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Re: Movie or TV random musings & discoveries
« Reply #45 on: October 21, 2017, 01:38:53 am »
Yeah, I agree with most of that article, but as Pondhawk said, the script writing would have been a challenge.

Not really actually, they would just have need to keep to what was established as "fact" in the first movie, instead of of doing more retconning than DC and Marvel combined.  :P
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Re: Movie or TV random musings & discoveries
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I am going to be the dissenting voice in this.

It is easy for us to look back and say "Why didn't you tell him the truth right off the bat?"

Well, that is pretty easy honestly. Ben had no idea what kind of "Person" Luke really is. He has already been burned by Luke's father and his game of emotional grudges. He really has no idea if he is treading that same mine field. So in the short time he has with Luke, he has to watch, and evaluate how he deals with what gets thrown at him. How he deals with coming back to find his home destroyed by Stormtroopers. At the same time, he has to introduce him to this "Mythical" thing called the Force. All the while treading that tightrope of uncertainty about just how stable Luke really is. Again, he is looking at Luke through the eyes of a man who watched his Prodigy turn into Darth Vader. Coming right out and saying "Vader Is your Father" is going to be a problem. It will either embolden him to fight, with a chip on his shoulder for being abandoned, or stolen or all of those things, or even none of those things. Ben really doesn't know. Or he is going to flat out refuse to believe him, then what. The kid now thinks he is a fraud. Well if he is lying about his Father, then what else is he lying about.

Ben really only lied about his Father and Uncle. The rest, the whole "Spirit of Ben" is the Force, and not so much the actual consciousness of Obi-Wan/Ben at all. So any information imparted to Luke through the Force is the Force and it's collective conscious and not any one specific entity. It takes on Ben's likeness, because that is how Luke "Sees" the Force. The same with Yoda, and finally his Father. It's Luke's interface with the Force.

As for telling Luke that Leia is his sister, that is simply because they never had time. He couldn't be certain that telling Luke that he was Leia's brother without being able to tell Leia at the same time wouldn't cause confusion between the siblings that could cause them to not work together. They needed to have a chance together to question Ben at the same time. Once it was over, and Luke was talking to the Likeness of Ben, the Force wouldn't have necessarily thought it important. They were working together, and working very well together. What more could the Force need to help restore the balance. Also, the Force would have been able to tell that what Luke and Leia actually felt for each other was not of a romantic nature, and more a deep sibling caring anyway, so again, it wouldn't necessarily see a need to define it until Luke is put in a position where it starts to dawn on him, and then, the Force through the likeness of Ben and Yoda admit to him they are twins.

Had Ben lived beyond the Escape from the Deathstar, the discussions between himself, Luke and Leia would have been more clearly defined. He would know more about the people Luke and Leia had grown into, and known better how they would have reacted to the truths we take for granted today have read/watched the story actually unfold.

Ben told the story as he saw fit for the amount of time he had to tell it in, and with the very limited information he had available to him when the situation arose.
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