Author Topic: Do the fae fear Bran?  (Read 5889 times)


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Do the fae fear Bran?
« on: January 09, 2008, 03:46:01 am »
I'm confused after reading the scene in IK between Sam and Nemane.  Specifically, why did she stiffen when Sam offered her his eyes to use and what did Bran being a Welsh Bard have to do with anything?  I know that its probably a stupid question but I'm just having one of those airhead moments.

I think she was surprised that Sam knew that she could use somebody else's eyes to see. As a old Welsh Bard Bran has probably more knowledge on the Fae than anybody else.

Another question I have after reading IK is whether or not the Fae have a reason to fear Bran, I mean beyond the obvious?  Or is just being the Marrok the sole reason behind their fear of him?  Basically I'm asking whether theres something more to Bran than meets the eye that you'll eventually reveal in later books?

I think it's the combination of being Marrok and a person of knowledge, which makes them uneasy. Plus an all out war with the werewolves would probably show the humans too much about the Fae...

Right on target Taphien.   Bran, as a Welsh bard, knows a lot more about the fae than the average person.  And the fae would like everyone to believe in their poor, pitiful remnant of a glorious (and kind) race.  And yes, Nemane was surprised that Sam knew she could use his eyes.
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