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The Hurog 'Verse Worksheet
« on: June 03, 2011, 04:29:08 pm »
The Worksheet area is where you can help add facts to the canon area. Anyone can lend a hand if they like. We only take details from the US first publications so if you have the Bone Crossed paperback we need the page references from the hardcover.

When you post in the worksheet the mods need certain details. Post your fact, the book, and the page number:

For example. From Silver Borne: Mary Jo is an EMT (SB-174)

The moderators will take that and add it to the second section. The Canon area. This section is a read-only archive so regular members are unable to post here. It was done this way to keep the facts front and centre and not have them be lost upthread as more details were added.

You can also contact the Canon moderators directly:

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Hurog Means Dragon.


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Re: The Hurog 'Verse Worksheet
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From Dragon Blood, p. 202 (bottom) to 203

"Axiel said he thought I was better with a battle-ax than a sword, but I preferred the sword because it made me feel less barbaric. When I fought, part of me loved it, loved flesh parting under my weapon, loved the sounds of metal on metal and bellowing men. And what hitting people with an ax or morningstar made me feel was more than I could comfortably live with afterward. The sword is a cleaner weapon"
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Re: The Hurog 'Verse Worksheet
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