i think we are 14:38

katy: We do seem to have veered off into the goofy... 14:38

CarolKat: Goofy is fine, As long as we want to chat we are here today. 14:39

Baum Diggity: just a bit, yeah.... [blushing] ​ 14:39

Has: If you want to talk about OT and stay in the room its ok! We've gone past the two hour chat! And I was about to pop out for an hour or so. CK will stay here for a bit 14:39

marci8300: I actually have to get ready for a bd party but it was fund 14:40

kyria: I gotta get headed, myself. see you all later! 14:40

marci8300: have a good day/night everyone 14:40

Baum Diggity: Me, too, I suppose - farewell, everyone! 14:41

Has: ok guys so shall I lock the room then? 14:41

katy: I need to get going, too -- oddly enough, my kids are going to want food again soon... 14:41

Has: i can keep it open for those who want to still chat? 14:41

Baum Diggity: Looks like that's a yes, unless someone wants to keep going? Going once? 14:41

CarolKat: I can be here or we can close it up to you guys. 14:42

Baum Diggity: Twice? 14:42

Has: lol 14:42

CarolKat: LOL 14:42

Baum Diggity: Thrice? 14:43

proudfit: i don't either way brain fried from work 14:43

Has: ok Ill lock the room in a few mins so you may get kicked out - but Ill hopefully see you all next week for Silver Borne Chat! 14:44

CarolKat: Thanks everyone for coming today! 14:45

Nille: good bye 14:45

CarolKat: Bye all! 14:46

Has: bye! Thanks for joining in for a great chat! Clearing the room! 14:46

Has cleared the room 14:46

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