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Brings me home
« on: April 05, 2012, 12:11:08 pm »
I am a native Tri-Citian (I grew up in Finley in fact).  A friend recommended your books to me a couple years ago and I have since fallen in love with them.  My husband is a Marine and we've bounced around the country a lot in the last 9 years.  We recently finished up recruiting duty in Yakima and have moved back east to North Carolina (again).  While it's nice to be some place fairy familiar where we have good friends instead of at a base we've never been to before... I've found myself really missing home. :-\   So I started re-reading the Mercy Thompson series AGAIN.  Not only do I love the stories and being able to picture the settings in your books...but they've been a big comfort lately.  Makes me fee a little closer to home and my family.  Thank you for that.  :)
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