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Patricia Briggs River Marked Interview for @Mercys_Garage
« on: February 08, 2011, 08:16:25 am »
River Marked, Book 6 of the Mercy Thompson series will be released on March 01, 2011. In anticipation of this, and in conjunction with our @Mercys_Garage Twitter promo, we put a few questions to Patty about both River Marked and some upcoming work. We want to thank her for taking time out of her busy schedule to give us some great answers. Enjoy!

Q: In Bone Crossed and Silver Borne, Mercy went from being a loner and outsider to having a mate and pack of her own. The burning down of her trailer in Silver Borne feels symbolic of her move to this new life. Will River Marked see her find a balance between walker and pack or will one of those take prominence in this, or future books?

Patty: I see her adjusting to the pack (and the pack adjusting to her) as an ongoing project.   Except for a few tense phone calls between Mercy and Darryl (Adam's second)  I don't actually deal with this a lot in River Marked, as most of River Marked takes place away from the pack.  But it will certainly show up in later books.

Q: In your author's note, you have stated that you will be focusing on Native American legends, such as 'She Who Watches'.  Did your trip to Mary Hill give you any new inspirations (ideas?) about the Walker mythos?

Patty: Not so much for the Walker mythos, which is largely of my own design <grin>, but Maryhill has plenty of stories to tell anyone interested in Native American history or artifacts.  I've never had a single trip to a location set me up so well for a book before.  I didn't just pick up a few tidbits of physical details -- but a whole atmosphere that carried me all the way through the novel.

Q: You have written short stories focusing on different characters in the Mercyverse, are you surprised at the popularity of these secondary characters? Do you plan to expand on that and write more about them such as a book/novella on Warren, Ben, or Sam/Ari?

Patty: Over the years I've found that usually, if I find a character intriguing, so will readers.   Warren (and Kyle) are getting a short story. "In Red with Pearls" will appear in the upcoming Gardner Dozois/George R. R. Martin anthology,  Down these Strange Streets (November 2011, Penguin).  Sam and Ariana will get something.  Right now I'm not exactly certain what it will be.  But I want to do something for their romance that doesn't come from Mercy's viewpoint.  A short story seems likely, and my editor at Ace tells me that they would be interested in acquiring it when/if I write it.  Ben's future is a little too murky for me right now.  He's in a better place than he has ever been, but that's not exactly saying much.  For Ben I would say that he'll certainly continue to make himself felt in upcoming Mercy books-- but don't look for him soon.  

Q: You are currently writing Alpha & Omega 3.  Do you have any hints about this book? (we're not above sending you bribes  ) Will the A&O timeline catch up to the Mercy timeline in this book?

Patty: My intention is for this A&O book to take place right after River Marked.  Having two time lines is incredibly bothersome for me, and I suspect it is even worse for readers. I can tell you that I'm traveling to Boston as a more than likely setting and that it involves serial killers and governmental agencies (some good guys, some bad).   At this point in the writing process, you now know everything I am certain of <grin> because my plots tend to twist themselves in knots about halfway through.

Q: We've had insights into the past of other characters in the Mercyverse.  Do you have any plans to explore more about Adam's past, especially with his family and his ex-wife?

Patty: I am afraid that I do not have enough will-power to avoid the temptation of bringing Adam's ex-wife into the books at some point.  She's a real piece of work -- and still, Adam fell in love with her once.  I don't see him being stupid, do you? So she must have some redeeming qualities.   Adam does have family still living.   I'm not sure if I'll use them, though I suppose that if the series goes on long enough I will.

Q: We know Mercy, Warren and Kyle love their bad movies; can you recommend your favorite bad movie?

Patty: Really, truly bad movies I can only watch once.   I've seen Plan Nine from Outer Space -- which everyone should see.  The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra is a tribute to bad movies, and you'll never say "Rawr" the same way again.  The worst movie I ever saw (okay, outside of Plan Nine) was Three Bad Men(DVD released 2006), a Western.  We laughed until we cried.   If you like bad movies, I highly recommend catching one of the Smithee Award shows.  ( These poor people watch hundreds of bad movies and then nominate them for awards like "worst actor",  "worse line"and the grand unprize of "worst movie" -- leaving it for their audience to decide the winner after viewing film clips from the movies.   I've seen them several times and have fond memories of the martial art fighting scene done totally in the dark -- so the audience sat for ten minutes hearing a fight while the screen was black.   Or the volleyball team who decides, for no explicable reason, to strip naked and swim with zombies.   Not just any zombies, mind you -- Nazi Zombies.  The Smithee folks usually have very . . . uhm . . . interesting things to eat as well -- like Velveeta brownies.

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