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Silver Borne Book Club Transcript | Feb 16, 2013
« on: February 16, 2013, 05:01:50 pm »
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Valery: been very busy the last few weeks, so glad I could be here for this one! 12:01

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Has_mod: Just a note - Patty wont be able to make it today but there are plans afoot for an author chat or two but we still have to schedule those. 12:01

CarolKat: Hi E and Bil and everybody. Yep the mod thing worked! YAY! 12:02

Mid_mod: Hey everyone. Welcome to the Silver Borne chat. We'll wait 5-10 minutes or so and then get stuck in 12:02

Has_mod: I am glad you could make it Valery! 12:02

Valery: Thanks for posting the chat transcripts--I've been enjoying them a lot. 12:03

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Has_mod: They've been really fun! 12:03

y0rksh1rel4ss: Hey this is the first time I could make one of these. I am very excited. 12:03

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Has_mod: yay! glad you could make them - we also have plans for midweek chats later for those who cant make the weekend one too! 12:04

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Has_mod: And for those who want to post in the chat - just click on on join chat and you should be able to take part 12:07

Lori: Hi 12:07

Has_mod: Hey Lori! 12:08

tinytears: this is my first time in chat 12:08

Lori: I'm new. 12:08

Has_mod: we will wait for ten past 3 and then we will start - the first hour we will have guiding questions on the book 12:08

Has_mod: and in the 2nd hour its a bit of a free for all and general discussion on the books can take place.  12:08

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SilMi: Hello? 12:10

Has_mod: hey Silmi! 12:10

Has_mod: We are about to just start! 12:11

Mid_mod: For those that are new, we have a few rules: No swearing. No sharing personal information. And we hope you have fun. 12:11

Mid_mod: Silver Borne brings about new changes, not only in storyline but with characters also. Sam’s suicide attempt was a shocker, but
it made you realise just how long poor Sam was suffering. What did you think of Sam's storyline, and his wolf being in full control? 12:12

e_booklover: I thought it was impressive how much Sam's wolf stepped up to take charge. It made me think that there is more to Sam then
we have seen. Potentially the original witch's cause? 12:13

SilMi: Hm....It was a shocker. 12:13

Valery: It made me admire him so much, as everyone talked about how the wolf can take over, but Sam/Samuel held it in so well. 12:14

SilMi: And it showed, me at least, that things really had gotten a lot worse for him than they were in previous books. 12:14

SilMi: If it had gotten to the point that his wolf had to step in and stop what was happening. 12:15

Valery: And I kinda love his wolf--his response to Mercy, "you called me Sam" was sort of endearing, in a way 12:15

y0rksh1rel4ss: It was fantastic to see Samuel in a much more serious way up until this point there has been the lesser brother to the
powers of Charles. 12:15

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Has_mod: I really liked that revelation that Mercy was able to suss out when Sam and Samuel was in charge. Showed how much she understood the
nuance of werewolves and their behavior 12:16

Valery: Samuel is deep--in ways I hadn't realized up until this book. Surviving all these centuries he must be, of course, but i hadn't quite
seen it till this. 12:17

Lori: I thought it was heart breaking for Mercy to watch and have to fight the pull between the two wolves that she loves. The plot line is
wrote well, but to see the struggle from all points... 12:18

Has_mod: He def needed a touchstone - I think Mercy being mated to Adam must have been the last nail for him to cling on to. 12:19

Valery: Agree. Once she was lost to him for certain, he seemed to let go, didn't he? 12:20

SilMi: ^Agree 12:20

Mid_mod: It made me think about the human side and the wolf side, and how aware of each other they are. 12:20

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y0rksh1rel4ss: Puts a new light on the force of the wolf side and how important it is. Especially when you look at Bran and what his wolf dis
to him when putting him with Leah. 12:22

Mid_mod: What do you think of Ari, Sam’s lady? Were you surprised by her and the past she had with Sam? 12:22

Valery: For a long time, I wondered why Samuel was so attached to her. She didn't seem special enough for him! 12:22

SilMi: Wow.  12:23

y0rksh1rel4ss: I feel like I don't know her well enough to make a judgement yet. 12:23

Valery: on subsequent readings, though, I like her better. Patty was pretty subtle for me! Looking forward to seeing more of them in the next book. 12:24

Has_mod: I think there is a lot of history unsaid - hopefully the stories that Patty is working on will cover this. There may be 2 short stories
in the anthology focusing on Sam 12:24

Valery: Yay!   12:24

Mid_mod: It be great to have Ari's POV so we can understand her better 12:25

SilMi: Yay. 12:25

SilMi: I honestly thought that they were kind of cute together though. 12:25

SilMi: I mean I don't know enough to say much more than that. 12:26

y0rksh1rel4ss: From what we have read so far though it was a very brief relationship compared to their respective lifetimes so it must have been intense
for them to react this way when they meet. 12:26

SilMi: But I think they both comfort one another. 12:26

Has_mod: Sometimes it can take that much! Remember Charles and Anna were basically mated from right the beginning 12:27

e_booklover: Like several of the others I need to know Ari some more before I can truthfully get an opinion. 12:27

Has_mod: I hope we get more on them as well. Ari seems very mysterious but I do like she's given Sam a lifeline 12:28

Valery: I hope Samuel can get some of those kids-who-survive with her! That part of his story seemed so heartbreaking. 12:29

Mid_mod: It be interesting to see how Ari will deal with her panic and fear around wolves. 12:29

Has_mod: Yes! I think her freaking out must be very scary like Bran scary if he loses it 12:29

Mid_mod: It's nice seeing everyone pairing up. Bran or Stefan next  12:32

Valery: *Can* vamps pair up? 12:32

Valery: seems to be all power politics with them 12:33

Has_mod:  i think they do! There was a cute albeit bittersweet short story with a ghost and a vamp pairing 12:33

SilMi: Wouldn't Stefan maybe want to be someone from his group from where he feeds? 12:33

SilMi: I forgot the term used in the book. 12:33

Valery: sheep? 12:33

e_booklover: Stefan!!! He really needs happiness 12:33

SilMi: After they've become a vampire and all I mean. 12:34

Mid_mod: Yeah, poor Stefan hasn't had a nice time of late. 12:34

Valery: It would still be master/slave, though, wouldn't it? Who has the power. 12:35

Has_mod: Not all sheep make it to being vamps. A lot of them die sadly but Stefan's seem to be one of the best run group 12:35

SilMi: True both Has and Valery 12:36

SilMi: Just a thought though. 12:36

Valery: No chance of an equal relationship. That's one think I like with the Mercy/Adam pairing: finding the way to an equal footing. 12:36

Has_mod: @Valery but isnt that the same with a dominant wolf and a sub one? Like Honey and Peter - a relationship can be equal even with
a dominant/master slave thing going on 12:36

Has_mod: its working thru it - to getting there that makes it interesting 12:37

SilMi: Plus, a lot of the wolf relationships are based on a dominant/subordinate relationship. 12:37

SilMi: That was the whole reason Mercy didn't want to be(or at least thought she didn't) want to be with Adam. 12:37

Valery: Isn't Honey an interesting character, tho? a dominant who has to take a submissive role because of her mate. 12:38

SilMi: Which is fair. 12:38

SilMi: ^Not that Honey's situation is fair. 12:38

SilMi: I was saying Mercy's fears were.  12:38

y0rksh1rel4ss: Isn't there a bond with vampires where they have to do what their master says. Marsellie and Stefan are special because she
does not have that power over him but he still follows her. 12:39

Has_mod: that actually leads to this question because Pack politics and the intricate nature of rank status is also explored more fully in
Silver Borne. What did you think on the changes that Mercy has brought i.e Warren’s inclusion of the pack has led to other packs
accepting gay wolves. 12:39

Valery: I have to say I love seeing Mercy coming into her role in the pack in SB! 12:39

Has_mod: @Y0rksh1rel4ss I hope we get to see more on vamp politics - because it seems to be slightly different to the pack 12:40

e_booklover: I think the wolves still do not know what is coming to them because of Mercy 12:40

Has_mod: She's definitely living up to her avatar of change and chaos. Patty did say in a previous chat that Mercy is changing Adam's perception
and that is going to affect pack magic. I think its also spreading out to wider packs. The inclusion of gay werewolves seem to hint of that 12:41

Valery: Doesn't Coyote, in the next book, say something like this is the proper role for her? Keeping the wolves bewildered and guessing? 12:41

Valery: maybe that was Bran. But someone 12:42

y0rksh1rel4ss: Same I love the politics but also learning more about the pack and the different people involved rather them being refer to as
'the rest of the pack'. 12:42

Has_mod: I think both Coyote and Bran said something similar. And Sam. She shakes things up and they all react to that 12:43

Has_mod: So what did you think of Mercy and Adam’s relationship becomes more loving with each book. How do you feel about the romance between
Adam and Mercy being at the forefront of the series? 12:44

Valery: I'm a romance reader from way back, so I love it. But it is worked in well--so important to how everyone else around them acts and
reacts, which is good. 12:45

Has_mod: Hey welcome to the chat! If you want to post - please click below on join chat 12:46

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Has_mod: I adored their scenes in this book! It really felt so much was settled between them. I also liked the insight we had with Adam and
how he viewed himself as being a werewolf. I think that's going to crop up again in future books. Because he hates being one but Mercy
accepts & loves that side of him 12:47

y0rksh1rel4ss: I love it, it felt right that after previous books of was a will they - won't they, that time was taken to explore
their relationship. 12:47

afroqueen: I love how Mercy and Adam's romance isn't at the center of the books...but important. I think Patty did a great job on that...something
that not a lot of books do well. Usually the romance overrides the plot of the book. 12:47

Nikkiel: I realize I came in late to the chat, sorry. This is my first time so I'm not really sure where we are in the conversation. Figured I'd
read a bit, get caught up and jump in.  12:48

SilMi: ^ 12:48

SilMi: Agree, Afro queen 12:48

Has_mod: No worries Nikkiel - we still have an another hour or so and we about to go into general discussion of the books for a free for all 12:48

Valery: Just like Real Life! Romance is important and has an effect, but there's lots more to life, yeah? 12:49

Has_mod: yep I totally Afroqueen! I found a lot of books have forced angst or obstacles in the way to create tension and that can be tiring. But the
obstacles that Mercy and Adam faces is organic and real especially when they are facing their fears 12:49

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Has_mod: Hey Jasmine! 12:50

Nikkiel: I agree with afroqueen. PB does romance really well. It's gradual and indecisive and no one is perfect. It's very realistic. 12:50

e_booklover: I like that too, we get to see them building their relationship but they are still dealing with the world around them and all of those issues. 12:50

Jasmine: Cool!! This is my first chat here. How does this work? 12:51

Jasmine: Hey!! 12:51

y0rksh1rel4ss: I love the fact it wasn't love at first sight or a destiny it was real love. 12:51

Valery: Yes, not everything is perfect once you fall in love--there are relationships to build, work to get done, Jessie to raise, stuff like that   12:52

SilMi: Hi Jasmine and suzi 12:52

Has_mod: @Jasmine the first hour which is just about to finish have guiding questions on the book - but in the second hour its going to be more general
and anything you fancy you want to discuss about the series can be raised here 12:52

afroqueen: I have only read one other series that handles the romance aspect as well as Patty...the Kate Daniels series. I don't mind romance being
at the forefront when it's a straight up romance book, because I love me some romance books! 12:52

Has_mod: I totally agree - it adds a lot of things into the story if done right and I love that feeling rooting for a couple like Adam and Mercy 12:53

Nikkiel: I just get tired of the triangle every series seems to have. Even PB attempted but it was no contest. Sam was totally in the past and Adam
was her future. 12:54

Valery: And she includes enough, too. Some writers put in a relationship possibility and then never seem to address it adequately--that's as bad as too much. 12:54

e_booklover: @Nikkiel I liked that Mercy did have to chose between what she was comfortable with and what was uncertain. For a while I thought it
could go either way. 12:55

Has_mod: I think looking back to the Sam and Adam love triangle, it was more about Sam holding on for that possibility - in Silver Borne it was confirmed
he wasn't IN LOVE with Mercy and I think he liked tweaking Adam's tail 12:55

Jasmine: Hi...Silmil 12:55

e_booklover: But I also really liked that the triangle did achieve closure. 12:55

Jasmine: Ohh thanks Has_mod 12:56

Valery: and that Samuel found someone he really did love 12:56

Has_mod: @E_booklover I agree - I think its one of the best ways a love triangle was handled! 12:56

Nikkiel: I never really saw Sam as a contendant. I don't know why. It seemed like she had moved too far from him. :Shrugs: My opinion. 12:56

Jasmine: I'm glad Sam found a mate he just needs some babies!! 12:56

afroqueen: I have tunnel vision, I never thought it was a triangle...I was all about Adam and Mercy!   12:56

Jasmine: Can wolves and fae mate?? 12:57

Nikkiel: *Contendor. lol sorry 12:57

Has_mod: I was on Team Adam!  12:57

Valery: I actually disliked Sam at first for how he manipulated 16 yo Mercy 12:57

y0rksh1rel4ss: Agree afroqueen. 12:57

e_booklover: @Nikkiel Interesting perspective. When I re-read them again I will have to try and look at it that way to see what I can pick out. 12:58

Has_mod: Patty said the fae has more difficulty having children than wolves. But we have to wait and see what happens on that end. 12:58

afroqueen: I don't think I ever saw Sam as a contender because when they told the backstory on him and Mercy it didn't seem like he wanted her for her...but
for the opportunity to have a viable family. 12:58

e_booklover: Even with Sam potentially only wanting Mercy for the possibility of children -- would Mercy have ever recognized that? 12:58

Has_mod: Also Mercy was a totally different person when she was 16 12:58

Nikkiel: Yeah, even though Bran said Sam's wolf had mated with her, I still just didn't feel it. Not the sparks that she has when she's with Adam. 12:59

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Valery: Sam's wolf maybe, but not Sam, huh? 12:59

Has_mod: it may have worked if she was the same person - but she's totally different and I think Mercy was right that they wouldnt have worked 12:59

afroqueen: That's the thing e_booklover...Mercy didn't recognize that because she was still pretty young. When she learned the truth from Bran and
then grew up...she wasn't teh same starry eyed young girl. 13:00

Jasmine: I think Sam was trying to satisfy his wolf in his attempt with Mercy 13:00

Nikkiel: She outgrew him. She moved on. And I think Sam and his wolf both moved on, too. That's why, later, they realized they were pack. Which made
me just as happy as when Adam and Mercy finally got together. 13:01

Nikkiel: 'Cause I was worried what would happen to him once Mercy chose Adam. 13:01

e_booklover: @Afroqueen I agree, I think she needed the distance and the interference to realize it. 13:02

afroqueen: I love how close the pack is and how they close ranks. Puppy piles for everyone!! 13:02

Has_mod: Yep - I think because she made her decision in Iron Kissed it was like a catalyst for him to let go 13:02

Valery: How do you all feel about Mercy's reluctance to become pack previously? I've got my opinions but am interested in everyone else. 13:02

Has_mod: I think its due to her experiences in Aspen Creek and domination issues. Also Adam scared her because he's the only alpha who actually affects
her in a way that scares her 13:03

afroqueen: @Valery, I totally understood where Mercy was coming from. She wanted to be seen as an individual...someone who controlled her own life and not
dependent or feel responsible for someone else just because they were part of the pack. 13:03

Jasmine: I think she was trying to protect herself. 13:03

Valery: She sure seemed surprised that she was able to be brought in! 13:04

Has_mod: And it also made her vulnerable as well 13:05

e_booklover: @Valery I think she was also biased with how the women in Bran's pack treated her and her fear of losing her ability to withstand Pack hierarchy 13:05

Nikkiel: I think Mercy disagrees with women's places in the packs, a lot, and was not willing to give up her independence. But Adam doesn't try to force her.
He values her opinions. 13:05

Valery: I loved the locked-inside-her-head Pack 101 lesson from Bran--she really embraces it now. 13:05

Nikkiel: @Has_mod how do you think it made her vulnerable? 13:05

Has_mod: I think Adam really values her opinion - you get that sense a lot in Silver Borne - she handled Henry wonderfully! Loved how she cooly shot him  13:06

Valery: That was a shock, wasn't it, her shooting Henry? Good for her! 13:06

Has_mod: One of my favourite scenes ever! 13:06

afroqueen: Right in the neck! 13:07

Valery: take out the voice box so he can't issue a challenge! very cool thinking. 13:08

Has_mod: That scene also made me realise how much Adam has to work protecting his ex from the darker side of the pack and her own issues/bitterness
as well as juggling in dealing with the pack politics as well - Mercy may shake things up but she def has his back 13:08

Jasmine: That scene was awesome!! I totally didn't expect it! 13:09

afroqueen: Mercy has Adam's back...he has her heart! 13:09

Valery: The ex-wife is such a bad wife and mother--what do you think Adam saw in her? 13:09

afroqueen: Maybe like Bran...Adam felt he needed to be married. He is old school like that. 13:10

Has_mod: it mustn't have been all bad - but I think Christy got bitter and resentful. Maybe because she couldn't handle being an alpha's wife 13:11

Has_mod: but his wolf didn't like her though otherwise they would have been mated 13:11

Valery: Now Jessie has the coolest step-mother in the state, so that worked out pretty well for her I think  13:12

Has_mod:  I hope we get to see Christy - I am longing for a meeting with her and Mercy. 13:14

Jasmine: Ohh that would be fun 13:14

e_booklover: I am guessing that Christy didn't have any clue what she was REALLY getting into and felt betrayed so that turned into a vicious need to
hurt Adam any way she could. 13:14

Jasmine: Does anyone think Jessie will attempt to be changed? 13:14

Mid_mod: I think Adam will most likely kill anyone who tries to change Jessie. 13:15

Has_mod: I agree! I also think she was in love with a romantic idea of being the wife of an alpha and a werewolf. Didn't consider the fact she
would have to share Adam and the violence 13:15

e_booklover: @Jasmine No, I think Jessie has seen too much of the negative side of being a werewolf. 13:15

afroqueen: Adam sees himself as a monster...I don't think he would allow anyone to change Jessie. 13:15

Has_mod: Afroqueen I think that is going to be covered in the future because Mercy def doesn't see him as one 13:16

Valery: Change Jessie? That would make another parent-child werewolf pair like Bran with Samuel & Charles, wouldn't it? Wonder if that's a rare
thing in teh Mercyverse? 13:17

Has_mod: There is no guarantee Jesse can survive - most women tend not to survive. So I doubt Adam would be allow anything like that happening. And
I don't think Jesse would consider that because she seen the darker side of things especially in the past few years in the books 13:18

Janilee: There is still the possibility of Jesse being in a situation where she would take the chance of changing over the certainty of death. 13:20

Has_mod: is the room slowing down for anyone? Let me know so I can clear it 13:20

Has_mod: Oh I agree! Bran's wife Blue Jay Woman was in that position. I bet though if that happens - Adam would definitely be thrown in the wringer 13:21

Jasmine: So who wants to see more of Warren and Kyle?!.....I know I do! 13:22

Valery: Always! I love Warren, and Kyle is a hoot. 13:23

e_booklover: I really enjoy Kyle and Warren together. Such a dichotomy and so much fun! 13:23

Nikkiel: I love Warren and Kyle! 13:23

Valery: Do I want to know about the cooler full of pot roasts? Maybe...not 13:24

Has_mod: I hope we get another short story! I loved the one that was written about them 13:24

Jasmine: I also believe that Warren should be second...his being gay should not matter!! 13:24

Has_mod: I want to know about the cooler as well  13:24

Jasmine: Ohh yeah that was a d 13:24

Jasmine: Good short! 13:25

Nikkiel: I thought the short story was fun but I would have loved more interaction between them. I think it was more Warren's story. And Kyle is so much
fun. Such a tease! 13:25

Jasmine: Ohh yeah....I was so lost on the cooler thing 13:25

Has_mod: Hey Varg!  13:25

Has_mod: Perhaps when we get a chat with Patty someone can ask about that heh 13:25

Jasmine: Ohh I definitely will ask. 13:26
Valery: It was something to laugh about, after than intese scene in the hospital. I appreciated that. 13:26

Nikkiel: I want to know about Madea. I'm curious if she's more than a cat? 13:27

Valery: intense--sorry, my typing skills are fading with age 13:27

Has_mod:  LOL - no worries Valery - mine goes iffy too 13:27

Nikkiel: PB makes it such a point to say that she's the only cat that likes werewolves and vampires, etc. Just curious if anyone thinks so, too. 13:27

Has_mod: Nikkiel - Patty answered that. Medea is just a normal cat who likes supernaturals  13:28

Valery: Cats all have such different personalities and foibles--I can believe that. 13:28

Nikkiel: Well, that's a bit of disappointment, actually. lol I was kind of hoping she something mroe. lol 13:28

Has_mod: I think it does make her special - not all cats like werewolves or vamps 13:29

Has_mod: We had several glimpses of the fae Underhill/realms - I hope we get to see more of this. I love the glimpse we got in Silver Borne and in Iron Kissed
and how that fits with the wider fae plans that they have got cooking 13:30

Valery: Glad she didn't get burned up in the trailer explosion! 13:30

e_booklover: I can't wait to see what is happening with the Fae... 13:32

Has_mod: Oh def! But Silver Borne kind of heralded the end of Mercy's old life. The fact her trailer burned down like that was symbolic 13:32

Has_mod: @E the end of Fair Game is very ominous... They had something planned for a long while to do something like that 13:33

e_booklover: @Has_Mod you think they were just waiting for an excuse? 13:34

Valery: I'm also curious to find out how the werewolves will be affected by the Fae's actions 13:34

Has_mod: It def felt like that. Why would the fae work on recreating access to the Underhill? It feels like they want to regain back their old power and if they
do its got to have a reason behind that 13:35

e_booklover: They already had access. Remember Mercy slipped into Underhill a few times. 13:36

e_booklover: I don't think they ever completely lost it. 13:37

Has_mod: Yep but they seem to love the idea of the fae queen creating another Underhill - power is returning because this wasn't restricted in the reservations 13:37

Valery: I don't know who I'd root for in a fae-human conflict. There are good and bad people in all camps. I'd probably be on the wolves' side. 13:37

Roz joined the chat 13:38

Has_mod: The Wolves are in the middle - and with legislation being threatened to categorize them in a bad way that's going to put pressure on the werewolves 13:38

Has_mod: Hey Roz! 13:38

Roz: Hi Has! 13:38

Roz: Hi everyone! 13:38

Roz: The fae are not as nice as they seem, remember? Even the good ones, like Zee, will choose fae over human. 13:40

Roz: It's in the fae's best interest to support each other over humans. 13:41

Roz: If they don't the "fae police" will have them killed, and no one would seem to care. 13:41

Has_mod: I agree but there are different factions with the fae. The lesser ones don't seem to like the Grey Lords much - even Zee is not a huge fan 13:41

Roz: I've been wondering what the new restrictions, cutting the ties to the humans from the reservations, will have on those halflings, like Tad. 13:42

e_booklover: The Grey Lords strike me as utterly focused on retaining their power regardless of who they crush while doing so. 13:42

Jasmine: Fair Game was...EPIC!!! 13:42

Roz: I saw, on the message boards maybe, how Dan Dos Santos Mercy cover showed up on some other book in another country? 14:25

Has_mod: There is no control on that but yeah I think it was an Eileen Wilks book and it was Blood Bound - that was pretty funny because the heroine is
not a mechanic in that series 14:26

Roz: I'm just surprised because there are no wolves, or vamps, or fae on the covers too...just Mercy. I'd think that would make the books even more appealing
to folks that like that urban fantasy book? 14:27

afroqueen: I remember my first Fabio cover..."Defy Not the Heart" by Johanna Lindsey! I think I had like 25 books with some version of Fabio on the cover.
Look...Fabio as a Native American...Original recipe Blonde Fabio...Fabio as an Alien with tight pants! 14:27

Mid_mod: There are so many covers out there with the urban fantasy covers it becomes harder to notice 14:27

e_booklover: I have found that most covers that include paranormal creatures tend to be PNR. 14:28

Has_mod: UF has motifs which are recognizable and Dos Santos has a great style so I get it 14:28

Roz: Hmmmmmm 14:29

Roz: The covers just aren't how I picture her at all, which is why I like to ignore them.  14:29

Has_mod: @afroqueen that cover got me into trouble with my mum - nekked fabio and kneeling heroine looked pretty out there  it was more than heaving bosoms 14:29

Roz: LOL 14:29

e_booklover: I think Dos Santos and Tony Mauro(?) have great styles. For Science Fiction/Fantasy I love Whelan 14:29

Has_mod: Ohh TOny Mauro is good! His covers are really atmospheric 14:30

Roz: What books are we talking now? 14:30

Roz: I don't pay that much attention to the covers now, as I mostly read on my Nook. 14:30

Has_mod: Book cover artists - I think we have gone way off topic LOL 14:31

Roz: ) 14:31

Roz: Gals, sorry I missed so much. I'm going to have to play with Barbies now.  14:33

Roz: Hope to make it next week! 14:33

Has_mod: LOL On that note its getting late here and CK had to go so I have to shut the room - Im sorry 14:33

e_booklover: Well as long as they are beheading each other...  Have fun Roz. 14:33

Roz: Thanks! 14:33

Has_mod: oh cool! Next chat is for Saturday 3PM EST 14:33

Has_mod: Thanks for coming everyone!!!! 14:33

Roz: xx 14:33

afroqueen: Thanks for this...I love it! 14:33

e_booklover: Thanks for hosting the chat. Everyone have a great Saturday/Sunday depending on where you are. 14:33

e_booklover: *waves* 14:33

e_booklover left the chat 14:33

Has_mod: Anytime!! 14:34

Has_mod: See you all next week!  14:34
Hurog Means Dragon.