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Briggs Book Chat - Masques & Sianam- November 7 Transcript
« on: November 08, 2010, 03:55:30 pm »
*CarolKat*: Good Afternoon It is 3:00 Eastern and I am here.3:00 PM

*Janilee*: Took me a while to find the link to get back here. Masques is
the topic today?3:20 PM

*Varg*: Yup, as far as I know.3:21 PM

*CarolKat*: Yes, and later we can do a free for all I think we should
keep Wolfsbane out since not may people have read it yet3:21 PM

*CarolKat*: I did a bit of re-reading last night and started wondering
about the Dragon a bit3:22 PM

*CarolKat*: If he was in the ae'Magis castle is the egg there too or is
it in the caves where Myr and the others are trying to be safe3:24 PM

*Janilee*: I don't think it was mentioned. I'd like to think it would
have been moved to protect it from the warped magic that woke the
dragon.3:25 PM

*Varg*: I don't think it was mentioned where that egg is. Only the
existence of it ? Hmm, feels the need to reread.3:26 PM

*CarolKat*: It wasn't mentioned just had me thinking3:28 PM

*Janilee*: The one egg one dragon think makes me wonder if the dragons
expect that one egg to repopulate Sianam, or if the dragons there are
phoenix like?3:28 PM

*CarolKat*: don't some lizards/reptiles change sex if necessary to
reproduce?3:29 PM

*Janilee*: Some do.3:29 PM

*CarolKat*: Or maybe it will be born the opposite sex of the one left3:30 PM

*Janilee*: I wasn't certain if the dragon looked at the egg as it's
child or potential mate.3:32 PM

*Varg*: there might be some fated stufff? who knows what legends and
magic dragons have.3:32 PM

*CarolKat*: He seems to have a debt to Myr and his family.3:34 PM

*Varg*: Yes, it sounds like a debt of some kind. Maybe they are
unwittingly guarding the egg?3:34 PM

*Janilee*: Myr's family saved an egg once. Which made me think one
dragon at a time. Perhps it was this egg.3:35 PM

*CarolKat*: older Mate dies after the egg is produced?3:35 PM

*Janilee*: I wonder if the debt was a one off. And hving transported A
to the castle has ended the debt.3:36 PM

*Janilee*: CarolKat you supposition of one egg one dragon is interesting
and fits the facts (as we know them) too.3:37 PM

*CarolKat*: The caves would be a good place for it too, with the Old Man
of the Mountain and Lys to watch over it3:38 PM

*Varg*: I am not sure about the one egg one dragon thing but it is an
interesting concept.3:38 PM

*Janilee*: Wonder what the gestation period of a dragon's egg is.3:39 PM

*Janilee*: If it is a thousand years, it is about time for the dragon to
be born.3:40 PM

*CarolKat*: Apparently a very long time since the last dragon seen was
in the Wizard Wars3:40 PM

*Varg*: Hmm, if there is magic involved it might be a question of other
conditions that need to be met in addition to time.3:41 PM

*CarolKat*: I don't think it was mentioned how long ago those were.
Interesting thought Varg3:41 PM

*Janilee*: There is a time frame mentioned at the end of Wolfsbane.3:41 PM

*Varg*: I haven't read wolfsbane yet. I have it and am enjoying the
anticipation.3:43 PM

*Janilee*: I won't say anything else3:43 PM

*Varg*: Thanks.3:43 PM

*Janilee*: So the sleeping dragon was waiting for the proper conditions
(magical) for the egg to crack open, when the ae'magi warped the magic
and woke the dragon.3:45 PM

*Janilee*: Does that sound like the magical conditions to wake the egg
are based upon warped magic?3:46 PM

*CarolKat*: I don't think so, It woke the egg's protector3:47 PM

*Varg*: no, It sounds like an accidental waking of the grown dragon. the
egg is still a mystery.3:47 PM

*Varg*: jinx3:47 PM

*CarolKat*: Also got me thinking about the gray fox with green eyes that
led some of the refugees to Myr's camp3:47 PM

*CarolKat*: Was that Lys or the Old Man of the Mountain?3:48 PM

*CarolKat*: or someone else3:48 PM

*Varg*: I assumed that was the old man of the mountain?3:48 PM

*Janilee*: My assumption was the old man, remember when I was half
asleep and listening to them discuss what to do with/for Myr's
people?3:50 PM

*Janilee*: Not "I" Aralorn3:50 PM

*Varg*: LOL you are identifying whit characherts in books that strongly?
But that was my impression too.3:51 PM

*Janilee*: That and I'm a bit sleepy! LOL3:52 PM

*CarolKat*: LOL woldn't be the first time a Hurog Identified with one of
Patty's characters3:53 PM

*Varg*: :D seems the old man got involved in spite of himself though.3:53 PM

*CarolKat*: I think when they invaded the caves, first Wolf, then Wolf
and Aralorn then the whole of the camp3:55 PM

*CarolKat*: It made him more active, or maybe it's sensing the Black
Magic too3:55 PM

*CarolKat*: I mean he's3:56 PM

*Varg*: hmm, but he was a creature of green magic. Would the other magic
affect him very much unless it came close? It was specifically mentioned
that sorcerers could not work magic very well in the northern
mountains.3:57 PM

*Varg*: Because of the inherent green/other magic in the place was
always my assumption3:57 PM

*Varg*: .3:58 PM

*Janilee*: Well he wouldn't want the Uriah around Lys. Think of how
disturbing their emotions would be.3:58 PM

*CarolKat* cleared the room3:59 PM

*Varg*: Wow. We disappeared.3:59 PM

*Janilee*: Yup!3:59 PM

*CarolKat*: I'm sure he wouldn't want anything bothering Lys. I am
thinking the Uriah shouldn't have been able to do so much with the green
magic around4:00 PM

*Janilee*: Green Mountains magic and the Old Man There are legends of
his activity4:00 PM

*Janilee*: I think there being there would be disturbing enough.4:01 PM

*Janilee*: The first there should be their.4:01 PM

*Varg*: Maybe the uriah are painful for him to feel? them being
completely against nature in a way.4:01 PM

*CarolKat*: Patti4:01 PM

*CarolKat*: isn't here I won't penalize for misuse LOL4:02 PM

*CarolKat*: or mispelling either4:02 PM

*Varg*: ;) those happens a lot in a chat like this. At least for me they
do.4:03 PM

*Janilee*: I was also thinking of their emotions, being turned into
something unnatural by magic wouldn't produce a happy mindset. Thank yu
CarolKat4:03 PM

*CarolKat*: They must reak of the black magic that created them4:03 PM

*CarolKat*: definately disturbing4:03 PM

*Janilee*: From the world building here it would.4:04 PM

*Varg*: yup, and if I remember correctly there were some hints that the
newer uriah sort of knew what they were and were unhappy with it.4:05 PM

*Janilee*: Especially for green magic users.4:05 PM

*Janilee*: Aralorn's wanted her to kill him.4:06 PM

*CarolKat*: Bing me to wonder how that Edom guy found his way to the
camp.4:06 PM

*Varg*: how so?4:06 PM

*CarolKat*: Well he was new to the camp but he was obviously under the
ae'Magi's thumb4:07 PM

*CarolKat*: I would think he would have been led astray instead of right
to Myr and Wolf4:08 PM

*Varg*: He could have been masked somehow to mimick the others. He was a
magic user after all, like the others.4:09 PM

*Janilee*: He and the ae'magi were from the same country. It wouldn't
have been difficult to hire him. The masking of his intent and need to
find them would have been the difficulty.4:09 PM

*Varg*: Yes, that would be the trouble, but being so close to the
ae'magi it would be hard for him to escape the influence in the first
place.4:10 PM

*Janilee*: I think internally he would have had to believe what he was
doing was correct and a pure deed.4:11 PM

*CarolKat*: which is what the ae'Magi's spell did to everyone.4:12 PM

*Janilee*: That belief in the pureness of his deed might mask him from
Lys and the Old MAn\4:12 PM

*Janilee*: So when he's wandering around the mountians looking for them,
he can be led there like the other refugees.4:15 PM

*Varg*: I suppose, his willingness to inflict harm on others seemed to
demask him somehow.4:15 PM

*Varg*: unmask?4:15 PM

*Janilee*: Yes, it did. Unmask sounds more natural to me.4:16 PM

*CarolKat*: I wonder how he got close enough to wolf to get him bound
with the spelled ropes4:16 PM

*CarolKat*: Wolf being what he is and all4:16 PM

*Janilee*: I just had a mental picture of a cowboy roping a calf.4:17 PM

*Varg*: even wolf have to sleep somtime...4:17 PM

*Janilee*: They were settling in for the winter which would give the
camp a more permanent homelike feel. This could make the barriers come
down a bit.4:18 PM

*Varg*: Wolfs guard down a bit? Hmm, with his experiences with home life
I am not sure that would make him lower his guard.4:21 PM

*CarolKat*: That's true and he was helping with the children and
stuff4:22 PM

*Janilee*: True, but we all have safe places. His was the cave in the
mountains.4:22 PM

*CarolKat*: So Edom kills the Guard then goes and ties up Wolf then a
bunch of people think it's aralorns ice lynx that did it4:30 PM

*CarolKat*: That's so typical4:30 PM

*Varg*: yes, because lynx' are good with ropes *nods*4:30 PM

*Janilee*: Wehn you come upon a fight it is hard to tell who started it.
(teaching experience)4:31 PM

*Janilee*: She also showed herself to be a shapeshifter.4:31 PM

*CarolKat*: True but a lynx can't tie someone up4:31 PM

*Varg*: Also, sadly people are more prone to suspect the unknown like a
shape shifter rather than a common old wizard.4:32 PM

*Janilee*: Or whatever Edom was exactly.4:32 PM

*CarolKat*: He did become a crispy critter though once Wolf was freed4:33 PM

*Varg*: yes, he was some kind of wizard/ sorcerer wasn't he?4:33 PM

*Janilee*: At least as part of his persona he was hard to teach magic.
He carried magic ropes (source unknown). He came froma place that
dislikes magicians. Even if he was good with magic he might not have
been well taught or disposed towards magic.4:35 PM

*CarolKat*: or had been to the ae'Magi for training and that was what he
got4:35 PM

*Janilee*: Possible4:36 PM

*Janilee*: He was a swordsman.4:37 PM

*Varg*: to me he seemed to be a plant of the ae'magi, and he was skilled
both with swords and other tricks an assassin would need-4:38 PM

*CarolKat*: Sorry just went off to invite more folks who are on hurog4:38 PM

*Janilee*: Magicians in this world are also swordsmen, so that isn't an
indicator. His youth is what confuses me.4:38 PM

*Janilee*: He had time to be trained, but looked to be a youth.4:39 PM

*CarolKat*: The ae'Magi liked young untrained ones4:39 PM

*Janilee*: Yes indeed.4:39 PM

*Varg*: Just because he liked young untrained ones does not mean he
would necessarily send out someone to do a job without the proper
tools.4:42 PM

*CarolKat*: He had a sword too that was alive and hungry4:44 PM

*Janilee*: Yes that makes sense. Aralorn comes from the place with a
monopoly on mercenaries. It would have been hard to hire him from there.
Wolf seemed to think that the sword came from the ae'magi.4:44 PM

*Janilee*: The end seems to destroy both his merchant and nobleman
stories.4:46 PM

*Varg*: The ae'magis castle should hold some old and scary artifacts
though. that was originally the role of the ae'magi. to keep order and
peace and keep the scary stuff after the mage wars at bay. ?4:46 PM

*Varg*: How so Janilee?4:47 PM

*Janilee*: Correct. And if the ae'magi is doing his job properly there
the artifacts should stay.4:47 PM

*CarolKat*: Wolf had spirited away a lot of books from the Castle many
from unused and hidden libraries4:48 PM

*Janilee*: He admits that the merchant story was a cover to let him stay
with the refugees.4:48 PM

*CarolKat*: I thought that was to cover the fact he was a nobleman4:48 PM

*Janilee*: When he acts like the mercenary he kills the nobleman's
story.4:49 PM

*Janilee*: It served both purposes4:49 PM

*CarolKat*: True4:49 PM

*Janilee*: The sword knowlegde fits the nobleman's story better. It also
fits the story of a mercenary. But Aralorn should have recognized a
fellow mercenary.4:50 PM

*Varg*: A mercenary nobleman? or a nobleman that has been trained to
kill?4:51 PM

*CarolKat*: Do we know what happened to that sword?4:51 PM

*Varg*: I don't think so..... wasn't it destroyed?4:51 PM

*Janilee*: Most noblemen should be trained for war and thus to kill.
Wolf does something to it to stop it hurting Aralorn.4:52 PM

*Varg*: oh, I seem to remember him destroying it in the process.4:53 PM

*Janilee*: When the sword was eliminated her leg would hurt less (or
soemthing along those lines)4:54 PM

*CarolKat*: Wolf drew runes on her for that as I recall, I am looking
but can find where the sword went4:56 PM

*Janilee*: Do you have a page number?4:58 PM

*CarolKat*: Found it! he broke it with a howl of anquish. OK free for
all! Everything but Wolfsbane. Although I am now curious as to whether
or not Patty will be doing more5:00 PM

*CarolKat*: of Wolf and Aralorn5:00 PM

*Janilee*: Even more in the world would be fun.5:01 PM

*CarolKat*: I think I recall something about more Dragon and Oreg5:01 PM

*Janilee*: Tosten's point of view I heard.5:02 PM

*CarolKat*: And of course the Hob needs another.5:02 PM

*CarolKat*: But not before more Anna and Charles and Mercy!5:02 PM

*Janilee*: The Hobb was fun, but i didn't need another story there.
Maybe I need a reread.5:03 PM

*Janilee*: Yes, letting her get on with her contratual obligations would
be good.5:03 PM

*Varg*: More Hob! I would definitively like that but the series are som
many now, I don't know what I would do if I had to choose one.5:04 PM

*Janilee*: My choice would be Ward, Tosten and Oreg.5:05 PM

*CarolKat*: I will take the Mercy and A&O before the others. I enjoyed
these but Mercy and crew are my absolute favs, maybe I need a re-read of
the Dragon series.5:06 PM

*Janilee*: We know we will be getting more of Mercy and company.5:06 PM

*CarolKat*: Just sent Patti a PM Elle is still working but she will pop
in later.5:08 PM

*Zealith* joined the chat5:08 PM

*Varg*: LOL so you are wishing for additional things then Janilee. In
that case I too will go for Ward and crew or maybe some more from the
raven world.5:08 PM

*CarolKat*: We are doing a free for all everything but Wolfsbane5:09 PM

*Zealith*: Sounds good.5:10 PM

*Janilee*: LOL Of course I'm wishing for additional things!5:10 PM

Zealith*: I think I look forward (after the books we know we are
getting) to the Hurog book Patty has mentioned. They were the series
that intorduced me to her after all.5:11 PM

*Zealith*: *introduced5:11 PM

*Janilee*: We understood. :)5:12 PM

*CarolKat*: What was Mr. Mike threw out for a title Dragon Wings, I
remember I thought of buffalo wings. LOL5:12 PM

*Varg*: LOL5:13 PM

*Janilee*: Trying to figure out what titel would go with Bones and
Blood. Sould and Wings were suggested/5:13 PM

*Zealith*: I don't think dragon wings would be as tasty. Too tough.5:13 PM

*Zealith*: Dragon Tail5:13 PM

*Janilee*: A porn story?5:13 PM

*Zealith*: I ment as a pun on tale5:14 PM

*Janilee*: Scales? Songs? The young dragon said magic sang through
Ward.5:14 PM

*CarolKat*: LOL Janilee! Would definately get more readers LOL5:14 PM

*Varg*: LOL Dragon song?5:15 PM

*CarolKat*: Tears?5:15 PM

*Zealith*: I like tears. Like blood tears often have a bit of a magical
association with them.5:15 PM

*Janilee*: As told through Tosten the musician.5:15 PM

*Janilee*: Tears works well too.5:16 PM

*CarolKat*: With a cover with the blood tears on the dragon5:16 PM

*Janilee*: What are you going to do to make a dragon cry?5:16 PM

*Varg*: yes, but Wards voice is the voice of hurog how would it work
through Tostens voice?5:16 PM

*Varg*: Not hur it hopefully? Moved to tears?5:17 PM

*Varg*: hurt.5:17 PM

*CarolKat*: They are brothers right?5:17 PM

*CarolKat*: I think moved to tears, birth of a child to continue Ward's
line5:18 PM

*CarolKat*: I think I have to clear again, OK?5:18 PM

*Varg*: ok5:18 PM

*CarolKat*: Oreg was fine he was just pretending5:19 PM

*Zealith*: Good point. And I imagine that for much of it not much was
really going on either.5:19 PM

*Varg*: hmm, long periods of just everyday life and running of the keep.
Or he was pretending to be pretending....5:20 PM

*CarolKat*: Wasn't his father a bit abusive or am I thinking of
something else5:21 PM

*Zealith*: yeah5:21 PM

*CarolKat*: It was after a beating that he decided to pretend to be
simple minded or something like that5:22 PM

*Zealith*: That was Ward, not Oreg5:22 PM

*Janilee*: Oreg's father bought him, brings him home and sacrifices him
to build the castle.5:23 PM

*CarolKat*: Oops, it's been awhile.5:24 PM

*Varg*: Yes, and ties him magically to the keep so in a sence the keep
is his "body". ther was also some abuse of Oreg by former hurogmetens5:24 PM

*Patti*: Hi! I think Oreg was a - sorry - bastard child that the father
didn't value.5:25 PM

*Varg*: Yes, and found "useful2 in a horrible way.5:25 PM

*Janilee*: Ward's father beats him into a stroke. His aunt works with
him until he can function if slowly.5:25 PM

*Janilee*: They have a history of abuse, that draws them to each
other.5:26 PM

*Varg*: Also after his stroke his magic is sort of "locked" and
unaccessible to him.5:27 PM

*CarolKat*: Right and then the better Ward became he hid it to avoid any
further abuse.5:27 PM

*Varg*: Yes, that is true.5:27 PM

*Patti*: Do you think a stroke? I was thinking flat out brain damage, or
concussion with some swelling.5:27 PM

*CarolKat*: Brain damage wouldn't get better, concussion or bleeding and
swelling can resolve5:28 PM

*Varg*: Hmm, I am not sure what kind of injury but seeing as his
language was affected a stroke is not too far fetched.5:28 PM

*Janilee*: The descritpion of his condition remeinded me of a stroke
when i heard it.5:28 PM

*Zealith*: I figured a concussion which resulted in some brain damamge.
Could a stoke be caused by a beating?5:28 PM

*Janilee*: The therapy that worked also reminded me of stroke.5:29 PM

*Patti*: Varg's the health care professional; I appeal to her. Blood
clot in the brain, right?5:29 PM

*Varg*: A stroke is basically injury due to a bleeding in the brain so
yes, a beating could cause it.5:30 PM

*Varg*: It does not have to be a clot. Just a ruptured or otherwise
damaged blood vessel.5:31 PM

*Zealith*: Okay, that makes sense. I guess I'm used to thinking of it
being caused by high blood pressure.5:31 PM

*Patti*: Okay, so we're all right, woo hoo!5:31 PM

*Varg*: :D5:31 PM

*Janilee*: ego strokes all around!5:31 PM

*Zealith*: Yay!5:31 PM

*CarolKat*: WOOT5:32 PM

*Patti*: Of course, while Ward's father was alive, the "stupid" act was
to his benefit, but when he died, the act came around & bit Ward in the
butt, didn't it?5:32 PM

*Janilee*: Yup.5:32 PM

*CarolKat*: True but it did work out in the end5:32 PM

*Zealith*: Change is difficult. Poor Ward.5:32 PM

*Janilee*: It probably will be something that he will need to explain
for most of his life.5:33 PM

*Patti*: And his mom, and siblings, and aunt... Even the uncle.5:33 PM

*Patti*: On the "poor Ward" I mean.5:33 PM

*Zealith*: Yeah. :)5:34 PM

*Patti*: I'm pretty curious about how much the old gods are stirring
again now. Shades of Sianam?5:35 PM

*Zealith*: Good point.5:36 PM

*CarolKat*: Well with the Dragon awake, and the black magic ae'Magi
gone....5:36 PM

*Varg*: Do we know anything about the old gods?5:37 PM

*Patti*: But there's still whatshisdevineface, the cat god Shem has the
hate on.5:37 PM

*CarolKat*: they could start making an appearance that would fit in with
the other Sianam books5:37 PM

*Patti*: In Ward's world? A bit, they have ID cards.5:38 PM

*CarolKat*: Sorry lost my train of thought AGAIN! *rolls eyes*5:38 PM

*Patti*: So, did Mr. Mike come in for a while, or was that Wycked?5:40 PM

*Elle*: sorry to have missed the main chat. xox have you all opened it
up to everything now?5:40 PM

*Janilee*: Hello Elle.5:40 PM

*CarolKat*: Yep everything but Wolfsbane5:40 PM

*Elle*: :D5:40 PM

*Zealith*: I would like to see another novel in the Sianam books. Either
a third in the Masques/Wolfbane set, or a sequal to When Demons Walk.
Sham would be fun to visit with again.5:41 PM

*Elle*: I've just started a reread of when demons walk...after the chat
last night I needed to refresh my memory5:42 PM

*Patti*: Current topic is the parallel of old gods waking in the Hurog &
Sianam books.5:42 PM

*Elle*: Zee, I'd love to see more with Sham as well5:42 PM

*Patti*: Carol & I were talking about - or was that you, Elle? -
suggesting a Sianam reading binge then an "All Sianam" chat in a few
weeks.5:42 PM

*Elle*: ah. :D Altis and...can never remember the others5:43 PM

*Elle*: that was last night Patti maybe early December5:43 PM

*Patti*: Don't know that we got the names of many/any others in Sianam,
but there were at least 3 in Hurog world, weren't there?5:43 PM

*CarolKat*: That would be a good chat "All Sianam" I loved Sham and
Rialla5:44 PM

*CarolKat*: Do I need to clear again?5:44 PM

*Patti*: The Tallven god, the "justice" god that the Tamerlaine serves,
and the Hurog one. Oh, and the one that that nasty sneaky female mage
"Slave" belonged to.5:44 PM

*Patti*: You're archiving, I gather? Then probably okay/good idea.5:46 PM

*Elle*: I'm bad for remembering names...I need a reread for those.5:46 PM

*Zealith*: We know in Sianam there was one who each of the non human/
humanoid races belonged to. a water one for the selkies, a forest one
for the tree people, and animal or hunter one for the shapeshifters,
atlis and the death godess.5:47 PM

*Varg*: Good memory Patti, I had a d'oh moment when you listed them.5:47 PM
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Re: Briggs Book Chat - Masques & Sianam- November 7
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2010, 03:56:17 pm »

*CarolKat* cleared the room5:48 PM

*Elle*: thanks, CK. :)5:48 PM

*CarolKat*: Welcome! I am archiving for further reference5:49 PM

*Patti*: Well, I seem to recall that each of the 5 kingdoms had a
"patron" god, and the others at least token representation in most
kingdoms.5:49 PM

*CarolKat*: We should also bookmark this room we will have it for
awhile.5:49 PM

*Varg*: Yes, I think you are right. I have been so focused on ward and
the people I sort of forget about the religious systems.5:50 PM

*CarolKat*: I recall that as well that's from the Raven series
correct?5:50 PM

*CarolKat*: Or am I confused again....5:51 PM

*Varg*: I find it interesting though when I manage to shift focus.5:51 PM

*Varg*: Hmm, no in the Raven series the gods are dead.5:51 PM

*Patti*: Different group. The Travelers do have the 5 gods for the 5
Orders, but Hurog I thought had 5 kingdoms & a god for each. Oh, and the
Raven world has the non-traveler deity too.5:51 PM

*Venus*: have any of you read any of the undead books by mary janice
davis?5:57 PM

*Venus*: I just read some of them. but theres this weird gap between two
of the books. I am wondering if there is a short story or something I am
missing.5:57 PM

*CarolKat*: No but now that you have bookpushed them I may have to :D5:57 PM

*Elle*: Sorry, I haven't. :)5:57 PM

*Patti*: Do you mean Mary Janice Davidson's "Queen Betsy"? Could be;
there are a few of them rattling around.5:57 PM

*Venus*: I find some of the points in them to be weird. and sometimes
she contradicts herself5:58 PM

*Venus*: but I read them mostly because they are brainlessly funny.5:58 PM

*Venus*: don't have to concentrate, and get a good laugh out of them.5:59 PM

*Varg*: Brainless fun can be necessary5:59 PM

*Patti*: I like some of them, but got tired of them. Like "George" and
the Wyndham Werewolves, though.5:59 PM

*Venus*: see that is where the gap is5:59 PM

*Venus*: between two books, he suddenly has a girlfriend and theres
werewolves6:00 PM

*Venus*: im wondering if there is a short story that covers it. cause
the way she just shows up in the book feels wrong.6:00 PM

*Patti*: Yeah, it's in ... Derek's Bane, I think.6:02 PM

*Venus*: that a short story? it part of a collection?6:02 PM

*Patti*: That's the title of the book that introduced the WW to me,
anyway. The collection where the girlfriend shows up is maybe "dead &
loving it"?6:04 PM

*Patti*: Now, back to Patty's books.6:04 PM

*Venus*: ok. I dont think I have that anthology6:04 PM

*Venus*: will look for it.6:04 PM

*Elle*: not sure what the thread is now. :)6:04 PM

*Venus*: the problem with talking about Patty's books, is we have all
read them and they are so perfect theres not much to say :P6:04 PM

*Venus*: although, I preordered Masques and Wolfsbane almost six months
ago, they just got here last week6:05 PM

*Venus*: was really irritated by how long it took after release6:05 PM

*Patti*: Well, we can consider parallels & things; we'd been talking
about the gods coming back in at least 2 of the series.6:05 PM

*Varg*: LOL there is much room for speculation though6:05 PM

*Venus*: which 2?6:06 PM

*Varg*: that is long after release!6:06 PM

*Elle*: that's a long time to wait for them. :(6:06 PM

*Varg*: Sianim and hurog6:06 PM

*Elle*: I'll have to pull the books so I can keep up with everyone's
great memories. Yikes6:06 PM

*Venus*: is she planning more hurog books?6:06 PM

*Patti*: We'd been talking Sianam, with Altis & (I read ahead a little)
the Dreamer, and yes, the Hurog series.6:06 PM

*Varg*: Wishful us6:07 PM

*Janilee*: Both had a wizard's war as well6:07 PM

*Venus*: I love mercy, but the ones involving hurog are my favorites.
Not sure why.6:07 PM

*Varg*: True!6:07 PM

*Patti*: Dragons. <36:08 PM

*Venus*: I have trouble remembering the sianam series details6:08 PM

*Janilee*: I have another comparison but it comes from wolfsbane.6:08 PM

*Elle*: argh6:08 PM

*CarolKat*: I think Patty mentioned she had some more in her head for
Oreg and Ward6:08 PM

*Elle*: I do hope we see more of Hurog6:09 PM

*Patti*: Yep. I'd love to see something about the Tamerlaine. A short,
maybe.6:09 PM

*Venus*: I think writing about someone who is abused like Ward and Anna
would be one of the most difficult things to do, writing wise.6:09 PM

*Venus*: Patty does it nicely.6:09 PM

*Janilee*: Yep. I want to see more of Hurog. I'd heard she had another
book in her head from Tostig's point of view. His fears about Oreg were
to be part of it I believe.6:10 PM

*Venus*: At the end of the last hurog book, Oreg becomes a dragon6:11 PM

*Venus*: wonder if he can still take human shape6:11 PM

*Venus*: or if he is stuck as a dragon now?6:11 PM

*Janilee*: Shouldn't be too hard.6:11 PM

*Patti*: I'm pretty sure he can change back.6:12 PM

*CarolKat*: I was under the impression it was a shapeshifter type
change6:12 PM

*Venus*: considering he wouldn't 'need' a hurog like he did before
(being tied to the ring) I think he would be less of a threat to
Tostig.6:13 PM

*Patti*: Exactly, & my impression is that he was born in human shape.6:13 PM

*Venus*: I suppose that makes sense.6:13 PM

*Janilee*: He's still a dragon if a quarter blood.6:13 PM

*Venus*: I just feel like a dragon is soooo powerful. It might be nice
to give him some kind of handycap due to the magics used on him.6:14 PM

*Venus*: did anyone expect him to be a dragon at the end? the first time
they read the books?6:15 PM

*Janilee*: I didn't expect him to be alive, much less a dragon.6:15 PM

*Venus*: I really didn't expect it. I am wondering if I wasn't paying
enough attention to hints given.6:15 PM

*Venus*: I kinda felt like something was up, when the book kept going on
about the rebuild6:16 PM

*Patti*: I hadn't expected him to change shape. But as for handicap, I'd
say having been tortured & ignored for... what, a millenium? while
enslaved, is handicap enough, thank you.6:16 PM

*Venus*: it was only vaguely interesting. so I thought she must have a
reason to keep writing at the end.6:16 PM

*Varg*: I was not completely surprised by his turning up, but him being
a dragon was surprising.6:17 PM

*Varg*: I think that allthough powerful he still has plenty of limits
and handicaps.6:17 PM

*Venus*: possibly6:18 PM

*Venus*: there is always the chance that now that he is not bound to
hurog. he feels compelled to go his own way too.6:18 PM

*Venus*: I kow I wouldnt want to stick around a place I have been bound
to forever.6:19 PM

*Patti*: I wonder... Ward's still wearing that ring. Does he still have
to, or is it now in memory?6:19 PM

*Varg*: not yet I think. He is very closely tied to Ward and needs
him.6:19 PM

*Janilee*: Memory I believe.6:19 PM

*Varg*: I think the ring does not work anymore like that since he is no
longer tied to the keep.6:20 PM

*Patti*: And, (here's the evil bit) could Tostin decide he has to get &
destroy it to keep Oreg from taking his place?6:20 PM

*Elle*: I think Oreg has found family there. Certainly the majority of
his life hasn't been easy but in Ward he has someone who cares...I could
see him travel a bit but he'd come back6:20 PM

*Varg*: me too6:20 PM

*Patti*: Only if he has someone he trusts to take care of the whole
"kingdom" & it's people, and turn it back over to him when he
returns.6:21 PM

*Venus*: I wonder if he will be able to sense what is going on around
hurog like he used to.6:21 PM

*Elle*: sorry, Patti. I missed what your comment is referring to6:22 PM

*Patti*: Ward traveling or not.6:22 PM

*Elle*: ah...I thought you were talking about Oreg there. my bad!6:23 PM

*Elle*: I can't see Ward leaving anytime soon. He's a homebody for
Hurog.6:23 PM

*Varg*: ah, I was thinking of Oreg travelling. Hmm, do you suppose if
dragons in that world hoard things that Oreg might consider Ward and the
family his hoard?6:24 PM

*Varg*: hoard?6:24 PM

*Venus*: do you think Oreg would let Ward ride him? like in a battle?6:24 PM

*Elle*: interesting point, Varg! :) his treasure? lol6:24 PM

*Varg*: Might. don't know if Ward would do it though.6:25 PM

*Venus*: maybe not his treasure, but certainly his ward (no pun
intended)6:25 PM

*Varg*: Well, Ward is certainly a treasure.6:25 PM

*Patti*: Yes, they're his "nesting ground6:25 PM

*Venus*: well in a very literal sense they are his kin6:26 PM

*Elle*: Oreg and Ward have flown together a couple of times...I guess if
they needed to I could see it transfer to battle flight6:26 PM

*Patti*: Sorry, I mean "Hurog district is his nesting grounds/hunting
territory"6:26 PM

*Varg*: ooh, meaning he might bring a dragon lady there?6:26 PM

*Elle*: Ward is definitely a treasure. :D6:26 PM

*Varg*: All this makes me want to reread all of this LOL6:27 PM

*Elle*: I loved when the younger dragon revealed itself to Ward...makes
me wonder how many more are hiding6:27 PM

*Varg*: My TBR pile is not small6:27 PM

*Venus*: it would be interesting if he thinks he is the last dragon, but
perhaps the dragon curse is just keeping them all away6:27 PM

*Venus*: asleep maybe.6:27 PM

*Patti*: Do we have any idea how long the dragons of that world take to
mature? And does Oreg's peculiar situation as born again dragon make him
still too young?6:27 PM

*Venus*: his resurection could bring them all back6:27 PM

*Varg*: Yes, that would be interesting to find out. Might be good for
Oreg to meet some more dragons.6:27 PM

*Venus*: that would be fun6:27 PM

*Patti*: And same question on his reproduction; is his current body
capable of it?6:28 PM

*Venus*: also. if more dragons came back, would they be even more ticked
off?6:28 PM

*Varg*: Hmm, I think we know absolutely nothing about maturing and
longevity of dragons in that world.6:28 PM

*Venus*: due to the death of their own, and the torture of Oreg6:28 PM

*Venus*: I wouldn't think they would think too kindly of humans6:29 PM

*Varg*: Hopefully they would be happy to be able to be back and focus
more on that6:29 PM

*Venus*: I am betting atleast some of them would be hell bent on
revenge6:29 PM

*Patti*: Again, this is another issue of "don't tar them all with the
same brush" though. SOME humans killed dragons. Not all.6:29 PM

*Venus*: anyone read Naomi Novik? Awesome dragon series.6:29 PM

*Venus*: indeed, but since those humans are no longer alive to be
punished...6:30 PM

*Venus*: just like humans, not all dragons are going to be so
diplomatic.6:31 PM

*Patti*: Are you thinking the sins of their fathers are apt to be
visited on them?6:31 PM

*Patti*: Possible. Very possible.6:31 PM

*Venus*: lets put it this way6:31 PM

*Patti*: I've read some of the Novak, & so has Carol, heh heh heh
heh.6:31 PM

*Venus*: if you were kidnapped, and taken to space by aliens...6:31 PM

*Venus*: you returned, 400 years later and discover the chinese bombed
the s!*t out of the US and there are no surviving americans6:32 PM

*Venus*: would you be "oh, whatever" witht he chinese?6:32 PM

*Patti*: Any that weren't alive and above... 18?... at that time,
yes.6:33 PM

*Varg*: If I was actually 400 years older rather than a few months, who
knows what I would feel about my country being flattened6:33 PM

*Venus*: I have friends I know would shrug it off. I know others who
would have their alien friends remove china from the map.6:33 PM

*Venus*: depends on the person, just like I think it would depend on the
dragon6:33 PM

*Elle*: They've hidden themselves for so long...I can't see them come
back only to wreak havoc on the humans. if they reveal themselves it
will be for a good reason...Ward is making it possible I think. It's his
ancestor that killed the dragon6:33 PM

*Varg*: But would the alien friends listen?6:33 PM

*Varg*: I agree Elle6:34 PM

*Venus*: I would hope that too6:34 PM

*Elle*: so if there is vengeance it would start there...but I hope it
wouldn't.6:34 PM

*Venus*: but it would be infinately more interesting for the dragons to
come back and start a war. half for the humans half against.6:34 PM

*Varg*: interesting for the dragons or for the readers?6:35 PM

*Patti*: Well, again, Selig was stupid, but he was afraid. And he's long
dead, while Ward has done what he can to redeem that error.6:35 PM

*Venus*: readers6:35 PM

*Elle*: I'd like to see where Kellen is now and how he's grown as a
leader...and i'd love to see the dragons...but working with Ward and not
against him6:36 PM

*Elle*: I just want them all to get along! this is why I'm not a writer.
lol6:36 PM

*Patti*: I'm still flabergasted that little sister married the
cousin.6:36 PM

*Venus*: yeah, that was a shock6:37 PM

*Venus*: but so was her getting her voice back6:37 PM

*Elle*: Patti, Venus...unexpected but I loved that they got married6:37 PM

*Patti*: I'm curious to find out if she now chatters nonstop, or if
she's still mostly quiet.6:37 PM

*Elle*: i loved how the cousin grew up6:37 PM

*Venus*: but, if you consider hurogs curse seemed to make the men in the
are more, I dono...mean...6:38 PM

*Venus*: once the cousin was away from hurog he might have been a nice
person.6:38 PM

*Patti*: Remember, this was the nicer of the two in either case.6:38 PM

*Venus*: indeed6:38 PM

*Venus*: and they never did anything truly evil to her6:38 PM

*Varg*: The cousins were not really evil only young and a bit mean. Not
irredeamable at all.-6:39 PM

*Patti*: I'd really like to see some kind of "Fly on the wall"
conversation between some of the "common" Hurog folk about Ward.6:39 PM

*Varg*: That would be fun!6:39 PM

*Patti*: I want that king dead. Dead! DEAD!!!6:39 PM

*Varg*: Hear hear!6:39 PM

*Varg*: Preferably yesterday!6:40 PM

*Venus*: yeah, prolly half love him, half hate him6:40 PM

*Venus*: he did break the curse with his actions. but his actions cause
imediate suffering.6:40 PM

*Venus*: kinda short term loss for long term gain. most the villagers
prolly won't see it that way at first.6:40 PM

*Venus*: I wonder how many will know he was directly responsible for the
collapse of the castle?6:41 PM

*Venus*: or if they would blame it on Oreg, and think Ward killed him in
retaliation6:41 PM

*Varg*: Oh, you were talking of ward. You lost me for a while.6:41 PM

*Venus*: in which case his reappearance could set off the locals.6:42 PM

*Patti*: There's that, plus the dragonbone stopping the salt creep, plus
dragons returning.6:42 PM

*Elle*: I need to reread hurog after when demons walk. ;)6:43 PM

*Varg*: Better harvest is a very tangible good thing. also the return of
the dwarves and the trade that brings will help. and the man on the top
usually gets the blame for both the good and the bad,6:43 PM

*Venus*: one problem with being a live dragon though. people who know
the dragon bones give power. are going to come after Oreg.6:43 PM

*Patti*: Hurog means dragon, and I'd think the folk of the Hurog country
would want to have them about again, and be protective of them.6:43 PM

*Elle*: I loved that the dwarves are helping with the restoration of the
castle. his room especially, i wonder if they'll do more6:43 PM

*CarolKat* cleared the room6:45 PM

*Varg*: Boom, clean slate!6:45 PM

*CarolKat*: Varg could you repeat that? LOL6:45 PM

*Venus*: hmm. now we have to fill it.6:45 PM

*Elle*: Thanks, CK. :)6:45 PM

*CarolKat*: yes, yes we do.6:45 PM

*Varg*: Can't repeat. no longer true LOL6:45 PM

*Patti*: Well, that's another reason to get rid of the current king &
his dark magicians; so dragons aren't hunted.6:45 PM

*Venus*: indeed6:45 PM

*Varg*: True!6:46 PM

*Patti*: And pointing out "if you kill the breeding stock, your supplies
can't be renewed" is always an option.6:46 PM

*CarolKat*: All these Kings and dark magicians we should lure them to
one place and trap them all!6:46 PM

*Elle*: I really need a reread...isn't Kellen the king now?6:46 PM

*Varg*: ouch. Horribly practical Patti but might work.6:46 PM

*Venus*: see if more dragons come back. theres going to be an awful lot
of them to protect. But if it is just Oreg, the king is going to be
relentless in his pursuit of him.6:47 PM

*Patti*: I've forgotten if they managed to get him on the throne.6:47 PM

*Varg*: Kellen is fighting to become king I think6:47 PM

*Patti*: There's at least one more dragon than Oreg, but how many?6:47 PM

*Varg*: See we will all have to reread now.6:47 PM

*Venus*: yeah. meh. I can't though6:48 PM

*Varg*: The number of dragons will be an important factor in the balance
of power.6:48 PM

*Venus*: am writing too much and reading messes with my ability to
maintain a consistent voice.6:48 PM

*Varg*: oh, that is sad. But good on the writing.6:48 PM

*Patti*: Hiding that number may become an important function of the
Hurogmoten's job. Moten? Meten?6:48 PM

*Varg*: Hurogmeten6:49 PM

*Varg*: If he becomes a true protector of dragons the balance of power
in the land might shift.6:49 PM

*Venus*: I think it would be cool if when they rebuild the castle they
make a big dragon den underneath.6:50 PM

*Patti*: It's (bal.power) shifting now.6:50 PM

*Venus*: I have a feeling Ward may be forced to become king
eventually.6:50 PM

*Varg*: But would flying beings want to have their den in the
underground?6:50 PM

*Patti*: Has been since the old Hurogmeten died, and the return of both
dragons & old gods are shifting it further.6:50 PM

*Venus*: maybe, usually lizards in general have their den in the
ground.6:50 PM

*Patti*: Where else would dragons den? Trees?6:50 PM

*Venus*: maybe on the mountain6:51 PM

*Venus*: carve out some nice caves with a view6:51 PM

*Varg*: there might end up being two kingdoms, but I think it was stated
quite clearly somewhere that the norht has too few resources to function
as a kingdom on its own.6:51 PM

*Varg*: Caves with a view LOL6:51 PM

*Varg*: Ok it is already shifting, it might speed the shift and change
the direction.6:52 PM

*Elle*: I don't know...i dont' think that Ward has any interest in being
King. he's 100% behind Kellen. Varg you're right about the
resources...ugh...i want another book6:52 PM

*Varg*: Sometimes people end up king in spite of their own wishes.
Kellen is a bit like that.6:53 PM

*Patti*: Politics, blech. Ward's happy being Hurogmeten and vassal of a
good king; if he doesn't have a good king, he's willing to help set one
onto the throne.6:53 PM

*Elle*: Ithink the only way it would happen is if Kellen was killed6:53 PM

*Varg*: Not that he is king already but he is fighting to become because
of circumstances, not personal wishes as I read it,6:53 PM

*Elle*: you're right though...Ward wouldn't like it6:53 PM

*Patti*: He might do like Aral Vorkosigan... take on Regency & turn it
over to the heir as soon as he/she is mature, then step back to his own
district.6:55 PM

*Elle*: I thought Ward called Kellen High King of the five
kingdoms...but ugh...cannot remember. i know there was a point where
Kellen thought Ward wanted the position6:55 PM

*Varg*: Yes, there was a point where he thought that, but was convinced
otherwise.6:55 PM

*Varg*: Regency might work, that presupposes dead Kellen but with an
heir thought doesn't it?6:56 PM

*Patti*: Or, hmm... Kellen absent, perhaps on some quest (and to find a
queen?) and no other heir on hand?6:57 PM

*Elle*: good point, Varg6:57 PM

*Elle*: I think Ward assuming a position like that would not be a good
thing6:57 PM

*Patti*: I feel sorry for the queen whose lover was the twin who was
killed, too.6:57 PM

*Venus*: the resources of the north are about to increase with the curse
gone from their land though.6:58 PM

*Varg*: Me either, he is happiest and works best when he is at Hurog6:58 PM

*Patti*: Oh, he'd make a bit of a muddle, with his directness, but he'd
have... resources... *flapidy flap*6:58 PM

*Elle*: I think he could do it I just think that it could present issues
when he wanted to leave, politically. I think there could be a
rift...civil war maybe6:59 PM

*Elle*: North wanting to separate from the southern provinces etc6:59 PM

*Varg*: LOL Yes Venus, but there will not be a limitless increase.7:00 PM

*Patti*: You mean people who want the old order back? When all those
kingdoms looked to Hurog?7:00 PM

*Elle*: yes :)7:00 PM

*Varg*: I think there was mention somewhere that if he tried to take the
throne it would tear the country in two.7:00 PM

*Varg*: Be regent what ever, some of the northern nobles are willing to
secede.7:01 PM

*Venus*: if he tried to take it7:01 PM

*Elle*: kellen unites and ward divides...not because he wants to7:01 PM

*Venus*: but if something happened, he might be forced to have it. which
might be a different situation7:01 PM

*Patti*: But he doesn't want it; him coming in as a placeholder regent,
and pledging very very publicly to the king &/or heir.7:01 PM

*Venus*: it would be interesting, if the dragons did come back,a nd
decided they would only listen to him.7:02 PM

*Venus*: even if he did not become king, he would make any king in power
mighty nervous7:02 PM

*Elle*: if something happened to kellen maybe...but I see only bad
things happening from it7:03 PM

*Patti*: Um, isn't his girlfriend, Tisalia? from the south? If he was
forced to it & there was division, if the two married, the heir would
have a foot in each half of the kingdom/empire.7:03 PM

*Venus*: but if the two married, wouldnt it bring the two halfs
together?7:03 PM

*Elle*: :D She is...I just don't want that responsibility for them.7:04 PM

*Patti*: If they could actually split the rule, they might do pretty
darned well, if you stop and think about it, though.7:04 PM

*Venus*: I dont think it will happen. simply because it would limit Ward
too much7:04 PM

*Patti*: And I don't want it for him either.7:04 PM

*Venus*: the daily duties of a king, even one at war, is kinda
borring.7:05 PM

*Venus*: being the general of an army would be much more interesting7:05 PM

*Patti*: Shades of Star Trek vs. ST:TNG! Yeah, being #2 or 3 is more
interesting for most purposes.7:05 PM

*Venus*: if your the general, it is ok to go guns blazing in to enemy
territory. not knowing if you will survive.7:06 PM

*Venus*: they kinda frown on that if your king.7:06 PM

*Patti*: You're, Venus; contraction, now ownership. And the general
thing...7:07 PM

*Venus*: yes yes I noticed after I sent it7:07 PM

*Patti*: Only if the venue is small enough that your colonels know the
plan too.7:07 PM

*Patti*: Otherwise you could bollux things up worse.7:07 PM

*Venus*: did you read my latest story Patti?7:09 PM

*Patti*: Not yet; got home about 1:30, had to put away groceries & get
lunch.7:10 PM

*Venus*: I want to start the next one tomorrow morning. but i'm not sure
if I have the level of detail better than the previous ones.7:10 PM

*Venus*: or if it just slows everything down7:10 PM

*Patti*: Since then, been on here & checking small stuff on Hurog. Want
to give it enough attention.7:10 PM

*Venus*: no worries. mostly I just want to know if the pace is alright
and the detailing is better7:11 PM

*Patti*: I'll likely get to read it in a couple of hours. I notice that
Hurog's clock hasn't reset.7:12 PM

*Elle*: I'm out guys...gonna get dinner. I'll be on the board later.
thanks for the chat! :)7:13 PM

When I'm good I am real good  >D , When I'm bad I'm even better :-whistle