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Mercy & Honey
« on: June 20, 2013, 02:58:48 pm »
In the book Blood Bound, Honey starts out hating Mercy, but after the confrontation with Mr. Black they are friendlier too each other, because they start to understand each other a little more.  In fact Honey is the one who stands up for Mercy when Waren was hurt and one of the other wolves wanted to keep Mercy out of the house. 

Then in the book Iron Kissed, Honey comes to talk to Mercy in Jessies bedroom to tell her that she needs to make a decision between Adam and Sam, and explains to her why she needs to make the decision.  Honey also tells Mercy that the reason she didn't like her in the first place was because she thought that Mercy what just playing with Adam and stringing him, and the rest of the pack, along for fun.  But then she realized that Mercy didn't understand that when Adam declared her his mate that he opened up a hole in the pack that Mercy had yet to fill, and that it was causing unrest in the pack as a result.  After explaining all of that to Mercy, Honey then incuraged Mercy to choose Adam. 

So Mercy and Honey were on friendly terms with each other.  They would never become best friends, but they at least were on friendly terms with each other, and still were in the book Silver Bourn.  However in the latest Mercy book Frost Burned suddenly Honey is back to hating Mercy just because she's a coyote, as mentioned before Peter was killed.  In my understanding Honey was more accepting of Mercy being a coyote than say Mary Jo and Paul, she wasn't all that thrilled with it, but she could deal with it more maturely than others.  So what happened?  Why did Honey go back to hating Mercy so suddenly after having made some progress in there aquantince with one another? 

Also I just wanted to say that killing Peter was a very low blow and it hurt.  Paul should have been the one to get shot, it would have cleaned up the pack geenpool a little at least.  I liked Peter and will miss him, and wish to send my condolences to Honey.       


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Re: Mercy & Honey
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2013, 07:34:42 am »
Hi Jillanyne,

Patty answered this over in the Amazon messageboard. Here is her response:

Hi :) You are right, they were starting to deal well with each other. However, in Silverborn, Mercy shakes up the standards of rank in the pack in order to allow Mary Jo to fight. If the pack decides to hold to that ruling (and, off screen, they have mostly been trying to ignore the ramifications) that would put Honey way up the pack rankings. Honey was Very unhappy about that and they have gone back to being not-friends again. My apologies for not making it clear in Frost Burned (and I agree that it is not) for the reasons for Honey's renewed dislike of Mercy.
Best wishes,
Patty Briggs
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