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Iron Kissed Book Club Chat Transcript | Feb 2, 2013
« on: February 02, 2013, 05:49:51 pm »
A few mod notes regarding the chat.

We did a bit of color coding:

Mike Briggs
Patty Briggs

Also, a few signings were mentioned during the chat but are still subject to confirmation through Patty's PR team so they won't be added to the appearances schedule until we get final word.

Thanks to Mike&Patty for coming in to the chat for some fun and to everyone who showed up to the Iron Kissed Book Club chat. See you all next time!

Has_mod: Hey guys I'm going to unlock the room - Sarah can you clear the room in a min? Im going to tweet and post on FB sites! 11:54

Mike: Awesome! 11:55

Has_mod: Hey Patty!!! 11:55

Patty Briggs joined the chat 11:55

Mid_mod: Sure Has. 11:55

Mid_mod: Hey Patty! 11:55

Patty Briggs: Hi Everyone  Today, our daughter Amanda reminded us of the chat  11:55

CarolKat joined the chat 11:55

CarolKat: Hi everyone! 11:56

Patty Briggs: She's better at this than we are  11:56

CarolKat: Oh my! Hi Patty! Hi Mike! 11:56

Mid_mod: I'm just going to clear the room so it won't lag when everyone joins  11:57

Patty Briggs: Hi CarolKat 11:57

Mid_mod cleared the room 11:57

CarolKat: Hee hee bright! 11:57

Mid_mod: lol 11:57

Mike: Wow. It's empty in here. How minimalist of us. 11:58

CarolKat: I have the skirt for my dress done except for the waistband. I wonder how long it will be before folks start showing up 11:59

JellyBeane21 joined the chat 11:59

SecretSalute joined the chat 11:59

SecretSalute: Hello 11:59

Patty Briggs: Hi everyone! <waves>? 12:00

Has_mod: Mike I just tweeted and posted - just wait!  12:00

JellyBeane21: hi 12:00

Mike: Hey everyone! 12:00

Mike: So, I'm probably a bit behind the curve (Doh!) but what's our topic for today? 12:00

Patty Briggs: Iron Kissed  12:00

Mike: Oooh, ooh, I READ that book! 12:01

Has_mod:  we haz questions prepped  But if anyone wants to chime one in about the book to Patty feel free! 12:01

CarolKat: I posted in Patti's place 12:01

Patty Briggs: I stuck my tongue out at him in the real world, too. 12:01

Has_mod: lol 12:01

SecretSalute: XD 12:01

CarolKat:  12:02

SecretSalute: I don't have any questions but I'd like to thank Patty for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this for the fans  12:03

Mike: Well, it wasn't as good as Harry Dresden, but it wan't too bad. I left it on the little table beside the toilet, and read in a week or so. 12:03

Patty Briggs: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to come chat with us 12:03

Patty Briggs: Gibbs slap to Mike 12:03

Mike: Doh! 12:03

Has_mod: for newbies click on the join chat button to post 12:04

Heather Long joined the chat 12:04

CarolKat: Oopps!   Hope that didn't hurt to much! 12:04

Patty Briggs: <darkly>? Not enough! 12:04

Heather Long: Thank you  Good afternoon 12:04

natashawitch joined the chat 12:04

natashawitch: Hi everyone 12:04

Has_mod: Hey!  12:05

CarolKat: I like Mercy far more than Dresden!   12:05

Heather Long: Iron Kissed was my favorite until River Marked - but there are so many reasons why Iron Kissed remains in my top 5 books of all time 12:05

JellyBeane21: by far 12:05

Patty Briggs: LOL I love Harry, too. Even though he has cause some problems in our marriage  12:05

Patty Briggs: Iron Kissed was the most painful to write -- and I sweated over it the most. 12:06

Vickic11 joined the chat 12:06

Jt13 joined the chat 12:06

Heather Long: Patty, we're counting down the days till Frost Burned. I took the day off too 12:06

Patty Briggs: Heather LOL -- Me too -- if you count booksigning tour as day off 12:07

suzi joined the chat 12:07

Jt13: I love they book series it's one of my top 3 favorite and that's saying something lol 12:07

CarolKat: Hi suzi! 12:07

JellyBeane21: Any idea when your signing scedule will be available? 12:07

Jt13: You are by far a wonderful author and iron kissed was excellent 12:08

suzi: hiya, got fb on preorder and am counding down the days too 12:08

Patty Briggs: JellyBeane21 -- as soon as my publicist gets everything set in stone. 12:08

Heather Long: I wouldn't count it as a day off for you, but a treat for me if you're coming anywhere near Texas 12:08

Patty Briggs: ** suzi -- woot! 12:08

Jt13: Samuel gets the girl finally!!!! Lol 12:08

sukilmv joined the chat 12:08

natashawitch: I love Iron Kissed. The way the fae are portrayed is fantastic. I wonder how Patty chooses which fae/celtic dieties to write, total respect for way Nemane is depicted. 12:09

Roz joined the chat 12:09

Heather Long: I can understand why IK was hard to write, you had some really tough scenes, but some serious payoffs in it too 12:09

Mid_mod: Hey guys, welcome to the chat! Before we get down to the chat, we have our three rules we like to have to keep the peace  12:09

suzi: now that's an Idea, I'm heading to mount rushmore in September... 12:09

Mid_mod: No swearing please. No sharing personal information. And lastly, please have fun  12:09

sukilmv: seriously, Samuel finally gets the girl? I love his character 12:09

Jt13: I do too 12:10

Patty Briggs: *natashawitch -- I always feel like the fae choose me. My scientist husband is going to squirm at that answer, but it is true. 12:10

KJ joined the chat 12:10

Mike: Heather: One of Patty's signing tour stops will be Houston Texas -- we can't post it until we get the date and time finalized. 12:10

natashawitch: LOL, very appropriate Imbolc answer! 12:10

Jt13: it is a toss up between him and Adam for my favorite lol 12:10

Heather Long: Mike, I love you. I will ask Patty to give you a kiss for me. 12:10

Patty Briggs: JT13 -- Me, too 12:10

Patty Briggs: *Heather -- *Smooch to Mike* 12:11

Heather Long: I adore Charles and Anna, too. I don't think there's a character in there that I dislike  12:11

Heather Long: Thank you Patty  12:11

Roz: I have read and reread the exerpts from Frost Burned so that I have them nearly memorized. Thanks for sharing them early, Patty and Mike 12:11

Jt13: I do have a question for you though. Will Samuel finally get his little rug rats? 12:11

Jt13: I have too 12:12

Mike: Hah, if Patty wouldn't slap my hand, I'd post even MORE. See, I'm the nice one! 12:12

Jt13: I'm so happy I'm not the only crazed fan for the books 12:12

Roz: Oooooo, I would love to see more of them.   12:12

Patty Briggs: JT13-- I don't know. Not yet, anyway. The fae have even a harder time having children than the werewolves do. 12:12

Roz: I know it's soon, but seems soooo far away. 12:12

Patty Briggs: Writers can't make life too easy on their characters -- or it quits feeling real. 12:13

Jt13: You know right 12:13

Heather Long: Patty, will the declaration from the Fae at the end of Charles' and Anna's last book be pivotal in what's coming up next for Adam, Mercy and the Gang? 12:13

Jt13: Plus if you do make it easy it wouldn't be as suspenseful and good 12:13

CarolKat: I like that Ann tells us when you are torturing a character because of headache or weather, Patty. 12:14

Jt13: Or keep drawing the readers back 12:14

Roz: What I'm hoping for is some resolution for Stefan. I would like to see him back to himself. But, guess with two big vamps missing from the group, he will have to step up there? 12:14

Heather Long: And will there be another Charles and Anna book by chance? 12:14

Patty Briggs: It's harder to make the happy parts of a story feel real than it is to make the sad parts. I think that says something about people LOL 12:14

Patty Briggs: @Heather -- of course! 12:14

Patty Briggs: @CarolKat -- Ann is a snitch 12:14

natashawitch: I squealed out loud at the cliff hanger end to the last Charles and Anna. It was the best ending yet. 12:14

Maja joined the chat 12:14

Maja: Oh, phew! I wanted to know about Charles and Anna too 12:15

Roz: I don't know, Patty, when Adam and Mercy finally clicked, it was pretty easy to feel how happy they were. ;o) 12:15

CarolKat: And we love her, almost as much as Mike!   12:15

Maja: I think Fair Game was your best book so far. I loved it! 12:15

Aylitha joined the chat 12:15

Patty Briggs: @Roz Stefan will have a journey, too. Harder for a good man to be a happy vampire, though. At least in my world. 12:15

Roz: I can only imagine. But, his menagerie, is it healthy again? 12:15

big city wolf joined the chat 12:16

Patty Briggs: @Maja I agree. And I think that Frost Burned is better yet. 12:16

Maja: Oh, good! Well, that sounds promising. Good thing I have it preordered! 12:16

Bill/Reidiwr joined the chat 12:16

Patty Briggs: @Roz More or less. He still doesn't have enough people. It is hard for Stefan to turn people into sheeep, especially when he feels like he failed the ones that Marsilia tortured. 12:17

Bill/Reidiwr: Hi Patty!  12:17

CarolKat: Hi Bill! 12:17

Has_mod: to the newbies logging in - if you want to post please click on Join Chat option 12:17

Patty Briggs: Hi  12:17

Roz: I have now hooked my sister and my dad on these books. I had purchased the paperbacks, and loaned them out, but they keep going to the next friend/relative. Good thing I have my ecopies! 12:17

big city wolf: Hi all. 12:17

Bill/Reidiwr: Hi CK!  12:17

Jt13: I did that with my friends and now they are mad because we have to wait lol 12:17

Whispered.Eros joined the chat 12:17

Patty Briggs: ***Waves*** Welcome and Hi to everybody just joining in  12:18

Heather Long: I promote Patty to everyone. She is the writer I want to be when I grow up. I've re-read the Mercy books so many times, Moon Called is falling apart, but I never get tired of the story. 12:18

Roz: My dad, who hardly can open an email, got himself to your Hurog pages and read the preview! That's how interested he is! 12:18

Heather Long: And I always find some nuance I missed the first time. 12:18

Maja: Patty, I've always admired you for paying so much attention to things like body language and other subtleties. No one does that and it's very admirable. It certainly makes werewolves more realistic. 12:18

Patty Briggs: *Roz* Lol 12:18

Jt13: Well I have to run but patty by far you are a wonderful author and I hope to join you in more chats!!!! Have a wonderful day!!! 12:19

Roz: I love the scenery for your books. Well, Tri Cities isn't too interesting, all desert-y, but the mountains and the snow....sigh... 12:19

Has_mod: Bye JT! 12:19

big city wolf: I like that the characters keep growing and developing. 12:19

Patty Briggs: bye JT 12:19

Patty Briggs: @big city wolf -- I try. My imaginary friends are sometimes more cooperative than others <grin>? 12:19

Whispered.Eros: For someone from other areas, the scenery of the Tri Cities is interesting for me. 12:19

Roz: Where you live, are you seeing any of the wolves returning? 12:20

big city wolf: LOL 12:20

Janilee joined the chat 12:20

Heather Long: The evolution of the interpersonal relationships is very appealing. I want to do movie night with Mercy, Warren, Adam and ....ack, I'm drawing a blank on Warren's guy 12:20

natashawitch: I love the way that the male characters are written fully fleshed with emotions and motivations, something lacking in some of my other favourite series. 12:20

Roz: Kyle 12:20

SecretSalute: Kyle 12:20

Heather Long: Thank you Roz 12:20

Roz:  12:20

SecretSalute: Rox beat me too it XD 12:20

SecretSalute: Roz* 12:20

Patty Briggs: @Roz Rumor has it that there is a pack of seven wolves over by Finley (Mercy's home) which is about 20 miles from us. We have a lot of coyotes. They were singing last night. 12:20

Roz: VERY cool! 12:21

Bill/Reidiwr: Patty, do you think that your experiences with horses informs your use of body language in your books? 12:21

Roz: Did you hear about that alpha female who was killed recently? I've thought about her situation, she was a "rock star" among the known wolves. 12:21

KJ: I hear the coyOy 12:21

Mike: Patty's typing. SHe's slow. 12:22

Roz: Having heard about her, made me wonder if you would bring an alpha in to your works that could be female? 12:22

CarolKat: LOL 12:22

Mike: Which is why the books take so long. 12:22

Roz: I'll come type for her!  12:22

SecretSalute: S'ok, they are worth the wait 12:22

CarolKat: your are gonna get smacked again Mike.  12:22

Mike: I hear her keyboard going clickity-clack 12:22

KJ: Opp's sorry not sure what happenne 12:23

Patty Briggs: @Bill Absolutely. Anyone who works (safely) with horses has to be conscious of what they are saying with their body -- and what the horse is trying to tell you. More important, I think, is the time we spent with Mike's sister's wolf. Wolves are very observant of body language. 12:23

KJ: geez... I'm on my phone and it's not working 12:24

Patty Briggs: @Roz My poor wolves need to catch up to the modern era as far as equal rights, right? But they'll be less interesting then . . .. 12:24

Bill/Reidiwr: I only got to interact with wolves once. I hung out in the pen for a while at a rescue. I just sat on the ground and observed. It was very cool.  12:24

Roz: Hmmmm, I see your point.d 12:24

Patty Briggs: @Roz-- Conflict drives story. 12:25

Roz: I think that Anna sort of plays the part of dragging them in to the modern era. 12:25

Bill/Reidiwr: Yes, horses communicate mostly through body language. If you don't listen, you can get hurt. *nods* 12:25

Heather Long: Anna is an amazing character 12:25

Mid_mod: Is the room lagging for anyone? If so I can clear it again. 12:25

CarolKat: Patty will Mercy and Anna be stirring up more feminist type things with the packs? 12:25

natashawitch: I don't see Mercy giving up the garage any time soon to play wifey to Adam either. 12:25

Bill/Reidiwr: OK here. 12:25

SecretSalute: I'm good too 12:26

Roz: Seems okay. 12:26

JellyBeane21: fine here 12:26

CarolKat: Good here too 12:26

suzi: Don't think Adam would want her to - she wouldn't be the same Mercy then 12:26

big city wolf: Fine here too. 12:26

Patty Briggs: re Alpha wolf kill --- It amazes me how vicerally people react to wolves. I have a good friend who would -- and has -- faced down grizz bears in the hills. But is terrified of wolves. 12:26

Has_mod: let us know if anyone has issues in lagging though! 12:26

SecretSalute: I was under the impression that the Pack Magic kind of enforces the whole ranking systems with in the pack. As in Honey, who is very dominant, being considered submissive because of her mate. 12:27

Roz: Wow....I would be pretty afraid of both, running into them with no protection!!!! eek 12:27

Mike: Dragging all those old weres with their sexist mores and notions from bygone days into the modern mindset is going to be slow going. Anna got her work cut out for her! 12:27

Roz: She's got nothing to lose. Charles will protect her. Like Mercy, she even stands up to Bran. 12:27

Heather Long: It may also have something to do with Bran being ancient 12:27

Patty Briggs: @CarolKat Mercy always shakes up the status quo -- and Anna rattles cages, too. Have to see how much of it ends up on paper. 12:27

Bill/Reidiwr: Mercy is a troublemaker for sure.  12:28

Roz: I loved the "peanut butter on the car seat" exerpt! LOL 12:28

Moonstar joined the chat 12:28

Bill/Reidiwr: @Roz, yes that was gutsy! 12:28

Heather Long: Patty, any chance Coyote and Bran will meet? 12:28

Patty Briggs: @natashawitch Garage might become an issue in the future. Not quite yet in Frost Burned. But Mercy is startign to feel the time crunch that being Adam's mate has given her. 12:28

Has_mod: @Patty is there a potential for a female Alpha? Would love to see one! 12:28

natashawitch: Ooh I loved Coyote, and my sister is still raving about the character. 12:29

Roz: Will you be writing in any new books with other authors? 12:29

Roz: HI HAS!!! 12:29

Has_mod: Hey Roz! 12:29

big city wolf: Didn't Charles and Coyote meet? 12:29

Patty Briggs: @SecretSalute Absolutely. You are right. And, in Adam's pack at least, that magic is changing to match Adam's perception. And Adam's perception is changing because of Mercy 12:29

Heather Long: @bigcitywolf We know Charles saw him in the vision quest 12:30

Mike: Roz: What you don't know is that Patty snickers when she's doing something mean to a character. When she was writing the Peanut butter scene, where poor Bran's slacks get ruined, she was smirking and snickering. And now you know why I'm afraid to misbehave. 12:30

Roz: LOL 12:30

Roz:  12:30

SecretSalute: Ahhh so the magic works based on the perception of the alpha? Interesting 12:30

Patty Briggs: @Roz Seven wolves won't attack a horse and rider (unless they are very hungry). Wouldn't want to face a pack unarmed, either. But a loud noise (gunshot) is likely to run them off after easier game. 12:31

Bill/Reidiwr: @Mike Be afraid ... be very afraid! LOL 12:31

big city wolf: That could create all kinds of havoc. 12:31

Roz: I love when you write about Chicago, Patty! We love to visit there. So easy to picture. 12:31

Has_mod: To newbies joining in - please click on the join chat to post! 12:31

Ragdoll joined the chat 12:31

Patty Briggs: @Heather Maybeeeee. . . . Coyote vrs Bran . . . hummm 12:31

Heather Long: Heh heh 12:32

Heather Long: The vague conversation would be enlightening 12:32

suzi: Well I wouldn't want to be on the other side if they were working together. 12:32

Patty Briggs: @ Has I am not opposed to a female Alpha -- but it would have to be a very different wolf pack that would allow that to happen. Pack Magic is complicated. 12:32

Heather Long: @Patty that reminds me, I wanted to say thank you for mentioning Charles' mentoring Mercy in some of her Native American roots, that was neat 12:32

CarolKat: Patty how many short stories will be in the anthology? 12:32

Roz: Bran was out in the wild west so long before it was settled, surely he's already met up with Thunderbird, Wolf, Coyote, etc.? 12:32

Moonstar: If the pack magic changes and Honey goes farther up the dominance poll would that mean Peter goes up as well? 12:33

Patty Briggs: @Roz I am a control freak. I am incapable of writing with anyone else. 12:33

Patty Briggs: @bigcitywolf Charles has met a lot of people he doesn't talk about 12:34

Roz: I am sorry, I meant, like "Down These Strange Streets." 12:34

big city wolf: Hmmm. 12:35

Patty Briggs: @Roz I have an invite to two unsold anthologies that I have accepted. One with Ellen Datlow, one with Kevin Anderson-- we'll see if either pan out. 12:35

Mike: She's typing again. Never ask a question of a novelist -- she can't give short answers 12:35

Roz: Ooo, thanks to Has, I just discovered Ellen Datlow.  ) 12:36

Roz:  12:36

Bill/Reidiwr: If you ask her what time it is, she'll tell you how to build a watch? 12:36

KJ: Would a Mercy pregnancy change the pack magic in any way? 12:36

Patty Briggs: @secretSalute Pack magic is trixy. Mostly follows the Alpha, but pack mindset also affects it. That's why, though more dominant, Warren is still #3 in the pack under Darryl. 12:36

Mike: She's also, like the Fae, not prone to giving straight answers. . . 12:37

Has_mod:  Glad you enjoyed those Recs Roz! 12:37

Mid_mod: LOL 12:37

Heather Long: @Mike I don't mind non-straight answers as long as she continues to write such exceptional novels 12:37

Bill/Reidiwr: Agree 12:37

suzi: ditto 12:37

natashawitch: hear hear 12:38

JellyBeane21: definitely 12:38

CarolKat:  absolutelly 12:38

Moonstar: @Mike If she's Fae how snazzy is her true form? I hope it's sparkly. 12:38

Mike: Oh sure, give her a swelled head! And who gets to live with it, I asks you? Thanks a bunch! 12:38

Roz: I can't find "Silver Birch, Blood Moon" 12:38

Bill/Reidiwr: *snicker* 12:38

Heather Long: lol 12:38

CarolKat: *giggle 12:38

Mike: Moonstar. I can think of several amusing replies, but none that won't get me hurt, so I'll decline to comment. 12:39

Patty Briggs: @Heather I am cautious about what I do with the Native American parts of the story. I want to be as accurate as I can -- and respectful of people's beliefs. While reminding everyone this is fiction and not intended to be real . . .  12:39

Bill/Reidiwr: @Mike Smart man.  12:39

SecretSalute: That's hard to balance but you do it well Patty! 12:39

Patty Briggs: @CarolKat I have lost count. All of the published stories in the Mercyverse plus five new ones. 12:40

Heather Long: I think you did a great job. We know Samuel and Bran were around when she was growing up, I have a tendency to forget that Charles was, too. 12:40

Patty Briggs: Short stories in the collection 12:40

Mike: Bill: I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, but if you whack my nose with a newspaper often enough I eventually learn. 12:40

Bill/Reidiwr: Hehe.  12:41

CarolKat: Wow you are busy 12:41

CarolKat: @Mike *snicker* 12:41

Patty Briggs: @Roz Try Amazon/Barnes and Noble for Silver Birch Blood Moon. I think it is still in print. 12:42

Has_mod: To newbies joining us - please click the join chat button to post! 12:42

Has_mod: Hey Shiloh!!!! 12:42

Mike: She's typing again . .. 12:42

shiloh joined the chat 12:42

Mike: And now she ran off to look at a book . 12:42

Has_mod: LOL @Mike you're so bad 12:42

Bill/Reidiwr: He is! 12:42

Mid_mod: Patty, has the walking stick finished with Mercy or does it have more plans? 12:42

Patty Briggs: Otherwise "The Price" is in a John Klima Anthology from Night Shade Books called Happily Ever After 12:43

Mike: Sadly, our mate bond doesn't let me read her mind. Or maybe that's a good thing. 12:43

shiloh: shhhhh... I'm not here, Has. 12:43

Has_mod: LOL sorry  12:43

Mike: Has, I'm HELPING! 12:43

Bill/Reidiwr: @Mid Oh, good question! 12:43

Mike: She's BA-AAACK! 12:43

SecretSalute: That is a great question 12:44

Patty Briggs: @Mid Mercy might be through with the walking stick, but is it through with her? Coyote+walking stick = Trouble 12:44

big city wolf: Will the fae ever leave their reservation again? 12:44

Bill/Reidiwr: Yep, Fae. 12:44

Mike: And the typing continues. 12:45

Has_mod: I heart that walking stick 12:45

Patty Briggs: @bigcitywolf Yes. But the question is whether or not they will let anyone know what they are doing. They are fae, after all. 12:45

Mike: Clickity-clickity 12:45

Mid_mod: Heh, I can only imagine what Coyote is getting up to with the walking stick. 12:45

big city wolf:  12:45

Roz: @Patty, there are none in print, copies of "Silver Birch, Blood Moon" you can order it for over $100.00!!!! 12:46

Patty Briggs: @mid Hehehe Story time for walking sticks will come again. 12:46

Patty Briggs: The fae are not pleased that Coyote has a fae artifact -- but there's not a lot they can do about it. 12:46

SecretSalute: So, my premonition of trouble that occurred when Mercy gave Coyote the stick was well founded. 12:46

Mike: ACK! That's scary. Check out the "Happily Ever After" anthology. 12:46

Roz: That's good, I liked that stick! 12:46

Mike: Roz: so does Coyote! 12:47

Mike: It suits his nature. 12:47

suzi: abebooks appear to have some copies of silver birch listed 12:48

Mike: clickity clickity from Patty! 12:48

Kimimochi joined the chat 12:48

Roz: @ Mike, which "happily ever after" anthology? 12:48

Mike: Mostly backspace, apparently. 12:48

Kimimochi: Hi everyone Glas to be alle to join in 12:48

Kimimochi: Glad 12:48

Patty Briggs: @Roz I just got a payment for Silver Birch, Blood Moon I think it was $20.00 That was the first payment I've gotten from it since I got the initial $650 when I sold it to Ellen about 15 years ago. That's why I thought it was still in print. LOL 12:48

Has_mod: Hey Kimimochi! 12:49

Roz: LOL 12:49

Roz: $'re living the life now!!! ;o) 12:49

suzi: don't spend it all at once 12:49

Bill/Reidiwr: Hi Kimimochi. 12:49

Mid_mod: I'm picturing Coyote herding sheep (or people ) with the walking stick lol 12:49

Mike: Roz: Scan back up Patty's messages -- she sold that story to John Kilma for an anthology recently. 12:49

Bill/Reidiwr: Did they withhold taxes?  12:49

Kimimochi: Just Kimi thats Way easier 12:49

Ragdoll: something tells me he does a great job hearding people, even without the walking stick XD 12:50

Patty Briggs left the chat 12:50


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Re: Iron Kissed Book Club Chat | Feb 2, 2013
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2013, 05:50:46 pm »
Kimimochi: Sorry for the wring spelling my ipad uses the wrong language 12:50

shiloh: Coyote herds people without the stick...he'll herd planets now. 12:50

SecretSalute: aww we lost patty 12:50

Bill/Reidiwr: Bye Patty! 12:50

Mike: Patty's system did something strange . . . hold on. 12:50

Has_mod: shall we clear the room? it may be lagging for her? 12:51

Bill/Reidiwr: I hope you mean the computer.... 12:51

CarolKat: Don't forget to save this, Has! 12:51

Patty Briggs joined the chat 12:51

Mike: And she's back! 12:51

Kimimochi: Welcome back 12:51

Ragdoll: welcome back 12:51

Roz:  12:51

Has_mod: Don't worry! CK! Its saved! 12:52

CarolKat: Welcome Back Patty!   12:52

Kimimochi: Good has 12:52

KJ:  12:52

CarolKat:  12:52

SecretSalute: Woot! 12:52

Patty Briggs: I'm back. Aparently it didn't like a link. Look up John Kima Happily Ever After on Amazon or barnes and noble. 12:52

KJ: PTt 12:52

Has_mod: If anyone is having lagging issues - we can clear the room. 12:52

Kimimochi: Will so 12:52

Kimimochi: Do 12:52

Has_mod: Oh that may due to the spam filter Patty - i forgot to remove that 12:53

Aylitha: Any chance of a book signing/appearance in the mid-west ish area? say Iowa? 12:53

Roz: OOO, Holly Black, Garth Nix, Neil Gaiman, some of my favorite YA authors! That looks like a good one. 12:54

Kimimochi: I heard that you might come around to Germany next year any idea where exactly? 12:54

Patty Briggs: @Aylitha Looks like Chicago is as close as I can get. Last year Mike and I did a convention in Missouri and one in Ohio. 12:54

Patty Briggs: @Roz Yes Klima's anthology is full of very good stories. 12:55

Mike: Kimi: We're trying to get to Germany next year, though I don't have the calendar in front of me. Believe it or not, our calendar is very complicated, and the book signings are only the tip of the iceburg. 12:55

CarolKat: anything planned for the East Coast this year? 12:55

Has_mod: @Patty - I have to ask this question but what is the status with Bran and Leah's relationship and the fact she's in control of the pack finances. Will this lead to some shenanigans? 12:55

Mike: Patty says it's a small town in North Germany . . . she's looking through her schedule. 12:55

Kimimochi: I can picture that...please to the north Hamburg World be great   12:56

Kimimochi: Good 12:56

Piper joined the chat 12:56

Mike: Luneburg is apparently where we'd headed in Germany. Carol, she's be in Long Island, NY on March 9. 12:57

Has_mod: Hey Piper! 12:57

Kimimochi: YES!!!!! 12:57

SecretSalute: how Convenient. I have a friend on Long Island 12:57

Piper: Hi Has!   12:57

SecretSalute: Though not as convenient as when she was in Philly 12:57

Mike: Hopefully we'll meet you there, Kimi! 12:57

CarolKat: Cool I \I should be down there for birthday around then 12:57

Kimimochi: Do you know the Date yet 12:57

Roz: When in Chicago? 12:57

Kimimochi: Bet. You will i will get you Some herrenschokolade 12:58

SecretSalute: Alright ladies and gents. I am out. Have a good one everyone! 12:58

suzi: Now all you need to do is set up a side trip to Luneburg's twin town (where I happen to live) 12:58

Kimimochi: Nighty 12:58

Mike: Sometime in may 2014, Kimi. The problem is that dates for conventions etc. tend to be more flexible than I'd like. 12:58

Patty Briggs: Mike says March 9 for Chicago -- but remember these dates (and some of the places) are not set in stone. 12:58

Mike: Bye Secret! 12:58

CarolKat: Bye Secret! 12:58

Roz: Oooo, March 9th. Rats. I'd come if we were going to be in state. 12:59

Has_mod: Bye SecretSalute! hello to the newbies - if you want to post in the chat you need to click join chat below! 12:59

bansheebat joined the chat 12:59

Patty Briggs: Okay folks. Time for Mike and I to go try and find a replacement car for the one Jordan killed. We need it by Monday night. 12:59

Kimimochi: Perfect i have Butterflys in my stomac 12:59

Roz: Good luck! 12:59

Patty Briggs: Hugs to you all. And we'll (hopefully) see you next chat. 12:59

Bill/Reidiwr: Hi Piper!  12:59

Kimimochi: Good luck 12:59

JellyBeane21: Thank you!!! 12:59

Mike: See you next year Kimi! 12:59

Roz: Thanks for coming by 12:59

natashawitch: Bye Patty. Thank you! 12:59

Mid_mod: Thanks so much for joining us Patty and Mike  12:59

Roz: Mike, try and get another post, eh? 12:59

Piper: Hi Bill! 12:59

Mike: I'll work on it Roz! By everyone! 13:00

CarolKat: Bye Mike and Patty - Thank you so much for chatting with us! 13:00

Roz:  13:00

Heather Long: Take care! And thank you both and Has for this 13:00

KJ: Bye  13:00

Kimimochi: Thank you so much 13:00

Piper: I'm always late! By Mr. Mike and Patty! 13:00

Has_mod: Bye Mike and Patty thanks for joining the chat! 13:00

Bill/Reidiwr: Bye Mike & Patty. 13:01

Has_mod: @Piper - we might do an author chat probably around post Frost Burned release 13:01

Roz: Soooo, back to Iron Kissed? 13:01

big city wolf: Bye and thanks. 13:01

suzi: what do you mean, back to iron kissed, had we got on to it in the first place? 13:02

Piper: Has, will we have a transcript of today. Ah-cool. Thanks hon. 13:02

Roz: lol 13:02

Has_mod: Nope it turned into a bit of a free for all - we usually have those in the second half of the chat 13:02

Roz: I really like YoYo Girl.   13:02

Piper: okiedokie, thanks. 13:03

Has_mod: @Piper def! Its saved and we will def post it soon - probably tomorrow 13:03

Roz: AND I loved how Samuel got to perform. 13:03

Piper: @Has-Thanks hon! I'm slow the slow and sick side of things. 13:04

Roz: I'd like to have met the librarian that was killed, even though she didn't like humans much. 13:04

Has_mod: No worries - so we have some guiding questions for the discussion but we can go ahead with a general discussion on the book 13:04

Roz: onward 13:04

Has_mod: Iron Kissed is a book that brought about changes to Mercy that was life changing and heartbreaking. How did you feel about the ending of Iron Kissed? 13:05

Kimimochi: Well i got to go and give the baby something to eat ist is late anyway 13:05

Has_mod: Ok Kimi! Have a great evening! 13:05

Roz: It was a pretty rough situation. 13:05

CarolKat: Bye kimi 13:05

Roz: Ben's character really came to the fore, helping her get a grip. 13:05

Roz: I liked that. 13:06

Roz: I like Ben 13:06

Bill/Reidiwr: Bye Kimi. 13:06

Kimimochi: Thanks everyone ist 13:06

Roz: Since the demon tried and failed to kill him, I've liked him. 13:06

Kimimochi: It was a pleasure 13:06

big city wolf: Ben is somewhat complex. 13:06

CarolKat: I loved the ending of IK, I just wish it went a little further so we could see Adam's reaction to Mercy taking off her shirt 13:06

Elle joined the chat 13:07

CarolKat: Hi Elle! 13:07

Piper: I love Ben. Ditto CK took the words outta me mouth. 13:07

Bill/Reidiwr: Must go. Bye 13:07

Bill/Reidiwr left the chat 13:07

CarolKat: Great minds Piper   13:07

Roz: Well, Carol, it picks right up again in the next book...he covers her with a blanket!   13:07

Piper: Hi Elle!   13:07

Piper: bye bill 13:07

Elle: Hey all. Just checking in. Have a quick break at work. Xo 13:08

CarolKat: I know but the speculation went rampant over the ending.   13:08

Piper: @CK yes we do! 13:08

Has_mod: Hey Elle!!! you just missed them 13:08

Elle: I figured! Lol 13:09

Has_mod: We have the transcript and there were a few tidbits! 13:09

e_booklover joined the chat 13:10

e_booklover: Hi guess I missed it  13:10

Roz: I think the aftermath of the rape was interesting, sadly, to read in Bone Crossed, those panic attacks. I can see how that would really happen. 13:10

Elle: Excellent. I love a good tidbit. 13:10

suzi: I think it woudld have been a bit of an anticlimax if the book had finished with Adam trying to put the blanket round her 13:10

Piper: @eeeeee, I missed it too.   13:10

Roz: LOL, yep, Suzi, I agree! 13:10

Has_mod: You just E!  They had to leave early but we got the transcript and Patty said there will be five new short stories for the anthology along with the past Mercyverse stories 13:11

Has_mod: And also some potential touring dates, includes one in Germany 13:11

e_booklover: The collection keeps sounding better and better! 13:12

Has_mod: I found the aftermath of IK really emotional and I cried because it was so powerful especially with that scene in the end with Ben and Adam 13:12

Elle: Back to the salt mines!! I'll check the transcript later and hopefully a chat down the road. Later all! 13:12

Has_mod: Def! Glad you popped in Elle! Sorry you missed them 13:12

Piper: *waves* bye Elle. Ttfn 13:12

CarolKat: Bye Elle! See you later 13:13

big city wolf: Have to go to the store for superbowl supplies. Bye all. 13:13

e_booklover: Bye Elle 13:13

suzi: Didn't find IK a comfortable book to read, in fact I think it is the one I like least 13:13

e_booklover: oh man that scene with Ben and Adam. So touching 13:14

Roz: Has, yep, I did too. Each time I read it. So emotional. 13:14

suzi: Didn't enjoy it because of what was happening to Mercy, but then that shows what a good author Patty is 13:14

Has_mod: I think its my favourite book although a couple of the others are a close second but it is very hard to reread that ending, but that scene because its so emotional and full of nuance it really sums up on the strength of characterisation 13:15

Janilee: The ending had all of the leftover issues with the antifae group as well. 13:15

e_booklover: I skip certain parts of IK but will re-read others. 13:15

Roz: Yes, Mercy hiding in the garage when everyone shows up, still under the influence of the potion, is just heart wrenching. 13:16

Marie joined the chat 13:16

CarolKat: I cried though much of it. Had to read more than once to see through the tears. Ben and Adam then Adam and Mercy. 13:16

suzi: I've got it as an e-book, and it's a bit awkward to skip pages, may need to pick up a paperback 13:16

Has_mod: I think the anti-fae groups will play a huge role in the future - I don't think it was wise of Mercy to shift in front of that lawyer 13:18

Janilee: That moment where Warren steps in and picks up Mercy stopping the confrontation between Adam and Samuel. 13:18

Roz: I almost felt sorry for Tim, she saw potential in him, but that's Mercy, always looking for the good in people. He was very deceptive, having killed his own parents. ick! 13:19

Janilee: The lawyer thing was necessary. It will depend upon how professional she is. And if Kyle's reading of her is right. 13:19

Roz: Ack, look at the time. Sorry, to leave. Have to drive my son to his job. Have fun! 13:20

Roz: By Has, and thanks again, so very much! 13:20

Has_mod: Bye Roz! Glad you could make the chat! 13:20

suzi: It's Courtney(? the cousin) I feel sorry for, I'm just glad Mercy was strong enough a person to deal with Tim and the aftermath of what he did. 13:20

Has_mod: @janilee - i think she will pass on info to others. Even if she was professional. Hate and fear are powerful emotions 13:21

Has_mod: What do you think about the resolution of the love triangle? Did you think it was resolved in a good way? 13:23

Has_mod: by the way anyone facing lagging issues? I may clear the room now because its starting to lag for me 13:23

JellyBeane21: a bit here 13:24

Janilee: She might. But it would be very easy to follow the leak and get her disbarred. The triangle had come to a head and Mercy needed to make a choice. 13:24

Has_mod: K Clearing the room - watch out for blinding white space! 13:24

Has_mod cleared the room 13:24

Has_mod: that's better! 13:24

suzi: ooh, it's like fresh fallen snow - let's trample /write all over it! 13:25

e_booklover: I was very glad for resolution and while Sam had the familiarity I always had my doubts that ALL of him wanted to mate Mercy. 13:26

Janilee: Samuel's emotions and reasons remain complex. 13:27

suzi: I agree, I suspect that was what Bran worried about - that he was more interested in the children she could have rather than entirely wanting her 13:27

Has_mod 13:27
@E I totally agree! leads up to this question we have because it ties in with Bran And what do you think about the resolution of the love triangle? Did you think it was resolved in a good way? This leads to the question of Sam’s focus and attempts at mating with Mercy. Like his father, who chose Leah to help control his Berserker side, Sam’s wolf has chosen to help him ward off being age wary. Does this suggest Bran may not have chosen wisely?

e_booklover: Wisely for Sam and Mercy or wisely for himself? I think as much as Bran loves his sons he has a HUGE soft spot for Mercy. 13:28

marie joined the chat 13:29

Has_mod: wisely for Bran - because like Sam his is more of a practical decision 13:30

suzi: Wisely but not well for Bran? He thought he had all the right reasons for doing what he did, but the outcome might not be the right one 13:31

suzi: Just because Leah ticked all the boxes doesn't make her the right choice 13:33

Janilee: I have to say that I think Bran chose wisely for himself. One he has not had a major berserker rage in his time with Leah. (as far as we know.) Two Look at Beauclear's reaction to the damage of a loved one. Bran is old and powerful as well. 13:33

Has_mod: I agree Suzi - and I know Leah is a character which everyone loves to hate, but I think this wil backfire on him 13:34

Janilee: Bran's wolf has accepted the situation. 13:35

CarolKat: Bran's wolf chose the situation 13:37

Has_mod: Yep but I don't think love and trust is involved and unlike acceptance its going to cause major problems. The fact she flirted with Asil hints of issues that don't bode well 13:37

Has_mod: especially with an alpha like Bran 13:37

suzi: The problem as I see it is that Leah knows that Bran doesn't love her, and pretty much mated her for the reason that he didn't want to get hurt again, outsiders however aren't aware of that, and I suspect Bran might find out he feels more for her than he realiises if something were to happen. 13:38

CarolKat: Bran wouldn't tolerate her being unfaithful to him 13:38

e_booklover: I think she is trying to find a place/something she can control and all that she can is provoke people until Bran has to rebuke them 13:38

Mid_mod: Leah put a move on Asil years ago. I don't think Asil told Bran. This was in Fair Game 13:40

Has_mod: But it is a dangerous game she's playing as well 13:41

suzi: Don't think Asil thought there was any need, as he dealt with it himself. That doesn't of course mean that Bran doesn't know. 13:41

Has_mod: I think Asil knew if he said anything and he may still mention it - that this would cause a huge issue. And I bet the main reason she did this is that Asil is almost the same age as Bran 13:44

Mid_mod: We also got a couple of clues and hints on the fae and their plans, and the issues with the powerful and lesser fae. What do you think is the fae’s end game? 13:45

e_booklover: I look at it as Asil was new to the pack and didn't have anything negative associated with Leah so maybe she could have caused Bran to care? 13:46

suzi: My original comment about something happening was in relation to someone trying to use her as leverage - I suspect that would very quickly clear up what Bran's feelings were 13:46

Has_mod: It will be interesting to see how it pans out! 13:47

Janilee: I believe the Fae's endgame is survival. How they intend to achieve it is where things might get tricky. 13:48

CarolKat: I want to see more of Asil and Sage, I think they are good together. And Sage doesn't like Leah  13:48

daelit joined the chat 13:50

Has_mod: I hope we get to see more of Sage 13:51

suzi: I think the fae already pretty well on with it, they have now got their own little kingdoms in the reservations which are inaccessible to humans, and presumably now easy for them to travel between via the fae lands which reopened to them when they started living in large groups 13:52

e_booklover: I want to see more of Sage too. So what is happening to all of the part-fae who didn't live on the reservations? 13:53

Has_mod: The part fae don't get on and are dominated by the powerful fae as well - and many aren't happy. Tad hinted of this in IK 13:54

CarolKat: I have to go guys, daughter's on the phone. see ya'll next week! 13:56

Has_mod: bye CK!!! 13:56

e_booklover: Bye *waves* 13:56

Sydney joined the chat 13:57

Mid_mod: bye! 13:57

Has_mod: We can open up the chat to general chat for the mercy books? 13:57

suzi: So if the fae are a separate entity/country within a country, presumably tad would have "dual nationality" because of his mother, but what about the weaker full blooded fae? could they get "deported" to a reservation? 13:58

e_booklover: oops I thought we already were. My bad  13:58

Has_mod: Nope we can but we had guiding qs but we did it backwards LOL we usually do the second half of the chat for general chat Heh 13:59

Has_mod: @Suzi I suspect any powerful fae would be relegated to the rez - Zee was forced to live there 14:00

suzi: I said the weaker ones on purpose, the strong ones are already there, and if any of the strong ones aren't I'm not holding my breath on anyone getting them to do anything they don't want to. 14:01

Has_mod: True! And I bet the reallly scary ones are the ones who are hidden in the outside world 14:03

Has_mod: Hey newbies if you'd like to post in the chatroom - you have to click join chat below 14:03

Peachy504 joined the chat 14:04

Has_mod: Hi Peachy! 14:04

Peachy504: hey!! 14:05

Has_mod: You missed Patty - she popped in earlier but we will post the full transcript soon at the Hurog boards 14:06

Peachy504: aw 14:06

Peachy504: I woke up and saw that she was in here I zoomed on over 14:07

Has_mod: We're still chatting about Iron Kissed but we can go onto general chat on the books 14:07

Has_mod: oh Im so sorry you missed her - We will def try to schedule an author chat soon 14:08

suzi: I suspect yoyo girl would under the really scary - isn't something said at one point about the more innocent they look... 14:08

Janilee: See you later.  14:09

Has_mod: The more scary they are! 14:09

Has_mod: Bye Janilee!!! 14:09

Has_mod: So since Patty hinted that the walking stick may appear again especially since the fae aren't happy with Coyote having possession of it- what kind of mischief do you see it being linked to? 14:10

suzi: I think that depends on whose hands it ends up in - I'm not sure it would go back to Mercy seeing as she gave it away 14:12

e_booklover: But it liked Mercy 14:13

Has_mod: Yep and Patty said earlier that its not done with her... I also think Coyote might create real havoc with it 14:13

Lynda joined the chat 14:13

suzi: Not saying it would do anything against her, but it is probably aware she is not comfortable with it 14:13

Has_mod: Hi Lynda! 14:16

Lynda joined the chat 14:16

Lynda: Hi guys  14:17

Has_mod: I think the nature of the stick was changed because it was used in violent means with the River Monster so i think it was getting out of control 14:17

Has_mod: You sadly missed Patty earlier - she had to leave but we will post the transcript soon but she left some cool tidbits 14:18

suzi: going to call it a night, hopefully chat next week? see ya. 14:20

suzi left the chat 14:20

Lynda: Has Patty ever talked about how long Mercy will live ? Does a walker live as long as a werewolf ? 14:20

Has_mod: I don't think she knows about her mortality - It might be touched on in the future though but I think she will have a mortal lifespan 14:21

Has_mod: But then again it may be longer! But she hasnt said anything yet though 14:22

katy joined the chat 14:22

Has_mod: what she did touched on the chat was the anthology she's working on for later this year - there will be 5 new stories plus the Mercyverse previously pubbed ones 14:23

katy: Hi y'all -- I see I'm late to the game, but looks like it's been a great chat! 14:23

Has_mod: she's also going to write two more short stories for two new anthologies - not sure if they will be Mercyverse or different universe 14:23

Has_mod: Hey Katy! yep you missed Patty! She popped in earlier 14:24

Lynda: I was hoping being the sorta daughter of Coyote, she may be immortal. 14:24

katy: I saw that -- can't wait to read the transcript! 14:24

katy: Mercy doesn't have the super-accelerated healing that the wolves have, and I'd guess that is the reason for their long lives -- their bodies renew themselves to their "prime" state constantly 14:26

Has_mod: I think however her mortality is addressed it will be very Coyotoish - Yep and Patty doesn't like to create super beings 14:27

e_booklover: True but she also doesn't have some of the self destructive urges they have. 14:27

Has_mod: Yep and she's smarter that way LOL 14:29

Has_mod: I liked Patty's comment on how the pack magic changes with Adam's perception which is affected by Mercy 14:30

e_booklover: ??? please tell us larecomers more 14:31

e_booklover: oops latecomers 14:31

e_booklover: thanks Has 14:34

Has_mod: Your welcome! I'll def post it tomorrow if not I'll try to rope Elle to do it later tonight LOL 14:36

katy: Interesting! 14:37

Has_mod: Def! Esp on women's roles in the pack. I missed the Garage tidbit 14:38

e_booklover: Hmm Mercy is so very independent...even when injured. That is going to be quite a change 14:46

Has_mod: Hey guys! You missed Patty earlier - but we will post the transcript soon 14:46

Has_mod: Yep! I know  14:47

Has_mod: But I think getting mated to an alpha werewolf and all the recent changes she's all about change. And she's a coyote shifter so its fitting! 14:48

Has_mod: Guys it looks like things are winding down now - so I am going to lock the room 14:52

e_booklover: ok thanks for the reminder  14:52

katy: Thanks, Has! 14:52

e_booklover: *waves* 14:52

e_booklover left the chat 14:52

katy: Bye! 14:52

Has_mod: but thanks for taking part and logging in! I hope you can make it for next week! It will be the turn of bone crossed1 14:52

Has_mod: buy hon! 14:53

Has_mod cleared the room 14:53
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