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Re: Silver Bullets?
« on: December 10, 2007, 07:19:15 pm »
Wow you guys certainly do your research.  I called my guy over to read the question and response since he's always interested in the latest werewolf slaying technology and was impressed.   

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Re: Silver Bullets?
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2007, 09:03:19 pm »
LOL!  This is turning into a bit more of a fiasco than expected, but it's kind of fun.  For example, it turns out that in the 1960 Gun World magazine ran an article about making silver bullets.  After all, the Lone Ranger used them!  It turns out they had some folks actually cast and test silver ammunition, so I'd really like to read that article.  As it turns out, I called Gun World, and ended up speaking with their editor, Viga Hall who has been amazingly understanding.  Unfortunately, the company has been bought and sold several times since then, and there's nothing like a comprehensive index of articles.   A bit of digging, and I found the author, Jack Lewis, who is a living legend in the world of firearms.  Viga wrote to Jack, who called his stepson, who went through Jack's collection of published articles and actually found a copy, which is now being sent from Hawii.  Cool huh?

After exhausting the reloading and ballistics experts I know, I wrote to NEI and inquired about making a graphite mold of a .40 caliber bullet in something like a 300 grain size. For the record, NOBODY makes graphite bullet molds -- the werewolf hunter market is apparently pretty thin. They may have thought I was crazy, but they forwarded my letter to Ed Wosika, who has forgotten more about guns and ballistics than most of us will ever learn.  He weighed in with some excellent suggestions, answered some more questions, and has been a real fount of knowledge. 

When I first started looking seriously at casting silver bullets, it looked like they'd never work.  I was exploring building custom super-fast-twist barrels, turning bullets on a CNC lathe (still a possibility) and all manner of things to come up with a workable silver-shooting .444 Marlin.  Now I'm pretty convinced that it's possible, and should only require a somewhat elusive bullet mold and a high-temperature crucible.  If I can get a mold built,  I'll load a few of these and fire them to make sure we've gotten it right.   ;D


This reminds me of when Patty was writing "When Demons Walk", and she wanted to have a "spirit tide", a once-a-month super-tide.  It was important to the story, but she wasn't sure it could really happen.  She also didn't want to use multiple moons etc. unless it was absolutely necessary, because that opens another can of worms.  So, being an aquatic biologist, I broke out my fluid dynamics texts and spent numerous hours crunching numbers and finally found that, given a particular underwater geography and a specific arrangement of currents, it WAS possible to have a regular, localized supertidal event.  Maybe it was a wasted effort -- you'll notice that the pages of calculations don't appear in the book, and most readers probably don't care.  But it made the world more real to me, because it COULD happen.   It wouldn't require Gods, or magic or extra moons, just a simple accident of geography.  Fiction is a funny thing -- you can fabricate worlds, civilizations, cultures, weapons or whatever and the reader will believe it.  Screw up on something as simple as a glass of water, and the whole illusion collapses.   

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