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Briggs Book Chat - The Hob's Bargain June 24, 2011
« on: June 24, 2011, 04:50:28 pm »
Briggs Book Chat
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Elle cleared the room
Elle: Hi rose :)

Eccentric_Rose left this message:
Elle: If you join the chat it won't leave your messages like that. :)
Eccentric_Rose joined the chat
Eccentric_Rose: Thanks. :)
Elle: that's better :)
Elle: so did you glance at the book at all? or are you going from memory? :))
Eccentric_Rose: Um....I am going by memory. Unless if I go get the book at Artangel's house. If I went through all her books I might not even get to chat. ;)
CK joined the chat
Eccentric_Rose: Hi CK!
CK: Hey ER I just finished my reread, Hi Elle
Elle: no worries. Hi CK!
CK: I so love the HOB
Elle: I know! I love him all over again!
CK joined the chat
Elle: All I could think was I really hope that Patty does a sequel. I want to see where Aren and Caefawn are at
Eccentric_Rose: Yeah, I was mad at myself for reading it so fast. I wanted more!
CK: I got kicked????  I need a sequel too I want to see them find got throught the courting
Elle: so adorable. the ending just kills me when he thinks she's gonna die and she holds on so he won't be alone. gorgeous
Elle: chatzy has been kind of spotty for me the last couple of days
CK: I can't type I wnat to see the hob and her in the courting process. Her love and his was the anchor she needed
Eccentric_Rose: Yeah. I also loved how her horse was named Duck.
Elle: I love Aren, she's one of my fav characters. I enjoy watching the process of her coming into herself
Elle: I like how Patty does that. Duck/Pansy. lol amusing
Patti: The "help others, even when they turn on you, and even if thy're hypocrites for doing it" mentality...
CK: She is so powerful, I think the experience with the blood mage will make her better at doing the good stuff.  Hi Patti!
Elle: Def...she mentioned at the feast that if she squinted she could see the wildlings. I dont' think she could see them before the bloodmage incident
Elle: Ithink she and the hob will have some interesting children
CK: I loved the green man's reaction to the feast! It's not what I expected but I'll deal!
Elle: I'd love to see a sequel like the raven books...set 10 or so years after the first one
Elle: I liked that too CK! How he was all...dont' tell me, I want to be surprised by the next one
Elle: fun!
Elle: maybe the next one could be the river spirit? :D
CK: That would be so cool, but I really want to see the wedding in this one too. I love weddings
CK: One jealous river spiirit coming up! LOL
Eccentric_Rose: I forgot his name again......but the one without an arm. He was one of my favorite people of the book.
Elle: >:D<  Really? I didn't know that about you. ;)
Elle: Kith
Eccentric_Rose: Wedding? Cool.
CK: Kith and daria need to get married too! where do we get the smilies?
Elle: ER, I really enjoyed him as well. I love the angsty characters
Elle: there should be a smiley right beside this area that you type in. just click on it
Elle: I loved how Kith wanted to go to see if Daci was okay.
CK: K I am blind as a bat! :( >:D<
Elle: ;;)
Elle: no you're not. lol
Elle: I think one of my favorite parts of the book was the lack of any real villian. bad things happened but it was due to different things
CK: long week! I told management I want the coach bag I have been ringing up all week for free :D
Eccentric_Rose: I cried when I thought he died.                                                                                                  :">
Elle: there was no real bad guy
Elle: I didn't want Kith to die either!
Elle: CK. gotta love a coach bag!
Eccentric_Rose: ditto!
Elle: I know this is a favorite with you CK. Hob's tail just kept me laughing.
CK: Yeah well I can't justify spending that on a bag! I think kith and daci are great together. I could get into beeing hugged by a tail
Elle: having it wrapped around your ankle. adorable!
Elle: you need to find a coach outlet!
CK: I loved her reaction when it wrapped around her ankle that first time
Elle: and when she though he had handed her a hank of rope! lol
Eccentric_Rose: :))  lol That was funny.
Eccentric_Rose: Maybe I should re-read the book. :-?
Patti: I loved how he eased the arthritis of the old dog in Daci's village.
CK: Coach outlet by my son's in Hershey daughter has several - little tuft of matching hair onthe end :)  Oh and made the children light hearted again
Elle: Patti, that was such a sweet moment.
CK: I loved he healed her arm onthe mountain without knowing her at all!
Patti: I'm also curious about the inimical folk in the tiny city.
Elle: that moment when the Hillgrim attacked her?? yikes scary
Elle: I like to see more of the tiny city too. :D
CK: The little castle on the path that messed up duck's leg. need to see how they fair now. and who runs the place!
Elle: the damage to Aren's arm made me think of Mercy's in IK...i didnt' think that could be fixed either.
Eccentric_Rose: The chat is giving me a hard time. Maybe it is slow internet. I liked how he healed her too. He is awesome!
CK: Yep you are right! ery similiar
Elle: I wonder if the mountain will give him back his memories
CK: the teasing when they should be serious was cool relaxed her to get the job done
Elle: I worry because he was mated before...I dont' want see her return. i think that would be devistating to them both. Ugh. maybe no sequel! I dont think my heart could take it
Patti: I'll have to re-read.  I forgot about him having been mated before.
CK: I don;t think he will need them he needs to look to the future - don't sy that Elle break my heart
Elle: I know that there are no hob's close by...but I worry!
Elle: sorry CK! >:D<
CK: Besides he was the only survivor right!
Elle: he was...but that does't stop me from being paranoid!
Patti: Here's a scenario for you:  No other hobs on the mountain, but maybe more further out in the continent, and they coming out too, now that the earthquake has broken the blood binding.
CK: But not from his mountain
Elle: if there were other hobs that would be okay. just not his mate who was conviently away when the mages killed the rest.
CK: please, not his family I want him and aren together
Elle: I'm gonna clear. hang on a second.

Briggs Book Chat
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Elle cleared the room
Elle: me too CK! I want him free and clear. my heart couldn't take anything else!
Eccentric_Rose: I wonder what would happen if his mate did come bak? Sad thought.
CK: Havoc that's what! Aren would be devistated
Elle: too depressing! :D
Elle: so it's funny, until I pulled the book out recently I thought Hob was blue!
Elle: I think I've seen Xmen too many times. Hob=Beast
Elle: the ears, the tail the claws...too similar
Eccentric_Rose: What color is he?
CK: Gray
Elle: he's dark gray
CK: jinx
Elle: I'll buy you a coke (with rum in it) the next time I see you. ;)
Eccentric_Rose: I woder if his mate does come back but they cannot be together? Is that at least satisfying?
Elle: if she comes back. I want Caefawn to choose Aren because they love each other.
Eccentric_Rose: Do  get a coke for free? With rum? ;)
Elle: no. :D you and I didnt' say anything at the same time. talk to me in 5years.
Eccentric_Rose: Yeah, Aren is best choice...
Eccentric_Rose: :))  Okay. lol
Elle: I want to see little baby hobs running around. aren/caefawn baby hobs!
Elle: that's not too much to ask is it?
Eccentric_Rose: No! That would be so cute/funny
CK: Darn caps was on! Oh got a text from gryph he says hi but gaming tonight so can't join\
Elle: no worries. :D
Elle: so the one thing that I didn't get straight
Eccentric_Rose: What?
Elle: Moresh was the lord of the area? or of a different area
Elle: Kith's father...Albrin...he wasn't a lord was he?
Eccentric_Rose: :-?  I cannot remember.
CK: I think of the area and got recalled to the bloodmage after kith was sent back
CK: Alb rin was a land owner but not a lord
Elle: and Moresh was lord of the manor, right?
Elle: and he required Kith as payment from Albrin
CK: yes
Elle: okay. I skipped over the part where Moresh was killed...can't find out where that happened...but it was beyond the mountain?
CK: boy am I glad I just read this :))
Eccentric_Rose: BBL I might just go look for the book. lol
CK: Yes he was trying to prevent the bloodmage from getting to kith
Elle: Moresh was trying to prevent it? I thought he sent him to get Kith which is why he showed up at the end
Elle: I need to reread that part
CK: OK me too but I think he was killed because he was trying to stop the bloodmage gone beserker
CK: I think he said something like he had given enough with the loss of his arm
Elle: okay. I'll check that out again. that's the only confuzzellling part for me
CK: paid the price
CK: I'll reread again to but tha twas my take this read
Elle: and the bloodmage came to pick him up because he needed more beserkers and kith was his favorite
CK: Yep in more ways than one was my take as well
CK: No women in the bloodmages court
Elle: I get so caught up with the earthens and hillgrims and little people that I miss the mundane
Eccentric_Rose: I thought that too....
CK: I did too the first few reads
Eccentric_Rose: I think the title of this book is very inviting. It gives the book an interesting feel before you even read it! What do you think?
Elle: yes! I caught that vibe as well. with the bloodmage
CK: that and the darn tail ;)
Elle: good point ER, I wanted to know what the bargain was. :D
CK: Me too and I really like the bargain
Eccentric_Rose: Me too. :-X
CK: Aren was a little in love with him then because of the vision she had I think...
Elle: I enjoyed how Aren thought it was her life...and he worded it, I don't blame her
CK: Yep so scary and funny too and the elders thought that too! LOL
Elle: poor Hob so insulted! and yet so amused
Eccentric_Rose: I can't believe I forgot about her vision! :))
Eccentric_Rose: I can't believe I forgot about her vision! :))
Eccentric_Rose: I can't believe I forgot about her vision! :))
Elle: and that Hob shared the vision with her
Elle: i'm just looking at a picture of cat's eyes! I needed a visual!
CK: Oh and when she was with the fetch and thought about him in the way she was thinking about darryn
Elle: i can see how that would be disconcerting
CK: I have cats don'tneed the visual :))
Elle: CK! Swoon! :-X
CK: yep :-X  and :">
CK: What about the kid named quilliar like her brother, and the rook
Elle: yeah...they could be an interesting next story
CK: and the runes on the mountain
Elle: hob mentioned that one of this ancestors did that...the ones under the rock right?
CK: what other runes are hidden?
CK: Yep his ancestors could be more with more info
Elle: so many stories to tell!
Patti: Darned internet connection blacked out on me!
Kyria joined the chat
CK: ARggh what book would we have to do without for more of this.... :-?
Elle: lol
CK: Hey Patti and Kyria
Kyria: Hi!
Elle: Hi Kyria, wb Patti
Elle: CK and I are swooning over Hob :D
Elle: Idont' think that I could make a choice, CK
Kyria: ...for more Hob, we'd probably have to wait longer for more Mercy.  Or for more Charles and Anna.  And much as I love the Hob, I don't want to wait longer than necessary for Mercy and Adam, or Charles and Anna
Patti: Gotta tell you though, (and I'm glad Rose is gone for this part) I can't think Hob would be a comfortable sex partner.
CK: I am with you on that Patii!
Kyria: *eep* I so totally didn't need that mental image, Patti!
Elle: def, interesting. :D
Elle: lol
CK: Kyria where is your imagination?
CK: Hands and a tail
Elle: You could see Aren thinking about I admit I thought about it as well
CK: How could you not
Eccentric_Rose joined the chat
Kyria: My imagination works just fine with no sex, thanks...
CK: oops PG
Elle: so true, CK!
Kyria: Hi ERose!
Elle: lol
CK: wb ER
Elle: that flashback with Aren's father standign over her as he made her pluck that goose
Elle: ugh. poor kid. helped her in the end but I felt for the that little 6yo
CK: Me too. but the whole thing in the end with the vision of her Dad telling her to finish the task made the bloodmage powerless and dead
Kyria: yay dead bad guys!
Elle: good stuff. that was a brutal ending. I'm glad Aren pulled it back
Kyria: ...I need to re-read the book now I think.
Kyria: lol
Elle: I think she felt compassion for him at the end...which was a good thing
Eccentric_Rose: yeah
CK: I"m glad the hob realized that she was dying because of the soul rip thing before she did and gave her the strength to fight it with his tears
CK: and love
Patti: Yeah, other usual options are a tad more dangerous...
Elle: ugh, CK. when he touched her and realized. brutal
Kyria: Hob's Bargain ebook is "missing."
Kyria: How does an ebook go missing?!  It still shows up as being on my shelf!
Patti: Mouse's aliens?
CK: Kyria :((
Kyria: quite possibly.  I think I intercepted her latest shipment of naps.
Elle: I'm glad he got his earring back!
Eccentric_Rose: :(  Annoying aliens. But I can't blame them for stealing it! It is a good book!
CK: Brutal Elle but worked out in the end. and when hob came up on her with the grren man she didnt jump and the tail just wrapped around her waist I LOVE TAT TAIL! ;)
Elle: lol
Eccentric_Rose: I know! Imagine having a tail like that! Or having one wrapped around you like that!
Elle: I loved how he used it to get her used to having him around
Kyria: OK crisis averted, the copy I moved to my nook is still there.
Kyria: lol
Kyria: I want a Hob tail.
Eccentric_Rose: B-)
Eccentric_Rose: #:-S
Eccentric_Rose: Kyria, thad be cool.
CK: I DO I DO,  She was compfortable with tail but not his hands - claws would make me a bit wary too. sensitive parts wouldn't like claws
Kyria: (doesn't like normal hands)
Patti: Non-sensitive wouldn't care for them either.
Kyria: (let alone with claws)
CK: true1!
Elle: I enjoyed how they accepted each other and came to love each other at the end
CK: Yep and he called her his bride to be
Kyria: *agrees with Elle*
Elle: I know Hob was all...I'll settle but at the end he really needed her more than that
CK: if they survived till summer's end they need each other
Eccentric_Rose: *nod* They needed eachother to survive happily too. Imagine being alone?
Eccentric_Rose: :D
CK: If they try to give himsomeone else... oh my
Patti: I think they needed each other regardless.
Elle: they struck the deal with Aren so I dont think they could give him someone else
CK: the bargain didn't specify who what if someone else volunteered
Eccentric_Rose: true...
Patti: Aren volunteered, and they were glad to get her out of their town, because of her visions.
Kyria: You think Aren would let someone else take her place?  Who would volunteer for that?
CK: Aren only said she would go willingly since no one else would have her anyway even though she was already falling for thehob
Elle: it was only struck when they decided that it was Aren, the elders didnt' want to leave it open ended
CK: but is it only Aren ? that wasn't clear
Patti: You think they were going to do a lottery?
Patti: It solved a lot of problems for a lot of people for her to volunteer.
CK: I don't think the mountain would stand for anyone but Aren anyway. one earthquake, no competiion
CK: But now Aren is more accepted by the village. Maybe someone would want to marry her now
Elle: it is only her. she volunteered and hob was okay with it being just a woman of childbearing years but the elders had to be unanimous and one of them refused to agree unless he knew who it was who would agree to wed the hob. so aren said she would do it for sure and the deal was struck
CK: OK but what if some guy challenged that? you know how guys are... :-P
Eccentric_Rose: :))
Elle: I don't think they seemed like there was some magic  when they struck a deal
Elle: I think the mountain would be angry! :D
Kyria: Elle, I was literally just typing almost exactly thta
Kyria: *that
Elle: fear the mountain! lol
CK: Yeah but boys will be boys! and damn she has power, and stuff and well damn
Kyria: One should never tick off an entity that is made up of thousands of tons of rock.
Eccentric_Rose: Mountain fearer! Nothing will stop a guy.......
Kyria: They might try to challenge that... but I don't think the challenger would get very far...
Elle: well...if someone is brave enought to take on both the hob and mountain! hehe
Eccentric_Rose: lol Brave? Or stupid.
CK: at least he tried LOL
CK: Stupid but tried
Kyria: It would be brave if Aren truly wanted out of the deal.  Stupid if she didn't absolutely want the "rescuer" instead of the hob.
CK: She wants the Hob.  No question
Eccentric_Rose: But since she doesn't actually like anyone else she wouldn't go for another would she?
CK: it's the tail ;)
Elle: :)
Eccentric_Rose: Ck-true. They were in :-X
CK: :))
CK: I would like to stay but I must depart.  I am tired and have a story to finish, Night All! Elle are you archiving so I can read the rest later?
Elle: yes! :)
CK: K night!

It went a little free for all after the hour Hob chat was over:

Briggs Book Chat
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Elle cleared the room
Elle: just to keep track :)
Eccentric_Rose: It was getting long. :D
Elle: it's been an  hour if you all want to expand the chat to the other books :)
Elle: spoiler spec for the upcoming ones etc
Eccentric_Rose: So, we can talk about other books that she wrote?
Elle: for sure :) the specific book chat is only slated for an hour...anything after that is open to whatever
Patti: In that case, one of the cable channels has been showing and showing and showing "Blade II" and I keep thinking of Mercy & co. >:)
Elle: it's been ages...anythign specific? or just the vamp hunting?
Kyria: I've never seen Blade II
Eccentric_Rose: Me neither.
Elle: I've seen them all...but it's been a while. I think that's the one with Ryan Reynolds. who is very amusing in it...his smartness reminds me of Ben
Kyria: Worth renting?
Kyria: I was thinking of getting a movie tonight.
Patti: There's a "born" female vamp who is getting friendly with Blade, and Ron Perlman and I think Kris Kristofferson's "Whistler" character gets killed...
Elle: So we have to beings who I think would enjoy to have werewolf packs at their beck and call. Ymir the snow elf and Wolf. I wonder if an upcoming book will deal with either
Elle: a cheap rental but you need to see the first I think to get an idea of who blade is
Eccentric_Rose: I want another Raven book.....
Kyria: Well if Family video has it, maybe I'll get the first.
Kyria: I haven't read the Raven books.
Kyria: I wouldn't want to see Bran and Wolf go head-to-head
Patti: The Raven ones weren't as gripping for me.
Elle: Patti, I agree, I've only read them once
Elle: I keep thinking I should reread but never get around to it
Patti: I think you want to either have a "bad movie night" with friends of your own or something else really good to wash it out of your head, Kyria.
Elle: Kyria, I'd LOVE to see Bran and Wolf go at it
Elle: I love it when Bran drops the act and go all grrr
Eccentric_Rose: They were my fav of PB. Maybe I liked them most cause I :-X 1 of the charectors.
Eccentric_Rose: Love Jes.
Patti: I wonder if my problem with it is that all the characters were the wrong age groups for me to identify with at all?  It shouldn't be.
Elle: I honestly dont' remember any of the characters
Risika joined the chat
Risika: Hi *waves*
Elle: Hi Risika! :)
Elle: we're talking any and all of Patty's books now. no subject really. free for all!
Risika: Thought i would give the chat a look see :D
Elle: glad you dropped in!
Patti: Yep, we're always glad for new perspective.
Elle: I keep wanting to reread the Raven ones...but always pick up a different one instead
Risika: Might be able to come up with something lol  Maybe.....
Eccentric_Rose: Hi Risika!
Elle: favorite character? :D I waffle right now it's mercy
Elle: but I Love Warren and Adam
Elle: when Fair Game comes out it will be Charles or Bran...i'm so fickle
Risika: lol
Eccentric_Rose: Patti, probably. Some books usually meet at a certain age group.You like the book but not enough to be your fav.
Elle: It's pretty close to the release of "Fairy Gifts"
Elle: I'm curious how the vamp is in that one. I love to hate them.
Eccentric_Rose: Risika, do you have any fav books of PB?
Kyria: yes but Fairy Gifts isn't Mercyverse, is it?
Risika: Have only sadly read the Mercy books as well as Alpha and Omega ones... And love both!
Elle: Not a vampire we know but i think in the same time frame.
Elle: Hiya MG. ;)
Risika: Hoping to read her other books as soon as i am able
Elle: January seems a long time away doesn't it?
Eccentric_Rose: Risika- I havn't read those yet. :(
Eccentric_Rose: Hi MG!
Risika: Hi MG *waves*
Elle: i forget ER. you havne't read the mercy books? or the omega ones?
Elefi joined the chat
Elle: Risika, I think you'd enjoy the others. I have When Demons Walk next in my rereads
Elle: Hey Elefi! :)
Risika: Hi Elefi
Elefi: Hiya :)
Patti: For identifying with, and wanting to be like, I'd choose Anna.  Beaten down, told she's worthless, and pulling herself up by her bootstraps.
Risika: Oh i am sure i will. I love PB's writing style
Elefi: These dogs have taken over my life and I haven't been able to get to the computer till now....
Eccentric_Rose: No, not yet. I was gonna wait until I was a bit olser a year ago. I should be able to read them soon since I will be almost 14.
Risika: I just need to get though all the other books i need to read... ah sooo many books so little time!!
Elle: i wonder where Anna is right now. she's such a great character
Eccentric_Rose: Hi Elefi. :)
Elefi: Elle, I'm going to have to sync my rereads with you think.
Patti: Hi, newer arrivals.  Pray forgive my odd posting; my connection keeps dropping me.
Risika: Bad Connection... needs to be nice to you Patti
Eccentric_Rose: Risika- I love her style too. I especially love books back in the castle type times.
Elefi: Patti, one day I have faith you will have a perfect internet setup!
Elle: Sure, Elefi. :D I'm posting the Hob chat later tonight
Eccentric_Rose: Bad connection...I had that at times. I hope it gets better.
Kyria: Right at this moment Anna is probably somewhere in Patty's head, hopefully hanging out with Charles in Boston.
Elle: I think we need an Alpha/Omega mega book reread and chat closer to the release of Fair Game. :D
Risika: Technology just needs to be nice to everyone lol
Elefi: Works for me!
Elefi: Although I haven't read the Hurog books recently
Risika: Oooo that would be awesome Elle! :D
Kyria: I haven't read Hurog either
Kyria: So many books... so little money.
Kyria: lol
Elle: that's the best things with Patty's book is that style just bleeds over in all of them. the humour and romance. delicous
Risika: Need to read Hurog too... lol
Elefi: And growth
Elle: oh you guys! Ward from the Hurog books is the best. You will LOVE him...both him and Oreg
Elefi: Yes!
Elle: push, push. they're so good.
Elefi: :D
Risika: lol i bet!
Kyria: Well I do have a coupon for B&N that I promised myself I could use this weekend
Kyria: ($5 off, but you have to buy at least $25 worth of stuff).
Risika: I know for sure i will get to them..
Elle: maybe get them from the library if youcan?
Kyria: Libraries are a pain when you live life in transit
Risika: My library isn't cool enough for her books i don't think lol
Kyria: I miss living in the QC; PrairieLink will get you any book you want.
Elefi: Are you in the US?
Elefi: Risika
Elefi: I can probably check your catalog
Elle: I never get library books. I ALWAYS forget to return them and pay the price
Kyria: that too
Risika: Yep i am in California
Elefi: I only get books I want to own :-p
Risika: Yeah i don't remember the last time i went to the library for a book
Patti: What was it Mark Twain said?  "Faith is believing what you know ain't so"?
Kyria: But when I was an undergrad I did library books more often because it was ridiculously convenient.
Elle: now I kinda want to reread the hurog books.
Risika: just buy them lol
Elefi: you do!
Kyria: sounds like the next building over is having a fire drill now
Kyria: Sure, they have theirs at a normal hour.
Kyria: I also prefer to buy books because then I have them if I decide I want to re-read them at 3am.
Kyria: (happens more often than you would think)
Risika: lol i believe it
Elle: me too. :D
Risika: That is a reason i buy books cause i know eventually i will want to re read them
Elle: I hope we get a similar set up in Fair Game that we did in the others. some time spent in Aspen then the travelling
Risika: Ah can't wait for Fair Game!
Elle: i love the reread. that's probably one other reason to not have llibrary books. lheh
Kyria: Wonder if Charles got Anna a cello for Christmas
Elle: I hope he does! I want to see one of those Friday night concerts.
Patti: oh, I want in on the music too!
Kyria: Yep.
Elefi: Looks like 26 public libraries in CA have Dragon Bones, btw
Risika: hmmm might have to double check some libraries... then again will probably just buy the books, cause i am sure they are that good :D
Elefi: See, now you have me looking at my line of PB books and ignoring the networking book next to me..
Elle: they are. sooo good.
Elefi: They definitely are. :)
Elle: i think I'll be reading Demons after's staring at me
Patti: All those little details that you don't really notice at the moment, but that help build the world.
Kyria: I love the Sianim series
Elefi: It's one of only two black covers, so it does indeed stand out for me.. :)
Risika: I would ignore the networking book too ;)
Elefi: :D

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