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Witch | ID Card of the Cornick Witch (X)
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Name Unknown

The witchSi- | MotherS-i | GrandmotherCW- | the crone by the white springSi-


Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne

Alpha&Omega 1b: Cry Wolf
Alpha&Omega 3: Fair Game

Short Story: Silver


Witch See Witchcraft

Classification Description:
[Type] Black
[Family Line] Cornick
[Coven] N/A

Witch Powers:
  • telepathic, a rare talent for a witchbornCW-230
  • got her ability through binding to a werewolfCW-229
  • to share in a werewolf’s immortality. Maybe that was why his mother had used him, rather than the pet she used to Change him and SamuelCW-
  • had some way to interfere, to hold her victims to life until they became the beasts she desiredSi-
  • her magic fought the change to humanSi-
  • the wounds she made to feed her magic were more likely to rot than other, naturally acquired wounds, more difficult even for werewolves to healSi-
  • If she needed hair or skin to replace the shacklesSi-

centuries old when she turned Bran and SamuelSi-



Name Unknown (X)

Name Unknown (X)


[Son] See Bran Cornick
[Son] See Adda (X)

Other Relatives:
[Older Grandson] See Samuel Cornick
[Younger Grandson] Name Unknown (X) Died of a wasting sicknessSi-

Significant Other:
[Husband] See Bran | Dafydd(X)

Witch's WoodsSi-
  • witch's cottage
  • in the woods; mountainousSi-
  • he interior of the cottage was smoky, too warm, and reeked unpleasantly of rotting things both physical and spiritualSi-
  • was burned to the groundSi-

Physical Description:
With a full wolf pack
  • a wild-looking young woman with hair that flowed in unkempt, tangled tresses all the way to the back of her kneesSi-
  • Her face was uncanny and beautifulSi-
  • her thick sandy hair glimmered in the sun like honeySi-
  • She was pretty, my grandmother, but not as beautiful as the fair folkSi-
  • her voice was sweet and honey-softSi-
With just Bran
  • She looked worn;Older by decades Si-
  • Her brown hair was spiderwebbed with graySi-
  • her skin had forgone the blush of youth for dryer parchmentSi-

The Crone's Direwolves
[Husband] See Dayfdd (X)
See Pedr (X)
See Ieuan (X)
See Deiniol (X)
[Son] See Adda (X)
[Son] See Bran
[Grandson] See Samuel

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages:

  • Witches use the suffering of others for their power, and a werewolf could suffer a great deal before he diedSi-
  • not stupidSi-
  • Sometimes we moved every month for a year. Sometimes we stayed in a place, as we had here, for decadesSi-
  • it pleased my grandmother to use names found in the stories of the followers of the sacrificed godSi-
  • She broke some larger spell when she threw away the fae lord’s power. Without more fae blood, she will dieSi-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • She believed the forest was hers; indeed, the locals called it the Witch’s WoodsSi-
  • sly; maliciousSi-

Talents & Skills:

  • Capable of holding a werewolf for days and torturing themCW-
  • lies very wellSi-
  • told me she couldn’t read every thought a person had, but she could pick through the surface of a mind fairly easilySi-
  • I tried to use the magic his sacrifice gave me. It was too much, and I forfeited the power of it rather than destroy myself.”That explained the burnt hut. Magic’s first child is always fireSi-

Health & Fitness:

  • the wolflike dexterity she’d displayed; No human could move that well, witch or not. But when Bran’s mother had enslaved him, she could move like thatCW-
  • Bran killed his mother and ate herCW-
  • without power she agesSi-
  • savaged and half-eatenSi-



    With Bran:

    • turned him into a monster so long agoCW-
    • There weren’t many people left who would remember what had
      happened when Bran had broken free of his mother at last; it had been a long time ago. Likely the witches themselves didn’t know
      why it was forbidden to try to take a werewolf for a pet or familiar—not that most of them had the power to do itCW-
    • His mother had made certain that the only one he could talk to mind to mind was herCW-
    • telepathy was how she chained her sonCW-230
    • had forced the Change on her son and her grandson -- so she could play with them; for years she held them as pets, to do her bidding; it made her the most dangerous witch in the British Isles; and then her son broke freeCW-262
    • Bran killed her and ate herCW-262
    • ordered Bran to kill Samuel which is how Bran broke free of her controlCW-273
    • subjugated Bran entirelyCW-
    • he ran away from her; will never willingly serve herSi
    • had more trouble breaking into Bran's mind than the rest of her wolvesSi-
    • Perhaps she was more afraid of Bran than she let onSi-
    • bound against his will, helpless to keep her from ruffling through his memoriesSi-
    • tried to force Bran to kill SamuelSi-

    With Samuel:

    • turned him into a werewolf using her pet; bound him to her service with witchcraft and more cruelly through her ability to break into his mindSi-
    • served as her werewolf for centuriesSi-
    • she only only mostly controlled themSi-
    • was happy to be out of the witch’s way as much as possibleSi-
    • when my grandmother chose to use my pain to feed her magic, she sometimes stole more than just blood or fleshSi-
    • might not remember my wife’s face or her name, but I remembered her smell, the touch of her hand, and the sound of her laughter. Not even the witch’s magic could steal that from meSi-
    • tried to make a blood oath with him; “my blood oath that your da will walk free of me to live his life, and you to live yours as well. All you need do is take me to the fairy lassSi-
    • building a fire hot enough to turn the witch’s body to bits and pieces of bone, which I put in a sack with salt and buried under cold running water; running water turns away evilSi-

    With The Wolves:

    • witch had some way to interfere, to hold her victims to life until they became the beasts she desiredSi
    • The pack customarily bedded down in the woods behind the witch’s cottageSi-
    • She kept us hidden from those who sought her services, both as unseen protection—because she dealt with powerful and dread beings—and as a precaution because she only mostly controlled usSi-
    • had seven wolves in her pack; was nineSi-
    • didn’t want her wolves to turn humanSi-
    • Instead of leaving Adda be, letting him get stronger as she’d done a time or two to others, she’d taken his left front paw when she needed to harvest his pain for her powerSi-
    • When he died, she would spend time with all of us again, until someone started to weaken. Then she would single him out and kill him by inchesSi-
    • magical chains to report intrusionsSi-
    • She didn’t know we could hear what went on in the cottage, and we weren’t telling herSi-
    • the cottage where we could roam without leave from the witch, and she had not been inclined to allow us to forage farther afieldSi-
    • She changed our names each time she moved—which she did when the mood took herSi-
    • witch would be enraged with the deaths of the rest of the pack and whatever Haida had done to free SamuelSi-
    • He said he also burned the wolves’ bodies, so they are useless to meSi-

    With the Fae:

    • the Tuatha Dé Danann, the high-court lords, who, above all else, she fearedSi-
    • If she sounded coy, it was to make the fae believe her less than she wasSi-
    • and her disdain was sly and hidden to the faeSi-
    • she insulted him; here on my sufferance, your presence debases my forest with foulness, and you draw the mortals who seek you through my landsSi-
    • the forest lord was prey, no matter how powerful he was. He was not clever enough to escape her—and she would forgive neither the slap nor the threatSi-
    • But the magic will cost your hand—all witchcraft magic has a price, and I cannot bear that for you. You can decide if it is the left or rightSi-
    • I wasted the fairy lord’s pain, not realizing what I had until I had finished with it—the fool angered me too much, and I was not attending my business properlySi-
    • never heard of a great fae lord losing his magic—not while Underhill still standsSi-
    • her countenance showed such rapture as she contemplated the power she would gain from ArianaSi-

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