Author Topic: Isaac, Fair Game, and Boston  (Read 2356 times)


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Isaac, Fair Game, and Boston
« on: April 08, 2012, 02:11:13 pm »
I recently finished Fair Game and I just wanted to comment how much I LOVED it.  I became very engrossed in the story and couldn`t put it down.  I`ve loved all of the Mercy Thompson and Alpha Omega books, but Fair Game really shone.  I think it shows how Ms. Briggs has grown as an author, and I can`t wait to read her future works! 

I just returned from a trip to Boston, and was giddy the whole time thinking I was in Isaac`s city.  For me, he was the highlight of the book.  He was a minor character, true, but so well-written that I instantly feel for him.  I laughed out loud at the bit with him walking backwards as he talked to Anna, and the scene with him and Charles in the boat tugged at my heart.  I would read a short story or even a novel featuring him and his pack.  I really, REALLY hope that we will be seeing more of Isaac at some point in the future!  His wit, intellect, and charisma were captivating.  I would love to see some interaction with him and Adam for instance -- I wonder who would prove more dominant there!  Previous instances in Mercy`s series indicate Adam, but Isaac is very, very young for an Alpha werewolf and I agree with Bran that he has a lot of potential. 

Sorry about the Isaac fangirling, but I just wanted to say that I very much love him and Fair Game.  Looking forward to all of the future works in the MT/A&O universe!