Author Topic: A question about a possible Wolfsbane typo.  (Read 4673 times)


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A question about a possible Wolfsbane typo.
« on: December 07, 2010, 06:57:56 am »
Hi Patty,

First of all, I loved Masques and Wolfsbane!    (Although I did miss the original opening line of Masques ;D)  Anyway, I read Wolfsbane twice, and one paragraph even more than that because I think there must be a major typo; either that or I'm missing something really important.  At the bottom of p. 145 Aralorn is describing her dreams to Wolf and she says, "...That's what my father asked me.  He said, 'Don't tell me you've forgotten where you put Cain,'"  Shouldn't that 'my' be 'your' since I think she's referring to Geoffrey, right?  That's the only way it makes any sense to me. 

I also picked up on some of those aspects of Wolfsbane that have turned up in the Mercy series.  I missed them the first time through, but on the second reading they were right there.  I really enjoyed these two books.  Thanks so much!
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Re: A question about Wolfsbane - I'm confused
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2010, 12:57:17 am »
Ah typos.  Typos just suck.  I am convinced that they jump into the text after the books are printed just to make me look stupid.

That said, I too, am somewhat puzzled.  I actually think that Aralorn meant that she dreamed that her own father asked her where she put Cain.  However, I certainly didn't set it up very well, did I?  Sigh.  Not perfect -- and certainly even less so in these early works.