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Music+ Comment
« on: April 14, 2012, 09:32:36 pm »
I noticed way back when in "Cry Wolf" that Anna (and probably Charles since he recognized the version) likes The Irish Rovers.  I thought you might like to try The High Kings as well; they've also got a nice version of "The Black Velvet Band" and I'm a really big fan of harmony.

I love all your books and Charles and Anna are my current favorite characters (though I really like "When Demons Walk", too).  I got a signed copy for Christmas from my aunt and it was definitely my favorite present.  I've bought most of your books both in paperback and electronic so I can take them everywhere; they're the perfect fallback since I can always read them again (and again and again and. . .).  I've already read "Fair Game" four times.  Thanks for the endless entertainment!