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Thanks, resonating
« on: February 11, 2013, 12:54:19 am »
I owe a thank you to Patty, and to CJ and Jane, and a couple of CJ's fans.

They had said several times how good Patty's books are and said I'd like them. I had bought a few on that basis, but they stayed in my To Read Pile. That pile has been teetering for a while now, 'cause life took a few turns that left me overwhelmed, so even my reading habits fell off.

A recent post by Hanneke at CJ's blog pointed out the character sheets here, and it got me curious enough to start reading Moon Called. Oh wow. I also checked the wiki page to make sense of her bibliography and know which books and series numbers I'd bought. I wish Amazon had biblio lists like that. Also found Mike and Patty are about my age.

Well, I'm nearly halfway through Moon Called and really enjoying it. a while back, I'd noticed a couple of things about the werewolf mythos that were intriguing. Now, Patty hasn't so much addressed the points I noticed, but she has tackled several others really well.

There's even a resonance with family history. My grandpa and grandma on my dad's side differed in age, with him being older, which wasn't uncommon back then. So Mercy's relationships with Samuel and Adam make some sense to me.

I am one of those folks who fits in sort of sideways with others on a number of things. But that's generally OK, if not always ideal. Several of Mercy's observations in the book have been really neat.

It's plain to me hat Patty and her Mercy character are very in tune with and concerned about emotions. I am a guy, but that kind of sensitivity, sometimes hyper-sensitivity, is important to me.

She has someone comment about the vet, Dr. Wallace, that his problem is too much control, rather than too littl. Ouch. That one hit home. One area of my life has always had trouble because of me being in too much control and not letting go enough to just live with it, and when I was growing up, there was a lot of confusion and questions there, as well as not knowing how to deal with it. (Not aggression like in Dr. Wallace's case. Not often, anyway.)

That gets into why I think things like werewolves and vampires are still popular. They are about civilization and rational behavior versus our instincts and emotions. We humans have to balance the two sides, or in story terms, control the wolf or animal nature. It can be aggression or not. Or who and how we love or like. Family and friends, allies, neutrality, enemies if we have any, Fear, bravery, taking risks or planning things out. Any of those things where that primitive and feeling self and that civilized and thinking self have to cooperate to get us through.

I see Patty's put her own spin on why werewolves do what they do and what those are. Any writer has to make rules for what and why and how their stories and characters operate, of course, and that's part of the enjoyment for readers.

So, thanks, I'm getting a kick out of all the goings-on.
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