Author Topic: Patty AND Mike, Thank You  (Read 3104 times)


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Patty AND Mike, Thank You
« on: March 17, 2011, 10:08:39 pm »

I just wanted to take a moment to Thank You again for your time, talent and open willingness to share it with others.  I just experienced my first book singing ever on 3/4 and it was with my favorite author!

You carried an air of "common folk" and "literary royalty" all at the same time. You were genuinely interested in what the people had to say. You didn't try to re-direct focus to yourself when asked about other authors you'd recommend or even who you personally are reading. You came to the frozen tundra of Minnesota, on a blustery day to spend time reading from River Marked to us and then spent a good chunk of time and energy signing books and talking with "people who read Urban Fantasy" and "fiercely-loyal Patricia Briggs fans." While I could see where some other authors might begrudge this "part of the job," a seemingly-endless stream of people you don't know, all trying to bend your ear for a minute and get a picture with you, being away from family, your home, and other familiar things, it seemed to me that this was not the case for you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your time. Thank You for Mercy, Adam, Zee, Jesse, Bran, Samuel, Charles, Anna, Stefan, Darryl, Warren and the rest of the pack. Thank you for writing stories with REAL people, that have REAL emotions, for something that I finally found as a worthy offering to get into the habit of reading regularly.

Lastly Patty, thank you for more back story on Mercy. Thank you for the change of scenery in River Marked and the heavy Indian lore. It was amazingly-crafted and a nice breath of fresh air for the series.

Thank you for letting us borrow Patty for a night out here in Minnesota. She was treated as a guest of honor. Thank you for the tireless proof-reading, suggestions, and research assistance rendered in getting Patty's work out to us to enjoy! Thank you for being a good husband to Patty.

Sorry guys, this seems a little heavy on goosh. But, it's all real. It's all true. One last thing before I sign off. Please, Please, Please get everything out in hardcover as soon as you can! Paperbacks are fine to tear through the story. But, I'd really like to have the full Mercy Thompson series and the Alpha and Omega series in hardcover for my library. So far, I have been able to get everything Mercy Thompson, except Iron Kissed, in hardcover, with the beautiful cover art. I anxiously await the day that I will have them all!

Kind Regards,
Jason (pack4life)

Patty Briggs

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Re: Patty AND Mike, Thank You
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2011, 11:19:41 am »
Thank you so much!  Minnesota reminds me a lot of my home town -- cold weather and warm people  :)  I had a lot of fun on this tour in spite of (or maybe because of) the disaster that was our home addition turned demolish and rebuild <grin>.

As for signings -- readers are the best people in the world.  Meeting readers is always a treat :-*