Author Topic: Briggs Book Chat: All Sianim November 14, 2010  (Read 4120 times)


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Briggs Book Chat: All Sianim November 14, 2010
« on: November 14, 2010, 03:35:39 pm »
Elle cleared the room
Varg joined the chat
Varg: Hi
Elle: Hi Varg, I cleared...I wasn't sure if you've read Wolfsbane and didn't want to spoil you
Varg: Thanks. I have just started it. :)
Janilee joined the chat
Varg: uhmmm I am a bit turned around what are we discussing tonight?
Elle: We were going to do a full on Sianim chat but I'm still iffy on discussing Wolfsbane if some of you haven't read it
Elle: Masques (wolfsbane, maybe) steal the dragon, when demons walk
Elle: Hi Janilee
Janilee: The shape shifters with their green magic are ineresting. Hi everyone!
CarolKat: Iz back went to catch up, I posted the link in Patti's Place.
CarolKat: Hi Varg and Janilee!
Varg: Well, it is after midnight where I am and I am working tomorrow so I will not be here too long.
Varg: So after I leave Wolfsbane is possible if everybody has read it. Hi people!
Elle: It was great of you to pop in Varg. Take off whenever you need to. xo you need your sleep
CarolKat: I have to re-read before the chat in december but I loved Rialla she is a bit like Aralorn working for the spy,aster and all
Elle: Janilee, I like those difference between green users and regular magic
Varg: Night night. I think I will leave sooner before I get sucked in.....
Elle: :) night Varg
CarolKat: LOL night Varg
Janilee: Good night Varg. We'll miss you.
Elle: I think of all's hard to choose a favorite but When Demons Walk may be the top...I really enjoyed Sham and Kerim
Varg: :-*
Elle: I don't remember reading about a green magic user in StDragon
CarolKat: I loved the way Sham handled Kerim's Mother and other people hanging out.
Elle: yes, CK...she was very clever with that
Elle: I have a hard time with the prophet character from Steal the Dragon being in When Demons Walk...Terran?
CarolKat: Here Navy Dress with the embroidered Leopard awesomeness
Elle: That whole scene with Rialla and Terran was disturbing
Elle: Ck! I know...Sham's story is just so funny...I think that's why I loved it so much
Elle: her fashions her attitude and her leopard dress was especially wonderful
Elle: hi Chalger :)
Elle: Did you guys have a favorite of the male characters?
Janilee: Her ability to keep up the "Mistress" personality is wonderful.
Elle: Tris, Kerim or Wolf?
Elle: Janilee...I liked that about her too. All of those scenes had me cracking up
CarolKat: It's rough, I love Wolf but Kerim is so awesome
Elle: There are still some intense moments but I find it one of Patty's most lighthearted reads
Janilee: Actually my favorite was the king of thieves in When Deamons Walk.
Elle: Shark?
Elle: Nice choice. :D
Janilee: Yes Shark!
Elle: I love wolf but he's almost a bit too dark for me...Kerim has the right balance that I like
Elle: I'd love to see another story that expands on Shark's background...he's quite the mystery
Janilee: I think Shark'd be good as a voice for a story.
CarolKat: :D he was funny and dangerous but interesting as well.  I like Kerim best myself I think
CarolKat: I'd like to find a man like him, age appropriate of course.
Elle: Of the female characters I have a hard time picking a depends on my mood when I'm reading
Elle: CK. lol
Janilee: The Tris was a green magic user in Steal the Dragon.
Elle: yes :)
Elle: He reminded me a bit of Hob
Janilee: Sense of humor?
Elle: humour but I think more that sense of isolation
Janilee: Ah! One by choice the other by war.
Elle: Nice! yes good point
Janilee: Actually what I was thinking about green magic users is that their origin stories say they came before humans. They say they are not human. Yet, when they mate with humans they produce viable offspring.
Elle joined the chat
Elle: That's interesting...the shapeshifters seem to default to human form though don't they?
Elle: But they aren't human
Janilee: Some kind of rough draft, or were they the template and humans devolved from the template for some reason?
CarolKat: I think it's more that they are green users and shapeshifters that makes them not human. Children of the Gods perhaps?
Janilee: As good a choice as any.
Elle:'s kind of sticky.
Elle: The shifters seem to be an ancient race
Elle: children are difficult to conceive..similar to the fae. so children like Aralorn are treasured and Wolf would have been if he had grown up in the right environment
CarolKat: Wonder if they would find his mother's people if there is another book.
CarolKat: Or if his mother came from the same place as Aralorns
Elle: If you had to choose a next story in the series would it be them? I think i'd like to see more Steal the Dragon with Sham/Kerim and Shark
Elle: I found it interesting that the shifters could basically be immortal if they desired it
Elle: Janilee...I don't remember the bit about the shifters you remember which book it was in?
Janilee: Aralorn was loved by her uncle, but not the group as a whole. I'd like to see more of Tis and Ri. Imortal or very old.
CarolKat: You mean When Demons walk? LOL I would like that first before more of Aralorn and Wolf.
Elle: hee...yes CK you're right...i keep mixing them up
Elle: You're right Janilee...I'm curious if they didn't like her because they're purists and don't like the halfbreeds. Maybe that's why there aren't a lot of them around
CarolKat: LOL me too I keep looking at the back of the books to remember who is in which
Janilee: I felt that the old man in the mountain had lost the taste for living. You don't do that if you're immortal. The uncle in Wolfsbane said a few take away lines that gave that story.
Elle: I do that too...but even then I keep screwing it up
Janilee: The story of their beginning.
Elle: Was the old man's love a ghost?
Elle: Is that why he stayed?
Janilee: Ghost was our concensus in the last chat
Elle: Ah. I didn't check that transcript. :D
Janilee: Aralorn's story suggested she was in a deep trance still trying to heal.
CarolKat: I believe Lys is a ghost of his beloved and he I think is immortal.
CarolKat: Or one of the gods
Elle: ah okay...
Elle: so perhaps her body is healing and her spirit walks. :D
Elle: I liked how Patty weaved those stories into the books
Janilee: The conversation between Lys and the Old MAn suggests she is dead. So within the novel you have two choices.
Patti joined the chat
Janilee: Yes, Patty is excellent at her gift of story weaving.
Patti: Hi, gang, I was just catching up.
Janilee: Hello PAtti
Elle: Hi Patti :)
Patti: Looks like maybe time to clear?

Elle cleared the room
Elle: ;)
Patti: I found the idea that shapeshifters will try to dispense with an error by changing their shape disturbing, do any of you?
Elle: what happened with that? Right now all the books are blurring together for me
Janilee: Do you mean erasing scars of past mistakes?
Patti: I think it was something Aralorn said in Masques; that if something bad happens with a shifter, they hurt someone or offend them, they will change shape and pretend they're someone else until they - if not the one they hurt - forget about it.
Elle: I do not remember that at all. That's a bit thing to miss. Yikes
CarolKat: I don't remember that either, wow I must be reading way to fast or skipping pages or something.
Patti: I really am curious though, if y'all's earlier speculation that children are rare & treasured among shifters is true, that they shoved Aralorn off on her dad.
Janilee: Similar to the rules of etiquette in Japanese society. I don't remember the quote, but it is familiar enough.
Elle: That's interesting Janilee.
Elle: Patti, it was maybe that only true shifters are treasured and halfbreeds not so much
CarolKat: Shoved her off but didn't totally reject her
Elle: Her brother in law basically thought she was no better than an animal
Patti: Hmm, possible.  And that's true, Carol; she did get to spend time in the village - although we don't get the impression that she met her mother.
Elle: So that attitude seems to flow both ways
Janilee: The green magic users are growing smaller in population (from Tris). Aralorn's uncle cares for her and he has no children (from Wolf)
Patti: How does Wolf know that about Aralorn's uncle?
Elle: Patti, have you read Wolfsbane yet?
Patti: No, only to the point of just after Aralorn spends her time by her father's bier.
Elle joined the chat
Elle: ah okay. then we won't mention anymore wolfsbane. :)
Elle: unless you want the spoilers. >:)
Patti: Oh, don't worry on my account; I had a 'blah' moment & have read the last few pages; I know the general outcome, and it will be like having snippets.
Elle: Ah okay.
Janilee: The two of them meet in Wolfbane
Patti: Something to look forward to finding, then.  Is good!
Elle: The issues with the land I need to read again. Aralorn's uncle is trying to secure that section for them from her father
Patti: I find it interesting that the logical, etc. human mages use the raw, unshaped magic, while the green mages use the pre-shaped, anyone else?
Elle: The shifters aren't being killed off are they? just dying off and soon to be extinct with only half breeds living on
Janilee: In Japanese society, because of crowding, you can sit or stand next to someone on a train and as far as both people are concerned no one is there. I got the idea that green magic is unshaped.
Janilee: Tris said his people were hunted until they hid.
Patti: They may have an inbreeding problem, or it could be something to do with the typical human "we are supreme, all rivals must die" claptrap, or both.
Janilee: I got the green magic thing form the selkie playing the flute filling the room with magic Sahm had to turn into a fire.
Elle: Are the Sylvan the same as Aralorn's people?
Janilee: It could also do with slow breeders being out competed by fast breeders
Janilee: In their use of green magic Elle.
Patti: There are several things on Tris' people, including the lack of true old style bonds like he & Rialla achieved.
Elle: as a people. they're being hunted...but they're not shifters are they?
Patti: Not by what I understood of what Tris revealed.
Janilee: Didn't Tris become a bench?
Patti: Where/when?
Elle: Janilee! That's right!
Elle: lol
Janilee: When R was infiltrating the castle. Beyond that I don't remember.
Patti: Become or do one of those "your mind thinks I'm a bench" Jedi tricks?
Elle:'s not true's illusion
Elle: like you said Patti, your mind thinks he's a bench
Patti: Yeah, illusion.  I think he does something with his appearance in the village too; I seem to have that impression from his interaction with his "sponsor".
Patti: That she told people he's some relation of hers, and he makes people think that he looks more like her.
Janilee: My dinner bell has rung. I'll join you again when I'm finished if you are still here.
Elle: For sure, later, Janilee! :)
Patti: Okay, so long, J.
Elle: Patti, it is interesting that mages use raw magic
Elle: but then structure it through spells and runes
Patti: On a side note, I was going over the Howl threads last night or early this morning, and plucked out a bit of "Patty's writing a..." note from Mike; started an AP thread on it.
Elle: that's the vamp fic in this one
Elle: "Fairy Gifts" will appear in an Ellen Datlow anthology from St Martin's called Naked City. Publication date is July 2011. This is a vampire/fae story set in my hometown of Butte, Montana.
Elle: the chinese vamp in the tunnels under Butte
Patti: Well, there wasn't anything in the anthology/short story section about it, so I stuck the thread up to see about generating some interest.  If you want to lock & move it with answer, that's cool.
CarolKat: Sorry giants are killing me...
CarolKat: and I have texts going with a co-worker and Gryph
Patti: I get the impression the chat is winding down...  I'm wondering if any of the characters we love from the various books will travel & meet, possibly to deal with Altis?
Elle: Did we want to call it then. :) it's been an hour and a half
Elle: I'm more of the idea of not having them meet. It's like if mercy and anna met...but maybe a secondary character. Shark would be good
Patti: Unless you have any things left now you want to air?
Elle: Do you think that Rialla regrets not allowing Terran's father to kill him?
CarolKat: K, see you on the boards, Elle next chat looks like 12/12?
Elle: K. :) night CK
Elle: We'll table it for later.
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